Baby VS. Pony Deathmatch!

April 27th, 2010

The pony can kick, but the baby can gum you…

pinto-pony-with-kid.jpg(I see your horse hole)

Shit, that kid has more chins than a Chinese phone book…

Bet I could fit that pony in my pocket…

I’d name him Blackie. Then I’d take him to parties and be “The pocket pony guy”…

People would write of our drunken adventures together in a book

tales-about-blackie-the-pocket-pony.jpg(Oh the parties we’ll throw!)

Until someone figures out how to put a tiny panther with a sharks head in their pocket. I’ll be yesterdays news, and they’ll be the “Pocket Panther-sharkheaded Guy”

Have a day!

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