Things Are Moving FAST. Like Ferris Bueller

once said “Life moves pretty fast but not as

(Yes it does)

fast as Pelosi, the House & Criminal Charges”

Wait He didn’t Say that, I did. If Republicans

big “Idea” Is Smear/Deny, that’s bombin’ so

badly; It’s like A Right winger open mic night

This isn’t something they can “partisan” their

way around. This Is the House, the “Credible”

crimes report, The law & Reality against them

Republicans are Now A Child Who’s Dad Died

going through the 5 Stages Of Grief – DABDA


“Denial” is where these partisan frauds are at

If they get stuck in A Stage, their careers die

Now, full Disclosure; I want Trump to get SO

badly “Beaten” At the Ballot Box to show this

entire world who we are. The Damage Moron

can do, in The Year + before then, is the only

Reason This Is Happening. Mike Pompeo Just

got Subpoenaed. More Are Coming Daily And

now even FOX News Is Turning on them. This

(“Wait, wha?”)

is Simply The Reality of A Massively Criminal

Fraud now being brought to Justice. Ooooops

This is NOT Mueller & the complexities of the

Russian Collusion/Obstruction minuta. This is

basic criminal abuse of office shit that regular

people quickly can understand; polls state this

Have a weekend!


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Countless Crimes, Panic Time…

September 26th, 2019

As the DNI Head testified today, It became

crystal Clear Trump, Rudy, Barr, VP Pence

(“I do!”)

Mulvaney & More Are ALL “Legally fucked”

He made no Judgements, Accusations or a

conclusion. The Whistle Blower Report Did

that. He finds the Report “Credible” & Said

“No one Is above the law”. Indeed. There’s

no Escape from dire legal charges now and

idiot already fully Admitted that he did the

illegal Acts. And now, when Faced With all

these Illegal crimes this Fat Orange Tyrant

(“I Fuked?!?”)

THREATENS The Whistle Blower and All of

those who Helped them, With ‘Death’. Yes,

you read that Correctly. That’s yet Another

crime. He will Get Worse, so watch Closely

Republicans Will be, ‘Panicking’ Worse with

each Passing Day. And in this case they all

DESERVE it. They Cheered on/lied For/and

Aided This Criminal In Every Possible Way,

from the Very Start. They’re all tied to him

(Yes indeed)

forever. They’ll Try to Distance Now. Nope

In this case It’s not just the Crime, but the

Cover Up, As Well. Think, A 2fer Thursday

NOTE: Polls, Are Shifting At Light Speed In Favor
Of Impeachment. That Number Will grow Rapidly
As Each Day Passes With More Crimes. Oooooops

Have a day!


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Trump is hurt. He’s in deep shit. This Is the End

His jabbering lunacy press conferences where It

(Yes, you are)

was Crystal clear he knows It’s over. He avoided

questions, favoring a Slew of lies, Vague Lunatic

Conspiracies & Attacked Biden All just To Ignore

this Inevitable Impeachment for his overt crimes

This Will Go Very Quickly. Orange Fuckstick, Just

openly sent out a “version” of his phonecall With

The Ukraine President & it’s Even Worse For Him

than you can possible imagine. There Is nowhere

2 go from here. There’s nowhere to run, nowhere


to hide now. From a string of lies, to bein’ boldly

corrected in realtime by the Ukrainian President,

to Bizarre World-Salad Gibberish; He, is Undone

The DOJ, Barr, Mulvaney, Pence & More, Will All

be going down for their illegal actions in trying to

hide/Stall the Whistler Blower report to Congress

D-Mike Quigley read the Report already. His said

it is “Detailed”, “Very, very well done” And that it

(“It’s over!”)

“reinforces the concerns of what we already know”

In the end, Trump threw Pence under the bus too

NOTE: BJ, just “Mocked” The Death Of Jo Cox, Who Was
Murdered by a ProBrexit Racist. Do a no confidence Vote
Now! Remove that immoral hateful pile of disgusting shit

Have a day!


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Formal Impeachment Begins!

September 24th, 2019

With our very Democracy hanging in the

balance; Pelosi FINALLY decides to Start

(Toot! Done)

A, “Formal Impeachment Inquiry”. About

time! This is┬ádevastatin’ News for Orange

Assbucket. And the Senate just voted, All

Unanimously The ‘Whistle Blower Report’

MUST be made available to Congress. Oh

yes, you read that Correctly. Republicans,

who’ll Only Think Of Their Own Asses will

throw his fat ass under the bus if it comes

to that. Make no Mistake, they Will Really

do everything in their power to protect an

(“Wait, wha?!?”)

Immoral racist POS. This, legally speaking

will end their Careers if they do nothing &

this Is great news for Justice, honesty and

our very Democracy. “No one is above the

law”-Nancy Pelosi. That has to be the case

if our Country’s Democracy Is To “Survive”

NOTE: The UK’s Highest Court Voted Against Boris
Stating, His Prorouge Was ‘Illegal’. He, Is Finished
Shortest Ever PM in British History Is in Store Now

Have a day!


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Orange-Anus Openly Admits Crime…

September 23rd, 2019

Orange Shit-Sicle openly Admitted he Broke

the law. Because when you Keep on breakin’

(No, no, no)

the fucking law but never get arrested, you

keep on Doing it. He openly Bribed Ukraine

In a Phone Call Over 8 times. This is illegal

The Whistle Blower, Noted Trump Promised

them he Would grant “Aid” back. This is SO

massively illegal he should cuffed and in jail

And, Republicans are trying to block all Info

from The Whistler Blower to Congress. This

will End Their ‘Entire Party’/Trump/The Law

(Buckle up!)

Not as if we have seen this before but this is

as SERIOUS As it Gets. Our Democracy is At

Stake. If Democrats Do Not Stand Up, All Of

our Entire Country will be ‘lost’ forever. Fight

NOTE: Chicago Bears MNF Game Tonight Is A ‘Must’
Win & QB Mitch must take a big step Forward Today
NOTE II: DHS Clearly States That White Supremacy
IS ‘Domestic Terrorism’. Yes, We Already Knew This!

Have a day!


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It’s That Time Of The Treason…

September 20th, 2019

In what can only Be Called the End Game,

last straw, that’s all folks, a hard goodbye

(No Shit!)

This Nuclear Crime that’ll echo in history

books Forever is unrivaled. He didn’t just

bribe, black mail & Kompromat (Which is

ILLEGAL in the United states to accept it)

Trump Committed A Crime Against Every

Citizen, Against our Constitution, Against

our Country, Against the law, and against

Humanity Itself. And, Accomplice #1 Was

an Utter clusterfuck On National TV when

(It’s Over)

he ‘ADMITTED’ It. Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, You

are the “Grift” That keeps on givin’. If the

sitting Democrats in the house do nothing

it’ll be the End Of Their Party As Well now

This “Whistler Blower”, is A National Hero

NOTE: The Princess Of Arizona, Walked Of The Set
Of the View. Perhaps She, Boris Johnson, Trump &
EVERY ‘Lying Fraud’, ‘Racist Aiding’, Country Killing
Republican will follow their Leads. It’s unacceptable
(They really can’t address Facts/reality so they run)

Have a weekend!


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As the world watches an orange toddler eat

paint chips yummly Extolling “Needs Salsa!”

(We Know)

the Rest of the Globe Is watching one Boris

Johnson Make A Massive ASS Of Himself at

every turn. He was exposed as not knowing

what The Irish Backstop Even WAS & that’s

Not All. He Pulled A “No Show” To His Own

“Press Conference”, With the EU. He knows

less than Nothin about serious policy issues

The cats not just out of the bag for ol’ Boris


It’s on his head shitting. Oh, speaking of an

Idiot in so Far Deep they are Done For, one

Justin Trudeau Now Has The Rich white Kid

problems. He dressed up in Black Face…….a

LOT. Jeeeeeeeez. I Have well over 2 million

people Between Chicago & Aurora That I do

call “Friend”. And, NONE Of Them Ever DID

this. Not Once. Now, that Said, he would be

light years ahead of Any Conservative In an

(Oh Jeeeeez)

elected PM Office This October. He did care

& Apologized. The Other Side Wouldn’t and

it’s Because they Really Really Really love it

Have a day!


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Cory LIE-endowski…

September 18th, 2019

We really do live in Insanely Strange times people

Scumbag liars lyin about their lies is now at an all

(Keep talking)

time high these days.; what happened to honesty?

In the blip of Trump racist hate lies fascist lunacy

around today, this falls in the “Oh, that crap” bin

Don’t Act Surprised, VOTE. Don’t bitch about it &

do Nothing, VOTE. When You VOTE, You Steal all

the bullshit away. You take away the curtain from

those robbing us. You make them do it in the Sun

THAT Ends Them All. Open the Doors, Let light In

He just did more Damage to Orange idiot then he

knows. His Direct Interference in all this ends em

Have a day!

(BIG THANKS to all of our donors. YOU make us!)


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Chao Down & Tax Subpoena…

September 16th, 2019

While Mitchy “Turtle Prick” McConnell Does

his evil impression of a sociopath unable to

(We Know)

even do the most rational of things his wife

is in Rather DEEP SHIT. Elaine Chao is now

the target of Improperly helpin’ her families

company. Which, Would be illegal. And This

seems to be ‘illegal’ in her Using the DOT to

aid her family’s company which is called the

Foremost Group (As in, She Will “Foremost”

put their needs ahead of Citizens). Ooooops

Speaking of people in serious “trouble” now

we Got Orange Anus Spewing His Nonsense

(“Say What?!?!”)

daily to a shrinkin base & his taxes are now

ALL Going to come to light. NYC’s 8 district

court Subpoenaed 8 Years Worth of returns

Oooooooooops. And they, will surely get em

NOTE: On Saturday, I Went Out Collecting Signatures
For Patti Vasquez To Be On The State Of Illinois ballet
For The March 2020 State House Election. Go Donate
RIP: Cars Front Man Ric Ocasek Was oh oh It’s magic
For His Entire Career. His Entire ‘Family’ Will Miss Him

Have a day!


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“Death Threat” Against Beto…

September 13th, 2019

While the entire GOP is melting faster than

the ice caps; they seems to be dialin’ up all


of the hate, lies and Propaganda to 1 billion

Forget they aired an “Ad” (which just is not

an ad as it overtly lies) where AOC’s picture

is lit on Fire, then Falsely Claim her Policies

are actually those of a Khmer Rouge regime

in Cambodia. No, not Remotely, but this tell

is rather large. They Certainly Do NOT want

to debate “actual policies” that are far more

popular than theirs. That’s why you get this

lunacy. To AVOID That Discussion. Ah, Nope


And As This Hate Continues, so did a death

threat, to Beto O’Rourke, from a Sitting TX

state Representative. Republican……Briscoe

Cain (They ALL, Sound Like ‘Movie Villains’)

Beto stated our country doesn’t need AR-15

guns on the streets. The ass said “my AR15

is ready for you”. Twitter Deleted the Tweet

Ahem, how about The FBI Visit This Lunatic

asshole. And he Should NOT have an AR-15

RIP: Singer Eddie Money Has Passed Away At 70
Due To ‘Esophageal Cancer’. He Once Met, Count
Basie. His Music Will ‘Live On’. One of the Greats
His Family Will Miss Him…..And So Will This world
NOTE II: Felicity Huffman sentenced 2 14 days In
Prison for College Admissions scandal. That’s all?!

Have a weekend!


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