“Toup, Hair It Is”

April 6th, 2011

You’ve seen them at malls, on trains, sitting across from you at lunch

Happy to maybe pet them, but afraid they might bite you…

A squirrels nest on someone’s head

To the trained “toupee du jour” eye, it’s easy. But can you tell the difference?

marv-albert-with-bad-toupee.jpg(#1, toup, or hair it is?)

sports-guy-with-bad-toupee.jpg(#2, toup, or hair it is?)

auot-guy-with-bad-toupee.jpg(#3, toup, or hair it is?)

guy-with-bad-toupee.jpg(#4, toup, or hair it is?)

sean-convery-in-stupid-outfit.jpg(#5, toup, or hair it is?)

Done guessing? Well here are the answers:

#1-4 were all obvious bad toupee’s

#5 was just a really bad fucking outfit

In Florida for the next week with family and doing shows

Updates as they happen

Have a day!

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