10-  Light a dumpster of those old styrofoam McDonalds containers on fire

old-styrofoam-containers.jpg(Fire em up)

9- Pay someone to drive your diesel truck around the city all day long

8- Lobby congress for more landfills in public parks

7-  Destroy reams of paper, then scream, “We must kill more trees!”

6- Flush used condoms down the toilet

condom-flusher.jpg(“Say, that’d be swell”)

5- If going out with a huge group of 30 friends, ALL drive alone

4- Turn on everything you own in your house all at once

3- Now break into your neighbors house and do the same thing

2- Paint your face like the Naavi from Avatar giving Cameron more $

earth-day-avitar.jpg(Free Avatar plug!)

1- Leave a message on Al Gore’s voice mail telling him what you did

Have a day!

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