Scammy Payus Jr & No Show…

April 29th, 2024

All that’s left of the Republican

Party, is ‘Supporting’ Criminals,

(No Shit!)

Losing Voters, Enacting laws to

Harm Voters & Scams. Welp, it

is another Scam for Orange ass

There’s no ‘Low’ Enough For em

2 reach and they can Always go

(Yes indeed!)

WAY lower. It appears that The

Maga support is Dying. No One

showed up For The Criminal fat

Traitor racist bucket of shit; ha!

Sure it Is NYC, but Literally NO

(Bye bye!)

One. Times up & now jail looms

Tomorrow More ‘Legal Hell Hits’!

NOTE: The WH Correspondence Dinner was a massive hit With
people who live In reality. For those Maga who don’t, ooooops!
NOTE II: BS Bond gets Amended & Trump/his lawyers all cave!

Have A Weekend!

Remember when I posted here

many many many Times About

(All the crimes!)

How “Many” Criminal GQP’ ers

would Be facing justice by the

day?! Today is That Day. More

Indictments are Handed down

in Arizona as The “Fraudulent”

electors scheme comes 2 light

Ooooooops. Everything All the


Republican’s /  Trump Touches

turns to Criminal Charges & It

keeps On Happening. There is

nowhere 2 Hide from all these

‘Consequences’. And They Get

way Worse. Orange Anus Lost

over 157,000 R Voters in That


PA ‘Primary’. ‘Voting Math’ Is

about 2 decimate this A-hole

NOTE: The SCOTUS plays “Pretend Immunity” court Games when It’s
legally crystal clear there is ‘NO Immunity’ for illegal crimes that ANY
current/former President Enjoys. If they did, Biden can suddenly take
a slice of that Sociopathic lunacy & end the Court. This is just a delay
Game that Goes Nowhere but back to DC Judge Chutkan. But all The
damage to Delay has been Done. Demolishes the Value of the Scotus

Have A Day!

Well well, A Pecker really

fucked Orange Traitor, &

(“Fucked Ya!”)

It legally gets worse from

here; they have no actual

Defense. Oooooof This Is

just The Beginning Of His

Legal decimation. And he


deserves It all. So In A lil

very Good News, Ukraine

is Getting Funded to Kick

Putin’s: “Criminal” Fascist

loser ass; and ALL the R’s


Who Voted Against it, are

Just Traitors By Definition

NOTE: And in what can only Be called a free win to D’s, a Rump
backed R woman thinks “Birth Control should be illegal” & Went
on to say the same about Gay Marriage. Their Demise continues

Have A Day!

The full jury Along With all The

‘Alternates’ has been seated In


The Orange Man Trial. And He

is legally fucked. And So deep

down he Knows it. These, Are

The Consequences from A Life

Time of Crime. It was Never A

“Political” Issue, It’s A Legal &

Criminal One. And That is Just

Something, Orange Anus Can’t

(Times up!)

Control/Spin Away/hide from

This Trial Starting on Monday

is just the Beginning & He SO

deserves “everything” coming

NOTE: Lunatic “Conspiracy Whacko” Lights Himself On Fire. Won’t
be posting his name here as he wants attention; he deserves none
NOTE II: Ukraine Aid is COMING! Bill ‘Passes’ The House. Let’s Go!
And, this might cost Johnson his Job, But he did do the right Thing

Have A Weekend!

So juror #2 Asked if she could

be Excused from the trail with

(Criminal Jag!)

Fear Her Identity Being Outed

It’s Clearly Witness tampering

So another Juror, #4 was also

removed for lying About never

Having A ‘Felony’. He Had One

& lied. Bye. Make No mistakes

Here; “Fat Orange Traitor” Has

(Don Snoreleone!)

Violated His Gag order &’ll get

his fat felon ass handed to him

on Tues the 23rd when he gets

Hammered By His Crimes In a

Hearing. Ohhhhh, He’s So F’ed

Speaking of F’ed Every R In all

States Will Face the Wrath of a


VERY “Pissed Off”, Majority Of

Voters like they’ve never Seen

NOTE: All jurors are seated + one alternate. The other 5 will be
Selected Tomorrow & Trial Will Begin on Monday. Down He Goes

Have A Day!

Republican’s don’t govern, they

play bad ‘Grade School Theater’


performance scams that all fail

This Impeachment One With A

DHS head as The Villain, but it

is Really R’s who Killed The Bill

at the Direct Request of Trump

That’s like ‘Blaming’ a plumber

for you ‘Intentionally’ Delaying


fixing your old Pipes, then they

all burst. Not their fault, Its R’s

And, it’s all DOA in The Senate

Speaking Of DOA, the Entire R

‘Shit Show’ Continues All of Its

Sham “Hearings” Bring Nothin’

but shame, Exposing they can’t


Govern & Make Them All Look

like bad moronic Lightweights

NOTE: Smartmatic & ‘Right Wing Lunacy Racist PR Propaganda’
outlet OAN have Reached a settlement. The total was not at all
disclosed. Well, you can expect a series of layoffs starting; now

Have A Day!

While Fat Felon Is Stuck In

court going down in flames

(“Sit down!”)

In Another Of His 6+ Trials/

cases against him, his bond

is bullshit. You see, when It

is clear you can’t pay all the

lower Amount, ya Go to The

loan Sharks who also aren’t

‘good for it’. A hearing soon

(Criminal scum!)

Exposes It All. Speaking of

bullshit all of the US House

of Rep R’s Aren’t really in a

mood for governance. They

would prefer Anarchy. And,

it leaves Johnson out along

With Their Entire failed Shit

(Own it!)

Show Party. Their Leader is

sleepin in criminal trials ha!

NOTE: GA ‘Senator’ Jon Osseff Obliterates US Post Master
Louis Dejoy for not Reading his Letter sent to him on 3/14
OMG, the exchange is ultra cringe. Dejoy is really DeDone
Tomorrow: R-Arkansas Governor, & Professional Fraudster
Sarah Huckebee, is In ‘Dire Criminal Legal Shit’ Over $20K
she spent on a lectern when it seems like a $ grab; busted

Have A Day!

The trial of Orange Anus VS

The People of NYC Over The


Hush $ He Illegally Gave To

‘Stormy Daniels’ Has Begun

And, he not only Looked SO

haggard, tired and whooped

He/R’s all Know He’s Legally

Fucked. The Judge, Did, Not


Mess Around. IF he Tries to

impede, harass or act out in

court, he faces JAIL Oooops

AND, to add insult to Felons,

the fat idiot fell asleep durin

The Proceedings. You Really

(Night, night!)

can’t make this Shit up. He’s

now Sleepy Donny, times Up

NOTE: Immoral Republican Racist Fascist Chris Sununu says He
will STILL Vote For Orange Felon when he’s convicted. It Seems
many want to Go Down with the dip. Fine by me. Take them All!

Have A Day!

Trump asked R’s to Stop Paying

attention. And, went to the FAR


left of D’s in 2003 which makes

It VERY Communist Funny. The

idea is To Let Putin rule here, &

it’s disgusting. And, the GQP’er

House Speaker little man about

2 be gone tried to kiss the ring

& it Will End Him/Them. Voters


hate Them & Stats Say they just

will. Ooooooooops. Deserve it all

NOTE: Orange Man Can’t Escape His Abortion Hate &
there’s Nowhere to go from here except voters wrath!

Have A Weekend!

Well well, the self proclaimed

Billionaire Appears to be One

(Broke ass!)

Broke Ass Mother F’er. And It

is clearly seen by AG James &

The NY Courts. And Now That

is Clear That he/Hankey Can’t

Post The Bond, Orange Idiots

assets might just all be seized

Oooooooops. This fat Criminal


Jackass Filed his Bogus Bond

On April Fools Day. Turns out

The only Fool is Orange Felon

Speaking of ‘fools’ there’s no

Republican Party any more &

68% of all voters don’t want

the Hate/Making Abortions a


crime that they’re selling. The

fact is their Shitty Party’s over

NOTE: Biden Administration will close the “Gun Show” Loop
Hole, which is just a step In the Right Direction. About time
NOTE II: OJ Simpson killed by Cancer; cancer tries 2 outrun
Cops In a “White Ford Bronco”. What A Despicable Murderer
The World will not Miss Him. The Shit he put Those kids thru

Have A Day!

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