Question Time!

April 23rd, 2010

After an assembly, you ask kids, “Are there any questions?”. Then you get this…

kids-raising-their-hands.jpg(Giddy Drawers got a question!)

My favorites are the ones who grunt “Ooooooooooh, ooooooooooh” stretching really high as if they just “want it more” so I’ll have to call on them to shut them up…

Then you call on them. Wait for it. Waaaaaaaait for it…

Then it comes, “Why doesn’t government work on teaching baby bears to dance?”

baby-bear-dancing.jpg(Dig my soft shoe!)

Then you say something like, “Good question. We’re working on it as we speak”…

Only a matter of time before one little girl asks, “Can I be Hit Girl when I grow up?”

hit-girl-poster.jpg(So bad ass. So cool)

Then you have to say, “Yes, but without the violence, death, and killing…

So no, you can’t really be Hit Girl, but you can dress like her”

Have a day!

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