The other 1/3 must be blind, insane, Racist,

dumb, Criminals as well…….or all FIVE. This

(No shit!)

comes as no Shock to Anyone & the kicker

was The Poll Asked, “BEFORE taking office”

Ha ha ha ha ha! Now that Really is a Thing

to behold. And between a known “Fixer” &

liar Before In Cohen, Folks Trust him more

50% To 35%. ZING! As Cohen Hands over

all the “smocking guns” anyone could ever

Dream Of, To Congress Committees in The

form of Documents; His ‘Orange Fuckness’

keeps losing his already Gone mind. Oh, &


speaking of “gone”, 60’s wanna be Batman

villain Rodger Stone looks to have violated

his “gag order”. Ooooooops. These Clowns

are ALL undone. Nowhere to Run now Kids

Hope you had A nice “Well Kiss My Asssssh

Wednesday!”. Go Do somethin’ great today

NOTE: Ex-FOX Guy, Bernie Goldberg. Just Yelled
The Rotten Recipe Of FOX’s Partisan Lies. And It
Hit Like A Ton Of Bricks. Bravo. Shine A Light On
This All. Journalism Is Not Dead, Yet. This is Just
the Beginning. You, Mark My Independent Words
NOTE II: R Kelly ‘Believes’ He Can LIE. It Got SO
Bad, He’s Now Taken Into Custody. Justice Wins!

Have a day!


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As the whiner & thief keeps complaining

About “Presidential Harassment”. Ahem,

(Criminal crybaby)

how About American Citizens Claim The

same from him?!?! It’s called the rule of

law. While Ex-White House lawyer Ty “I

am Related to The Older Racist Baseball

player guy” Cobb explains Mueller is the

“hero” in this story; Democrats are all in

the “Investigation Beginning” Phases. It

signals this Will Not Ever be Going Away

(“I say, I say”)

And, in many ways also Clearly Shows it

is Just getting “Started”. While all this is

driving a nut nuttier, we have GOP’er all

Turning, On Trump’s Bullshit Emergency

NOTE: Now, we know “WHY” Michael Jackson’s place
Was Called “Neverland”. Never ‘Talk’ About It. Never
Testify Against Him. Never, shower Alone. And Never
forget the time ya were fucked in ur asshole as A Kid

Have a day!


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Undone Unstable Madness…

March 4th, 2019

As the Orange Felon did his Jabbering

Lunatic Douche-Sicle Routine At CPAC


on Saturday complete with flag huggin

non Sequitur incoherent piles of words

that made, no, sense…….what-so-ever

As the Adderall loaded Fat idiot Top lip

sweat rambling fool spewed the insane

Stuff Like “I’m in love, you’re in love &

we’re all In love together”, “He’s a bad,

baaaaad, baaaaaad guy(Mueller)”, “We

Don’t Use AirOplanes Anymore!”, “This

speech should have been delivered one


year From Now……NOT NOW DAMMIT!

Cause they’re grant together….they’re

gonna Say ‘You know this Guy is really

laying for us'”. In what will likely all go

down as his “last big” Routine before a

series of charges & family members all

go down Ending with him, he’s at least

enjoying his last Days of his “Freedom”

NOTE: Actor, Luke Perry, Has Sadly Died At The
Age Of 52 From A Stroke. Get Check-ups And Be
Aware of Symptoms. What a Very, Very Sad Day
NOTE II: Everyone, Is Looking Into ALL Trumpys
Taxes & Finances. That’s End Game. Ooooooops!
NOTE III: Alabama Tornado, Kills 23 People, And
Causes Damage. Deadliest Since May 2013 in OK

Have a day!


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The House has already passed a bill to end

The Orange Toddlers “National Emergency”

(Step on it!)

With Over 4+ R Defectors, it Will Pass The

Senate in 2 Weeks. Ooooops. Oh, speaking

of “Oooops”, it seems not only will chumps

Booker Keeper, who has been cooperating

with The FEDERAL Special Prosecutor Case

will testify. It will be so utterly devastating

Along with Felix Sater, who I told you bout


here. The “Next” Target Up For indictment

is Don Jr. Finally ending with Orange Fuck

RIP: Actor Kathrine Helmand, From Soap, Everybody
Love Raymond & Who’s The Boss ‘Dies’ At 89 One of
The Best All Around Sit-com Actors. She was brilliant

Have a weekend!


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No N Korea Deal & C-CRAP…

February 28th, 2019

Is Trump Now a War Hero Because he was

officially Shot Down in Hanoi?!?!?!?! ZING!

(Fat & Fatter)

I kid. Actually Trump Didn’t Do Horribly At

this Round of Negotiations. This means he

didn’t shit in his Hand & Fling it at Jong Un

We all Understand When talks Break Down

The fact the orangeass walked away was a

good thing. Now after that factual note, he

shit the bed Agreeing with a lunatic dictator

over the Murder of Otto Warmbier. WTF?!?!

Jeeeeeeeeezzzzusss. Enough! And speaking

of “enough” the usual collection of wanna B

(<-Failed Gov)

Fascists/Up & Coming Nazi’s were at C-PAC

It’s a virtual who’s Who of paid partisan ass

hack Lying Frauds. This Ends Badly for their

party after Hitching Their Fuck Truck to Don

The Con. Enjoy Your Impending Karma Kids

NOTE: YES, ‘Republican’ Mark Meadows Is “Racist”, We
Have The Footage Of His ‘Birtherism Hate’ For Openers
These Immoral Racist Motherfuckers must be called out

Have a day!


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Cohen All IN & Fait Accompli…

February 27th, 2019

Trump is: A “Racist, A Con-Man, a Cheat”

In what can ONLY be called “OH DAMN!!!”


Cohen’s Testimony Today was Incredible

When ya get scolded by a Convicted Guy

who is going to jail and admitted his guilt

Republicans DO NOT GET THIS. They are

fundamentally Incapable of seeking truth

They seem to only Have One Mode and it

is “Murder The Messenger”, Which Today

had an Exact opposite effect. In fact they

(Telling it!)

came off looking scummier than Cohen a

convicted Felon. That is really something

The mic drop moment of the day for him:

“I just find it Interesting, Sir, that between yourself and
your colleagues that not one question so far…..has been
asked about our President Trump. That’s Actually Why I
thought I was comin’ today. Not to confess the mistakes
that I’ve made. I’ve already done that”   -Michael Cohen

And now, I’d like to do an impression of

every Republican save for Justin Amash

(Loud noises!)

They didn’t Ask a SINGLE Question bout

Trumpy. Not ONE. And why is that?!?!?!

Well, they are not Afraid that he’s “lying”

they know he’s tellin’ the truth & they do

not want reality 2 exist. You can bet that

Mueller is Watching Everything Going on

by These Republicans and it Doesn’t End

well for them. And in an Amazing note is

Chicago’s Mayoral Election, Just Moved A

needle so far towards the future I have a

(Next Mayor?)

smile that won’t leave. It’s a run off now

between Lori Lightfoot (Who I Voted For)

and Toni Preckwinkle in A ‘Historic’ Mega

Field. What A night. Now on To April 2nd

NOTE : Republican Mark Meadows “Decided” Then To
Play the Immoral “I Have a Token Black friend” Game
Strutting Out, “Token” Lynne Patton. It Backfired Bad
NOTE II: Republican ‘Bully & Asshole’ Matt Gaetz Was
Witness Tampering with Cohen. He Tried to Apologize
Thinking, That’s OK; Now Florida Is Investigating Him

Have a day!


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Chicago Votes, Cohen Tomorrow…

February 26th, 2019

In what can only be called The Wreck It

Ralph race of Candidates, Chicago goes

(Ready, GO!)

to the Polls Today to VOTE! Who Will It

be that wins?!?! Who knows. Will there

be A “Run-off Between 2-3”?!? Again, I

have No idea. Chicago is “looking” for a

change. An honest Progressive Voice to

awaken the middle class without taxing

us all out existence. This will be fun. Oh

speaking of “fun”, Orange Fuckbags old

“Fixer” lawyer is about to Unload “Dirty”


laundry On Capital Hill tomorrow. Tune

in & watch what we all Already know he

did….or just go watch PornTube instead

NOTE: Manafort “Asks” For Leniency In Mueller
Case Sentencing. Ahem, It ‘Should Read’ “Begs”
& It Is NOT Happening. This Criminal Scum Bag
Was Breaking The Law after he Got Caught with
Witness Tampering, & Worse. Ohhhhhhhhhh No

Have a day!


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Mr. Dumbass Goes To Washington…

February 25th, 2019

Orange Anal Sauce, Has NO CLUE About

how “Contracts” Are created. An MOU is

(Fat Dumbass)

A “Memorandum Of Understanding” AKA

a CONTRACT. Because he Does not Even

grasp what it is, another human breathin

Adult has to Play Words Games with this

Asshole CHILD. WOW! This Is ‘Similar’ to

a baby pointing at the Dog saying “Kitty!”

When corrected, he repeats it. Finally the

parent gives up saying “Yes, he barks, he

wags his tail, he is clearly a dog…but you


Can Call It “Kitty” Ya Sociopath”. Morons

Never Before….never Seen this in my life

NOTE: a Hank Williams Jr Knock Off Moron Asshole
2.Blow Decided To Go MAGA At The Cracker Barrel
Shine A Light on them All. It Ends Their Hate faster

Have a day!


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Kraft Prostitution Bust & Evil…

February 22nd, 2019

Talk about cheesy…I kid, I joke, I’m

an idiot. Turns Out, Robert Kraft Got

(“The cops!”)

Busted for soliciting sex at a massage

Parlor…….which just made my “Cliche

Meter” Explode into “Pieces”, all over

And All While Orange Fuck-sicle, Said

NOTHING About his big MAGA Murder

racist guy. Our Country is at A Rather

serious “Precipice”. This is Not normal

Have a weekend!


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NC New Election & Cohen My Way…

February 21st, 2019

After OVERT Republican Absentee Ballot

Voter Fraud (which is Extremely rare) it

(Fuck off!)

is Now, Going Hold A Brand New Election

The 9th districts Mark Harris Broke Down

knowing he had A LOT to do with the shit

Well cry me a River ya assholes. They all

STOLE an election from the People & that

is pure evil. Oh, speakin’ of pure criminal

assholes?!? Michael Cohen, Orange taints

“fixer” will be testifyin’ next week. He will

“pull the Curtain back” on Chumps crimes


Ahhhhhh, no Curtain Pulling Needed, that

shit’s Sitting In A Monstrous Bay Window,

for everyone 2 see. Can’t just hide what’s

clearly In Plain Sight. Buckle Up “Citizens”

NOTE: Teen, Who Joined ISIS Wants To Come Back In
To The UK Asking For “More Mercy”?! Ahem, That’s So
Like A Kid Who Joins a Band Of Roving Rapists, Hoping
When It’s All Over, Folks, Can Forgive. No. You Made a
Horrific Decision. Now, Enjoy Those Bad Consequences
It’s NOT youthful indescretions, you became a terrorist
NOTE II: Chicago Police Superintendent, Eddie Johnson
Just Did The Entire City Proud. His Words Echo so True

Have a day!


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