As the World burns around us, we have an Orange

slice of douche making matters worse daily. And it


is not even close Anymore. In a fat, long, rambling

incoherent stream of gibberish; he strung together

a pile of lies, Threats, then Obama bashin’. This is

simply An Insanely Incompetent Child Flinging shit

against the wall Yelling “It’s a masterpiece!”. No It

is Not & it Makes Our Entire Country Weaker Every

second he Speaks/Acts. And right now, it’s dividing

REPUBLICANS. Yes, you Read the correctly. This is

significant. The Iran “assassination briefing” did not

go “well” at all. In fact, 2 of the senate Republicans


were SO PISSED off after that they went out to tv

reporters RAILIN’ Against Trump/Them. Is this All

just for “show”, then the usual “Trump Ass Kissing”

starts all up again?!?! We shall see but this fight in

their party between the “Hawks” & the “doves” will

not endwell. This is law, the constitution & the war

powers of our Country. This is NOT a fucking game

NOTE: The Royals “Step Back” From Their Senior British Royal
Family Duties In surprise Move. They are Far more progressive

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As Consequences keep on collecting the Trump

Criminals, The Latest Is Duncan Hunter. And It

(<-Criminal POS)

couldn’t happen To A BIGGER Immoral Fucker

While Trump /Pompeo/FOX News Want A War

with Iran, our base was just attacked. A failed

attempt to distract from his Impeachment trial

Not only is not working whatsoever, the voters

are Turning on Him Badly. Especially All of the

independents/women. While Mitch Turtle Tries

“Partisan BS”/23 Republican Senators Are in A

fight for their Political lives that they are losing

(Oh No!)

And While Our Country deals with Such lunacy,

Puerto Rico’s now Dealing With Harsh Crippling

Earthquakes & Australia Is Reeling From Brush

Fires that Were out of Control. Keep them all in

your thoughts. The world is literally on fire now

Time to put on your asbestos pants cool people

NOTE: Nikki Haley Is Doing Her Best, “I Can Out Douche Any
Thing Trump Does” Impression, And Was Correctly Slammed

Have a day!


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And now, we are in the most dangerous part

of Orange Idiot’s “Attempt” to change reality

(We Know)

about his big impending Impeachment Trial

It didn’t work. And the Stakes could Not be

higher. Trump/ Pompeo/ DOD/ Pentagon All

green lit The ‘Assassination’ Of Gen Qassem

Soleimani. He was a “bad man”. And so was

Saddam. The problem here it escalates war

And With Our History of Iraq, Afghanistan &

Syria lunacy….Wars there are an endless pit

of All our Greatest soldiers/American bodies

endlessly Piled Up for Nothing. All While our

(We Know)

Finances Start To Bottom Out & Deficits rise

Trump is Cheney/Rummy/Wolfowitz/W Bush

with this rash murder/now repeating History

Oh, it’s illegal to starts war without congress

NOTE: Remember Lev Parnas, Rudy G’s Buddy?!?!
Well, He’s Coughing Up ‘More Criminal Actions’ By
Rudy/Trump/Pence/Pompeo. Oooooooooooooopsy!
NOTE II: Moron Bigoted Congressman, Posts Photo
shopped Obama image fail, busted for it & then lies

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Merry New Year! Hope you had a Kick Ass

wonderful holiday and fun time in 2019. A


key to any Holiday is Fun…is BOOZE. And,

lots of it! As Everyone Settles Back To life

things are Getting MUCH WORSE for Fake

Tan Orange Anus. Turns Out the DOD, did

warn Trump/WH About his Holding All the

Ukraine Security Funds. They were Legally

all warned Non-stop. And, according to all

involved, it was Trump and others doing it

“Clear direction from POTUS to continue to hold”

And after he held up the funds, which is so

(<-Helped Trump)

illegal Once it Passed Congress, their OMB

head Duffy tried to blame the DOD. Yes U

read that correctly. It got so bad McCusker

who was Pentagon Comptroller finally said:

“You can’t be serious. I am speechless.”

And when Trump finally released it AFTER

the Whistle Blower was comin’ forward, he

had no answer as 2 why the hold was lifted

(“WTF Mike?!”)

“Not exactly clear but president made the decision to go.”

Oh doctor. Nowhere 2 run, Nowhere 2 hide

NOTE: Israel’s Indicted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Still Wants to “Form” a Government. The Supreme Court Of
Israel Was Unable To “Rule” On His Eligibility to Hold Office
His far Right Wing Likud Party will Lose Badly on March 2nd

Have a day!


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Pelosi Keeps Articles & Debate…

December 19th, 2019

The Impeachment Articles Will be sent to the

Senate, ONLY When McConnell And Schumer


decide a rational, realistic format & the Rules

are in place “Ensuring” an Impartial, fair trial

Just like they did in the Clinton Impeachment

It, Is A CLEAR ‘Message’ Mosscow Mitch Can’t

just “Partisan fix It”, rig, or even railroad this

Serious Historic Moment. Boom! Pelosi’s Now

handling This Solemn Moment Correctly, And

it’s Pissing off Partisan Clowns unaware of her

fierce tactical decision making. And as Orange

Asshole Slides down the Drain, he insulted the


Widow, of A WWII Congressional Hero Saying

he was in “Hell”. This isn’t normal, or funny at

all. It’s disgustingly vile, cruel, and hateful shit

Also Tonight, The Democratic Master Debaters

take the Stage to Pitch their Policies to citizens

& voters. Let’s see what they offer folks tonight

NOTE: Evangelical Magazine Called For “Grossly Immoral”
Trump To Be Removed From Office. Wow They’re Leaving

Have a day!


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Trump Has Been Impeached…

December 18th, 2019

Today, on December 18th, the 45 President of

United States Was Impeached. History Is Now


watching what will happen next in the Senate

History, Will Be VERY Kind To The Democrats

who Conducted themselves Soberly, following

the facts & the rules of the House. And history

will “Remember” the Republicans as Just loud,

rule breaking Partisan Cowards, All allied with

A Criminal King, Over Country, & Constitution

There is NO Recovery for Their Party now and

it’s ALL Self-inflicted. Everytime they speak, it

is ANOTHER, “Political Ad” AGAINST Them, By

every opponent. When your Defense to crimes


are “Hey, I didn’t see nuthing shut up!”, that’s

an abdication of honor, oath & fitness to office

No defense was made & they knew it happend

In their blind Servitude to a racist criminal Kid

they forgot it’s our fucking Country. And that’s

unacceptable. SO, I GIVE you Teddy Roosevelt

“For anyone to announce there must be no criticism of the
President….is morally Treasonable to the American Public”

NOTE: Our Sound Economic Recovery Has Been Squandered
On tax cuts & deregulation according To Harvard Economists

Have a day!


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While Lev Parnas gettin’ a Russian Loan Made

him a massive flight risk in court, the walls are


closing in on Rudy quickly. Expect him to now

be Arrested/Detained/’Questioned’ within The

next 2 Weeks. Merry X-Mas Rudy boy! As this

Is moving along, Orange Fuckstick Decided to

puke a Tantrum on 6 Pages of Paper to Pelosi

It was Absolutely “Unhinged” baseless bullshit

not remotely found In Reality. It boils down to

a Child Screaming “But, NO!”. Ahem, Yes. You

are fucked, done over Impeached. And as the

entire Republican Party Sink Away forever, we


see Mitch/Most Republican Senators About To

legally “Violate”, The Impartiality “Oath” They

are Supposed to take before an Impeachment

THIS is as Serious as it Gets people. See, they

have to take the Oath, then sign it. So If they

decided To Violate it, they Can be Censured or

also removed from office; Your move Assholes

And, your Getting In 2020 so It is all over now

The “Impeachment Vote”, Happens Tomorrow!

NOTE: Manafort Hospitalized With “Cardiac Arrest”
He Loves To Do The Crime, But Can’t Do The Time

Have a day!


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Holy shit! The Entire Republican Party Left

standing Today can’t Seem to “Pluck” their

(Light it!)

heads from their Asses long enough for the

“popping” sound to say Something Dumber

And Their Own FOX Bubble Is “Turning” On

them now. A poll says 54% of FOX viewers

want Trump Impeached 50% of them want

him REMOVED. You ya Read That Correctly

FOX morning Turds Were in Shock And the

polls will get Worse every day. The facts in

question; are NOT in Question. And, so it is

only ‘Fitting’ Rudy G Would Fuck Things up

(“I crime!”)

even more. He just openly “admitted” that

He, “Needed Yovanovitch, Out Of The Way”

Dumbest Criminals Ever. Down they all Go

RIP: Know It’s Late But Danny Aiello Died At 86. A full
Life Indeed. Spike Lee’s: Do The Right Thing. And How
about the movie Dinner Rush? Watch it thank me later

Have a day!


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Articles Pass, Tories Big Win…

December 13th, 2019

The two Articles Of Impeachment have passed

The House Judiciary Committee. This Is A BIG

(“Ya lost”)

Moment, In United States History. It Passed A

party line vote that is historically amazing. It’ll

go Down in History As “Republican’s ignored a

criminal President”. This “Stain” Can Never Be

lifted. And as this now heads to the floor of the

House next week for debate (Will be quick) we

see Rudy G Visiting Rump which will Surely be

a Bad Omen. And Mitch/Trump Are “Trying” To

stack The Deck in The Senate saying THEY are

totally in “charge” of the entire process. Ahem,

no. 51 Senators are; and at Least 23 are up for

(UK Voting Map)

Re-Election. Goooooood luck. You will  need it

(Rudy Might be arrested soon now since all his
pals are now flight risks due to Russian money)

And the UK Voted yesterday for Boris & Tories

Massively! Well, you Will get some form of the

Brexit Debacle. It won’t be what you want and

it Will Sadly Break You in Two. Just Know That

You Were All Warned About This, NON-STOP &

don’t Pretend When It’s Shoddy/Fails. Ya did it

Have a weekend!


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The Republican “Shit Show”…

December 12th, 2019

As History is being made in Congress “Marking Up”

the Articles Of Impeachment the entire Republican

(“Oh shit”)

Party is melting down in real time. They don’t have

a Defense. They do got lots of partisan propaganda

lies, Smears/Hate, Fallacies & conspiracy. They do

Not, Fucking Care. The Only Message Republicans’ll

get; VOTE THEM OUT!!! Until then, they Will Ally or

cheat, or be Bought by any criminal who pays them

Holy fuck! Not One, Single, Thing, That Republicans

have Said All Day, Is REMOTELY True. Start Calling

this exactly what is: LYING. This is disgustingly Evil


shit and They Must ALL be Held Accountable at the

ballot box. And how Bad did it get? Where Florida’s

Matt Gaetz tried to “Distract” by changing the topic

from Trump To “Hunter Biden”. THAT’S their Entire

plan. Distract from Trumps overt “Unlawful actions”

Well it didn’t work; and this will get worse for them

ALL The Polls Are Widening Now. And News Papers

are callin’ for Trump to be Impeached. Oooooooops

NOTE: And While This Is All Going Down, Orange Asshole
Attacks Times Person of the Year Greta Thunberg. Ha Ha
What An Insufferable Asshole. He is getting Impeached &
That, Is Destroying him Far Worse Then You Can Imagine
Tomorrow: UK Election Results, at This Moment right now
It Looks Bleak For Labor. Count Every Vote Until The Last
Right Now, The UK Elected Boris In Charge. Ohhhhhh boy!

Have a day!


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