Ochocinco Has A Kids Cereal?

October 1st, 2010

Of course he does…

ochocinco-cereal-box.jpg(“Eat my toasted oats bitch!”)

It’s only a matter of time before Sarah Palin has hers called Quitter

It’ll have American flag colored “Q’s” with shapes of guns, bibles, and Tea Bags

But back to Ochocinco for a moment…

ochocinco-condoms.jpg(It’s only a matter of time)

What’s worse than having a kids cereal recalled because it contaminated?

How about it gets recalled solely because the phone number that is supposed to connect callers to a wonderful benefit called Feed the Children is actually being routed to a super steamy phone-sex line because of a typo mistake

ochocinco-posing.jpg(“I catch a lot, but didn’t catch that”)

Kids you must be over 18 with your parents permission to eat his cereal

Shit, I say call it kids

But 1st get your moms credit card, a sock, set aside 30 minutes, and buckle up

Jim DeMint Jim DeSucks Dick

Well aside from saying “No” to everything any Democrat, centrist, or moderate needs

In hating Obama and progressives so much he will now “put on hold”

Any legislation that hasn’t been “hot-lined”, or cleared by his office on Tuesday

demint-being-a-dick.jpg(“My heart was taken from me early”)

What a gutless asshat

Honestly, how can the great people of South Carolina elect a child?

He’s getting paid to screw you in not voting on things you need, or even working

Dear Jim, we already had the civil war. You lost, get over it taint hammock

Have a day!

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