While DC “deals” with a vital

infrastructure bill that all the


Republican’s Will Oppose For

no other Reasons than, blind

Anti-Democracy hate, all the

rest of the world is watching

these “Fraudits”. That is just

what they are; Extensions of

their Voter Suppression bills

See, what ever they all claim

“Others” are Doing, is Really

what THEY Are Doin’ Or Just

trying To Do. It’s Just Called

Projection. They’re usin’ The

(AZ & TX)

Fraudits just to understand

HOW electronic voting even

works. Then they’ll attempt

to cheat. See they can’t win

(It won’t work & will Kill their
own Voter Turnout in the end)

ever again With their hated

policies; So Suppress & just

cheat is all they got left. We

Know, They Didn’t Abandon

‘Orange Criminal Ass’, They

love & Support Him which’s

(Bye Bye!)

their final death knell. And,

why they refuse to Debate

ever Again. They’re At War

With Reality & losing Badly

NOTE: Maga Chode Tito Ortiz Quits due
To Being A Shitty Pro-Temp Mayor, And
nothing more. He’s a lyin Insane lunatic
Who can’t handle when called out for all
his failings/conspiracy lies he’s a coward

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

Down, down, down they all go

which jail cell they land in, we

(Tick, tock!)

just don’t yet know. In what’s

an ‘Ongoing Legal’ nightmare

For ALL Republican’s, It Gets

worse for Them by the day. U

got Orange thing/His Kids all

Super Fucked, Rudy, Gaetzy,

Lindell, Powell, all Of The AZ

frauditors, Flynn, Barr, all of

the Jan 6th terrorists, DeJoy,

Greene, & Many, Many More

Shit, Pretty Soon, The Entire

Republican Party Will have a

(Sliding Away!)

check box of “Will you likely

be in jail soon for your all of

your Criming?”. Oh, speakin

of Loud Jerks Who Suck, we

have Two US Senators, who

don’t Want to Actually Even

do Their Jobs. Joe “I am An

Ass” Manchin, & Kyrsten “I

suck wind” Sinema Are Not

sitting Democrats. They are

shirking their Duty to serve

this country/their oath and


if they won’t Get ride of the

Filibuster; Voters Will “GET”

rid of them & fast. Tick tock

NOTE: Powerful High Schooler Calls Out
Republican Policies Of ‘Hate’, And Abuse
She Flipped the Script to speak the truth

Have A “Safe” Day!

Elections matter, voting really

matters. In Fact, It’s A Matter

(Vote, register!)

of Life & Death In this Nation

Very Serious Business People

The “difference” between our

government workin’ for all of

its voters, or only for just 1%

Of Them. Which, is Why That

blowout Special election Win

Last “Night” Matters, In New

Mexico. If the D’s don’t ramp

registerin voters, keep on all

Pushing A ‘Positive Economic’

message Of Biden & Turn out


voters; it’s all For Not. Voting

doesn’t take a Break or a day

off. It doesn’t take an election

cycle Off. Every, damn, day it

must Keep Striving To Get so

much better. Republicans are

Doing Everything To Stop D’s

from Voting. So the work has

to Be 5 X’s As Much. And, So

What Are Republicans Selling

their base of Suckers?!? Well

a Never Ending String of lies,


Racist Hate, & Bullshit. They

will no survive. Shit is so bad

they have Dopey R’s who are

running for Office With shitty

insane ads lighting masks on

fire with such Cringey results

NOTE: Now “Republican’s” Who Are Totally
Detached from all Reality Refuse to debate
Well, Since they have Nothing to run on, it
makes sense, can’t debate reality anymore

Have A “Safe” Day!

As the World Slowly Begins the

hard Accurate process of every


country, city & state reopening

we have a political Party in the

United States, Sinking ‘Deeper’

into racism hate, Treason and

outright lunacy. You have well

over Half Their Party ‘Spewing’

‘Nazi White Racist Hate’, While

other parts want more “Coups”


Which Is Treason 101 and yet

others Want Their Conspiracy

bullshit to B true. Nope Never

ever Going to Happen. In fact,

with each passing dDay they’ll

get more crazy, unhinged and

feel the pain of reality crushin

Them Hard. Good!!! The more

(Tick, tock!)

they keep Denying reality, the

harder It ‘Rips’ Them All Apart

NOTE: Republican Governor, Ron “I’m Orange
Man’s Lil Bitch” DeSantis signed a Bill banning
transgender females from girls woman’s sport
On the Start of Pride month. Hate’s Their Goal

Have A “Safe” Day!

We pay our respects today for all

those who have Bravely given up


everything for this Great country

Their service deserves more than

“thank you”. Support All of these

military Communities by helping

in anyway You Can. We are all in

this family. Honor. Oh, Speaking

of people the “Exact” opposite of

Them; Ex-military, Now ‘Treason’

(<-Criminal traitor)

Turd “felon” Michael Flynn wants

a military “coup”; just chuck him

in jail & throw Away the Key. It’s

the best thing we can do, enough

And now Since The Entire GQP is

still “All In” on The Orange Thing

the Sheer volume Of legal issues

they Face Will Be legendary. Just

(Ya fucked!)

no way to Avoid their dire Illegal

actions they all Committed. They

are all, going, down. Tick…….tock

NOTE: The Right Wing Hate Machine Keeps On
Dealing With Pretending COVID Is “Fake” while
All Of Them Contract It & Die. Ooooooooooops

Have A “Safe” Day!

Let me be clear; after this vote

in The US Senate Today, There

(R’s Undone!)

Is No, “Republican Party” Any

longer. In a 54-35 vote which

is Actually 60%. WTF?!?! And

in no Way’ll they Escape This

vote FOR The Violent Jan 6th

‘Terrorist Insurrectionists’. No

way 2 ever forget R’s treason

They don’t serve America nor

Their ‘Oath’ Nor This Country

They Only Serve One Thing &

Nothing More: Trump / Power

Well, 59% & growin’ of voters

Say The ‘Republican Party’, is

Working, “AGAINST” America

(Eat up!)

Because They Are & This Will

not stand. Nope; the hammer

is comin fast they can’t see it

Criminals Try to block all their

crimes. BUZZ! Nope, This will

end the filibuster now, let’s go

NOTE: My Pillow ‘Idiot Supreme’ Was Kicked
Out Of a Republican Governor’s Meeting and
It speaks to the end of their party very quick
NOTE II: AZ Lady who created the bogus ass
Audit insanity. She/Others Should Face DIRE
Legal ‘Consequences’, for This Illegal Lunacy

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

Another day in ‘Merica and yes

ANOTHER Mass Shooting. It Is

(No Shit!)

almost as If “Doing nothing” is

not Working. Cause it does not

Our Country’s flooded with the

most amount of Guns on earth

& We got the Most Gun deaths

Pretty simple shit folks. And in

some Good news, COVID #’ers

are Dropping faster than pants

at Prom. We are Almost thru it

& that is “historic”. But what is

also “historic” is the hate & the

‘Obstruction Of Republicans’ In


office left standin’ today. So it

Was Clear Mitch Please Mc Ass

Bag “Demanded” R’s do him a

favor to vote against the Jan 6

Commission Panel. WTF?!?!?!?

They aren’t a political party In

any Rational way Anymore. In

fact, They Now are Directly all

tied to The Criminal Terrorists

of Jan 6th forever. There is no

way to ever Escape since all of

Their Votes, Deeds, Actions, &

(<-R’s today)

words, Directly Support Them

They are all undone. Ooooops

NOTE: A Southwest Flight Attendant Was
Punched In The Face by a passenger; For
the Attendant asking her to keep her seat
Belt On. Throw the Book At her; Jail Time

Have A “Safe” Day!

A grand jury has been impaneled

In New York today, which means

(Comin Soon!)

it’s “Curtains” for Orange thing &

all his Kids/Associates. They, are

all SO Super Disco fucked. And it

means, Cy Vance Has Everything

he wants already Locked in place

There’s no escape for him and be

Sure Vance/The Lawyers Already

have Alan Weisselberg. They are

Undone. With Every Passing Day

Shit Will Get Worse & There’s No

“tweet” (He’s banned) Or Big Lie

post he can Make to stop it. This


is The Final Blow. And Now that

Almost All The Republican’s left

Standing Today; Went All In On

him….they, are, undone as well

The Trumptantic is Sunk & so is

The Entire Republican Party. So

what do they all do now?!? Well

Nothing. Play Political Games, &

‘Pretend’ They Still Even have A

Party At All. Kevin McQarthy, Is

Only Doing that With Marjorie T

Greene’s “pretend” ‘Rebuke’ On

(Ya done son!)

her Racist ‘Holocaust Hate Lies’

because they have nothin’ else

NOTHING. After A life-time, Of

“Lawlessness” Criminal Actions

the Bill is Due. Tick tock is now

the final bell strike: Ding Dong!

NOTE: “Half” Of American Adults Are Already
Vaccinated. Progress! We, Are Getting There
NOTE II: Kristen Clarke’s the new AAG, YES!

Have A “Safe” Day!

Welcome Back to the grind we

call “life” my cool Party people

(“I’m an idiot!”)

In some Hilarious News, Rudy

Giuliani’s Kid, Andrew G. Just

released an ad running for NY

Governor, With, absolutely no

experience whatsoever ha ha

And, His 1st Ad looks like one

big, wet, Creepy fart. It’s like

if you took a Terrible 80’s late

night Infomerical, Mixed It up

with the Worst lawyer Ad You

Have Ever seen, then made it

100 X’s Crappier. The, “Selfie”

(<-R’s Today)

stick was Peek “I’m a toolbox”

And In “Of Course He Should

be Sued” news, Mike Pompeo

Is gettin Sued For 1.8 million

from Former EU Ambassador

Gordan Sondland. We, All Do

remember ‘him’. And he’s SO

gonna Win This case. And So,

in ‘Typical’ Racist Republican

fashion Marjorie Greene says

super Hateful Racist Shit For

attention comparing Wearing

(Felon Friends!)

masks for safety to the(drum

Roll) Holocaust. All, Of These

evil, ‘hateful’, ‘monster’ Trolls

Have Expired. Get Em all Out

NOTE: 53% of Republicans, still Think That
“Orange Thing’s” president. The other 47%
still in reality are movin away at lightspeed
Happy Birthday: Music Icon, And Legend Of
Song Bob Dylan play his Work & listen to it

Have A “Safe” Day!

Happy Friday to Every One of you

where ever you may be. I be here


Speaking of ‘Places People’ don’t

need to be, the AZ “Fraudit” has

now cost Millions, ‘Ended’ Voting

machines they sullied & will face

scorn/legal Consequences for all

Their Lunacy. They Weren’t Ever

looking for problems/fraud, they

WERE The Problems/Fraud, well

no shit. So the Republican party

has A “New” Plan….Pretend That

Their “Jan 6th” Violent Terrorist

Insurrection never happened!?!


HA! Uh, no, It Did. It was not a

“Tourist” Visit, Or Peaceful. “It”

Was Treason most Republicans

& Orange Thing Incited. And, it

was pointed out Ss well by one

House Rep D- Tim Ryan. So He

Could Not have Been Any More

clear. And, they’re undone by it

NOTE: “Guards”, Will Skirt Jail time, With
the Jeffery Epstein death, they gonna talk

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

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