While Is a Sad/Dark time losing 367,000

lives in the US; there is Hope. There Is a

(Senate Control!)

sense of Pride Swelling In all our Hearts

today. BOTH Democrats Have won their

Senate seats, in Georgia. And, Make NO

mistake; this Happened Only because of

Stacey Abrams/1,000’s of Folks who are

Hero’s, that “Tirelessly” FOUGHT to turn

out Voters for policies. This is a new day

A ‘Brighter Future’, More Policies That’ll

make Progress/Changes that deeply Will

ALL ‘Matter’. Today While We ‘Celebrate’


hope, the entire Republican Party’s now

trying to Murder our Country. Domestic

Terrorist Trumper’s Stormed the capitol

Every, single, terrorist must be arrested

& Prosecuted to the fullest Extent of the

Law. This Has “NEVER” Happened in our

nations History. EVER. And every Single

‘Fucking’ REPUBLICAN, Far “Right-Wing”

Media & Every Single ‘Criminal’ Trumper


is DIRECTLY responsible For this Horror

Called this LONG Ago and it’s very clear

The Entire Republican Party is To Blame

NOTE: Philadelphia Republicans Tried To Stop An
Elected Democrat from being “seated”. This Must
Not Only END; These Seditious Monsters Will Pay

Have A “New Safe” Day!


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In a historic Run-off election, GA

VOTES Today. Turn Out, & make

(Win it!)

your Voice Heard to Take Control

of the US senate. GA decides and

make No Mistake the Importance

Of THIS. The Republican Party, is

now dead. They’re In The process

of committing sedition & Treason

At This Point. And, In PA They All

just ‘committed’ It. And they Will

(Except Sedition!)

ALL Be Held, Accountable. This Is

not a fucking game. Tomorrow in

DC, Some Republicans, Will “Play”

games/actively act to Undermine

Democracy itself. It will Fail, and

they will Never Recover for those

overtly Criminal acts. And the UK

is Now Spiking at such levels, It’s

shutting down. Good. It’s Serious

NOTE: A Wisconsin Fucker DA, Decides NOT
To Press Charges Against Police, who ‘Shot’
Jacob Blake in the back 7times. No this Shit
will Not Stand! Pure Injustice. Reform Now!
make ALL marches peaceful that power Will
Cause “Change” We So Badly Need. Justice!

Have A “Safe” Day!


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We have lost 360,500 good people in

this country. And, Republicans Do not


fucking CARE. We will get through It

Only With Following the CDC rules &

Guidelines. There Is “No” Republican

Party Anymore. NONE. And The King

of “Criming” just Committed Election

Fraud/a Felony on a long phone Call

with GA SOS, Brad Raffensperger Ha!

Ooooooops. Forget everythin’ the fat

Orange Criminal Said was false/A Lie

and Brad Recorded It to Highlight his

(Rent Joke)

criming. And Fat Fascist racist fucker

aside, now a smaller group of hateful

Republican traitors simply Want their

Political Careers to End With A Wildly

Criminal “Stunt”. Their…..”Objections”

will be overruled. BUT they Will have

gone on record as Unfit to even serve

in Congress, by Ignoring Law/The US

‘Constitution’. Severe “Consequences”

NOTE: Nazi Racist “Proud Boys” Get Pushed Back
& Arrested By Police. They’re Domestic Terrorists
Now they Are saying “Fuck Police”. Ummmm, OK
VOTE TOMORROW: Tuesday, January 5th, for GA
Turnout, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, and run The Senate

Have A “Safe” Day!


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It’s “New” Years Day!

January 1st, 2021

We have Officially put 2020 in our rear

view mirror. This year promises to be a

GREAT Year. We All ‘More’ Than Earned

it. Set goals, be Brave, listen, Be Better

& most Importantly…….let’s get to work

But just 4 today; enjoy family/loved 1’s

Have A “Safe” New Years Day!


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So Long 2020, Hello 2021!

December 31st, 2020

It’s clear 2020 had a serious lack of vision

(Bye Forever!)

And so, 2021 better be so much fun! Let’s

all Bond Together to make that Happen in

Every Possible Way. It Starts With The GA

VOTE On January 5th And Stay in Tonight

It’s Amateur Night. Celebrate, laugh, Love

NOTE: And, Right On Que Republican tRump Troll
David Perdue, Has To COVID Quarantine. Oooops

Have A “Safe” New Year!


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We have lost 347,700 good people during

this “Horribly Historic Pandemic”. And Yet,


Congress/Republicans have done Nothing

at all to Stop it/Aid in Solving it or letting

Democrats Help with it. We have one real

Political Party trying to Solve our Nations

Problems/Struggles/Needs. We Have Yet

another that actively seeks 2 destroy, kill

& Harm Democracy/The American People

in every Possible way. They’re Sociopaths

trying To Burn it All Down. It Won’t work,

(We Know)

& Effectively Ends Their Horrible, hateful,

racist Fascist Party forever. The Senate’s

gone. It ALL comes down 2 Georgia folks

Make NO Mistake. You Vote Like Your life

depends on it, because it DOES. And next

Tuesday, is For The US Senate. And what

are Republicans Doing Now? Oh Trying to

“Murder” Democracy Like R-Josh Hawley!

Never forget this immoral, hateful, & very


Anti-Democratic Traitors. All these words

aren’t used Lightly. History will Decimate

them for this lunacy. And their Time’s up

RIP: Actor Dawn Wells Of Gilligagan’s Island Fame
As Maryann. A Great Actor, great person, died due
to COVID, this’s horrible & was clearly preventable
NOTE: The Entire Republican Party Of FOX…Is now
fightin’ against OAN/Newsmax/maga “wing”. There
will be no survivors from hate. They eat each other

Have A “Safe” Day!


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Hope you all had great, safe, quiet holidays to

for you & Yours. In what can only be called an

(3 Injured)

Act Of Domestic Terrorism, on Christmas day

an RV suicide bomber blew up down town TN

This is “Domestic Terrorism”, a literal Suicide

Bomber that Blew Up some of Downtown, TN

WTF?!?! We Will Find Out More about him As

the days Pass & will Update. Orange Anus did

“Finally” Sign the Stimulus Bill AFTER All The

Additional Unemployment Insurance, Expired

because He’s A ‘Pouting Baby’ Still Mad at the

(<-Super Fuck-up)

Voters who Told Him to GTFO! He just Wants

to cause Pain/Harm. Nothing more. Speaking

of “Party’s & Careers that are over”; it seems

the Political, legal & Social problems for All of

the Republican Party Left Will be Coming to A

head. Seems the dumbest of them All, Is now

“Suing Pence” & Rasmussen’s “Begging” Him

him to Simply “Ignore” The Constitution/Laws

instead trying Fascist Treason. Ahhhhhhhh no


that’s not even an Option. And they will Never

ever be Able to Be A National Party any longer

NOTE: Democrats In The House, Pass Additional Funds For
Stimulus checks to be $2,000. Your move R’s; your fucked

Have A “Safe” Day!


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Ho ho ho Holy Shit It’s Finally here! The

best Day of the Year; in A year that was


horrible/insane/wrong. And this Entire

pandemic has been untenable. Yet it’s

Christmas Eve. Be With Loved Ones or

just stay home & Face-Time them. Tell

them you Love them & just Prepare for

better Days Ahead. Because Right now

every Single Republican in Congress Is

now at Home on Vacation after blockin’

Stimulus for ALL of US. Make Them All

(We Know)

pay At the Ballot Box. And Also, Across

the pond; they struck a Brexit Deal. Ha

That’s like Saying, “I figured Out A Way

to cutoff my entire face 2 spite my face”

Have A “Safe” Christmas!


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During a historic pandemic, Republicans

Have No Solutions, No CDC Guidelines &

(No Shit!)

No SUPPORT, To Us American People. In

fact, they Are ALL Doing Everything they

Can To Tell Us All To “Fuck off”. We Best

listen to them. We have now gotten to a

point Where Democrats/1 Republican All

suggested $2,000 instant Checks To Our

Citizens. Mitch McConnell Screaming NO

They said, “Ok, then $1,200” they are all

Suffering. Mitch screamed “NO!”. And so


they Begged “OK, then $600, we Need to

just Give Them Something now!”. And so

Mitch /TRump Screamed, “NO! We Want

what you Suggested 1st”. WTF!?! We got

to fire every Sittin’ Republican in office or

suffer The insane ‘Madman Moods’ which

kill Us All. ‘No More’, VOTE Now In GA &

leave No Doubt. It’s all in your Hands, so

let them Hear You. And No Republican Is


safe for their Rest of their short career In

Politics From the “tRump Stink” ha ha ha

NOTE: Pardon YOU. The Orange Anus Is Pardoning Every
Single Walking Criminal. Legally, I welcome It All. This Is
Clear; They Now LOSE Their Ability To Plead The 5th. HA!

Have A “Safe” Day!


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Banker Bolts & Legal Jeopardy…

December 22nd, 2020

We have lost 330,000 people to this killer

virus. We will get thru this horror, but It’s


as bad as it gets. Together, following all of

the CDC Guidance & Rolling Out the Three

main Vaccines we Can Survive this. And in

NO THANKS To “Republicans”, Who All Did

nothing to “Stop” this. Pure evil. They will

ALL Be Held “Accountable”. And, As tRump

is on his way out a key banker at deutsche

Bank Just RESIGNED. Ooooooooooooooops

He’s SO royally legally Super Disco Fucked

In Fact, “Most ALL” Republican Propaganda

(So Long!)

Oh, I Mean “News” Outlets Are ALSO Very

Legally Fucked For LYING Non-Stop About

a secure, fair National Election. They even

know it deliverin’ recants about all of their

libelous defamation in attacking the voting

companies. They Are, all Undone. Bye Bye

NOTE: Pat Robertson now Reaps the lies/hate he Sowed
ALL Of His Years. He Can’t Put That Lunacy Hate Back in
the bottle. None of them can & deserve everythin’ comin

Have A “Safe” Day!


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