In the first real “sham Supreme Court

Judge”, Being Sworn In Political Show


the Entire Big Massive Majority of the

Country Decided, “No, that Is Wrong”

In fact tRumps stunt has already has

the Makings of Instant Karma. In His

last second quest to stir his Voters all

it did was turn out the vote to historic

LEVELS. The Entire Total for all of ’16

in Early Voting Was 58.3 Million. Well,

(It’s coming!)

69 Million, Have ALREADY Voted With

a WEEK “Still” to go. The total will hit

just over 100 BEFORE election day. It

is Historic Stuff. The Total Ballots that

were cast in 2016 was 136 million. Uh

oh. The Math kills the Orange Asshole

& the Polls are Ending Him. And All of

this as the Pandemic takes loved ones

(So Long!)

on a daily basis, try 231, 952 are dead

and we Need Jobs to live. Vote R’s out!

NOTE: Texas Just Got Moved To A “Toss Up” State
Yes, You read That Correctly. This is landslide time
Only if We Vote! Get It past 100 Million by The 3rd

Have A “Safe Voting” Day!


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Spiking Again, 8 Days & VOTE!

October 26th, 2020

Cases are All Spiking yet again & Trump/

All Republicans won’t do a Fucking Thing

(Bye Bye)

about it. Nothing. In Fact, no Aid/Relief,

no Pandemic Solutions but they do want

to RAM Thru A Supreme Court Pick fast

This will hunt them & signals the end of

their party, forever. No going back after

that. There are 8 Days to vote still, turn

out like NEVER Before. The numbers are

historic Already, Make them Explode So

much higher. Being up big in polls won’t

(Deserve it)

matter. Act as if we’re 10 points down to

make it a blow out. Make it hurt Nov 3rd

NOTE: Cuomo Factually Obliterates tRump/Republicans
Utter Bullshit, That We Can’t Do Anything To Control, IT
No, no, no, no, no. If we had Mandatory Masks It Works

Have a “Safe” Day!


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Douche Debated & Voting…

October 23rd, 2020

Orange Menace “Tried” To Tone It Down For

a bit solely because he’s desperate. It didn’t

(“Pull My Finger”)

stop the attacks, lies or lunacy. In fact shit

got Pathetically Weird. TRump Just Looked

like a Super Bullshitter, Who was just tired

of ‘Slinging’ His Bullshit. It didn’t Stop him,

but he did it at a lower rate yet still did it &

Joe simply swatted away his lame attempts

easily. Biden is Picking Up Steam, and Don

is losing it. Writing is On the Wall now, but

none of it matters until we ALL keep voting

at historic levels. Vote Every republican out

Have a “Safe” Weekend!


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Blank Page, No Rage & Stage…

October 22nd, 2020

With just 12 Days to go, Before the Election,

a Political Party Daily Doing NOTHING about

(<-Lying frauds)

a Pandemic & a country in dire need of real

leadership to Fix These Issues. Orange Ass

is “Walking out” on Reporters, posting their

failed bad interview making them look even

worse (If that’s Possible) and offering blank

props as if they’re Solutions. It’s the end &

It never should’ve taken this long. He’s also

clearly Slower/sick in the interview. There’s

Not The Usual Adderall Rage. There, Will Be

no Real “Debate” Tonight. There, Will Be No

(Chris Shaw Art)

exchange Of Policies/Ideas. There’ll Be The

next President of the United States standin’

next to a lyin’ racist lunatic who ruined this

great nation and can’t do a fucking thing to

ever Fix it. He Will be Muted, Have Nothing

Whatsoever To Say & Might Even just Walk

out at one Point, since he has Nothing. You

Read it here 1st and its a 61% chance of it

Keep VOTING, Turn it Out to Historic levels

NOTE: Once Again, There Is Not Systemic Voter
Fraud in Our Country. But, Most Of The One offs
Are From Trump Voters Committing The Crimes
NOTE II: Trump ‘Lying Tool’, Hogan Gidley, Lied
So Much trying To Fillibuster He Was Shut Down
By MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson, Asking For Answers

Have a “Safe” Day!


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We are in historic times. These are not only

NOT Normal. A Pandemic Raging, Economy

(Elliot Ness)

in turmoil & one political party who’s doing

NOTHING About it. They, Do, not, Care, at,

all. “Immoral Monsters” Unworthy Of office

And in these final weeks, we must turn out

the vote showing that “trumpism” is finally

gone from the National stage forever. Back

to the shadows to rot. BUT, they will Never

be ‘forgotten’. Never. Speakin’ of gross ass

nothings, Rudy got exposed for exposin his

Ignorance to Borat’s Actor daughter. Ooops


And his Excuse to laying on A bed with a 15

year old girl over him? Had to tuck his shirt

in. Ohhhhhh Bull-Shirt! Early Voter Turnout

is surgin. It won’t matter unless it keeps on

growing by the day. Folks, this election’ll be

won long before November 3rd. Vote, Vote!

Down ballet races matter turn out that vote

NOTE: Obama, Obliterates TRump/Republicans With
statements of fact against all these Immoral lunatics

Have a “Safe” Day!


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We are in the mist of pandemic which is

killing 226,000+ citizens so far, A failed

(“We don’t care”)

economy That’s Working for Billionaires

only while the Rest of us struggle 2 just

exist. Orange Asshole has done nothing,

Republicans have done Nothing. And so,

Our Entire Country Has had ENOUGH of

this Hateful lunacy. And, as We are Two

weeks out from a new day; the toddler’s

“Walking Out” From Interviews, With 60

minutes Lesley Stahl. He is Falling apart


in Real Time right before our eyes. He is

trying To Get Barr to “investigate” Biden

History Has it’s Eyes on us All and she is

ready to give these Evil Shits a reckonin’

Today, Is VP Harris’s ‘Birthday’. Enjoy It!

NOTE: Democratic Candidates Are Now Pulling
Ahead in key Races all over the Country. Vote!
Don’t Vote by Yourself, Grab a Friend, Go Do It
NOTE II: The Debate Commission Just set up a
New “Mute Button” Rule For ‘Opening Answers’
It Will Then Go To Open Discussion, With It Off

Have A “Safe” Day!


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We have 15 Days left before Orange Asshole

is finished. Then, in the Last 2+ months he’ll


see his hate crumble into consequences, jail,

charges and A life he worked so hard to ruin

Early Voting has Been At Historic levels And

it Must Continue. November 3rd Will be Day

of ‘Celebration’ After ALL the hard work this

great Country put in to send all Republicans

out of Office for their Hate, indifference and

immoral actions Against this Nation. Biden’s

lead Grows by The day. Each Day Brings So

Many More Votes, Already In The Bank. And,


Everything TRump/Republican’s Say / Do, Is

consistently Backfiring. They Are All Undone

And because of the hate, they deserve what

is comin. They truly earned this epic beating

which Will “Likely” End The Republican Party

NOTE: CNN Creep Jeffry Toobin Got Caught Jerking
It During A Zoom Call. WTF?!?! Talk About Pulling a
Toobin. He was Already a Mushy Talking Head but it
Turns Out He’s also one fat Mega Creepy Old Fucker
NOTE II: A Mater-class in journalism the US will See

Have a “Safe” Day!


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Ratings Fail & 18 Days Left…

October 16th, 2020

The Entire country is literally sick & tired

Now Is not the time to Rest……now is the

(We Will!)

time To VOTE. Rally, ‘Dig Deeper’, & Find

another gear. While the early vote is very

nice. Keep your foot on the peddle & we’ll

leave No Doubt. And, There was No doubt

Orange Ass Puppet Lost in ratings Bigly in

last nights town halls. In fact by 1 million

And one had Substance, Reality & policies

the other didn’t. Guess which?!? We have

18 Days left Until He is Voted Out Of OUR

house for good. So let’s make them count

NOTE: D-Theresa Greefield Just Debated Republican
Trumper Joni Ernst. It Was A Policy Blood Bath. Joni
didn’t even know the price of Soybeans so badly she
argued with the moderators BOTH of them. Ha ha ha

Have a “Safe” Weekend!


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Tonight, Joe Biden Will Do Another Townhall

instead of the scheduled Debate that Orange

(Will Do!)

Idiot Cancelled, because he just Wouldn’t be

allowed To Keep Bullying/Interrupting Again

So, NBC decided to bow down to the Orange

Menace and Schedule a brand new Townhall

FOR him, at the same Time as Biden. Ahhhh

no. Do What I’m going to do. Set all my TV’s

to Channel 5, then at 6:59pm turn them ALL

over to ABC To Watch Biden & just stick it to


tRump. NBC Will Never be Forgiven for this

Inhumane $ Grab Shit Here. This Pandemic

has killed over 222,683 American’s and R’s

all do nothin. The only they did was Sully a

US Senate today Playing Partisan games for

power, Which Will ‘come back’ to Cost them

Everything. D-Sheldon Whitehouse Warned

them All. And they Didn’t Listen. Well, after

(Warned Ya)

this Election Republican’s Might never hold

real DC Power ever Again. Ooooooooooops

NOTE: D-Dianne Feinstein ‘Seals’ Her Political Career
“Thanking” Lindsey Graham After the Sham hearings
And Then, Even Afterward, Mask-less, “Hugging Him”
She, is no Longer Fit, To Hold Office. Period. And She
should step down. This’s all of what we hate about DC

Have a “Safe” day!


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Early voting has been under way for over a

month & More. And, The Numbers Are Very

(Turn out; Vote!)

staggering. Almost 10x’s the turnout from

2016. That won’t help Orange Anus. And it

is getting even higher by the day. Vote like

your Lives Depend On it, because they DO!

The Republican’s Female Scalia Had A Bad

day On the Hill. Turns Out When you are a

hired ‘Shill’ For Trump / Far Right Religious

zealots You forget ‘Stuff’ like the 5 Parts of

The 1st Amendment. Oooops. And, in What

can only be called the biggest mistake in tv

(Don’t Watch It)

History  (After Fish Police) NBC You Later

just Booked Orange Asshole to run Along

Side ‘Biden’s’ Town Hall AFTER Rump Did

the quitting. NBC won’t recover after this

NOTE: As tRump Still Holds Rally’s Infecting The Very
Voters who Need to help Elect him will all get it. Welp
fine by me. Darwin award winners without intelligence

Have a “Safe” day!


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