Proposition Great!

August 5th, 2010

A federal judge Wednesday overturned California’s ban on gay marriage

Making anti-gay uber moralists loose their lunch…

gayjesus.jpg(Hair products?)

Now the “God Squad” is going to go into full on “The world will end cause of fags”

Why? Because fear & ignorance is all they got

Not votes, brains, or kindness…

protester-gays.jpg(What a fine christian)

This is all about ignoring equal protection under the law, until…

Like god says, “Love your neighbor as yourself, but fags burn in hell”

Tea Towns Katie Couric Outrage! That’s Not Really Outrage

In 2008, a before the Palin interviews…

In reading Palin’s kids names she said, “Where the hell do they get these names?”

katie-couric.jpg(Are you nut jobs serious?!?!)

Scandal, outrage, anger, WTF, end of days, run for the hills!

Cue Tea Tards, right wing cranks, Breitbarts, & FOX screaming “Evil outrage!”

katie-couric-body-builder.jpg(She’s a Hitler loving body builder to!)

It’s a false stupid lying clip title. In 2008 we already knew Palin has stupid sounding kids names like Sprig, Lung, Junk, & Flarp. Did she name another Algebra?

For clip poster dude, it’s 2010. Also stop watching clips on your 80’s Beta Max. It’s about as damming as finding out Lane Bryant is a clothing store for “larger gals”

fake-outrage-here.jpg(Insert fake outrage in bag)

Bottom line, they’re really stupid names worth noting

Have a day!

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