As the orange anus shits himself to sleep nightly

we see he’s still At the Racist lunacy hate by just

(We Know)

saying to The Guy He Racially Verbally Attacked

who has his fucking home broken into late night

“Too Bad!” mocking it. This is disgusting shit ya

wouldn’t accept from your troubled teen. In fact

That Is Stuff “NO RATIONAL SOCIETY” Would At

all tolerate from it’s Citizens…let alone President

This country needs to send a crystal clear strong

message In this Next Election that racist hate, &

violent abuse Isn’t Tolerated in our Country now

As the Entire Republican Party, Is ‘Imploding’ At

(We Know)

an Alarming Rate (R’s quitting) it’s leaving us In

a worse Place. We, as a Country, Should have at

LEAST 3 Political Parties, If Not FIVE. Let’s Do It!

NOTE: Violent MAGA supporter Punches an older anti-Trump
Protester Man, In Face! Then, Gets Quickly Arrested by Cops
NOTE II: Democrat Thomas Cullerton, Out Of Villa Park, Has
Been ‘Indicted’ on 39 Counts of ‘Embezzlement’ From Unions

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The debate was decent. It offered America a

tiny Glimpse of Who These People Are, what


their policies are & exactly how they plan on

Enacting Everything In Them. Harris looked

caught Off Guard when her record of locking

up Weed users, by trying change the subject

to ‘Death Penalty’. Um, BUZZ. Ya, fucked Up

And Tulsi Gabbard, is already finished Today

(A planet, a stooge, or both?!?!? Who cares)

Right now the FBI has “Officially Stated” that

Conspiracy Theories are the Newest form of

(We Know)

Domestic Terrorism. You Know, Aside From

Right Wing Trumper Republican maga fucks

who commit acts of Terror/violence. Gee it’s

odd that they are on The Same Political Side

Oh, did I Say “Odd”?!? I Meant SO Expected

Have a day!


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The Master Debaters took the Stage last Night

to talk turkey With Policies on Medicare for all,


Taxing the wealthy, Green New Deal and more

This isn’t about “optics”, zingers, or fighting. It

IS about who Offers the BEST policy’s, Ideas &

ways under our current shit partisan system to

enact them all. That’s the Key. And in that goal

Warren did an Excellent job. So did Sanders in

sharing what his Policies are. And, we have ten

more Candidates “Debating” tonight!!! What, is

this Thunderdome Now?!?! 20 Enter, 1 Leaves?

(We Know)

Turns out, in the last 60 years, the Republican

Party has A Serious love Affair with racist hate

(Been this way Since the 60’s during Kennedy)

Having Reagan on Recording saying racist shit

is about as “shocking” as finding out your porn

star girlfriend is fucking other people. Shit, did

you know Reagan’s Stump Speech in running 4

Office Was At The Neshoba County Fair (Just 7

miles from where the Civil Rights workers were

(We remember)

murdered in cold racist Blood) giving his Racist

“Wallace-Esqe” States Rights Hate Speech. We

already Knew ALL about this Racist Shit before

Anyone ignoring it is either a liar, racist or both

Have a day!


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The numbers, are “Growing” at EXCEPTIONAL

rates. What was just 107 Yesterday, is now at


114 & rapidly Growing. The number they will

need is 119; Meaning They’ll be the Majority

of The Majority. Ooooooooooops. This is Bad

news for Orange Racist Fuck Stick. Well, It is

about Damn Time! This overt Racist hate will

not Stand. And, as Mitchy McConnell Gives a

nice ball bath to Putin’s briny bag we will see

Some Democrats Master Debating Tonight to

see who’s POLICIES are the best for our most

(The Lady Bunch!)

Stick to the Fact, what You Will do Differently

And most important how you’re going to help

this country clean up the immoral racist mess

that was Donald Drumpf. We Will fix this, but

it will take Significant work to Heal our nation

NOTE: The Dumpster Fire That Is Boris Johnson Burns
Brightest every Day. Boy, when he finds out that math
Doesn’t Agree With Him, Wonder What He Will do then
NOTE II: Even FOX’s Chris Wallace isn’t Having, the BS
“Trumps not Racist” utter lies. Meanin that you lost fox

Have a day!


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Trump is massively racist. He’s ignorance, hate,

immorality, sociopathic indifference, mixed with


limitless lies. In every racist attack (Not speakin

to “Specific Policy”, But to RACE ALONE Ignoring

reality) he “uses” the Word “infestation” for only

one reason. To dehumanize. What he’s saying is

not remotely true; but racists don’t live In reality

If they did they wouldn’t be racist. This is the 1st

Step in Attempting to silence any Honest Dissent

and blunt Actual Immoral Horrific Policy Criticism

It will have the exact Opposite Effect. This is also

(We Know)

for the most Base of Reasons. Distraction. At no

point Does Trump/Republicans, Want to Discuss

Jeffery Epstein(who will eviscerate both sides in

his downfall), Robert Mueller and Impeachment

drums that are growing loudly. The media’s now

playing Along like the Ad Revenue Assholes They

are now. Journalism Stood for the four W’s (Who

What When Where Why & How) & H. Now, It’s A

WWF Pro-Wrestling Bullshit sludge fest killing us

NOTE: Dan Coats Is Out As NID (National Intelligence Director)
Because, He Told The Truth About Russian Election Interference
And Now, The NEW ‘Partisan Fraud’ Stepping In To Echo Putin &
Trump is John Ratcliffe (Yes, these Villain names are funny as in
a Rat Jumping Off A Cliff) The Results of Unsafe elections is Real
And, This New Partisan Trump Anti-Mueller Fuck’ll, Let It Happen
NOTE II: Another day, Another Shooting. More Death & it’s from
another AR-15. More Guns, cause more Deaths. That, is a reality
Oh & LOOK. Its a Right Wing MAGA racist kid who did it, again!

Have a day!


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As the rest of rational, sane, society grasps

What Mueller ‘Factually Said’ Yesterday, we

(Just Facts)

have A Smaller Sect in R’s & FOX trying to

spin what actually happened. Ha ha ha ha!

Good luck with That. And we also have the

news Jeffery “Rapist” Epstein was found in

his cell semiconscious in the Fetal position

with marks on his Neck. Some say it might

be Self inflicted to Get A Transfer. It might

also Be Assault. ‘Monitor’ Him CLOSELY So

he can testify. This case will bring a LOT of

(“My Pal!”)

powerful people down in both parties. And

the world says, GOOD! This disgusting shit

should be in The Sunlight. Speaking of Sun

Light; Nancy Pelosi, Dragging Her Ignorant

heels on an impeachment inquiry is pissing

of a Lot of people. Both voters and insiders

alike. Start it, then Decide if you want to all

proceed once it’s going Gathering Facts and

stating Criminality, THAT’S the way to do it

NOTE: Racist Older Lady, Decided, To Call Black People
the N-Word & claim It’s due to anxiety. Ha ha ha ha ha
GTFOH! She said she’d ‘Say It’ Again. Racist pile of Shit
NOTE II: Puerto Rico PROTESTS, Rid Nation, Of Asshole
It means PEOPLE’S Voices Matter and they Always Have

Have a day!


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For ANY one in the media talking about “optics”

Or “How Mueller Visibly Looked in The Morning

(No shit)

session” can take their Reality TV Bachelor rose

Insanity & shove it Directly up their goofy asses

The key, Irrefutable Facts That Happened today:

-All Three of the Elements for Obstruction Were Met
-Trump can be Charged/Indicted after leaving office
-Mueller offers dire warnings about Russian Election
meddling saying “It wasn’t a single attempt. They’re
doing it as we sit here” & accepting “help” is a crime
-Trumps involvement with Russians was not a ‘Hoax’
And These Objective Facts Were NOT A “Witch Hunt”

Adam Schiff walked point by point directly Thru

every Lie from Trump/Republicans. He got such

drilldown specific answers that russia wanted to

help Trump/their campaign welcomed it, Trump

/Others wanted Russian $ and in Trump praisin’

(“Fact Me!”)

Wiki-leaks was “disturbing…..and also subject to

investigation”. The Damaging effects will be epic

Republicans today tried everythin from shooting

the messenger fallacy, to outright makin’ shit up

pretending they were Seconds away from Taking

Muellers “Mask” off to Reveal It’s Actually Hillary

History will not only Judge Them most Harshly it

is likely the end of their political party altogether


The one Thing, they didn’t care about Russia and

our Elections being attacked; this is so fucked up

RIP: Rutger Hauer Has Passed Away At 75. Best known for
His ‘Blade Runner Character’, He Was A Great Actor, Who’ll
Be known For The Hitcher & Great Flick Called Split Second

Have a day!


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Bore-Us PM & Racist Crew…

July 23rd, 2019

In England Boris Johnson, AKA “The Mop

Topped Raw Hotdog” was just elected PM

(Lies Bus)

That means he’s only in there to get a No

Deal Hard Brexit. Only problem is they all

already TRIED That Before. Talk About A)

Stupid or B) Stubborn, or C) Both. Ya see

the ENTIRE reason they were Debatin’ for

over 3 Years was to ENSURE there were a

lot more Trade Deals/Assurances In Place

And Now, that’s Done. Speaking of “Done”

White Racist Nationalists Account, For the

MASSIVE Majority Of ‘Domestic’ Terrorist

(We Know)

acts. Well, no, SHIT. ‘Look’ at Their leader

In Orange Racist. This Must Stop NOW!!!!!

Have a day!


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Yes, it’s a Magic Monday folks and that means

buckle up your fannies, cause the Orange One

(Yes it is!)

is about have the worst week of his life. Which

is news to the ears of all people who value any

shred Of Justice, Humanity, Compassion and A

smidgen of love. Mueller is Comin’ to testify on

Wednesday. Act Accordingly. It won’t be some

massive Theater. It Will be Pretty Simple. He’ll

refer to his Report, stick to the facts & be brief

It’s Up To The Democrats to Ask Specific HARD


hitting ‘Succinct Questions’ that He/His Report

directly Answers. DO, NOT, MAKE This Political

Keep It, “LEGAL”. The Entire Republican Party,

save for 2 or less, Will “ATTACK” Mueller. That

will Backfire Badly. Speaking of Backfiring, the

entire state of puerto rico protests have sent a

loud message that freedom rings. Their voices

are Loud, Specific & Demands Ricardo Rossello

Resign NOW. Forget His “Chat” Of Hate is Now

(Huge turnout!)

known by all. He won’t seek Re-election in 2020

but Citizens are Demanding he “Step down” now

NOTE: Trump & Dems Reach Budget Deal And We Must Look
Closely At WHAT is In This Deal To See If It Is A Compromise

Have a day!


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As the Racist Orange Asshole keeps spewing toxic

racist Hate; his close Pal Liaison who worked with


his transition team/The Saudi’s/and The Russians

just got arrested last month for childporn. Yes ya

read It right. George Nader, the Guy who Appears

at Least 100 Times In The Mueller Report Not only

had Kiddie Porn on him (And previous charges on

him since 1991)he actually trafficked a 14 yearold

fucking boy. Between Epstein, Nader, Dershowitz,

Cohen Coming back to the Hill and Finally Mueller

(Good luck!)

The Immoral Racism is one thing, legal issues are

another. This Upcoming Week is gonna kill Trump

NOTE: Dan Le Batard, Hero! Not Only Did He ‘Correctly’ Call
cowardice in not addressing immoral unacceptable racist shit
He’s now Enshrined His Voice as one for the Ages in my book

Have a weekend!


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