The Wordy Sanchez

October 5th, 2010

No, it’s not when the Dirty Sanchez gets verbal

rick-sanchez.jpg(I say “things”)

It’s where former CNN news douche Rick Sanchez calls Jon Stewart a “bigot”

Then rips on “Jew owners at CNN”

“He can’t relate to a guy like me,” Sanchez said.

“He can’t relate to somebody who grew up poor”

Right. He was swimming in $ with his single mom who was a teacher

embarrassed-chimpanzee_tim-davis.jpg(Ohhhhhh Rick)

Sanchez said the media is racist, not just from conservatives

But also “elite, establishment liberals”

I know. We expected such great things from Sanchez…

Wait, no we didn’t. I’m thinking of Anderson Cooper…

Sanchez later took back the term “bigot”

And called Stewart “prejudicial” and “uninformed”

rick-sanchez-with-friends.jpg(“I’m not calling you cunt Michelle”)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh that’s totally different

“I didn’t call your mom a whore Kevin

I just said she performs sex on people in exchange for $”

Sanchez is a wet fart in a paper bag. This painting hangs over his bed


He has all the substance of angel food cake mixed with helium

Now, I just feel sort of bad for him. He’s a goofy moron…

And where do they go? You guessed it. FOX News

Have a day!

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