Mr. Fuentes & Mr Castillo Died

‘Working’ On the Francis Scott


Key Bridge, When It Collapsed

They are, Working Hero’s Who

embody The America Spirit we

value so Dear. The pain In loss

of Their/others lives Is terrible

And, we will never forget them

(<-Broke Ass!)

Insurrectionists Are All in legal

hell all of their own treasonous

making. John Eastman, an Ass

hole traitor has been disbarred

Mark my Words, he Is just one

of MANY who will Lose all Their

(Ya don son!)

Law Licenses. And, shit will get

worse For All Of Em By the Day

NOTE: Fani Willis, Will Not Stop The Train Of ‘Justice’
that’s barreling down on the orange Traitor/criminals
In Fact, Justice is That Much More Pissed Off. GOOD!
NOTE II: Larry David Calls Trump exactly what he is!
And, It Is Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, PRETTY Good!
RIP-Acting Legend Louis Gossett Jr. Has Passed away
at the age of 87 Oscar winner & all his films are gold

Have A Weekend!

A Democrat not only won in deep

red Alabama, It Was A “landslide”

(Like this!)

Was A ‘Special Election’ & Marylin

Lands A Body Blow to Maga Shits

who wants to strip abortion rights

From Woman. Lands RAN on That

for her race & Voters spoke loudly

she Won 63%-37%. This is just a


Tiny Snap Shot Of What’s Coming

In ‘November’ Folks. Speaking, Of

“What’s Coming” the Fat felon Ass

hole just got his Racist Gas bag all

Gagged! And, He Already Violated

it by “Attacking” the judge and his

(Bye bye!)

Daughter Directly. It is a Criminal

trial. If he won’t stop, then it’s jail

NOTE: The Lying Maga Fraud Grifter Kari Lake Has ‘Admitted’
she Lied & Defamed Reporter Stephen Richer. She filed for a
Default Judgement Against herself for Richer’s Damages. Ha!
She concedes she defamed Richer, Made it up & just wants it
to all Go away. Not Bloody likely. Talk about a win for Gallego

Have A Day!

The “Francis Scott Key” Bridge

was struck by a barge in early


Morning today & it Collapsed

“Rescue Crews” are tirelessly

Continuing Non-Stop to Save

the Lives of those victims. It

breaks All our hearts. We see

hope Even in This Pain As we

(What ya do!)

All ‘Pull’ for The Victims. And,

thank goodness we have real

‘Competent’ Leaders In place

to support Our Hero’s Efforts

Maybe P. Diddle & An Orange

Anus can share a Cell coming


soon to a jail near you. These

Monsters, Are, “Vile Criminals”

NOTE: University of Utah Woman’s Basketball team Gets a
Hateful Dose of Racism. People, it’s 2024, ENOUGH of this
vile Criminal Shit. This is just domestic terrorism. No more

Have A Day!

While what’s Left of the entire

Republican party careens over


a cliff; the Orange anchor they

tied It too, just was Told today

His NYC Hush $ Trial will Start

April 15th. Oooooooops Ha Ha

And in what can only be called

a WTF Appeals Court Ruling In

(I know!)

the Trump Org fraud Case, the

5 Person Appeals Court simply

Lowered the $ He owed Today

from $464 million to $175 and

Gave Him 10 More days? Wait

WHAT?!? The entire idea is he


Must PUT Up The $ To Get the

Appeal. This went against Law

NOTE: Jim “Gym” Jordan gets Reality Slap Down by Lesley
Stahl Of “60 Minutes”. He Tried Peddling Election Denial BS
& was knocked into Another Dimension. It was so hilarious

Have A Day!

The GQP Chaos Caucas…

March 22nd, 2024

There is No Republican Party any

longer. Just a collection of Chaos

(Down they go!)

agents of 25-45% maga who will

Terrorize Anyone/Thing that they

Don’t, Want. You know, Terrorists

Tiny ‘Minority’s’ Don’t Set Policies

in governance. These maga trolls

Aren’t Interested In “Governance”

(We know!)

They Ran On “Government Does

not work!” & are Just Anarchists

ensurin’ it won’t; vote em all out

NOTE: NBC for some INSANE hateful reason just hired Ronna
Romey McDanial. WTF?!?!?!?! She openly supports a Traitor &
Violent Criminal as former Head of the RNC. This is disgusting
NOTE II: Wisconsin Republican Quits In April Leaving R’s With
A 1 Vote Margin, The Smallest In House History. Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Have A Weekend!

Republican’s Can’t Govern, they

don’t want to & Actively all seek

(<-Don’t like voters)

to END Democracy. Jeeeeeeeez

And now, they’re comin’ for our

Social Security. They all SAID it

1st they wanna raise the Age &

then it’s kill The Entire Program

Make no mistake here, that’s all

(<-R Voters)

they keep saying They’ll do each

Time. It’s documented. Speaking

of “Immoral Traitors”; With every

day R’s are telling voters exactly

WHO / What They Are. They Will

Not Reject A “Criminal” Traitor in

(Bye bye!)

Orange Anus. There’s goin’ down

with a Fat Ship but down they go

NOTE: Orange Felon Traitor threatened Pence that if He Certified
the Election results He would “Kill his Political career”. Sociopath
Criminal monster. Things will get Worse for his crimes by the day

Have A Day!

Well, The Supreme Court Has

Fucked Up AGAIN. See, They

(“F Immigrants!”)

don’t Accept ‘States Rights’ if

it’s About who Can Be on any

states Ballot. But then, when

Any Power All Comes Directly

from the Federal government

like say in Immigration, it is?


WTF?!?! Now Texas Will Be a

royal legal Shit show with em

being allowed to “Arrest” any

one they Feel is illegal. OMG!

this Court Has No Legitimacy

And, another Primacy season


Election Night & more “math”

issues for Orange Traitor. Ha!

NOTE: More Bad “Legal News” for Orange Anus Traitor Criminal
Asshole. ALL the evidence is allowed in his Stormy Hush money
Trial. Oooooooooooops. He & All criminal R’s are Legally Fucked!

Have A Day!

The Orange Traitor Is A Broke

Ass Bitch. He can’t “afford” to

(Bye bye!)

put Up the $ Required for Him

to appeal. Which means, there

Is NO ‘Appeal’ Happening That

He’d Already Lose, AND James

gets to start seizing all his shit

What is About To Happen, Is A

Cautionary Tale As Old as time

itself. The Great, & Fat Ooooze

will have the Curtain Pulled all

the Way Back Exposing him as

the Liar he always Was Ending

all his Dwindlin’ sucker Chump

followers. And there will be No

escape from this shame. None

And all the R’s sitting Congress

Doing Nothing for Voters while


“supporting” A Criminal Traitor

will Feel the most pain. GOOD!

NOTE: Scum White Racist Cops in Mississippi / ‘Goon Squad’
Are Found Guilty. Throw them all under the Jail and change
their Racist Vile Culture now or jail time. It’s really that easy
NOTE II: Speaking Of ‘Criminal Scum’…Maga Traitor, & Felon
Peter Navarro Is going to Jail today. More of these Criminals
Will Be Experiencing Legal Reality Daily. Consequences Time

Have A Day!

After A weekend of Hitler hate,

more threats Of “Bloodshed” &

(We Know!)

Violence if orange anus doesn’t

win (He won’t as Voters Speak);

He has No real Campaign funds

on Hand….”Compared” To Biden

Biden / DNC Has $155 Million $

on Hand. RNC has $8.7 in hand


That shit is goin’ into T’s pocket

which ends up in lawyers hands

or the courts hands. Fine by me

And, It Gets Way Worse. Rump

found Out No One will issue a $

Bond for His Owed $464 Million


That Means, Ms. James Will be

seizing idiots Assets to pay up!

NOTE: Pence refuses to “Endorse” The Fat Orange Traitor as
do almost ALL former cabinet members who served him. Ha
Their party’s long gone. It’s all maga, smaller & shrinking. It
isn’t A National Party Any Longer. It’s A Collection of Traitors

Have A Day!

In a still “Terrible Ruling”, Georgia

Judge McAfeee decides to let case

(“Lube Up!”)

continue IF either Fani Goes or if

Wade Goes. It’ll Be Wade Leaves

No Doubt. AND, The Very Core of

The Defense claims was Rejected

outright. Speedy trial, which Fani

was Doing, won’t = Financial gain

(And screwed!)

Ohhhh boy, now a Pissed off Fani

will Legally Decimate all of them!

These shit criminals deserve it all

NOTE: D-Senator Bob Menendez, the idiot Criminal Turd Had his
silly motion to dismiss denied on his Bribery & extortion charges

Have A Weekend!

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