Things have gotten so bad, now FOX has turned

against Trump. Well, More Like They Decided to

(No Shit!)

accept reality vs a fatloud racist child who won’t

No matter, Reality believes in him. And while he

Is “Playing” with Citizens Lives, he Couldn’t care

less About minority communities. Yeah you read

that right. And shit has gotten so bad that Nancy

Pelosi is now name Calling Saying that Rumpy is

“Morbidly Obese”. Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Burn!

Newsflash, he’s Not. He lied, again. And his Idiot

(Little Kid)

response to her silly slam comment was just base

projection 101. He’s In A lot of Trouble Folks, & it

will get Worse with Each Passing day. Just book it

NOTE: The BEST Cost-Co Employee, You Will ‘Ever’ Meet
In Action. The entire World Applauds him for Being Sane
RIP: Marc Maron’s Love was A Creative Super Star & She
Passed Away Suddenly. This Is Sad, And ‘Horribly Wrong’
Please Remember the name Lynn Shelton. She is Legend

Have a “safe” day!


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At We Reach a New Grim Milestone That No one

wishes ever happened at 91,751 lives lost, a fat

(<-Lying asshole)

loud lying racist asshole is still spewing all his

idiotic Bullshit. 36 Million People Are Out of a

job. And Trumps response? So What?!?! Fuck

off! He is a fraud, a liar, a nothing child who’s

unworthy to run a lemonade stand let alone a

fucking country. And in his latest Effort to Kill

our country; he fired another watchdog about

to Hammer him & Claimed he’s been Taking a

lot of hydroxychloroquine for the last 2 weeks

What a Lunatic Jackass. The World will Forget

(<-Lying asshole)

he Ever Existed, Come November. So, Here is

hoping we Never do to Repeat Such ignorance

NOTE: Jackass Moron Dumbfuck, Thought COVID 19
Was A Hoax, Then He Contracted It. It Is Darwinism

Have A “Safe” Day!


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Dr. Rick Bright went to DC today to testify about

the ‘Dire’ Response Problems To COVID19. While


most House Reps asked him Rational thoughtful

questions…Leave it to REPUBLICANS to make it

a partisan Lying Shit Show. They “attacked” him

for no Rational Reason other than political dumb

fuckery. This Pandemic ISN’T Political. It Is Just

medical, scientific, pharmaceutical and All of the

best CDC Practices. It’s not about Untested Idiot

drugs like Hydroxychloroquine, asking about his

(<-Limitless fuck up)

fucking Employment/Salary Or Personal Attacks

These aren’t real leaders they’re political stooges

ALL While Our “Country”, lost 86,770 lives today

NOTE: Republican Burr, Is Now In The FBI’s Crosshair’s For
Insider Trading on COVID Intel. He Stepped Down From his
Committee. Great now get R-Kelly Loeffer! They already did
question Diane Feinstein & she co-operated. Oooooooooops

Have a “safe” day!


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Yes, we sadly have 85,197 dead from the harsh virus

And What “has” Trump/His Administration done about

(We Know)

it? Well, Nothing For the 1st 2 Months. Now, they are

scared Trying to Catch Up to This Pandemic. At every

turn trump fucked this up, didn’t care, lied, played at

politics While ignoring This Crisis/deaths. He is Just a

fat, lyin’, racist pile of Shit. And now, he’s going after

Dr. Fauci. He Was Already ‘Over’, this Ends him Much

faster now. The entire country knows how serious the

virus is. Trump never did. He doesn’t care. And that’s

(Yes, we know)

going to Irreparably Damage him. It got so bad that a

partisan ‘Fraud’ In Republican Jim Jordan Decided The

idea to take on a “Virus doctor”. It went so very badly

NOTE: Not So Fast Michael Flynn. The Barr DOJ Is Going To
Pay for this Lunacy. This, will not Legally Stand. It’s horrible

Have a “safe” day!


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Dr. Fauci Testified today to the Senate Explaining

how “opening too quickly” will cause this to be so

(“Ah no, dumbasses!”)

much WORSE. He made it Clear, he Spoke of the

best CDC Practices he used facts. And that really

“Bothered” Republican, Rand “Squirrel Nest Hair”

Paul. See, Rand didn’t have a “Virus” or Scientific

question. Oh……just conjecture of “you’re not the

end all or one Person who gets to Decide”. Ahem,

NO, he’s not. That’s not what Science is mr Straw

Man Hair. Nor, would he claim to be. However If

you want to “Stack your Knowledge” of COVID19

AGAINST His at this Time, have at it asshole. We

(“I iz a Doctorb”)

need less of these Morons like Paul Who are now

shootin’ from the Hip Without knowledge. A loud

mouth moron Isn’t the same as an Accomplished

proven Professional. They Never will be. Speakin’

of that, the SCOTUS will now rule on Rumps Tax

Returns. Things look Overly bad for Orange Idiot

NOTE: Bryan Adams Has Now Cut His Career “With A
Knife”. He Knows How That Cuts In His Insane COVID
Rant about eating some, “Wet Market ‘Animal’, Eating
Bats, I can’t tour”. He Wanted to promote “Veganism”

Have a “safe” day!


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We now have 81,545 dead from this dangerous

virus. And We Have ZERO Leadership Currently

(Run Away!)

in the United States At the Federal level. Why’s

that you ask?!? Because we have a lying, racist,

& Utter fucking MORON in Charge of this Entire

non-response/process. Shit got so bad today In

his “Deluded Circus” he fled the press. Yes, you

read That Correctly. He was Asked a “Question”

about “Bragging About Testing” When We Have

lost A RECORD Amount of Citizens to This Virus


He Claimed “Ask China” to an Asian Reporter &

she Pushed back on his racist lunacy. When she

did, he called on another Reporter who stepped

up while The 1st Journalist Asked “Why are you

saying That to ME, specifically?!?”. Then he did

what COWARDS do, he Ran. Well, more like he

“Waddled” his FAT, vile, racist ass away. And in

usual fashion, he lied Non-stop about everythin’


We do Not ‘lead in testing’, anyone who wants a

test Can NOT get a test. He’s dying in front of us

RIP: Jerry Stiller. He was a Comedy Legend Pure Joy,
Kindness, Love, & A True ‘Pro’. As Brilliantly Funny As
He Was, Lovingly Grounded With Anne Meara & Ben S

Have a “safe” day!


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20.5 Million People Have lost their jobs. It Is the

HIGHEST ever since the “Great Depression”. It is

(<-Nope, You)

Now Trumps Depression. Ask Hoover How That

went for him At the Polls. To add 2 our troubles

we’re losing More Citizens To COVID And these

people matter. James Carville called it best with

the claim “they were going to “lose” before this

shit. They’re just goin’ to Lose Worse now. And

they all know it”. He called the Entire Campaign

For Trump “Grifters” Just About Making “Money”


And, While Trump / The Entire Republican Party

save For Mitt Romney let our Country burn Into

ashes; Racists took the life of An innocent black

man For simply “Jogging”. These ‘Monsters’ are

in Custody & will Have the Book thrown at them

This level Of Hate Will Not Stand. No More Ever!

NOTE: Staff Under Pence/Trump Have Tested Positive For
COVID19. Yep. They “Have” It. You Can Book it Right Now

Have a “safe” weekend!


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Barr Abuse Of Power…

May 7th, 2020

William Barr, Should be Placed BEHIND Them and

quickly. Pardoning Someone who Plead Guilty and

(<-Put Him Away)

pretending This ISN’T Partisan Abuse of Power is a

load of crap so high…angels smell shit. At this level

why not just HAND Putin all of DC? Mueller are you

watching? Care to do anything? Nope. This country

is in Dire need of a cleanin’. Remember W Bush AG

Alberto Gonzalez? Barr Makes Him Look Like Jesus

by comparison. Barr Will Pay For This legally, and it

will cost him “Jail Time”. You…….can book it. Well, I

(Barr’s Attorney)

should Say, You Can “Book Him” Pretty Damn Soon

All while 76,894 people have Died. And Republicans

did NOTHING. Vote them all out of office 1 at a time

Have a “safe” day!


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While the Orange Anus Is Imploding at Light Speed

and Taking Over 74,402 Lives with him; the rest of

(We know)

the rational world is coping the best we can. These

are hard days, the darkest & yet there is light. And

it Shines Through with each Act of Kindness, Valor,

love, dedication & Sacrifice. You know, the shit we

ALL Used to Stand for In this Country. The Medical

people Serving the front lines of this Virus War are

the only reason we Haven’t been overrun yet. And

the People who MOST Deserve Our Praise and Our

love. We Will get Through This IN SPITE of Trump,

(We Know)

never because of him; and that says stuff about us

Assholes & Morons Are NOT who We are and those

immoral Domestic Terrorists Will Not Stand. Never

Have a “safe” day!


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There are No more parties, no festive days and

no Joy During This Pandemic. What Used To Be


Cinco De Drinko, Is Now Cinco De Cryo and so

much Worse. The Numbers Are increasing and

Trump / Republicans / ‘Administration’ ALL DO

NOTHIN whatsoever but shrug their shoulders

As we have now lost 71,769 Trump’s now doin

LESS than nothin’. He wants to scale back the

COVID Task Force. WTF?!?!? And while asshole

is tryin’ to piss gasoline on raging fire, Dr. Rick

Bright Is Shinning a BIG Old Spotlight On Their


MASSIVE “Immoral lies”. In fact, he states that

they IGNORED Dire Warnings About This Virus

and more. Ooooooooops. They are all Monsters

NOTE: While The Country Burns Down Nancy Pelosi Is
On The Move Asking For MORE Aid To Citizens. Bravo!

Have a “safe” day!


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