The Jan 6th Proud Boys & Others

were all found guilty of Seditious

(Guilty Traitor!)

Conspiracy, & Obstruction Of the

Presidential Election certification

That’s all folks. TFG/Republicans

are legally FINISHED. He & Now

a ton of other R’s Are goin’ to be

charged due 2 this ruling. And it

is Clear; no R’s who support Him


can Escape their endorsement of

Traitors. Their ‘Lives’ are all over

NOTE: DOJ “Insider Witnesses” At Mara-Lardo, ‘Prove’
To be legal death for TFG. Oooooooops. Deserves it all

Have A Weekend!

Clarence Thomas is just a Flatout

Criminal Fraud Who “Took” Direct

(Criming Together!)

Bribes, & It Now “includes” Crowe

payin for school for grandkid WTF

It’s gonna get way worse for all of

the Republican judges. And all R’s

will play False Equivalency Games

With Sonya S’s “Book Deal” $ that

(Ding ding!)

She Listed It, legally & fairly as all

Judges ‘must’ Do, & Everyone Who

does a book gets advancements it

is Common. Hiding “Bribes” is NOT

It’s Highly likely TFG will be Found

Guilty in NYC of the sexual Assault

(We Know)

And he’s got NO Defense for All of

‘Indictments’/ Law Suits. He’s F’ed

NOTE: Republican’s all Admit They’re Playing With the Debt
Ceiling($ already spent) Solely to Cut Medicare/Vet Benefits

Have A Day!

We can’t even let a day pass with

out ANOTHER “Mass Shooting” In

(Ha! No)

this Broken country of ours. No

More!!!!! Republican law Makers

are ALL To Blame for This Blood

shed. ALL of Them. It is ‘only’ a

matter of time Until it’s your kid

or loved one’s dyin it’s the Guns

And in Other Entertainment And

(Let’s GO!)

Big Economic News, The Writers

guild of America is now on strike

Their Demands, more Than Fair!

And Studios, Will Lose. They Will

lose $ & it’ll hurt worse since we

just got out of COVID/studios all

make a TON on “Subscriber Fees”


Now they’re crying Poor which is

not squaring with economic facts

RIP: Singer superstar Gordan Lightfoot passed away
He was known for hits like “Sundown” such a legend
NOTE: No Defense offered in civil Rape case by TFG
Joey Tacopenis is gonna be disbarred at this rate ha!
And Every Republican supporting This Criminal Shall
go down with him. Every time he’s found Guilty Zing

Have A Day!

Another day, another mass shooting

In (Drum Roll) Texas! And, This One

(Drop it!)

is Disgusting, Evil and Unacceptable

A Neighbor was shooting their Guns

off loudly. His Neighbors Had A One

Month Old Son Crying. He & Others

went over Respectfully 2 ask him to

shoot Away from his House. He said

“No my property!”. So Garcia called

the police, 5 times. The 38 year old


Neighbor, Ran Up To Their House, &

Opened fire killin’ 5 in an Execution

style; and he’s still at large-get him!

Speaking of Criminal Scumbags, We

have TFG “joke” Legal Team of Joey

Tacopenis getting “slapped” so hard

by The Judge he Went back in Time

It’s not a Legal Defense, it’s morons

(<-Fraud Scum)

who’ll Never get Payed, Play Acting

At Law & Failing Badly. Ooooooops!

NOTE: Last I checked, when you’re Indicted, You Surrender
Your Passport if Considered A Flight Risk. TFG Just Went To
Scotland/Ireland, & those 2 wonderful place don’t want him

Have A Day!

Pence was legally compelled to

Testify Yesterday & Do so for 7

(Fly Guy Shit!)

hours. Ooops. TFG’s so legally

F’ed. Under Oath, He spilled it

ALL. No way he Couldn’t Have

Jack Smith is ‘Wrapping Up’ &

Will ‘Indict’ (Irrefutable proof)

And, More Indictments Will Be


coming week to week. Busted!

There’s no legal Escape for em

NOTE: The Entire Conservative Parts Of Our Supreme
Court Legally are a pay to Play/Bribe scheme. Busted!
John Roberts Wife Jane ‘Helping’ Law firms Who Were
Presenting Legal Cases in Front of the SC. WTF?!?!?!?

Have A Weekend!

Turns out, most of the R’s in

Congress today are In some


VERY Deep legal Trouble. It

Is only Gonna get Worse by

the day. One of them is Ted

“Coup on Tape” Cruz; ohhh

boy Is he Legally so fucked!

He’s on tape talkin’ to Fox’s

Bartiromo about It In Detail


Oooooops. And In what can

only Be Called the “You Got

exactly what U wanted now

it blew up in your face” shit

The GQP Is Now all Undone

Woman, coming forward in

agony from all bein directly


effected by the vile Bills are

comin forward. They’re F’ed

NOTE: Disney Sues Ron DoucheSantis And Will Likely
Win. Mess with the Mouse they takedown your house
RIP: The King Of Sing, Social Justice And Unity. Harry
Belafonte has Passed Away At The age of 96. Gone &
NEVER Forgotten. Listen to His Songs & All His Words

Have A Day!

FOX cuts ties with over 4 hosts

And There’s More Who Will Get

(So Long!)

cut in the coming days/months

Fucker Carlson is Done. And, it

couldn’t happen to a bigger ass

hole Nazi. Bartaromo, out. And

Pirro, out. Dan Bongo, out. It’s

All “Due” To FOX Losing $787.5

(We Know!)

million. Ingraham could be the

next scalp. In fact with the big

SmartMatic suit, this will Clear

FOX out Completely. And, they

Deserve It ALL. And, in GA We

Have DA Fanni Willis Ready To

(“Ya Done!”)

Indict this July-September. Ha

Down, down, down they all Go!

NOTE: Ron DoucheSantis Has a lunatic snarky school girl
Meltdown Answer Which Made All of ‘Social Media’ Cringe

Have A Day!

FOX just coughed up $787.5 million

To Dominion. They Settled, Because


They Knew They Lost. Dominion let

them off the Hook here. No apology

or On Air Retraction of all Their Lies

Disgusting. Smartmatic’s up next &

better Take em for all They Got Left

AND get them To Publicly State that


They All Knowingly LIED Non-Stop

With Maga shits all About to legally

go Down, Another idiot in Elon Got

exactly what he deserved in bein a

cheap 3rd rate $1 store Villain with

a Rocket That Exploded. Oh Karma


is a bitch. Now Go smoke Out, get a

Lil’ High. It, is 4/20 So Go Be Sunny

NOTE: Mike “Pillow Nazi” Lindell just lost a Lawsuit to the
tune of $5 million to Trump voter who Proved his Election
lies were Made-Up Bullshit. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha ha!
NOTE II: Racist Tennessee GQP’er who Kicked off the Two
African american chairs, has now resigned. He’s just been
Found Guilty of “sexually Harassing” interns. Ha ha ha ha!

Have A Day!

Sham Show & Thomas Fraud…

April 17th, 2023

Forget the GQP don’t actually

do anything in office. And it’s

(“I’m BS!”)

proven in everything they do

Or, DON’T Do. Like, ‘Govern’

Gym Jordan Decided he’d go

To NYC, On Tax Payer $, just

to create a Sham Show. Oof

it went over about as well as

Their ‘Approval Ratings’. It is

(Bye bye!)

Not Good. The entire GQP is

just A Criminal Organization

in Every possible Way. Heck,

Clarence Thomas, Is In WAY

Deeper legal trouble by lyin’

about all finances; in fact he

claimed Income From a Real

(We’re Corrupt!)

Estate Company, That Didn’t

even exist since 2006 Ooops

NOTE: FOX Is Legally Fucked! No Escape & they will
Lose It ALL. And their Undoing Trial starts tomorrow
They’ll be Laid bare in a court of law. And it’s gonna
likely End Their Propaganda Empire; they deserve it!

Have A Day!

When your state is under water

no better time than pass horrid

(We Know!)

Abortion restriction laws in the

Dead of Night, right?! Ronny D

Did Just that And It’ll Cost Him

‘Everything’. 75% Of Floridians

Oppose This. Includin’ 61% R’s

Now Most all R’s are Fallin’ into

place “supporting” a Traitor spy


kid who tried to hurt our Nation

Traitors Supporting Traitors. Ha!

NOTE: Supreme Court Justice Alito “Tried” In Vein To
Help Restore Legitimacy with ruling against Abortion
Pills being taken away. He extended access before SC
will surely rule it can be Denied. They’re all monsters

Have A Weekend!

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