Tonight’s weather’s clear skies and around

258lbs Fat, Stupid & Criminal with a 100%

(Fat Air)

chance of lies. It’ll likely Continue til Jailed

As the Orange Douche-sicle does his Shitty

impression of a human being tonight, I will

be Doing Something Constructive. Reading

a book, then catchin’ up on shows and also

playing RDR 2. As all this shit is happening

around us, the entire “game” is over. There

is no “Trump Won’t go to Jail”, or “Oh, they

don’t send rich people to jail”. All of Rumps

(“I did it!”)

Inaugural Committee was Subpoenaed. Yes

you read that correctly. And, What are They

“Charged With”? Conspiracy Against the US,

Wire Fraud And “Money Laundering” Just to

name a few. THAT was the big one and that

means Mueller knows it as well. There’s NO

“recovery” from this. No Way They all don’t

go Down/go to Jail. And they deserve it ALL

They’re Horrifically Anti-American Criminals

NOTE: FOX ‘Noise’ Demonstrates, They Do Not Know
How “Polls” Work. 76% Of Americans want to tax the
Very Rich And That Number, Is Growing, Even Among
Republicans (54%). Republicans, Are All SO FUCKED!
NOTE II: Tom Ricketts Racist Father “Might” Be A BIG
Problem For A “Company” In The Cubs, That He Owns
Then Again, He DID The Usual “Racist Non – Apology”
He’s 77, Still Racist As Fuck & Is ‘Hurt’ He Was Caught

Have a day!

Northam Done, SOTU & GTFOOH…

February 4th, 2019

Democrat Governor Ralph “Bigoty Bullshitter”

Northam, will Be Out of office by Tuesday. It


isn’t even close. The racist picture of two shits

in black face AND a Fucking KKK Hood are not

acceptable. Where as the Left cares about the

evil Effects Of Racism. The “entire” Right Wing

is wearing it like Fresh White Robe. As they all

feign outrage, it’s only For Political Reasons, &

they Won’t Touch Their Racist leaders (Trump,

King, McConnell, Sessions, & any sitting bigot

they dig up next). No matter time has past em

(Trumps Lies)

all. Tomorrow’s SOTU’ll Surely Be, The Lowest

in modern History. The entire world has better

shit to do, then listen to lunacy Lies, hate, and

an asshole Spewin’ Gibberish. If you want that

Just Turn On Fox Noise. Mueller Approaches &

he is not Bringing “Hugs”. He is Bringing Hand

cuffs, jail & justice. We’re at GameOver screen

NOTE: Super Bowl, The Worst One, In Modern History By
Five. It Was So Ugly It Felt Like A Baseball Score All Night

Have a day!

There are 4 more “Sealed” indictments just waiting

to be opened. Is Don Jr/Kushner’s Name in Them?!

(Not fuckin around)

We will see. It Appears legally likely 1 will be Stone

with “More Charges”, 2 will be the Russian Hackers

who intentionally illegally used Court documents to

undermine Mueller; leaving One left. My guess, the

last One is for Don Jr. As Orange Asshole implodes,

a new honest caring Rational Hero rises. Ellen Page

had the most thoughtful, important anti-hate views

to date. More hero’s will rise Daily. This, must, stop

NOTE: Corey Booker Is Now Running, For POTUS Adding To
The Growing Pool, Of 7 Billion. What Will the Final Field look
Like? My Guess Is, around 23 will be running after all’s done
NOTE II: Virginia Democrat (Which Is Republican If You See
How Joe Machin Does It) Governor Ralph Northam Has year
Book Photo’s That are CLEARLY Racist AS ALL FUCK. WTF?!?
What A Massive Pile Of SHIT!! Get Him Out Of Office NOW!!!

Have a weekend!

The Tax Cut Turtle just publicly admitted what we

ALL already Knew. R’s do Not like citizens to Vote!

(Ahhh, yup!)

Period. End of story. He Knows the Golden Rule of

“voting”. If it’s Higher Turnout, people vote for the

Democrats. So their goal? Suppress the vote at all

costs. Well no shit!?!?!?!? That’s not Going to work

any more. Voter Turnout This Past Midterm Was so

massive, it was the most in our Current history. So

what Happened?!?! Just what I Told you would, the

Democrats Stomped Taking Back The House & with

out Rigged “Gerrymandering” Would Even Hold the

Senate as well. They are “terrified” for the next 70+


years. And, they Should be. Speaking of “Terrified”

Trump will be ‘getting’ No Wall. Zero. Nada. Zilch!

Even Orange Puntin-sicle Knows It. If, he Tries his

illegal “State Of Emergency”, ‘Republicans’ Will Be

sealing their political careers in the tomb with him

All While Mueller is bearing down on them. Ooops

NOTE: In The Horrible Racist Attack, Against Jussie Smollet is
Closing In On The Attackers. We Now Have Visual Images But
Not Defining. No Matter. The ‘Circle’ Is Closing, They Will Both
Be Caught. And ‘Justice’ Will Have It’s Day. Racist Evil Fuckers

Have a day!

This is an incredible story. A ‘glut’ of far

right Wing Political Lobbyists & Activists

(<-We Pay $)

were all invited, to Russia, in 2014, by a

group of Top Putin Oligarchs. The entire

“purpose” was for Russia to Court These

political Lobbyists/activists solely to help

Russia ‘Interfere’ In US Politics (E-mails)

They accepted. This is massive. It shows

that most of the “Far Right wing” allies in

all “sided” with Russia & Putin. Now in all

(We know)

fairness (Since this is an objective site &

all) some American Conservative groups

did NOT Want to Attend due to the clear

appearance of “Giving Putin Aid Or Help”

One of those Was Concerned Women for

America. And in the mean time Russia is

STILL at it today “leaking” stolen Mueller


Documents Via Twitter. This Means They

are very Desperate. Tick, tock. Times up!

AND he Meet With Putin, only with Mrs T

NOTE: Most Of The African American Players From
Clemson Did “NOT” Go To Visit Trumpy At The WH

Have a day!

This, Will, Not, STAND…

January 29th, 2019

An Attack on one, is an attack on all. Period!

Empire actor Jussie Smollet was hospitalized

on Tuesday mornin around 2 a.m after being

(Racism Victim)

assaulted in Chicago which police are now all

investigating as a “possible hate crime”. Wtf?

No more. No Fucking more. This is not some

“game” where Racist people destroy all other

citizens lives. Cops best get to him before we

citizens Do. And by “WE” I mean ‘all’ Chicago

Citizens who will Not Tolerate Racist Violence

Always remain “non-violent”. Shine a light on

them all. End their Hate with a Camera and it

(No shit!)

ends their lives. Social, legal, financial. Gone

In Chicago, We Remember Normandy Beach

& if you think a “Couple” of MAGA hats scare

us, history’s littered with your coward bodies

This, is, TERRORISM. Period; End Of Story &

your time is Up. Not only will they now all be

charged 2 the fullest extent of the law all the

enforcement Agencies both local and Federal

best respond to this racist terrorism. And our

countries Citizens are now ALL engaged. You

(We knew!)

picked a fight with fellow citizens and We can

do this all Day. You immoral Racists Will Lose

NOTE: Historic Cold In Mid-West. Be Safe, Take All
The Correct Precautions, Help Others & Stay WARM
NOTE II: R&B Grammy winning Soul Legend James
Ingram Passed away At 66 was battling Brain Cancer
(NEW INFORMATION states Jussie is lying about it)

Have a day!

Shutdown Cost & Batshitcrazy…

January 28th, 2019

The CBO “came out” saying Orange Fuckbag’s

Shutdown Stunt for Nothing Cost Us $3 Billion

(Immoral lunacy)

Don’t let That Effect lying assholes who all did

this Lunacy, Crippling Hundreds Of Thousands

of citizens/business’s. They will “pretend” that

it never happened. Ahhhhhhh naaaaaaaaa we

ALL know what he/Republicans Did here. This

will Cripple their Party, especially If he tries to

do It again. Ends them Much Faster & by their

own insanely ignorant Hands. Oh, speaking of

batshitcrazy, As The Entire Orange Bozo’s Life

(We know)

implodes, he just “Makes Up” Numbers or lies

outright. Others around him Do the Same and

it is not only costing them in polling, but in all

their Voters/Base. Oooooooooooooooooooops

NOTE: A, Historic COLD In Chicago/Midwest That Will
Shatter Records. Be Safe, Bundle Up, and Stay WARM
NOTE II: It is Me Talking White Sox on WGN this past
Friday. Tune in to Patti Vasquez One of Chicago’s best

Have a day!

The FBI, Unpaid Right now I Might Add, were

in full mass to Arrest Rodger Stone. This was

(Stone Turned!)

a clear Show of “Force” to explain to all those

criminal fucks, “We are NOT “Playing” Around

here people”. I told you, right here on Nov 15

this would happen. Called that it Would all go

Right-Thru Either: Don Jr., Kushner, Or Stone

Well, Stone is Off That List. Kushner & Don Jr

are NEXT. Followed, By The Final Two Frauds

Trump/Pence with A Legal KO. And instead of

a “Wall”, It looks like “Trumpers” get a “Cave”

Orange Douche-sicle folded faster than coked

(We told you)

up Superman on Laundry day. If he shuts the

Government Down “Again” in 3 Weeks. It will

fracture The Entire Republican Party for good

If many Stand With him, They Lose their Jobs

See the big Vote was About 6-7 other R’s Shy

from Ignoring Trump On Everything To Break

his Filibuster threat. The means…….Game ova

And From It All Shart Of The Fail Got Nothing

Have a weekend!

“Let Them Eat Shit!”…

January 24th, 2019

As the Shut-down, solely created by Trump

for a Wall, we do not need (We need Actual

(No Shit)

Immigration Reform), hit day 34, the top A

Holes In Chumpland Have Crossed A “Line”

In what can only be called ‘Tone Deaf Prick

Lunacy’ you have two scum now mocking a

reality that Government Workers now need

Food Lines to “eat”. Wilbur Ross, and Larry

Kudlow simply had their “let them eat cake”

moment. Unable To Understand Most Every

family in the Working Class is only Two Pay

(Guillotine wheels)

checks away from trouble. History will hate

them. And “correctly” so. They are immoral

Nancy Pelosi, Will NOT “Allow” Any SOTU in

the House Until the Showdown is Over. She

has his tiny, orange dusty balls in her purse

Have a day!

Michael Cohen said he will “Not” testify before

Congress on February 7th now. He Claims it is

(Hold it, pass out)

because of “Threats” Against his Family by the

Trump Crew. IF that True, it’s Crime #5 billion

by the Orange Shit-sicle. And if not where he’s

just trying to Avoid Further ‘Incrimination’, the

House has subpoena power so that won’t work

Speaking of “Not Working”, our government is

now on day 33 of Shutdown, making it not just

the Longest Ever, but This Actually Violates the

14th amendment, part 4; it address public debt

If you buy it (In which all Workers have already


worked), you ‘OWE’ it. Not Later, not soon but

NOW. Failure to pay it violates the constitution

Pelosi just counter punched “Fatty” right in the

tiny grapes. No SOTU in the House until entire

Government is OPEN. Boom. This Shutdown, is

NOT some Fucking game. It’s citizens lives and

it, is Costing Rump/Republicans, Everything. It

should. “Citizen Hostages” Are ALL the R’s fault

Not just the polls say this. The country ‘says’ it

NOTE: Bank Shooting, In Northern Florida. Five Are
Dead And Awaiting Injury Total. This Is So Wrong &
It Happens Daily In This Country. It is Unacceptable

Have a day!

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