Glenn Beck Had Dream…

August 27th, 2010

That he was an oppressed black man

beck-shhhhushing.jpg(Shhhh, I’m secretly white)

Stuck living in a douchebag lying McCarthyism white guys body…

He’s got a rally on the anniversary of Martin Luther Kings “I have a dream” speech

Restoring Honor is a “non-political event” to pay tribute to our nation’s “heroes, our heritage and our future”…which just happens to clearly be political event pushing all the Tea Tard/GOP/FOX/Sarah Palin views wrapped in shameless self promotion

restoringhonor.jpg(“Beck” & “Honor” together?)

That’s like a bank robber saying

“I’m not stealing your $, I’m restoring my financial honor”

Beck thinks 300,000 will attend. I’d blow a hobo if 30,000 attended…

Beck said, “I don’t think black people own the legacy of Martin Luther King”

Then he said, “This is where we reclaim the civil rights movement”…

embarrassed-chimpanzee_tim-davis.jpg(Oh god)

Yes, “Reclaim” the thing that only existed because of racist white people?

After all, it’s hard being a racially oppressed white guy…

Have a day!

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