Now we turn to Infrastructure structure

what’s your function?!?!?!?!?!? (A funny

(It is now!)

callback for School House Rock fans). A

time to make Sure all of Our Crumbling

infrastructure needs a facelift 2 keep up

with the times. This so country needs it,

the jobs that come with it, the tech that

is Installed with It & Makes us All better

as A Nation. And Why one Thing Is now

Building Up, Another, Is Crashing Down

To The Ground; HARD. Turns Out Matty

Gaetz(and others already in jail or soon

(Criminal Creeps!)

to be again like Stone) is goin away to

jail soon. And for (drum roll) the crime

of Sex Trafficking Underage Girls. Well

Of Course He Is! Jeeeez, turns out This

entire Q is just projecting what the R’s

all do. I’d say this’ll “Stain” their entire

Party but it’s way too Late for that. It’s

just who They “Always” were: Immoral

criminals committing heinous hate acts

(“Shit show!”)

Oh & FYI it’s Trans Day of visibility, so

be Kind, Don’t Discriminate & Be Good

NOTE: They Caught The Asian Hate Crime Son
Of A Bitch Who Almost “Killed” The 65 Woman
Good, Throw the Book at Him/Anyone like him
NOTE II: 2 Capitol Police are Suing Orange ass
Over His ‘Incitement’, in The Terrorist Violence
And Legally Speaking, They Will likely win This
‘It’s’ legal troubles & jail time are just beginnin’

Have A “Safe” Day!

Asian Hate Crimes & Dopes…

March 30th, 2021

With COVID cases rising, but deaths

fallin (COUGH) it’s cause of vaccines


Things’ll get better. But they should

Have ALREADY. Denial ‘Crippled’ us

when Fat Orange Ass/his Dumb-ass

pals DID “NOTHING”. And Now, The

very same People are openin’ way 2

early; AGAIN, jeeeez. And the same

assholes opening early are also very

responsible For The UP-Tick in Asian

American ‘Hate Crimes’. There, is, a

direct Correlation. The ‘dumber’ you

are; the more likely racist you are in

(No More!)

every possible way. Only dumb folks

are racist. Get it? This will not stand

Catch them and Punish Them to the

Fullest extent of the law. All of them

Speaking Of People Who Should ALL

Be Punished; The Entire Republican

Party left Today. You got R-Graham

threatening to “Kill People” With his

clearly non-existent AR15 and other

Dopes Causing more Problems then

(R’s Today)

They Could Ever Solve. They simply

aren’t A Political Party. Just One big

‘conspiracy of hate’ wrapped In Shit

NOTE: Florida, “Tool Box Fraud Machine” Matt
Gaetz’s In some deep DOJ trouble For bappin
A 17 Year Old, On His Dime. The “17 Year old”
Part is criminal, the “On His Dime” is Criminal

Have A “Safe” Day!

COVID cases are rising again, because

we SOME Leaders who’re abject, failed

(<-CDC Director)

Assholes incapable of Ethical, rational

service to Their Voters. We are almost

done. Almost won. But almost doesn’t

count against A Deadly pandemic. We

will Beat This. Mask up, Stay at home,

& get Vaccinated. Oh and Speaking of

people who Do it Right; an Insta-Cart

guy Spotted A Jacked Up, Gun loaded

Killer, in A Publix, BEFORE, He ‘Could’

kill People. It turns Out, is Was NOT A

“Good person with A Gun”, But Rather

(What he had)

a “good person paying attention who

had NO gun”. Score one for the good

guys. And, in “Holy Crap That Guy Is

Bonkers” News, the My Pillow moron

is Spewing More Gibberish Lunacy &

it’s Hilarious. He & All the hateful fat

Turds are literally Creating legal case

exhibits for their Dominion Trials, ha

And As All of this is Happening, what

Are DC Republican “Leaders” doing?!

You Guessed it, playing dipshit dress

(Dress-up Dorks)

up at the Boarder, since They all just

refuse to Actually govern; like all shit

they Do, it Will blow up in their Faces

NOTE: The Trial, Against A Murdering Cop, In
a senseless death of George Floyd just began
Today. Derek Chauvin will be Found Guilty, &
Only “Because” It Was ALL Fully Documented
There’s no escapin the Pleas, the indifference,
Then STILL killing him. Justice Will Be Served

Have A “Safe” Day!

Look At how Awesome you Guys All

are. Another Week in the books and


also During A Pandemic. Well done!

We just hit a new vaccine milestone

of 3.4 Million Arms in One day, and

it, Is, Only, Getting, Higher. We will

top out, around 5.2-5.5 Per day but

that is still incredible. And speaking

of Incredibly Stupid, It Seems All of

the Republicans left Are tryin’ Voter

suppression As their Final nail in All

Their Coffins. When You Don’t Offer

Any Policies other than: Racist hate,

(Won’t Work!)

lies, killing All government, tax cuts

& deregulation……Voters don’t “like”

you. So next step, Stop Voters from

voting. The “Blowback” from voters

Will Be Historically Epic. Imagine In

2020 What the turnout Was. Now it

Matters Even MORE. Every ‘Election’

In R’s quest never to Change & only

“cheat” they’ve awoken a giant; one

(It Matters!)

big Ass Voting Giant that ends them

Organize, Optimize and Then realize

NOTE: More ‘March Madness’, This Weekend So
buckle up Buttercups. Most Brackets are busted
So just sit back, have a drink and enjoy the ride

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

We Are Going to Have 200 Vaccines in

arms in his 1st 100 days. Whooo hooo


Press conference, schmess conference

Today Joey B (It is my new buddy/pal

name for him) had His 1st Big Presser

You Know It’s Bad, Cause Republicans

are howling like a wolf stuck in a bear

trap. And Actual Adult Stood Before A

nation, didn’t lie, Bully or Shit himself

And what Are Republican Solutions to

help voters in nation during a horrible

Pandemic/Economic Strife?! Trying to

Suppress Voters Rights! Ding. What a

(Jim Crow Shit)

pile of hateful douchebags. See, all R’s

have Given up trying to “Win” or “Get”

votes. Now theyre at the “let’s stop all

legal People from Voting” part. Ahh no

In Georgia, R’s Don’t Want Anyone to

vote by Denying water, days, Etc. This

is just Exactly what It looks like. A big

pile Of Hateful Un-American Cheaters

And History is Going to kick there Vile

Villainous Asses To the Curb. Imagine

Knowing NO One Wants The “Canned”

dog shit You’re Selling, so you just try

to shrink the Shelf/competition. Ahhh

that never Works. Never ever never &

they are Doing Everything they can to

(Viola, Hero!)

slink into the darkness, like a foul wet

slippery turd. And hero’s don’t always

wear Capes. So Today Marks 56 years

Since Viola Liuzzo, A Bold Civil Rights

leader Left Detroit To Fight Racism In

Alabama was just shot & Killed at the

age of 39 by KKK Terrorists. All Heart

Note: Awwww Ship! A Big Tanker Got Stuck In
The Suez Canal. Oh Tanks For Nothing. In Fact
It was Like a Clogged Colon. Need the shipping
Version Of A Laxative. Hope They Fix their Shit
RIP: Another Gem, Passed Away At 80. Jessica
Walter From “Archer”, “Play Misty For Me”, And
Arrested Development. She Was, Just The best

Have A “Safe” Day!

HR1, A Hero & The Cowards…

March 24th, 2021

The House Passed HR1 early March

Now it is on to The Senate. And the

(Yes Indeed!)

sacred Act Of Voting, In this Nation

is at stake. One side the Democrats

want eligible voters to Vote and the

Republicans All want to Deny votes

When a ‘Political Party’ never offers

Any ‘Policies’ Americans want, then

this is the villainous shit they pull &

it’s Going to Backfire like A car with

Banana Up It’s Tailpipe. They really

Hate Voters, The Constitution, & Us

Let That Really, Sink in, Democracy


itself is at stake. And if R’s all want

to play filibuster games, then they

will just get rid of it. See it was put

in place to Get the Minority’s views

into Policy, But the Minority’s View

is Just “NO! Let’s All Stall”. And let

me remember how Many times the

D’s if out of power were Consulted?

0 is a pretty round number. And in

the mass shooting in CO we all just

went thru, One Hero emerged. Eric

Tally. Our Hearts, Break, As We All


grieve for the 10 lost. Eric is what

we all aspire to be. A selfless hero

willing To Put It All On The Line If

the Chips Are down. And speaking

of Fidot’s Who AREN’T like that At

all: The entire Republican Party in

DC today are all collective cowards

They All played Gun Dress Up and

now they Change it since it makes

them look Like The Immoral Shitty

(All R’s)

cowards they All are. They, do not

fuckin’ Care. Learn this, Grasp this

Funny Cleanser: Mr Carvey doin’ a

Killer Biden Impression. Ha Ha ha!

NOTE: A close ally/Friend Of R-Greene, was
Storming the Capital Building that day. Um,
FULLY Investigate Everyone involved in the
Terrorist Act. If They’re directly involved we
Will not Tolerate These Seditionists in office
RIP: George Segal has passed away what a
Comedy King He Was. Funny and good man

Have A “Safe” Day!

Another day, ANOTHER Horrific Mass

shootin. Same events, same outcome


The Families, Community and country

will not be the same. Oh to make shit

even worse an assaultweapons ban in

CO was Lifted 10 Days ago. The killer

Got his Gun SIX Days Ago. The entire

Damn World knows The Vast Majority

of Citizens Want UBC’s, Mental health

Screening & AR-15’s/Weapons Of War

Banned From Citizens Hands. They’ve

only ONE purpose. Mass Death. None

other. And so what do Republicans do

then?! Take NRA/Gun Lobby $, All Do

(<-All R’s)

nothing & let more die every day. Pro

Life My ASS! Rational Gun Reform, is

what The Country WANTS. Don’t give

it to us then get Voted Out; easy shit

Pretty soon, A “company” will start to

make “new hearts” cause we have no

more Pieces of It to “Break” Over this

When You’re Supposed To Be Making

laws that Serve & Protect Us, you can

take Your “Thoughts & Prayers”, and

ram them all directly up your evil ass

Oh, Speaking of “Evil Asses”, it Turns


out most of the Vile Violent Terrorist

Anti-American Racist Fascists will be

Charged With, Sedition. BRAVO, the

entire Universe totally Applauds that

Move. BOOM. Nothing Like This, Has

ever happened in recent History, nor

will we Allow it to ever Happen again

NOTE: Princess Of Arizona, On The View Is Sorry
She ‘Spewed Hate’. As A Trumper, her entire life
Is Doing That. No One cares what she says/does
Anymore. She made $ on hate, now she lost it to
And Now, That “My Pillow Douche”, has OJ’s Alan
“I’m a Disgrace” Dershowitz As his lawyer. Ha ha

Have A “Safe” Day!

COVID Vaccines Are Working, we are

falling at great rates. Now is the time


to B 5x’s a vigilant. Stay strong, we

are a lil’ over A Month from likely all

getting more Normalcy. Think about

that. What’s THAT Like? It’ll all Be a

“Bucket of giggles” finding out again

And, While We ALL Slowly, Carefully

come back to Life, DC wants to be a

Recognize┬áState. And, It “likely” Will

be VERY soon. Forget the arguments

against it Vary from ‘Insanely Dumb’,

to outright Racist lunar stuff. Yes, ya

(R’s BS!)

read that Right. Ugh. It will pass and

they will be a Welcome great state to

the family. Oh, speaking of crazy Ass

old Racist White guys; Ron “Yes, I lie

like A dog taking a nap” Johnson is a

Bumbling Pile of Stupid, Who doesn’t

know the “Origins” Of Greenland. So

he Just Tried To “Make It Up”. BUZZ!

Nope, wrong; what a clown. It seems

(<-Idiot Toy)

whatever was Left Standing that was

NOT Burned to the ground by the fat

Orange Hate thing, is now in the self

immolation Process. Remember, One

Sidney Powell, Being “Sued” Into the

stone Age by Dominion? Welp, turns

out her defense is “uh no reasonable

person would consider my lies actual

statements of fact”. HA Ha Ha ha ha!

That makes Dominion’s case air-tight

(<-Exhibit A)

at This Point. Because Idiots that she

Intentionally STOKED, DID. See, the

entire Maga Cabal is over. The fact it

‘lasted’ as long As it did, is disgusting

NOTE: It Seems Fox Isn’t “News”. In Fact, It’s
Never Correct About Much These Days. Ooops
Happy Birthday: Billy Shatner…….AKA Captain
Kirk, Turns 90 Today. Wow, ‘Living The Dream’

Have A “Safe” Day!

Welcome To Friday, You Made It! Yes, You

did. And these days, that’s a feet in and of


itself. COVID Infections Are Falling due to

Actual, ‘Pandemic’ Actions, & Vaccinations

being distributed to over 100 million of us

And Now That Our Russian Adversaries do

not have An ‘Asset’ in the Presidency (Still

have a few in Congress) reality has set in

For ‘Short Man Syndrome’ Lil’ Putin. Biden

isn’t goin’ to put up with his shit or Games

In fact, Lil’ Putti best ‘Check’ himself. This

gets Dicey for him/Russia. Oh, speakin’ of

“Dicey”, Welcome To March Baldness. Yes,


where You Watch NCAA Hoop games And

all of your hair falls out from stress. ZING

I kid, this Past Year, already took Care of

that. Now go do somethin great this week

End. Share Great Moments With loved 1’s

NOTE: The Atlanta ‘Sheriff’, Who Posted Anti-Asian Hate
And was pure Racist Lunacy Removed. How about fired?
If you can’t Serve/Protect All, you Can’t do the damn job

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

We have 550,761 souls in this pandemic

Let That Number Sink in, REALLY sink In

(Lights Lost)

for A Moment. And, the numbers Are All

falling FAST. While that is Good, the key

here is Vigilance! Maskup, Stay inside If

you can be safe. We’re in the home turn

of “Winning” here. Now, speaking of the

EXACT Opposite; Republican Racist, And

Talking Chode With Ears Chip Roy (YES,

that is his name) decided to Spew THIS:

“There’s “Old Sayings”, In Texas About Find
all the rope in Texas and get a talloOak tree.
You know, we take Justice very seriously, &
we ought to do that, round up the bad guys”

Ahhhh yes, Bring up the illegal criminal

act of lynching which badly stained this


country’s history. YOU are the bad guy

They’re Simply the Racist hate party &

Nothing More. Voters, All Turned Away

But, Some GREAT NEWS finally On the

COVID Front. Biden’s Administration is

poised to have 100 million Vaccines In

arms tomorrow for those of you keepin’

track, that’s 58 days IN, not 100 like It

was promised. WOW. Keep on Working

And, It Turns out, the Maga Meat Head

(Self Ownage)

crowd has turned On It’s fat Racist prick

orange man. Now that “It” got a vaccine

shot, they Hate Him. Ha ha ha, how “on

Brand” Can U get? All Killing themselves

RIP: Dick Hoyt Passes Away At 80. You, Will remember
Him As Pushing His Son In Boston Marathons. He Along
with his son/everything their family did is Boston strong
NOTE: What Is, the Best Improv Funny Funk DJ On The
Interwebs?!?!?!?! Why that’d be Marc Rebillet of Course

Have A “Safe” Day!
(Can’t wait til this is over to take safe out)

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