Bannon Bitch Slapped & Cringe…

November 18th, 2021

The judge in the Bannon case

has had enough. Literally, it’s


enough. He, is, so, screwed in

every possible way legally, so

there is nowhere else to go at

This Point. This Is An ‘Orange’

guy Appointed judge but, see

the Law Is the law. It’s not at

All “PARTISAN” As All The R’s

Have Been ‘Lying’ About. It is


While a judge (Cough) in wis

can the vast majority are not

See how this works? So john

Kennedy – R From LA is A fat

idiot. He’s not Related to the

Kennedy’s at all. Just a Loud

Southerner in Need Of some

hate. And he fucked up hard


trying to play “name calling”

Games. What a loud asshole

NOTE: McCarthy Face Flops, Against Reality
Hard. He has no response ever till he’s done

Have A “Safe” Day!

The FBI just raided a lying Q

turd Connected Directly With


Lauren Boebert’s ‘Campaign’

election. Ooooops. Shit they

are going down faster than a

a fat Drunk kid on Ice skates

These ‘Immoral Criminal’ R’s

are piling up by the day and

‘More’ are Coming Fast. You

can Bet there’s really nuthin’

more Republicans Got policy

wise To “Offer”; So We’ll get

deaththreat videos by Gosar

Congress’s About to censure

(Only 4 R’s!)

Him & Republican’s are ALL

in favor of Inciting Violence

Their ‘Excuses’ were Insane,

disgusting, lies and outright

Unprecedented Hate. Oh, &

speaking Of Hate, Christie’s

firmly tied to “orange thing”

but “trying to distance” and

still Stay the same. Nope, It

is Impossible. “Riding” that

Big Fence, Gets A Picket up

your Enormous fat, Assssss

(Never forget!)

ALL The R’s Know, That you

Maga are Suckers. Ha ha ha

NOTE: Shaman rioter sentenced To 41 Months
In Prison For His Violent Acts on Jan 6th. Good
NOTE II: Corrupt Racist Wis Judge in this sham
Trial “For” Rittenhouse says “A black, the black”
RIP: Republican Larry Hopkins Has just passed
away. He wasn’t Partisan, & a Real leader 4 all
An Independent Voice for his voters & America

Have A “Safe” Day!

Signed, VA Limbo & Frauds…

November 16th, 2021

Historic “infrastructure” legislation

Has Officially Been “Signed” As of


Yesterday. WOOT! This, Is A BIG

ass deal For “every” American in

every state/promise made & now

is Promise Delivered. We Already

know whats in it & this makes us

stronger together. Bout time and

Let’s Build Back Better bitches. It

had to Happen since Republicans

don’t Actually run on any policies

(In Limbo)

aside from tax cuts, Racism & lies

It also ‘Seems’ That 2 Democratic

races are Headed for Recounts in

VA’s legislature; So for Now They

are in Limbo. The Control of their

State Hangs in The Balance. And,

What ‘Doesn’t’; is Chris Christie’s

house scale. It Still Reads “Super

MAGA Suck Up” but “He”, Is now


in an “I want it both ways” phase

Nope, Down you all go. All of you

NOTE: Rittenhouse Judge, Decides To Violate The
Laws of Judicial Practice openin’ him up to review
& likely Removal. This guy is an Immoral monster
RIP: actor Heath Freeman of Bones and NCIS has
Died at 41. Circumstances, Aren’t Yet Known. We
will keep an Eye on it & report as facts dictate em

Have A “Safe” Day!

Custody, Fixed & Fucked…

November 15th, 2021

What A Magical Monday Today

my peeps! Steven Bannon and

(Ya done!)

“thing” that just crawled outta

a summer concert port-o-john

Turned Himself In. His is Now

so legally Done. Ooooooooops

He’s so fucked, he might want

to take ‘Jail Birth Control’ right

now. That’s getting An STD so

no One “touches” you. Ha Ha!

And What Was driedup Burlap

Faces Response?! To threaten

The courts/AG/All Lawmakers


Um, when You Break the Law

& then threaten the folks who

arrested You; SHIT, is Gonna

legally so bad fast. Speakin of

that, judge Schroder in Wis is

in DEEP Shit Over His “failed”

Murder Trial: ‘Sham’. In Fact,

He can Be Brought up on any

number of charges Oooooops

And in Other Legal news Alex

Jones lost all his cases, which


means he’ll be fat broke in no

time. Which He Deserves it all

NOTE: Democratic Lawmaker Connor Lamb is
really a Wolf! He Voted Directly For the banks
& directly FOR corruption. Booooo, don’t elect
him. Fetterman’s the correct candidate people

Have A “Safe” Day!

Racism In Court & Indicted!

November 12th, 2021

Happy Friday to You all and

savor the weekend you Silly


wonderful bastards! And in

what can only be called big

Ass Old School, Obvious As

all Fuck Racism, A fat Idiot

White lawyer In the Arbery

Racist Murder Trial Said he

Doesn’t, ‘Want’, “any More

black Pastors in The Court”

(<-Racist asshole)

Well, No & FU Racist trash

Oh boy Steve Bannon’s so

FUCKED. See, He was just

Incited for contempt & will

Have to Surrender Himself

By Monday Oooooooooops

These Lying Criminal prick

Assholes’ll never Learn, So


they fucked around & now

are Finding out. Gooooood

NOTE: Judge Racist Asshole Moron Tech Turd
Dunning Kruger Made a Bigger Ass of Himself

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

Veterans Day & Youngkin Gonuts…

November 11th, 2021

Today’s day of honor, a day

Of ‘Remembrance’ & Loving


support of Our Troops. And

We, Will ‘NEVER Forget’, All

The Sacrifices Others Made

for Us Today. We Are lucky

to Have such selfless hero’s

Hire Them, Care for em All

What If I Told you, that the

Republican Governor Of VA


Glenn Youngkin’s son tried

to Illegally Vote in his GOV

Election….twice?!?!? You’d

probably think that was So

“Serious” with Republicans

all screaming about Wrong

voting. Nope not Glenn, he

thinks society should leave

(“Let us crime!”)

his “family alone”. Well, so

stopping Doing Illegal Shit!

NOTE: Never Before, In A Murder Trial Has
And older guy/the judge so poorly grasped
technology that he allowed a Bad objection
This should’ve Been “overruled” right away
New Evidence Shows Him Pointing His Gun

Have A “Safe” Day!

Trash Trial & Baltimore Biden…

November 10th, 2021

The Judge in the Rittenhouse

trial is Either A) Badly biased

(Judge Biased!)

B) Being “Pushed” By Racists

demanding an outcome. That

is about it; never in my short

life Have I Seen a Trial Judge

Interrupt the Prosecution SO

many Times without Warrant

NEVER. And he Is ‘Now’ Even

“Allowing” Abject Conspiracy

Lies. He Should Be Removed

NOW. The defense objects to


every clear fact that Directly

hurts Kyle. And asshole then

allows It with No Legal basis

This is pure Lunacy & Heads

must Roll. We’re talkin’ total

Disbarment Here. So, in a lil’

Good News; President Biden

Touting The Bold Brand New

Infrastructure Bill ‘That’ Just

passed so better days ahead

(Years, it’s years!)

The focus is jobs, roads and

“Updating” America, Better!

NOTE: Virginia School Board, Just Voted
for Literal Book Burning. Yes, Ya Read it
correctly. 6-0; We see, Republican nazi’s
This country’ll not Survive if not Stopped

Have A “Safe” Day!

Right now, there are no actual

Consequences for Republicans

(No more)

And, That Can’t Stand. R-Paul

Gosar just ‘tweeted’ an anime

Meme, Where He Kills’ AOC &

is, About To Kill Biden. This is

Not Protected Speech. In Fact

it’s criminal 18U.S. Code ยง373

And all of his family knows he

is a big Danger to this country

Speaking of ‘Weak’ Responses

(Law’s clear)

DOJ/garland must enforce all

subpoena’s (cough) Bannon’s

They Just issued Another Pile

of Them, Yet if Ya Don’t ever

enforce em, it is meaningless

Democracy itself hangs in the

balance. We either live in this

Country Where Laws/Rule Of

law applies, or we Don’t. And

(Better be!)

If We don’t, things will get So

Very lawless, SO Very quickly

NOTE: Republican’s attack, Now get This, Big
Bird. Yes, You read that right. What Evil shits
RIP: Dean Stockwell has died at the age of 85
Such A Great Actor & human being. A big loss

Have A “Safe” Day!

$1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

‘Passes’. Finally, it is “officially”

(Week? Years!)

Infrastructure Year Baby! This

Is BIG Policy News that All the

Democrats can actually run on

Biden’s ‘agenda’ is truly taking

Shape Here, & Nancy Pelosi Is

The MAIN Reason. Schumer is

not. So, what’s exactly in it?!?

New ‘Bridges’, ‘Roads’, energy

systems, broadband and clean

water. Also these projects will

create quality jobs and it is all

paid for. Boom, a massive win


for ALL Of America. And now

Howard Stern, Of All “People”

weighs in on Aaron Rodgers &

Anti-Vax ‘Morons’. It’s simply

a spot On Factual Assessment

of their Ignorance Mixed with

Limitless ‘Hateful’ selfishness

See, If You Don’t Want to Get

vaccinated, Fine. But then Ya

don’t get to Fuck with Others

in Society, & You are not ever

Allowed, The Same Freedoms


Stop ‘Confusing’ Your Abject

ass Selfishness with freedom

NOTE: Two Racist Murderers Are, In Custody
For Killing their 66 year old teacher. These lil
Evilshit monsters shouldn’t see the lighta day

Have A “Safe” Day!

Deniers Dyin’ & AG Race…

November 5th, 2021

We made it, another week is

in the Books. And we have a

(Find out!)

lot fewer morons on this big

ol marble. See a lot of Idiots

Called Anti-Vaxx & Even the

one’s who don’t “Believe” In

COVID are Dying Daily. The

People Yelling “I Don’t Even

believe In It!” are Dying the

Fastest. Like I Always “Say”,


“You might Not ‘Believe’ In

gravity But it sure believes

in YOU!”. And in TX we got

an AG race Heating Up fast

R-Greg Abbot is Under fire,

Weak & Horrible For Texas

That’s Why Matthew Dowd

& Lee Merritt Are Poised to

(Lee Merritt)

take over the Lt Gov, & AG

Slot. Good. We Need Them

NOTE: Kentucky “Police” are KKK and this
Can NOT Stand. No Racists Can be Cops &
do their job Correctly. None. Weed em out

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

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