Well well, it’s another day &

Another “Set” of Republican


Sociopaths Playing Partisan

political games with peoples

Lives. Ron DeathSantis And

Greg Abbott Think Being an

evil Asshole is so “Funny” to

them, while Harming others

& Burning Tax Payer $, With

“hate stunts”. Usin’ $12 mil

to Send Immigrants To NYC

Martha’s- Vineyard. This, IS

(Filled w/hate)

not “just politics”. This, is a

specific Attack Against a VP

& Biden cause They’re losin’

They offer no real Solutions

For ‘Boarder Security’. THEY

only seek “Hate” & “Cruelty”

against all. Time’s up for all

of these Racist Fascist fucks

Voters see ALL of this & will


hammer ALL these R’s right

outta Office. Maga is “Toast”

NOTE: The hard Railway workers, Management &
Even Biden/His Team Got A Deal done to Prevent
any public railway delays. ‘Leaders’ get shit done

Have A Day!

My “Pillows” just Got his cell Phone

seized by the FBI in Hardee’s Drive

(And Criminal?!?)

Thru. You Can’t Make This shit up!

And, Mike, Tina Peters, TFG, With

a Whole Slew of Elected R’s, are in

DIRE, ‘Legal Trouble’. These “Fake”

electors/voter data is wildly Illegal

And DOJ / FBI Are Fast At Work in

Bringing them all to justice. Ooops

And in even worse News for TFG a

(Bye bye!)

Sham bogus “Inquiry” solely all for

partisan political reasons ends in a

legal wet fart. See, everytime Anus

Man Claimed, “It’s A Partisan Witch

Hunt” he was projectin’, Describing

THIS pile of shit. The law isn’t just

A Toy to Punish your Enemies. The

law seeks Justice, light, the truth &

(Member me?!?)

It Doesn’t, “Pick Sides”. TFG Never

got that. Ohh, but he soon will! Ha!

NOTE: In Today’s “Well No Shit” News, R. Kelly Found
GUILTY on 6 counts of child porn. He & everyone who
did these evil immoral acts should pay. Under The Jail

Have A Day!

Subpoena’s Galore, The End…

September 13th, 2022

DOJ is hard at working doing

the Much Needed task of just

(“I’m Coming!”)

‘Holding’ Domestic Terrorists

all Accountable. So, they just

issued another 40 subpoenas

To All The ‘Criminals’ In TFG’s

Orbit. Ohhh Boy, are They so

legally, royally fucked. And It

is about damn time! We need

serious legal consequences or

(And Others)

the law & our Democracy will

be Over as we Know it. And it

will not, so now comes all the

criminal charges these frauds

Committed. And, There Is NO

Where To Run Now. No Legal

‘Help’, No Gimmicks/Tricks To

play. Just Undone. And this is

(We Know)

the End Of the R’s. And, they

Deserve, Every, Inch of It ALL

NOTE: Republican Lindsay Graham Shows Voters
EXACTLY What They Want To Do. A ‘National Ban’
on all abortions. This has not only “doomed them”
These Mid-Terms, but they’re not a National Party
Anymore. Pete B has their Number & so does this
Republican Senator Sandy Senn Just “Told” All R’s
exactly why they’re finished. The guy Didn’t listen
This November & Every Election after, they all will

Have A Day!

Putin Going Down & Push Back…

September 12th, 2022

The good people of Russia have

Had ‘Enough’ Of Putin. No More


of his lies, wars, crimes, or gas

Lighting ‘Lunacy’. Russian “City

Deputies just created a petition

Demanding he Resign. Well, he

won’t but This “Shows” all of us

the anger level of actual citizens

are at with this War Criming ass

Much like TFG, they’re going to

go thru A lot of Things that they

created for themselves. And, all

(It’s Pro-Fascist)

of it is fully Deserved. And here

is A ‘PERFECT’ Example Of How

exactly to Deal with Republican

Lying Assholes. Al Franken just

showed us all. They Make False

claim X. A Lie. Calmly ask them

“So tell Me When it’s Happened

Before?!?!”. They can’t because

it was BS propaganda lies. Nice

The Subject of the legitimacy of

The Supreme Court (Which has


none) was the topic. And Alison

Was Beat By ‘Reality’. More Of it

NOTE: Boebert, ‘Loudly Booed’ At “Debate” If We Can
Even Call it That. She’s not a viable elected leader. In
Fact, her stupidity aside, she Attacked Everyone, and
didn’t present Policies or Substance. So she has none

Have A Day!

The Queen, Bolsonaro Burns…

September 9th, 2022

She lived a life. One made up of

Moments, history, Peril, and joy


Elizabeth The II “Helped shape”

Much Of The 1900’s. Her ‘story’

and legacy are one for the ages

Gone, but never Forgotten, and

Her Impact Will Never Go Away

And As One guiding light leader

Passes Away, Another, Is About

to Get Booted From Office. Jair

Bolsenaro Is Going to ‘Lose’ his

re-election; hes down 13 points

& growing.  Turns Out, Electing

lying Rich Racist Fascists isn’t a

(<-Fascist POS)

“good thing”. Well No shit?!?!?!

Times up, and they all do down

NOTE: Italy Decides, It’s “Their Turn”, To Play Fascist
Hate Leadersagain. All the others did(Us, UK, Brazil
& more). They’ll regret as the others did & boomarang

Have A Weekend!

Jailed, Fascist Fail & Gone…

September 8th, 2022

Steven Bannon Is In Jail for his

Crimes Against moron racists &

(<-Jerk Walk)

he deserves that of that & more

And to add to His legal hell, the

next Month he Gets “Contempt”

charges ‘Added’ on. Seeing that

vile, racist fascist in cuffs for all

His Criminal Acts is Just a Start

for All Those About to Go Down

More will be Coming by the day


The DOJ is Pushing Back and is

appealing the Special Master so

they Got ALL the goods. It’s ova

And The “Judge” best look for a

new Line of Work After This shit

See, fascists don’t care about an

issue, laws, or facts. They ONLY

seek to Exert Raw Power. Weak

Queen Elizabeth the II has died

(<-NPR Pic)

What a story, what a Woman, &

what an amazing life lived. Love

NOTE: Evil horrific Stabbings in Canada Leave The
world wondering why was one of the men out from
jail?! With a history of violence; should been jailed
RIP: CNN Legend, Bernard Shaw Has Passed Away
at the Age of 82. Trailblazer, reporter of facts. Cool

Have A Day!

And so it Begins. Steve Bannon was

just indicted & Must Turn Himself in

(“You are Here”)

on Thursday. They, Are, ALL, going

Down. The “Thing” About “Terrorist

Hateful Criminals” is That They Will

never stop until they are really held

accountable. What We’re all Seeing

is Lawful Consequences. And, IT IS

About Damn Time! And Finally, in a

“feel good” moment we could All so


Use These Days; The Obama’s ‘saw’

their WH Portraits & They Are Cool

And as Always, as Classy as both of

Their Subjects. What Grace is. And,

What It’s ‘Not’ Is R’s “Pulling” all of

their Mid-Term $. It’s Because They

All ‘Know’ Dobbs/TFG/Jan 6th is SO

dragging aside from their shitty ass

(Only voting wins!)

‘Insane Candidates’. Which are just

ALL of Them These Days. Ha ha ha

NOTE: Putin Tries To Lie, AGAIN. And No One Cares
but he does. And there’s no Escape from his hate or
Immorally Evil Invasion. This ends him/all KGB shits

Have A Day!

Removed, Rubbish & Regret…

September 6th, 2022

It seems we have Domestic terrorists

now in The “Find Out” Phase Of Their


“Fucking Around”. The ‘New Mexico’

“county Commissioner” Couy Griffin

(You can’t make Their stupid Names

up)was just removed from office for

violating the 14th Amendment In his

Jan 6th “Insurrection Acts”. You Can

bet more of these Terrorists will Also

Be removed from office for doing the

same illegal shit. This will Not Stand

Speaking of “Will Not Stand”, This R

Maga Judge decided to jolt the Court

by granting A Special Master helping

the Treasonous Tangerine “stall” a lil

(Delaying Fate)

It won’t help/Matter in the long haul

as the Legal Side is Clearly settled &

Garland has ALL the ‘Goods’. They’ll

decide if they Appeal Her insane shit

illegal ruling or not. Either way, they

are legally In Charge here & it’s Over

Her Ruling has no “Legal Basis” here

And With The Partisan Hack SCOTUS

pissingoff every single voter in every

single state over their Dobbs Rulings

Republican’s are “Poised” to Feel the

Sheer wrath of Voters this fall over it

And while they try to scrub their shit


finger prints from that sludge, voters

already know exactly whom to blame

NOTE: Putin/Russian Leaders Are trying to Find As Many
scapegoats to Kill for their failed war in Ukraine. There’s
not enough bodies 2 do it unless of course it’s theirs. Ha!

Have A Day!

Welcome to the End of Our Laborless

Day Weekend! For Those Of You Who

(To Maga)

have to Work (like me) I say, don’t ya

worry, it went fast. Speaking of “Fast”,

all the Racist Fascist violent Maga are

legally going down at light speed and

it’s About Damn Time. A “former” cop

who Beat Another Cop with a flagpole

was sentenced 2 10 years; it shoulda

been way More; It’s Called Attempted

(<-Member this?!?)

Murder. And, last Thurs Biden Stated

“If You’re Pro – Insurrection, You’re A

Anti-American, Maga Fascist, Enemy”

And, he’s Correct. Which seems to be

pissing of Maga Fascists who hate he

called out the obvious reality. And, It

just Got Those R’s Who Are Upset he

said it, to simply ‘admit’ They are the

(No pardons!)

Racist Violent supporting Fascists he

Called Out. Ha! Ooops. Weak Bullies

NOTE: And, It Gets Legally WORSE For Orange Anus
When The Judge Unsealed the “Assets” He Had. And,
there’s over 43 ‘Empty’ folders listed as classified. It
shows he’s Going to Die in Jail as a Lying Treasonous
And Even criminal pal Bill Barr busts his balls. Done!

Have A Day!

Palin Pummeled, Maga & Speech…

September 1st, 2022

The good people of Alaska just

told a washed up, lyin’, hateful

(Bye to both!)

Fascist loving Reality Clown to

“shove it”. And it could Not be

sweeter To Hear. In Fact, they

elected a Democratic leader in

a Red States. Oooooops. Let it

sink in and this was Supposed

To Be An R House seat. Just a

sign of voters anger to come 4

Republicans. They got no clue

And now Maga just stands for


Many Attorney’s (All) Getting

Attorney’s. HA! The Lawyer 4

an Oath Keepers guy was just

‘Charged’ With Conspiracy To

Obstruct the ‘Certification’ of

Biden, and has been arrested

Oh boy. ALL of the Criminals

Are In, The “Find Out” Phase

of life & It’s Gonna Get worse

And Tonight, Biden takes the

Mic to call out All the Fascist

(Let’s go!)

‘Traitors’ To The Nation. This

isn’t a “game”. Dire as it gets

NOTE: Turns Out, The Pats Have Both Testified
Before Jan 6th Grand Jury. Cipollone & Philbin
Gave up Everything Under Oath. That’s all folks
NOTE II: Stacy Abrams, D From Georgia, Kicks
Kemp into OuterSpace. Wow! Vote for her folks
R’s are Playing Games, D’s want to serve Voters

Have A Day!

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