Democratic candidate, Jeff Sites

has his Eyes set on knockin’ out


Jim, “Gym Abuse” Jordan From

the House this Next Election; &

his first Ad was A “mic drop” of

‘Epic levels’ Echoing he wants 2

serve the voters, not try games

When “people” Run for political

office: Tell Em Exactly who you

are, why you’re running & what

you will specifically do for them

Republican’s answer is always a


“Fuck you”. Not smart. Oh, and

speaking Of “Not smart” we got

Validy Putin On The Shits, Who

is looking A LOT different these

days after Orange thing. In fact

his “Meeting” With Biden had a

Very Different “Tone”. For One,

he was there early unlike makin

Fatty Wait For An Hour. And so

what Did Republican Leaders, if


you Can Even call them that do

To The Police Officer Beaten By

the Maga Crowd? Oh, Refuse to

‘Shake His hand’, Or Meet With

Him, About The Terrorist Attack

Tick, tock. Summer Gonna suck

RIP: Ned Beatty a great Actor you know &
have Seen in A TON of Wonderful work, so
Watch His Gems Tonight. Network, is Gold

Have A “Safe” Day!
(Maybe after the 4th is goes back to normal)

One ‘Thing’ the Republican Party

isn’t Good at: the truth, Science,

(<-R’s Today)

facts, math, History, economics,

statistics, logic, Voting, honesty,

government, serving citizens, or

literally Anythin’ involved In the

jobs they took. Now we Can add

“Apologies” to Shit They are not

good At. Marjorie Greene ‘Tried’

to Apologize, After Telling all of

the Media Weeks be-4 That She

never ‘said’ the racist Holocaust

shit she said. The “Only” reason

all R’s ever fake nonapologize is

(Change it)

Consequences. That is it. Fidots

Good News, In Chicago, Almost

70% of Adults have at least one

vaccine Shot. Stay Focused, but

it’s almost over folks, it’ll never

replace the loss but Better days

are In fact “Ahead” For all of us

Last Night on The Late Show, it

took Jon Stewart to Spew Some

of the MOST insane hateful Shit

by Attacking Science, ‘Peddling’

unknown Conspiracy Origins, &

just Confirming that He Did not


handle the Pandemic Very Well

at All in Isolation. We Don’t yet

Fully Know The Origins of “this”

yet but injectin’ hate isn’t right

It gives cover to Racists, shame

NOTE: Orange Ass Pressured The DOJ To
Lie/Try To Overturn The Election. Oooops
Add yet Another Crime He Will be hit with

Have A “Safe” Day!

So the G7 Summit is going on

right Now with ‘World Leaders’

(Behind you!)

And, no, it’s not the Jet-plane

G7. And yes, it Does matter if

we have an actual leader who

is Capable, smart and Has the

ability To Form an actual Nice

Sentence. So….What’s Biden’s

Excuse?! ZING! It Does make

all the difference in us having

a “Sane” President. Bout time

Oh & speaking of insanity, we

Have “Another” Political Party


who Are Dying With each day

that Passes. Legal, Political &

social deaths. They’re getting

kicked off all of the platforms

for violating Rules & spewing

hateful/insane lies that aren’t

allowed. They’re All But Done

And One Nice Thing About us

Having Biden As President, is

he ‘Takes No Shit’ From Putin

Or, Ex-KBG Stooges Anymore

(No more!)

Playtime’s Over. Fuck around

& find Out. This Will Hurt Bad

NOTE: We Highlight Bad Cops Here A
Lot, So Let’s Take Note Of The GREAT
Cops. This is what it means 2 serve &
Protect, do it right with humanity Nice

Have A “Safe” Day!

We made it! Another week in the

books, the vaccine are working &


the US Economy Is Roaring back

All due to steady, reliable, sound

Leadership/Policies. And now, In

what can be called a nice start it

is clear Merrick Garland wants 2

start working at this DOJ job, by

lowering the Boom, On Insuring

Voting Rights for ALL. It’s about

time. And we need the other HR

1 to Bolster this. Solidify. We All

know what the GQP Is Trying so

ensure it will not work. The GQP


is now legally reaping what it all

Sowed: Criminal Charges, Being

Removed, From Office And More

Consequences for, Criminal Acts

And, Down, They, All, Go. Flush!

NOTE: “Racist Violent White Man” In Ireland
tries to Bully Asian Store Owners. He fucked
Around & Found Out. Got dropped & Kicked
in the balls 2 boot. Shot 2 the nuts & you’re
To Blame; You Give Racists a Bad Name. Ha

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

Well well, it turns out a Chicago

Cop Proud Boy Is A Racist Prick

(<-Racist POS)

Robert Bakker (Short one K) is

the “Subject” Of FOUR internal

investigations. He has now Just

been suspended for 5 days. Uh

WTF?!?!? He, or ANY Racist cop

Can’t Objectively Do A Job then

This isn’t a game it’s life & even

death. Weed Out The Violent, &

Racist Cops Now; Or Own All Of

their Hate. Pretty Simple shit at

(We Know)

this Point. So while We Joyfully

come Out Of “COVID Hell”, the

President & VP Are Now tourin’

The Globe, “Visiting”, ‘creating’

Sound Policy & Gettin’ America

Moving Again. Biden, Met With

Bore- Us Johnson, The UK’s ‘Lil’

monster. Who’s hair was worse

is a clear toss off (Ya saw what

I did there). Biden Will Be Nice

(“I ruined it”)

& knows Boris a far right Wing

lunatic. He’ll Get Exactly, what

he Wants from Him. Just mark

my words Brexit boys are done

NOTE: All The Jan 6th Terrorists, Racists,
Proud Boys, Fascists & assholes are being
Charged as I type. They all, go, down now

Have A “Safe” Day!

We have a Republican Party who

is Objectively A Terrifying mix of

(We Know)

severe ‘Mental Illness’, Limitless

Ignorance And ‘Dunning Kruger’

a Woman In Ohio stood Up, and

claimed the Vaccines have metal

in them to magnetise Spoons, &

other metal Objects to our heads

Bonkers, Party of One, right this

way. She Also said, the Vaccines

have an “Interface” With 5G. Oh,

great. Come this Way please, we

Want Your ‘Padded Room’ To Be

extra comfy. We need a national

(“I’m bonkers!”)

firm pushback Against this idiot

lunatic stuff. Or you Get “Block”

Head utter Fucking morons like

Louie Gohmert, “Who” Actually

asked, “Can We Change Planets

orbits to Stop Climate Change?”

Holy Fuck, that’s a new level of

“Stupid” that 4th Graders know

the Answer Is, “No!”. Jeeeeeeez

Again; They Are Not A ‘Political’

Party Anymore; it’s a racist cult

fracturing by the Day. And Now

(Ha! No)

that world See’s it Schumer has

The Votes to Go It “Alone”. See,

there is No Way to Work With a

side that Refuses Everything, &

doesn’t Live In Reality. It’s Over

NOTE: Brexit “Clown”, Criminal Liar And
Fraud Michael Gove Has Broken The Law
giving ‘insider’ Contract deals to buddies
The Brexit boys will all fall down. Oooops

Have A “Safe” Day!

The entire Republican Party left

standing today, Hate voting SO


much; They will do anything to

stop people from doing It which

includes blockin’ the John Lewis

Voting Rights Act. They are ALL

monsters Who Deeply Hate this

country. The Fascists, & Racists

they love; the rest of Our entire

Nation/Democracy not so much

Aside from Obstruction & racist

Fascist Hate; Republicans Offer

(We Know)

nothing to voters. They do offer

LOTS of criminal acts, a slew of

legal problems and Endless Jail

time coming. They’re a criminal

Cult mixed with Lawless Crimes

“Nothing More”. And, With each

passing election Cycle, they will

slide into the Abyss they clearly

created For Themselves. In The

meantime all the consequences


they’re about to experience will

Be legendary. BUZZ, Time’s Up

NOTE: Merrick Garland, Up To This ‘Point’
Has Been The Wrong Choice For The DOJ
head & refuses 2 follow the law no matter
where it Leads. Our entire Country weeps

Have A “Safe” Day!

Right Now the US Senate Is

being held ‘hostage’ by one

(Death Stare)

thing; Joe Blow The Machin

Ass. Forget that Schumer’ll

get the votes 2 end the ass

Filibuster; He Will Get them

And We Must “Pass” the For

‘The People Act’, To Protect

Our Entire Democracy, And

Our Right to Vote. If we Do

not Act, there Won’t be any

(Who, us?)

‘Democracy left’ to govern

Oh & Speaking Of Big loud

Criminal Assholes; It turns

out Now Mo Brook as been

“Served” a big old law suit

Ha!!! The entire republican

Party is legally Doomed, In

Every Possible Way. All, of

Their “Criming”, Ends With

them jailed/facin such dire

(Bye bye!)

legal Consequences. Good!

Time is ticking fast. Ooops!

NOTE: 15% Corporate Tax is Just the
beginning. In the Eisenhower Days, It
was 90%. We are Watching a balance
In Two Acts. This Will Find The Best #

Have A “Safe” Day!

While DC “deals” with a vital

infrastructure bill that all the


Republican’s Will Oppose For

no other Reasons than, blind

Anti-Democracy hate, all the

rest of the world is watching

these “Fraudits”. That is just

what they are; Extensions of

their Voter Suppression bills

See, what ever they all claim

“Others” are Doing, is Really

what THEY Are Doin’ Or Just

trying To Do. It’s Just Called

Projection. They’re usin’ The

(AZ & TX)

Fraudits just to understand

HOW electronic voting even

works. Then they’ll attempt

to cheat. See they can’t win

(It won’t work & will Kill their
own Voter Turnout in the end)

ever again With their hated

policies; So Suppress & just

cheat is all they got left. We

Know, They Didn’t Abandon

‘Orange Criminal Ass’, They

love & Support Him which’s

(Bye Bye!)

their final death knell. And,

why they refuse to Debate

ever Again. They’re At War

With Reality & losing Badly

NOTE: Maga Chode Tito Ortiz Quits due
To Being A Shitty Pro-Temp Mayor, And
nothing more. He’s a lyin Insane lunatic
Who can’t handle when called out for all
his failings/conspiracy lies he’s a coward

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

Down, down, down they all go

which jail cell they land in, we

(Tick, tock!)

just don’t yet know. In what’s

an ‘Ongoing Legal’ nightmare

For ALL Republican’s, It Gets

worse for Them by the day. U

got Orange thing/His Kids all

Super Fucked, Rudy, Gaetzy,

Lindell, Powell, all Of The AZ

frauditors, Flynn, Barr, all of

the Jan 6th terrorists, DeJoy,

Greene, & Many, Many More

Shit, Pretty Soon, The Entire

Republican Party Will have a

(Sliding Away!)

check box of “Will you likely

be in jail soon for your all of

your Criming?”. Oh, speakin

of Loud Jerks Who Suck, we

have Two US Senators, who

don’t Want to Actually Even

do Their Jobs. Joe “I am An

Ass” Manchin, & Kyrsten “I

suck wind” Sinema Are Not

sitting Democrats. They are

shirking their Duty to serve

this country/their oath and


if they won’t Get ride of the

Filibuster; Voters Will “GET”

rid of them & fast. Tick tock

NOTE: Powerful High Schooler Calls Out
Republican Policies Of ‘Hate’, And Abuse
She Flipped the Script to speak the truth

Have A “Safe” Day!

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