It seems these Days every Republican who ever

works In the West Wing or went to the SCOTUS

(<-Maskless Morons)

SuperSpreader Event has it now. Even the dope

lying fraud at the Press podium every day has It

And As 215,000 American’s are Dead from This

horrible Disease, Trump is Playing ‘More Games’

daily with his case of it. As he rage tweets in all

Caps, Puts Secret Service Drivers In Peril & lies

about the Severity of His COVID The World just

burns. Well, It’s Not Working. And he is headed

For A Historic Electoral Beat-Down. Biden, is Up

8.2% & CLIMBING. Keep In Mind, These Are All


aggregated Polls, meaning it’s likely way higher

None of it Matters Unless We ALL VOTE!!!! Turn

out like never before & in 29 days we will be rid

of the most immoral racist pile of shit in History

NOTE: No One Believes Anything, Coming Out Of The White
House. Well, NO SHIT! 69% Say They ‘Don’t Trust Him’ and
Only 12% Do. Or His “Base”. He Is ‘Losing’ & Will Go To Jail

Have a “safe” day!


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COVID Positive & Immorons…

October 2nd, 2020

More Republican’s & maskeless idiots crowded

in the Oval Office have Contracted (Drum Roll)

(<-Evil Moron)

COVID. Trump, check. Malaria….Check. Mikey

Lee, Check. Ronna bologna McDaniels, checky

check. Wow, turns out when People Ignore all

the science, viral facts & reality; it bites you in

the FAT Ass. Biden & his Wife Jill’s ‘Test’ came

back negative. Followin the rules, science and

viral Reality isn’t Hard. Stupidity is hard, it will

cost these Morons Everything. This Election, is

(So are all R’s)

the least of Their Problems. At this rate, they’ll

all be Dead from COVID due to blind Ignorance

ALERT: Trump rushed to Walter Reed & staying all weekend
NOTE: Malaria Tapes Of Her ‘Shitting’ On The Entire Country
& immigrants just dropped yesterday. What a real pile o shit

Have a “safe” weekend!


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While the US deals with COVID still because

Republican’s/tRump Do Nothing, & We Have

(Let us die)

the 1st openly racist President calling for his

racists Followers To “Stand By”. Pretty Clear

shit There. Across the Pond, their Version of

tRump is Shitting the Bed so badly it’s just a

Brown Floating Turd. The EU Will now Likely

sue the UK if They ‘Break’ International Law

tryin’ to “get out” of their own failed deal. It

is the Height of Stupid in what They did & so

They Are Trying To “Undo” It. NO. You Made


you’re bed of Crap, now lie in it. Speakin of

Wallowing In What You Made, Biden is Now

Expanding His Lead. In fact, early Voting Is

exploding At Historic Levels, Meaning these

Republican Frauds are all Getting Voted out

NOTE: House, Passes 2.2$ Trillion Dollar COVID Bill
If the Senate “Rejects” It, they will Lose, Even More
Republicans are Already Under Water. They Lose So
Much More. And That’s just fine With me. End game

Have a “safe” day!


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Told you it wouldn’t be a debate. It was the

Shit Show everyone knew was Coming. And


it’s the last One if the Rules/Mic Cutting do

not change. This is a “very” sad day in our

country. VERY disgusting & Gut-Wrenching

The President Of The United States Openly

“endorsed” White Supremacy. Holy Fuckin’

shit. This, Is Past Insane. Already Told You

he was Racist. Everyone Already Knew this

& its unacceptable; and all of this as all the

Polls, Are Hardened. Massive Votes Already

(We know)

Hold your loved one’s close tonight. COVID

is still Raging & Our Country Will Heal Soon

Have a “safe” day!


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We are in a world, where everyone counts

We Have A Hateful POS President & Entire


Republican Party who Don’t give A flying

shit about this country. Well, guess what?

Our Amazing citizens sure do! Voting has

already Hit Historic Levels now. And that

all Means NOTHING, Unless We All VOTE

every Day Until November 4th. Only then

will our Country’s Great Experiment Ever

be safe. Tonight will not even be a debate

it will be a “jabbering” lying immoral hate

asshole Spewing insanity, while Reality Is

standing patiently Next to it. That’s about

(Bye Bye)

it. Any Drinking Game will leave you very

Drunk. Don’t Do It, & Don’t Fall For WWF

wrestling Bullshit. We have an insane fart

Pretending That he’s not President of this

country. WTF?!?!? Focus, Register, VOTE

Our nation deals with COVID deaths. We

can vote all the immoral do nothin Rs out

NOTE: 28,000 Disney Workers Were Laid Off &
This is Terrible. We must protect Society & also
Be Mindful Of Our Citizens Lives. Only Together

Have a “safe” day!


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Tax Fraud, 210K Dead & Debate?

September 28th, 2020

Orange Asshole really does put the tiny Dic

in Dictator. There are, Just 36 Days Until A

(“Tiny Jail!”)

national Election, For The Presidency & For

Congress. And, now, We Find Out what we

all already knew; tRump is a criminal “Tax

Cheat”. Oooooops. He paid A total of $750

in taxes for the years 2016/2017. That shit

is Overtly Criminal. It’s jail time. All of this

as 210,000 Citizens have DIED Due to this

Horrific Pandemic, All That Orange Asshole

& Republican’s Have NOTHING To Stop Or

(Goin’ down)

fix. What’s happening Tomorrow Isn’t any

“Debate”. It will be sanity standin next to

lying lunacy not resembling reality. And it

won’t do A thing either way. The polls and

voters are already done. Vote, if turnout’s

high (Which It is Only if We VOTE) They’re

toast. Nothing Matters, Unless We All Vote!

NOTE: Trumps Campaign Manager Tried To Kill Himself
And Barricaded Himself in His House. Shit’s Goin Down
He was tackled & arrested. They’re All going down now

Have a “safe” day!


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Vote Him Out!

September 25th, 2020

It’s Friday, so eat some fries, or chips

is What They’re Called Over The Pond

(Yes it does!)

So Most importantly, Hold your Loved

ones close. Get ready to Vote, and act

like our lives depend on it; cause they

do. Vote, Vote, Vote. They Are Scared

Have a “safe” weekend!


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Booooo’d, 207K Dead & Done…

September 24th, 2020

The Orange Anus Was fully boooooooed

as he Tried to Play Politics with A Hero’s


life and rightly so. He was also chanted

away with “vote him OUT!” from all the

Citizens Watchin’ his Disgusting Display

He Deserves Everything Coming. As We

deal with 207,000 needlessly dead from

COVID over An Asshole/Republicans all

doing NOTHING. Well, The Entire World

& citizens hurtin’ today all being racially

targeted isn’t Cuttin it. It never will and

(No shit)

we Must VOTE. Turn Out the Vote Cause

they are terrified. See, they wouldn’t try

to stop Ya from doing it, if it Didn’t work

See they’re at full “let’s use the supreme

court to steal this Election”. No, tick tock

NOTE: Watch Turtle Mitch “Ditch” It On A Stage
You Can Watch This On A Loop Forever Right?!?

Have a a”safe” day!


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It seems Republicans Bullshit is now over

Well At least when it comes to all medical


reality. Dr Fauci isn’t Having Anymore of

their Bullshit Lies. He simply Eviscerated

R-Rand Paul. What He really Did was kill

off all of Trump/Republicans lies about a

pandemic they did nothing about. In fact,

the Grave Injustice Committed Today By

Immoral Kentucky Court/AG; Will Be The

galvanizing glue In A critical Election this

year. This “We didn’t see anything” & “no

body camera footage” Shit will not Stand!


An NFL Legend just died. Gayle Sayers is

one Of the Greatest Players To ‘Ever’ Play

But the man off the field, was even better

Boy, This 2020 is The Suckiest year in the

history Of Forever. We Will Rise Up. Vote!

NOTE: Protestors, March In Louisville Tonight. All
Must, Keep It Peaceful. Then VOTE. Anything else
will Feed Hateful Racists Lies. So, Take that Away

Have a “safe” day!


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There are just 42 days left until the Orange

Menace is ‘Removed’, from Our House. And,


It can’t come soon enough. We have every

Republican lying about their Actions in the

past SCOTUS nominee’s non-stop. And the

great People of This Country, aren’t having

It. In fact, With R’s Hate, In Doing Nothing

about COVID & their lies about the highest

court in the land, their Polls are Sinking so

Fast. Quicker than A struggling Fat Guy In

quick Sand. Polls don’t Vote. People do. So

let’s VOTE, vote, vote vote; leave no doubt

Have a “safe” day!


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