Master Debaters!

September 25th, 2008

Tomorrow night, it’s on!

No wait, it’s off according to John McCain who is “suspending” his campaign to deal with our current financial crisis…

No wait, it’s back on! I think. I don’t know. What’s happening with old man river? He’s a little man, in a big suit, who appears to be…lost. Now when students are struggling through any test, they will raise their hand, and say, “Excuse me Miss Fartlocker, I feel slightly McCained“. The teacher will quickly rip up the test, and hand the kid a PSP…

mccain-shit.jpg(That’s the face of a husband dragged to Home Depot on a Saturday instead of watching football)

Palin makes Kate Couric look like a genius, wha oh!

When Kate Couric is politely talking down to you, panic…

Palin doesn’t even understand the questions. Her answers were non-specific gibberish…

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This is the most fucking bizzare thing I’ve ever witnessed in politics and I’m lovin’ it…

palin-finger.jpg(Her answers come from up there. Not God, but thin air)

“Clueless” non-answered almost every question during the entire interview. Katie pressed, and was given this little gem:

Katie: “I’m just gonna ask you one more time(3rd time), not to belabor the point, for specific examples in his(McCain’s) 26 years of pushing for more regulation?”

Miss Carolina: “I’lllll try to find you some and I’ll bring em to ya”(with BIG smile)

Shit, she does makes writing easier, so raise your cups of Moose Stew everyone…

Here’s hoping she sticks around for a while…

Oh, and here’s some new footage of Palin getting gas…

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Funny Signs

really-funny-sign.jpg(It’s funny cause it’s true)

Rock your day!

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  1. Enerji

    Your kindness and thoughtfulness have not gone by unnoticed. I will remember it forever.

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