While the Orange Anus does his best “Oh woe

is me” Bullshit Partisan Victim lies, he tried to

(<-Lying POS)

use an “older deal on paper” as a “Prop” while

trying to answer “Serious” Questions From the

Press About, Mexico “Tariffs”. What, An, ‘Utter’

lunatic lying Idiot. And as he was busted for It

he “rage tweeted” all day long simply trying to

distract from ‘Obvious Legal Oversight’ that is

coming faster than the speed of light. The day

where all of these Criminals Will be Held to an

account Approaches. And when we need other

voices to speak Up About Injustice, Inaction &


indifference, Jon Stewart Does For all the 9/11

1st Responders, Who are dying daily without a

clean Healthcare Bill/Coverage, for all of These

Brave Hero’s. And I Say, it’s About Damn Time

And More Will Rise Daily. This lunacy Must End

NOTE: R-Justin Amash, Quits “Freedom Caucus” As
He Sites Their Lack of Conservative Views and JUST
Being Partisan Pro-Trump Immoral Sycophant Idiots

Have a day!


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The Democratic leadership had a Closed door

meeting yesterday about what to do with one

(“1 Felon!”)

certain Orange Assface ‘Ruining’ Our country

It was “Heated”, Calls for “Impeachment” all

rang out loudly & it ended with Pelosi saying,

“I Don’t Want him Impeached, I want him In

Prison!!!”. GOOD! On that, the ENTIRE world

agrees. Now it’s just a matter of will, which if

they do not swiftly have grave legal remedies

& Political ones, their party will live In Unrest

Today, we ‘celebrate’ the 75th Anniversary of

D-Day. We Honor The ‘Memory’ of Those who

(“Friendly Stripes”)

gave an ultimate sacrifice fightin’ for freedom

against all the “horrific ternary” of racist Nazi

Fascism. And today, we must ALL do our part

stoppin its brief reemergence, never to return

Trump represents the exact OPPOSITE of the

WWII vets Politically Speaking. He & his hate

is what the World fought & defeated. Go away

Have a day!


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Seems the rest of the worlds knows exactly

who/what Trump is. And As ‘Boo’s’ reigned

(No, they weren’t)

Down, On His Daughter/Bolton/’Trumpism’

that All Became Crystal Clear; ONLY To us

Humans Living In Reality. For Him & all of

the FOX Faux Crew, they just lied About it

trying To Avoid Horrible Realities That Are

piling up Daily. Even Republicans Are Now

turning on the Toddler Tan Tub these days

when it comes to “tariffs”. Why?! All of the

donors are getting “hurt” in the market. So


While Rome Burns, Our Lying Racist DUMB

as all fuck President thinks he knows every

Irish American. Ahem, if He “Met Me” he’d

have trouble sitting down…with my foot up

his fat, flabby ass and who “enables” All of

this Lunacy? Our $ for “Ad Revenue” Media

They Prefer The WWF lies/fighting over the

facts. And that’s the Greatest fuck up of all

NOTE: Donald “AssFace” AND Republican Anti-Climate
Science Deniers Do Not Know The Difference Between
“Weather” & “Climate”. It’s Fairly Simple Shit Kids get

Have a day!


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As the Orange Bigoted Toddler pretends

everything Is “Fine”. He Goes right back

(Ha ha ha!)

to his Old “Just Keep Lying All The Time”

ballads saying “I didn’t see any protests”

Ohhhhh REALLY?!?!? How about these?!

Or these? Orrrrrrrrrr these? Seems in an

every failin’ attempt to ignore reality, It’s

bitin’ him in his fat Immoral Ass at every

turn now. Oh, speakin’ of “legally fucked”

Hope Hicks, is Now the Latest idiot, Who


thinks “Subpoenas” are “Optional” & can

be “Ignored”. She will Find Out what ALL

the others will very soon. The law is very

clear on this matter & it’s not Negotiable

Go Ask Paul Manafort, who just got Sent

to Rikers Awaiting NEW Charges Coming

You fucking Morons have no Clue What’s

legally coming. And Though it has Taken

(Is Coming)

FAR too long, this will Cost ya Everything

Play dire legal games, face Consequences

NOTE: Trump Owes El Paso $470,000 And, He’s Not
Paying For It, Because Which Ever “Sucker” Trusts a
Known lying con-man racist fuck, deserves what you
get. Ya work with an Immoral prick, you lose, simple
NOTE II: a Democratic presidential hopeful in Kirsten
Gillibrand, Went Toe-To-Toe, With FOX News Simply
Explaining They Don’t “Deal In Facts” which is wrong

Have a day!


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UK Rejects Trump…

June 3rd, 2019

While Jared “I will so be Jailed Pretty Soon”

Kushner does his best “He’s not Racist but

(<-Criminal Fraud)

I sure will ignore the racist Birtherism shit”

dodges obvious realities making him much

creepier; the rest of the world’s watching a

UK country Roast Trump. Protests, flubs &

more as an Orange Toddler That Should so

already Be indicted/Impeached Stomps On

others “Free” as A Bird. A Fat, Loud, Racist

bird. Well, times they are a changing and it

means Trumps Transition Guy & Now Child

“Porn” Cretin George Nader Sang like a big

(Obama v Trump UK)

old fat Canary. And, We Also now Have the

House Oversight Committee voting to hold

Both AG Barr & Wilbur Ross, In “Contempt

of Congress. Oooooooooooooops. Tick tock

NOTE: ICE “Deaths” Were Very Preventable and it
Defies All Humanity, That These “Heinous Criminal
Deaths” Even Happened. This is “Immoral” Murder

Have a day!


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Yes, someone has not only said it, they have

Thoughtfully Articulated Exactly what they’re

(Not all, but most)

doing, Why & how. Elizabeth Warren clearly

told a Snotty trust Fund Brat In one “Megan

McCain” why she won’t go on FOX until it is

fully away from the White Nationalist pricks

To that, I say, GREAT! About time. Sure it’d

help to reach their audience. That argument

anyone gets. It’s what ya “Give up” to get it

that matters. Nancy Pelosi Also Went on the

late Night Show Jimmy Kimmel and Shit the

(Inquiry Now!)

bed HARD. She’s Simply cowardly trying to

“Calculate” Politically something that is just

“Morally” Wrong. Times up, Crimes are Bad

NOTE: Chicago Just Passed, A Legalize Pot Bill And It’s
AWESOME! Governor Pritizker Vowed To “Sign” It. YES
NOTE II: North Korea, Just Murdered Their Top Nuclear
Negotiator, By Firing Squad. WTF?! Don’t Give The Ass
Orange Fuck ideas. This is Horrific & What Dictators Do

Have a weekend!


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As the Entire Reich Wing Hate machine loses

their Tiny minds Knowing it’s all Legally over

(They Didn’t)

Trump Admits Russia Helped him And MORE

Forget the Toddler Tyrant Doesn’t even know

how His “Presidency Ends”. He Doesn’t Know

what the impeachment Process is. Mostly it’s

because he’s a Lying, racist, criminal colossal

fucking moron. The Calls are now comin from

inside the house in Amash & All these former

AG’s in some capacity are not only Calling for

Trumps head, they’re screaming at the top of

their Older lungs That Dipshity Trump Clearly

(Lite it up!)

committed “Obstruction Of Justice”. Yes, We

all already know this. Impeachment inquiry’s

should Begin Yesterday. Speaking of “People”

living in “Yesterday”, All of The Anti-Abortion

states are gettin’ their economies threatened

by BIG Players. In their “quest’ to deny basic

rights to women in their states, it seems their

pocketbooks will Be Damaged most. Let’s see


how long their States last Without $ before it

Becomes Mad Max Thunderdome. HA HA HA!

NOTE: Racist Republican, Admits Their Entire Plan
To Deny Minorities A Vote Shocks No ONE. Fidots!
NOTE II: ‘Cleaning Up While Being Black’ is now A
Thing Racist Cops, Want To Murder People For. Oh
Fuck. Arrest That Cop, for Attempted Murder NOW
RIP: Leon Redbone, legendary blues singer & artist
Passed Away, At 127. Yes, you read that correctly!
and ya Know I’m fuckin with you, He was really 68

Have a day!


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Mueller Spoke today. Let me Translate what

he said in his around 9 minutes just for you:

(It’s Bad)

“Yes, Trump and his pals all Committed serious
crimes. However, due to a Partisan AG & Being
told up front that I can’t indict him, here’s a Lil
report of all the Crimes for Congress to put him
away. Read it! I’m gone so just leave me alone!”

It was Historic, it is serious & they’re fucked

Not only in Resigning, but in report points &

Instructions to The “process” Congress Uses

The fact that he can’t State the Actual words

like I said above makes him a shrewd lawyer

The Special Prosecutor, Knew it Was “Fixed”

even before they Started knowing no matter

what, trump couldn’t be indicted or charged

Oh, And AG Barr is in DEEP “Legal Trouble”

right now. Mueller ‘Directly Contradicted’ All


The PR Spin Lies In His 4-Page Partisan Shit

Show Stunt. And, Just Now, Mueller’s Office

gave Something Important Detailing Barr In

a Memo about “We didn’t conclude anything

because ya told us legally we Couldn’t. But if

congress Wants to They likely will”. Woooow

No “Exoneration” & most Important a call to

action By Mueller directed at Congress. Your

Move Madam Speaker. Shit, Even FOX, Said

today “It was Not as the President Says Time

time again “No Collusion, no Obstruction”, it


was much more nuanced then that he said if

they “Found” The President Was Innocent of

obstruction they would’ve said so” Oooooops

NOTE: Trump & Republicans Are Not Only Going To Lose
Their “Tiny Collective Minds” Today. They Will Be Dizzied
at any Spin Against Mueller’s own Words. It is a bad day
For Them, That Will ONLY Get Way Worse for Them Daily

Have a day!


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In news from across the “pond” Theresa May is

now OUT. Gone. Finished. Over. And now We’ll

(<-Bye Bye!)

see Which Lunatic “No Deal, Hard Brexitter”, Is

frothing at the Mouth to Take Over. Forget that

the EU said they will not have any more no deal

discussions. The far Right wing Trumpian Idiots

have lost All Credibility, will Not Hold the levers

of power much more & will All Be Drummed out

of office faster than they Came in. Sanity simply

says now we Are at The No Deal (Which Legally

can’t Happen) Vs. No Brexit. So, No Brexit it IS!

Speaking of People “Legally fucked” we have an

(We know!)

Orange Anus now fighting a 17 front legal war &

getting his Fat, Ignorant, Incoherent Ass Kicked

daily! He Has LOST 94% of his legal battles and

that’s just since he came into office. That means

he has a 6% Success Rate. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Ahem, The Legal “Average” Rate, is Around 70%

NOTE: Supreme Court Intentionally Ignores The Abortion
Issue. The Main Reason?!?!? This is Roberts Court and He
Won’t Be The Vote, to overturn it. If He Were Too, They’d
Have Already Moved, on Hearing It. Not, ‘Punting’ on This,
Means Roberts sees his Name “ruined” by History so he Is
Wants to Avoid All This Divisive Shit, Until Well After 2020
NOTE: Republicans Felon, Killer, & Sociopath Duncan Dick
Bag Hunter Is A Convicted Felon Who, Now Sticks Up FOR
War Criminals Who Murder Others, Then Pose With Them
For “Pictures”. Ohhhhhh Boy, Immoral Fucks Of A Feather

Have a day!


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Rex Tillerson Stated Clearly That Donny Dump

was “outmaneuvered” by Putin in a critical big

(“Hooked em”)

meeting. Naturally, the Orange Babbling Anus

then attacked Rex for just tellin’ the truth that

we ALL clearly see. Speaking of Beating Down

the loud child, Nancy Pelosi is pulling a nice lil

Rorschach from Watchmen. Trump Thinks she

is Trapped with him, when he’s really Trapped

With HER. She is giving Him & All His Criminal

crew a daily beatdown. And it’s gonna get way


worse legally Speaking. Chump & Company are

in DIRE “Legal Straights”, Right Now. Tick, tock

Have a day!


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