Kemp, Chump & COVID…

July 16th, 2020

We have a siting governor saying that

citizens shouldn’t wear masks………

(<-Brian Kemp)

a hotbed COVID. What a clueless shit

incapable of Facts he should be taken

from office asunfit by the good voters

of Georgia. Kemp’s causing way more

spread, ignorance & putting people in

danger. This is NOT debatable. We all

must not “pretend” medical science is

now “equal” to “jibberish bullshit by a

bunch of idiots. They are not. An idiot

(Never did the test)

pulls a “gun” in Florida on people who

asked About His Mask. He is Insane &

made a “death threat”. You are seeing

the damage COVID does 2 mentally ill

people. This is no “joke”. Reality has a

way of always being Real. This’s not a

game. People Playing It’ll Fail so Badly

NOTE: The Hero Of The DAY, Is A Brother Who
Saved His Little Sister From A Vicious Dog Who
Wanted To Maul Her. Captain America thanked

Have a “safe” day!


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36% Approval & Free Fall…

July 15th, 2020

As our entire country still struggles with

the killer virus COVID19, Republicans &

(Best Mask)

tRump don’t do a Fucking thing about it

In fact, they are SO Ignorant about how

to just Wear a Mask, They’re Now doing

MORE Harm to the Entire Country When

they Open Their ignorant Mouths to Now

spread the Virus. Wear A Mask Assholes

Only 36% ofthe country approves of the

horrific “Job” Orange Fuck Isn’t doing. It


is a miracle it’s even that high. Meh, the

number will Plummet to around 22% by

the time he’s done fucking us all over at

the end. His Entire Political life is in Free

fall with Biden leading by 15 points and

WIDENING. Now, it “Doesn’t Mean” One

thing Without Votes. I Quote Remember

The Titans: “Run it up Herman, leave no

doubt!”. Every Republican, Should All Be

(No Doubt)

Thrown Out of Office for what they have

done to this Country. They Are Immoral

traitors Unworthy Of Ever holding Power

NOTE: Supreme Court Justice, “Notorious RBG” is Back
And Healthy Again. You Just can’t keep a great woman
down. She Is A Beacon In A Dark Storm & very needed
NOTE II: A Racist Couple Assault Hotel Worker While It
was Clear Police Let them leave. This shit will not stand

Have a “safe” day!


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Florida Is Now A COVID hotbed of disease

They’re “Averaging” Around 10,000+ New

(<-Blind Fucker)

cases a day. A total of 4,409 citizens of fla

have Died. And because of the utter failure

of Gov. DeSantis they’ll Likely End Up With

18,000 “Dead” in Projections. Or…..maybe

worse. That’s What Happens when you got

no Leadership, Intelligence, science or any

medical Abilities (Or listen to them). As we

see Some States Failing, Orange Asshole is

now Disco Fucked In the Polls. There Is not


a single thing he can Run on & his Party of

Republican’s are Undone. Shit, they Won’t

even Attend the Convention right now and

will be a no show. Still won’t save them in

any way from Being ‘Trumper Republicans’

They all Deserve everything that is coming

NOTE: Washington Redskins Owner, Dan “I’m A Big
Fucking Prick” Snyder Will Finally Change the name
Of the Redskins…..about 7 Billion years way too late

Have a day!


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As the Orange Anus Pardons Another felon

(That will come back to legally cripple him)

(We Know)

& New Zealand is now COVID Free, it’s the

rest Of Us ‘HERE’ in America, Watching the

Republicans fail us/flounder about causing

limitless Destruction to our country. And it

Gets Worse. Republican ‘Moron’ Turd Cruz,

flew on a “Commercial” airplane(American)

without a Fucking MASK. Geeesh, what the

fuck is Wrong with people? Well, Ted is not

a “Person”. He’s more of a Lying Fraud who


is Collecting Our “Tax Dollars”, While Doing

nothing Whatsoever. We are watching their

entire Party ‘Sink’ Into The Abyss. They are

likely To “lose” the Presidency & the Senate

NOTE: Rump, Tries To Pathetically Blame Obama &
Biden for HIS COVID Response and Testing Failures
NOTE II: Moron “Trumper” who Denied COVID Even
Existed, Dies From It. This is Sad & such Darwinsim

Have a “safe” day!


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In the United States We have Even more

COVID Spikes in: Florida, Texas, Arizona,

(Fastest Way)

Georgia, North Carolina, & California. So,

right Now, most of America, Except for a

handful of “Sane” Governors and mayors

are On their Own. Illinois has broken the

curve. It took Hard Work, dedication and

sheer Will from leadership & our Citizens

alike to Get here. AND, we still aren’t out

of The Woods Yet. All This As Orange Ass

(Won’t Work)

bails on another Hate Rally this weekend

which is likely Because it didn’t Sell at all

& wants to avoid an Empty room. Well he

has lots more Shit comin’. Tick tock prick!

NOTE: First Ever, ‘Transgender’ To Hold The Cover of
Sport Illustrated. Good For Her Bravo! Well deserved
NOTE II: If You’re Looking For Something Fun to See
This Weekend, do stream Jim Jefferies Netflix special
Meet Him In London A While back. Great guy & enjoy

Have a “safe” weekend!


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The SCOTUS just ruled 7-2 that Orange

Anus Can’t Block SDNY from Getting his

(“Shhhut up!”)

Tax Returns. He fucked. It’s all over but

the crying now. It will all come out. The

Putin / Russian ‘Money’ Laundering, The

Russian Oligarch’s buying his Property’s

to Launder & Deutche Bank With all the

receipts. He Fucked. Cyrus Vance Jr., Is

Justice Coming At him. As we Deal With

COVID Spiking, Causing More Pain, The

Republican’s / POS President do Nothing

And his “Re-election” chances have now

(We Know)

gone from Bad, to “Time Of Death” fast

He’ll be 32-36 Approval Rating over the

next 3 months. He’s at 40 now & falling

NOTE: Big 10 changes schedule over COVID outbreak
Which Means, There Will Be Problems With All Football

Have a “safe” day!


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As the Orange Asshole Manchild does his

best “Child Flinging shit” Impression, the

(We Know)

rest of world “struggles” with a pandemic

He can’t lead, Help, or care about a thing

So, he is “sowin'” the racist seeds of hate

to distract. It caused racists in Indiana to

“Lynch” A Black Man ‘Openly’ During The

day at a Park. Warning, this is disturbing

Forget it is 2020. The ‘Time’ has Nothing

to do with it. This is illegal, Unacceptable

& the Cops who Went there should all be

(<-Racist criminals)

charged Along With The Racists fuckers

THIS, WILL, NOT, STAND. It, is, A Hate

crime, Echoes Exact Words That Trump/

Followers Spew & they should Clearly be

charged here. All while Col Vindman the

Hero Who Blew the Whistle On the fatty

Orange Treason Bag, Has now Quit. Yes,

He Did it Over Bullying, & Spite Backlash

NOTE: We’ve reached 3 Million+ of COVID Cases
In the US under Failed Leadership like Pence and
Dump. They Are Now Trying to Bully/Hide Reality

Have a “safe” day!


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While the rest of the world deals with

COVID killing & spreading…….Orange

(“Give me it!”)

asshole does NOTHING. Shit has just

gotten so Bad Dictator Bolsonaro aka

Trumpy Lite Is Brazil’s Moron Who Is

in Charge Of Fighting The Virus. Hint,

he isn’t. He now Has it & Their Cases

are skyrocketin’ 2nd Only to Us. Yep,

you read that right. And while moron

idiots ruin the world, we get the bigly

tRump Hate Cult Trying to Tear down

actual Hero’s, While Failing Miserably


FOX is ground O for ‘Ignorant Anger’

Their ‘hate’ is undoing them all. Cool

NOTE: Happy Birthday, To Funny Person, Mo Collins
She’s Talented, Smart, Kind And really a great artist
NOTE II: The Turtle’s feeling his re-Election Chances
Fading so fast, It’s another round Of COVID Aid now

Have a “safe” day!


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Hope your 4th was fun in the sun or you

were Able to do Anything outside & cook

(Short wick!)

out or light short wicked fireworks. Do u

still Have all Your Fingers?!? Good! Well

in what can only be called a Failing idiot

Monster ‘Racist Asshole’ Still Failing, His

big “Mount Rushmore” Event Went Over

like a wet Fart. And his 4th of July party

was performing to ‘Empty Seats’. Ha ha!

What a Clod. And all While We Have lost


132,784 lives to A Pandemic That was at

every Level, Able to be Controlled & Very

Preventable. The World Has Him At Fault

RIP: Charlie Daniels Singer Of, “Devil Went Down To
Georgia” Dies At the Age Of 83 Pure Country Legend
NOTE: The GOP’s so going Full on Racist With “All Of
Us are NOT created Equal”. Boy are they going to get
mad at the Equal Protection Clause found in the 14th
Amendment. These People, are Literally Bonkers Nuts

Have a “safe” day!


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The FBI just nabbed Jeffery Epstein’s fixer

named Ghislaine. Uh OH! This Spells Very


big trouble for Dersh, B. Clinton & Orange

Asshole. It also means Bill Barr Either had

a hand in this, or didn’t. Either way that’s

EXTRA bad news for him. If he did, it’s so

likely they are Building a case against him

If he didn’t, it is Likely they are Building a

case Against him. One Makes it way faster

Speaking of ‘Darwin Award’ Folks, one old

friend, Republican ‘Shill’ Herman 999 Cain

(Ko’d Him)

has been ‘hospitalized’ after attendin the

Trump Hate Rally in Tulsa with…….COVID

These People Are All Absolute Dumbfucks

NOTE: Democratic ‘Senator’ Tammy Duckworth Has
Vowed To Block ALL Military appointments With the
Exception of Army Gen Gustave Perna who’s tasked
With Finding A Vaccine For COVID Until Lt. Vindman
Is Properly Promoted to Col. This Can’t be a political
game. Politics has noplace in meritbased promotions

Have a “safe” 4th of July world!


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