DOJ Legally Slaps TexASS…

September 9th, 2021

Our united states Department Of

Justice has sued TexAss for their


illegal Abortion Law. Oh You Can

bet that Texass’s about to legally

get their lunched handed to them

Texas is Going to lose badly. And

it Couldn’t Happen To Bigger Set

of Hateful assholes on this planet

They are Immoral Pricks trapped


in The Stone Age and the rest of

the World Has “Passed” them by

In fact, the “Courts” are Goin to

legally obliterate them. And, this

couldn’t happen to Larger Group

of Soulless Fuckers. They fucked

around ‘Legally Speaking’ & Now


comes of The “Finding out” part

There is no Recovery From This

NOTE: It seems Republican’s really love Slavery
Traitors & Criminals Like Robert E Lee. Ooooops

Have A “Safe” Day!

Debt Schmet & Anti-Vaxx Dopes…

September 8th, 2021

It wouldn’t be a day in Merica with

Out Republican’s Doing Something

(“That’s US”)

SO Ignorantly Hateful. Not once In

the Orange Fucks Term Did people

balk At Raising The Debt Ceiling, &

those Drunken Shits Blew Through

7 Trillion In Debt. Their Party Was

the exact “Opposite” of their Fiscal

Conservative ‘Bullshit’. Their “Main”

Goal seems to be: “Kill Democracy”

(R’s suck hard)

That’s not gonna happen & they’re

losing voters every day because Of

it. GOOD! Oh Speakin’ of limitless

dumbfucks; Anti-Vaxxers are Just

getting worse By The Day, In Fact,

aside from them Getting violent &

more Hateful; they’re likely Going

to DIE From COVID; then so be it


The World has run out Of fucks to

give 4 these Immoral Selfish Shits

NOTE: Death-Santis Loses Court Case & This
Is Really Only the beginning for these morons
It Will Get legally worse 4 them with each day

Have A “Safe” Day!

Laborless Day & DOJ V Texas…

September 7th, 2021

Hope you had the best Laborless

Day In A “While”. As COVID Still


rages In FLA, TX SD and places

where People Are Fucking idiots

the Rest of World, is Acting very

Responsible So we can All Move

on with Our Lives at some Point

See the country was built by the

‘Labor Movement’. Well, That IS

AFTER free Labor Called slavery

which Is, Illegal & Immoral. But

some (COUGH) in The South all

think Is Was ‘Awesome’. And so

in other news; TexASS wants to


end all Abortions & Uses Illegal

laws to Chip Away At it. Well, it

now Seems The DOJ is pushing

back……….HARD. It will now be

protecting Any Women seeking

A Legal Abortion From this Law

Ooooooops. And not for Nuthin

But The SCOTUS Will ‘soon’ be

legally Forced To Overturn this

insane illegal Texas Law due to

“settled” Case Law (Griswald V

Conn., McFall V. Shimp, & Roe)


It Seems the Entire Republican

Party, What is Left, Is In “their”

“Finding Out” ‘Phase’, After ALL

“fuckin around”. Consequences

RIP: To an amazing Actor Michael K Williams
& Even Better Human Being at The age of 54
NOTE: The Fall of The White Supremacists Is
Happening, AGAIN. And, Much, Much Faster!

Have A “Safe” Day!

Stupid Horse Drugs & More…

September 2nd, 2021

What If I Told You COVID Was

growing in Southern States all


due to “limitless ignorance”?!?

And what If I told you that the

Ignorance Is just beginning?!?

We have the actual brain dead

morons takin horse dewormer

meds called Ivermectin that is

causing Vomiting, Nausea And

even Vision loss in come cases

(Find out!)

WTF?!?! During a historic Big

pandemic, now Fucking idiots

are Taking something making

Them Even MORE sick & ER’s

are being overrun in OK, well

no surprise There. Darwinism

is batting .1000 & these idiots

will Surely feel the Wrath of it


All. GOOD. ‘Fuck Around’ And

find out; they’re in the finding

out phase of the program now

NOTE: More Domestic Terrorists Are Being
Brought To Justice Every Single Day & Now
is the right time For all Their Consequences

Have A “Safe” Day & A Great Labor Day!

Empty Threats, Bigger Regrets…

September 1st, 2021

This is rather hard for me to type

We have a ‘Political Party’, in this

(Ya Fucked)

country, who’s “sole” interest in

Racism, Fascism, & Dismantling

Democracy, directly ‘Allies’ with

“Terrorists” with the same views

But, Different “Cloud Sociopath”

One is called Christian (they are

NOT) & the Other Called Muslim

So…What Do Republican’s, Who

are now cornered for all of their

Support/Complicit Acts Lauding

Jan 6th Do?!? Threaten the cell

Companies. Ha Ha Ha! Yeah, it

Is A Great “Plan”. Threaten The

very People who hold the proof

(Finding out)

of your exact Part In that Event

Bang up plan U dumbasses. Ha

They Should All Be Terrified, It

Is All comin’ out now. Tick tock

And now, the Day we all feared

has Come. Roe V. Wade is now

being directly Legally Attacked

And, the Supreme Court’s Now

“Punting”. The Goal for all The

Republican’s Is: Overturn It, &

IF, The ‘Supreme Court’ allows

it; it Will fundamentally Upend

a difficult medical decision with

a base Political Grab. It’ll make

the Court look Kangaroo for all

(R Voters Dyin)

Political events rather than any

societal good tread lightly here

For if they don’t, it will rally all

Alive Voters, Like “Never” seen

NOTE: Raging Violent Moron, Confronted A TV
Reporter During Hurricane Ida & Now There Is
A Warrant Out For His Arrest. GOOD! Jail time

Have A “Safe” Day!

As the last pair of boots of Christopher

Donahue “leave” the Harsh Theater of

(Last Boots)

Afghanistan we Respect all the Solemn

sacrifice of all our troops, partners and

allies/Afghani Soldiers. This Was Never

really a “war”. It was an insurgency, &

one you never “win”. No cash, no glory

& no real Choice. This sheer History Of

this Country about wars is very settled

Anyone Telling You Different, either A)

(<-Member This?)

Doesn’t know the History of the wars,

Or B) Hasn’t Actually Been Fighting in

them. Either way it’s Over now. Oh &

speakin’ of “It’s Over Now” we have a

new Breed of Insurrectionist Terrorist

these days named Madison Cawthorn

It seems As if Our lil Eichmann Nazi’s

wheelchair Isn’t his Actual “Disability”

at this Point. He Doesn’t Want Voting

(STILL Lying)

or Democracy any more. Then VOTE

Him & Boebert OUT!!!!! No room For

Fascists in This Democracy. Let’s go!

NOTE: Today We ALL Deserve A ‘Great Laugh’, So
Enjoy this Bart Simpson style of Fake Names here

Have A “Safe” Day!

Ida crashed into the shores of MO

& Louisiana, Causing ‘Untold Pain’


Today, We will “See It” with clean

eyes. The 150mph windgusts, the

power Outages, all of the flooding

This will take time to fix, heal And

try To Rebuild The Damage. Brick

by Brick they will and please Help

We Have…A “Domestic Terrorism”

Problem in This Country. And, it’s

ALL ‘Sitting Squarely’, in The GQP

Party (or what’s left of it). Jordan

(<-Vial Shits)

& Pedo-Gaetz are flippin’ on the

Orange thing. BUZZ. Too late for

that. They ‘Both’ Had Many Calls

with Orange fuck making them a

Target of the Jan 6th Committee

And it Doesn’t Stop There, oh no

Aide From, ‘Far Right Wing Nuts’

‘Killing Themselves’ over COVID

denial; We got ‘Actual Terrorists’

Screaming For Civil War & Guns


to kill Political figures. Uh that’s

Criminal shit FBI. That, Will Not

stand. Time’s Up. Jail is Coming

RIP: Acting Legend Ed Asner Dies At 91
An Amazing actor & Even Better Person

Have A “Safe” Day!


August 27th, 2021

Yes, there are far too many big

COVIDIOTS Out There, and It’s


ALL on the far right. Let’s just

forget theyre ignorant, insane,

& violently loud. And let’s also

forget their Dunning Kruger is

Next Level shit. What they are

doing effectively is trying to all

deny “Reality” in Favor of their

failed world views. To them, it

IS a “Political” Fight, not at all

a Viral/scientific one. See they

can NOT compete on that level


So You Get this lunacy. And in

the End, they “Suffer” most by

either ruinin their lives or even

by Dying. There is A Great Rift

happening to the far hard right

across All Of the Globe Now, &

it’s Virtually Ending them. See,

their Authoritarian fascist hate

invites violent power clashes in

farther, Harder Right elements

playing “King Of The Hill”, with

(Different Sky Dude)

purity tests. They’re Consumin’

each other due to ignorance, &

Blind Hate. Well, So ‘Be’ it then

NOTE: Hurricane Ida Will ‘Hit’ The Golf
Side, LA & Parts of MO. So buckle Up &
Be Safe. It Will ‘Gain’, In Serious Power

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

Jan 6th team just 0’d in on all

Orange Thing Officials. Oooops

(“Comin for you!”)

This “Request For Materials” Is

more Of A “Demand”. And they

have Til September 9th To Get

It. And Orange Thing Is Bitchin

up a storm and it won’t change

Anything. Their Hands In THIS

Are Clear. It Will ALL come out

Sunlight is the best disinfectant

Well, That & Clorox. Those rock

(NOT that)

Republican’s in “congress” and

those ‘Terrorists’ Who Tried To

kill Democracy that day Should

all be worried. VERY worried in

fact. This Ends Badly for Em all

And with all of these red states

horribly blowing up with COVID

cases Chicago has enacted this

mandatory vaccination 4 All Of


The City Workers/Employees. It

must happen by October 15th &

I For One say, GREAT. Love this

Workers want this safety as well

NOTE: ISIS Just Bombed The Airport In A Terrorist
Attack. Make no mistake, this will now embolden all
Taliban/US Soldiers. Now it’s ISIS vs Taliban. Good!

Have A “Safe” Day!

DeathSantis & Voting Rights…

August 25th, 2021

COVID, specifically The Delta Variant

is ravaging the deep south. In fact, it


is Doing the most damage In Florida

And their Governor Ron Deathsantis

Doesn’t Care. Wait, I’m Being Unfair

here. He not only Doesn’t give A shit,

he is literally Legally fighting against

masks/vaccines To ‘Prevent’ it. HOLY

SHIT. There is Dumb, & There is just

Plain Sociopathic. He, is Killing Off A

Voting Spread He Won by. And most

(Or not!)

of them Voted for him. This is Cruel,

& has Backfired, in Legendary Ways

He Doesn’t “make It out” of this one

Both Politically Or socially Alive. It’s

a Tale As old as Time itself. In Other

news the “John Lewis” Voting Rights

Act passed the house 219-212. Zero

Republican’s voted for It. 0. Let That

really sink in Hard. Republican Have

(<-Vanilla ISIS)

no interest in Democracy any More

And, Every Voter Should Know That

NOTE: MAGA Lawyers Face “Sanctions” And
Likely Disbarment From Judge Parker Ooops

Have A “Safe” Day!

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