COVID cases are rising at a rapid

rate. Because, People are fucking

(It’s True!)

stupid. The pandemic is not over

ya douchebags! Oh & speakin’ of

‘Bags-O-Douche’, Republican Jim

“I’m A Jabbering Ass-toy” Jordan

Decided to Attack Dr Fauci today

because….of course he Would. It

didn’t go over 2 Well. In fact the

Chair and Maxine Waters Had to

Tell “Gym” To “Shut your Mouth”

for not Only Going Over his time

(My brain size)

but being An Immoral vile prick

doesn’t Give a “Shit” that 578k+

human beings have died. Cause

he’s a soulless Ass-clown; Oh &

speaking of assclowns, it seems

Nobody Is Rootin’ For Putin Any

more. In fact, All of His Criming

With Orange Man, Came Out to

The World. Oooooooooops. And

Biden Isn’t Having any of it. He

(That’s over)

tactically “Bopped Him One on

the puss” by punishin them all

For Their Election crimes. Stay

down Lil’ man, Just Stay Down

NOTE: 13 Year Old, Adam Toledo Shot Dead
By Chicago Police, w/hands up. However, he
HAD A Gun He Tossed. That Matters. It Does
It Doesn’t Excuse the Cop Here. Facts Matter

Have A “Safe” Day!

It seems these days the entire

Republican Party, Has more In

(Vanilla ISIS!)

common With Terrorists and

hateful ‘Vile Criminals’. They

Don’t Realize How It’s Killing

their Party. Meh, So keep On

Going. You, Are Almost Done

Speaking Of “Done”, the War

in Afghanistan Is almost ova

About Time. The idea should

Be, “Leave A Small Footprint”


there to Help/observe, that’s

it. And, In What Can Only be

Called….”The Dumbest Move

since Louie Gohmert existing

in Congress”, Our Old Buddy

John, “I Love Bigots” Cornyn

doesn’t know what ‘Satire’ is

Can’t Blame Him, it Requires

(Mouth Trap!)

a giddy selfless Intellect that

he Or they, will ever Possess

NOTE: The ‘Ponzi’ Is Dead. Bernie Madoff
died in prison couldn’t happen to a bigger
immoral asstoy. Ding dong douche’s gone
NOTE II: One “Violent Racist Shit” Named
Jonathan Pentland Assaulted one younger
Black Man. Turn out Society doesn’t like it
& Showed up at tough guys house and he
is in jail, he fucked around & he found out

Have A “Safe” Day!

A hero who served, was laid to

rest Today in The Capitol. And,


it Matters. It ALL matters and

don’t Ever Think It doesn’t. In

fact, It “Matters” MORE These

days than “ever” before. In all

of The Tears Today, humanity

came thru. We have an Actual

President that cares, he gives

a Shit. And That, Matters! We

will form a more perfect union

& make no mistake about that


Yet, forces of Dumbassery are

all at play. Speaking of crimes

Most Of the Entire Republican

Party left Today are doing em

at historic rates. In fact, aside

from Their Crimes, They Now

want to “Take” On “Corporate

America”. Ha! Next how about

you “Punch”…..A Non-Existent

“gwad” In the face?! I’ll tell ya


One person, Who’s Gonna be

saying “Oh gwad, ohhh gwad”

in Prison Soon, As ‘Pincushin’

toy #9283729. Lil atty Gaetz

He’s so Legally Screwed he’d

best Stay At Mar-A-lago now

But they won’t let him in. Ha

NOTE: Wendy Sherman, Has Been Confirmed
Deputy Secretary of state, real leaders matter
NOTE II: When Cops can’t figure out the main
difference between their gun & a taser it must
be time 2 choose a different profession; that’s
like if I were a chief forgettin’ how to cook shit
So, they resigned its the least of their worries

Have A “Safe” Day!

The vaccines are working but if

we all just ‘Pretend’ Shit Is now

(We Know)

suddenly “normal”, we will lose

all the Great Progress we Made

Now’s the time to End it but all

Still masking, Following All The

CDC ‘Guidelines & Slowing’ The

“Opening” Of States Drastically

And, Speaking of “Things” That

are about to go to shit; too late

for Senate / House Republicans

Turns Out, R-Jon Cornyn, Likes


the other racist insurrectionist

fascist better than Biden. Well

Who Knew?!?!?! Who Could of

saw that kkkoming? Forget he

is a hateful, seditious bucket o

piss. He just Wants the “other”

racist nazi back to tweet more

& hold delusion rants; fuck off

This, is Their Entire Party Now

White Lives Scatter did a Rally


this weekend but was so badly

attended, it looked like a huge

“Empty” COVID “Concert hall”

Turns out, Racist fascist pricks

Aren’t A Big “Draw”. File That,

under “Stuff We already knew”

NOTE: In What Can only Be Called Insane Hate
Against A Driver Who Did Nothing Wrong, Cops
drew guns pepper sprayed threatened the man
With death & then tried to coerce him in2 being
Silent about their Racist hate. Ummmmm, nope
(Tomorrow the ol mixed my taser & gun excuse)

Have A “Safe” Day!

Things are going from bad to way

“worse” for the Entire Republican

(And Criminal!)

Party left Standing Today. In fact,

Matt “Sexual Assault” Gaetz bout

20 years in “jail” is one thing, but

House R – Tom Reed’s going thru

his own sexual harassment cases

Oooooooops. Seems Republicans

can’t stop ‘Committing crimes’ at

historic Rates. Pretty Soon There

won’t be many more in Congress

Turns out, there are a LOT of big


Receipts ALA Venmo to Evil Sex

traffickers. You, “honestly” can’t

even make this Shit Up. They’re

Exactly Who Q-Fart Was looking

for but When that Call was them

coming from Inside the House it

Seems, they tried to pretend the

shit wasn’t happenin’ to hang up

BUZZ! Nope. In Fact, Things Are

getting So Bad for R’s There Is a

(Just their gwad)

“Terrorist Watch List”, Which, is

a Real Who’s Who from the right

Note: It seems Republican’s Can’t Avoid these
‘Sexual Assault Scandals’. And R Jim Jordan is
Another One Of Them. Ooooooooooooooooops
RIP: The ‘Great Comedy Writing Legend’ Anne
Beatts has “Sadly” passed away at 74. Such a
Fierce Comedy Force For the Original SNL And
the show Square Pegs. Also, Iconic voiced star
DMX has Also passed at 50; far 2 young to go

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

And now, while still Doing A Million

things to fix What “Orange Douche”

(Must, Fix, US!)

did to the country. Next on Tap for

us is (Drum Roll)…A new Tax Plan!

The main factual thrust, “Ahem, ya

Ultra Wealthy folks, the bill for this

Great Country You’ve Been Skating

on it is Past due“. And, it’s spot on

The Poor & ‘Shrinking’ Middle Class

have had 2 foot the bill waaaaaaay

too long. Times up. Pay up. Oh and

speaking Of “Paying A Price” it’s so

(New Fail!)

funny to Watch FOX “Try” Comedy

Not as Actual comedians, but more

in That “Holy Shit, This Is Painfully

hard to view” Way; Schadenfreude

at its “finest”, comedy requires the

“truth”; not partisan hate/lies. See,

Any Comedy Writer Knows it’s The

Powerful, you Mock / Skewer. They

are Boot-Licking the Racist Hateful

sociopath kings boots to a cool fine

(It’s Over!)

Shine. BUZZ! Wrong, It is Horrible

dreck. And Last But SO Expensive

the looming “consequences” for all

the R’s. Not only are Corporations,

sports, courts & all of society as a

whole pushing back against all the

R’s…but all new voters are. BOOM

Nowhere to Run, Nowhere To Hide

NOTE: It Was ALL One, Big, FatAss, Scam For
Maga “Suckers”. You “Racist Rubes” deserve it

Have A “Safe” Day!
(Hope to get back to regular saying soon)

It seems nothing’s going right for

The Entire Republican Party At All


In fact, Shit’s about to get worse

Turns Out, The Old Senate Crypt

Keeper Out Of Power, Has A LOT

2 say about what Companies can

& Can’t Politically do. HA!! These

are the “folks” who he took the $

from & now told them to shut up

It’d Be Like Telling A Banker You

desperately need A big loan from

to “Go fuck yourself”. He bite the


hand & Won’t Ever get Fed again

In Fact, Their ‘Entire’ Republican

Party’s foldin faster than a coked

up Origami expert. ZING! All the

‘Backlash’ against Republicans is

building up super Fast. And what

IS ‘Going Right’; COVID Vaccines

will Hit 150 Million (its just under

half the country) Arms In the 1st

75 days. Holly balls batman, that


is awesome speed. Stay “focused”

We Are All Beating This Pandemic

NOTE: The White House Press Secretary, Jen
Psaki decides to call Out overt lies Presented
By FOX news then points out all of the voting
facts, They “Totally Got Wrong”. Like A BOSS
RIP:  Democratic House Rep., Alcee Hastings
Has Died, At 84 Years Old. He, Held That FLA
seat since 1992 no replacement election date
has been set yet nor should be time to grieve

Have A “Safe” Day!

The Vaccines are working, but we

must Remain stead fast & Vigilant

(The Vodka?)

with Mask Use, rules & still doing

all the Things we Must. I’ll tell ya

something that Isn’t “working” at

All these days…….The Republican

Party. See aside from mass voter

suppression, racist hate or basic

obstruction; They offer nothin to

Voters. Nothing. Welp, Turns Out,

that’s Bad for Business. The MLB

All Star Game left Georgia over A

(Yes Indeed)

Voter Hate bill. BOOM! That’s So

powerful more businesses will all

follow Suit. Turns Out, when you

attack A fundamental Right, that

upsets everyone; speakin of hurt

Turns out there Is nothing left of

the entire Repubkkklan Party. In

Fact, with Matty, “Sex Trafficker”

Gaetz Going Down, he’s going to

Be Taking, A LOT Of Others With

(Felon Friends!)

Him. They Deserve, “Everything”

that’s Comin’. Criminal Nothings

NOTE: That “Thing” Alex Jones Is Going Be
Going thru more Legal issues That Will just
End Him. Good, Couldn’t Happen to a more
deserving, fat, racist vile criminal pile a shit
His final “appeal” was rejected. He’s fucked

Have A “Safe” Day!

The Vaccines Are Working, which

is a great thing. But fully opening

(Rim Shot!)

up is massively dumb. Oh & what

is The Difference Between “Good”

Friday & “Great” Friday?!?! When

you get the Day Off. Zing. Booom

Today Marks Yet Another Horrific

chapter In Our History. A vehicle

rammed into police at the capitol

The Terrorist, A White male, was

shot & died…..after he attacked 2

capitol police with a knife; this Is

(Pain & Hurt)

pure evil. One officer has died. It

is Unacceptable; this shit can not

happen Again. No more. Oh, And

Speaking Of “No More”, It Seems

the Entire Republican Party is on

the Scrap heap….just smoldering

Imagine How Many are Going To

sucked Into The Matt Gaetz Case

R’s Will Topple Down by The day

& Even ‘Republican Families’, Are

(We Know)

callin’ maga Paul Gosar “directly

Responsible For Jan 6th”, & That

“he should face criminal charges”


NOTE: in the trial of murderer Derek Chauvin
There just is No Defense For the Indefensible
This is required viewing. He’ll be found guilty

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

Another day, ANOTHER mass shooting

4 People were Murdered in Orange, CA

(No More!)

One of the Victims was A 9 year old boy

Jeeeessssssuuuussss tap dancing Christ

ENOUGH. We Have Had Enough Of This

horror. The entire country wants better

UBC’s, mental health, no AR-15 assault

weapons & just Close All the Gun Show

Loopholes. It’s All, Wildly Popular. That

means R’s, Won’t do any of It. So be it

Then Do it, Without Them. Their ‘Entire’

Party is Dead. It’s A Cautionary Tale Of

(<-She Helped)

Racist Hate & Never Enacting ‘Policies’

That HELP/Serve Their Voters. In Fact,

they are all Openly against Democracy

itself. They side with the Terrorists on

Jan 6th still, get it yet? Voters sure do

& Are DONE with Them. But One good

thing goin on: Baseball baby! Crack O

the bat, gloveplays, hustle, fun, teams

on a tear. It’s so ‘On like a light switch’


kids. Sit back & enjoy Grown men who

Are Hitting their Own balls. Zing. Woot

NOTE: Republican Kristi Noem ‘Clearly’ Doesn’t Even
know what “infrastructure” is & proves it 2 the world
While Another GA Republican Points out all the illegal
Parts of The New Anti-Voting Rights Bill. Oooooooops

Have A “Safe” Day!

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