As COVID is still Spiking in Other States

all we see is an Orange clod spewin hate


while all his numbers sink into an abyss

This Is not time to Gloat, cheer, or even

chirp. NOW, is the “time” to get to work

Register voters, Organize & turn out the

vote like no other “election”. We have a

bunch Of ‘Armed Goons’ Roaming All of

our Cities All Unchecked. This, Can, not,

stand. Tomorrow, Barr is ‘Going’ To The

Hill to testify. It will get very ugly and it

SHOULD. He will Fuck It Up, They All Do


All of this as We Mourn the loss of a big

Civil Rights Hero, John Lewis. Where As

Orange Asshole, couldn’t be Bothered in

any way to pay respects. No matter, he

will be out on his fat ass and in jail then

NOTE: MLB Marlins just had a big COVID outbreak
For 14 Players & Coaches. Either Get A Handle On
This, Or This Short Season Will Go Bye Bye & Fast

Have a “safe” day!


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422 Million Cases & Fail…

July 24th, 2020

As we Deal With rising COVID cases all

over the Country In new areas we have


no leadership Whatsoever in the entire

Republican ‘Party’. And, The Country is

very Aware they “Suck”. And, It’ll Cost

them Everything. Good they’re Hateful

immoral “Nothings”, Doing Nothing For

our Country, as she ‘needlessly’ suffers

Good people will not Stand for this Shit

RIP: Chicago’s Own Jerry Taft Passed Away at
The Age Of 77. He, Like ‘All’ Our Metorologists
In Chicago, are Part Of Our Family. Much Love

Have a “safe” weekend!


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As COVID Rages On While we Should All Be

lead by a calm, caring, strong president, we

(Bye Bye!)

find ourselves without anyone at the top. It

truly Is ‘Something’ History Will Never Ever

forget. In fact, the fat Orange Anus Just did

The ‘Unthinkable’. He, “Cancelled” The RNC

Convention, In Jacksonville, FL. Yet He Will

still give A dumb Lying hate speech. Ughhh

No Matter, The Entire Country, Is About To

“Cancel” Him On November 3rd. And, While

he/Republican’s do nothing about Re-uppin


the ‘unemployed payment Extension’. They

are Royally Fucked here. If they don’t do it,

they will Lose this election by double Digits

If they do, By Around 7-9 points. They lose

either way ‘because’ of their Ignorance and

hateful games they’ve played with our lives

NOTE: Baseball Is BACK! And Boy, Was It Missed And
Needed. We know It can’t ‘fix’ the horrors of the world
but it can give us some joy durin these changing times
NOTE II: Armed Couple Are Finally Charged. Ha Ha ha

Have a “safe” day!


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As Actual front line workers in states where

COVID is Raging work tirelessly, we have a

(His Cure)

fat, racist Orange Fuck trying his new hand

at Fascism. It’s likely a “Distraction”, again

If he was Comin to Chicago, we have a Big

Surprise For All His Unconstitutional “Goon”

Squads. The ‘National Guard’ is Still staged

here. Oooooops. All Of This as Kayne West,

AKA ‘Nuttier Than ‘Chinese’ Chicken Salad’

was defended as “needing Mental Help” by

his Wife, “Billionaire” Kim Kartrashian. Um,

You Can Help Him NOW. You Have Billions

(“I’m crazy!”)

to Help him, start a Foundation for medical

aid for Bi-polar patients. But……that’s what

adults do. Speaking Of Non-adults. Our Fat

lying Immoral Racist POS President, seems

to Think Criminals should be “Wished Well”

Oh yeah he’s fucked. She has got him dead

NOTE: Lying Insane “Trump, Campaign Official” Get’s
Cut Off after Non-String Of Lies/Immoral Lunacy. It’s
abouttime reporters treat these frauds as they should

Have a “safe” day!


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As COVID deaths in America hit 144,458 &

Climbing; A “Republican House Speaker” in

(More to come)

Ohio was just “Arrested” For Bribery to the

Tune of 60 Million. Oooooops. Seems Larry

Householder’s now “holding” the big house

They are all ‘Criminals’ under a Fat Orange

Criminal. Speaking Of “Crimes”, FOX Noise

is in BIG legal Trouble over “Rape” & some

sexual harassment charges. Oooops. It has

ensnared: Ed Henry, Hannity & one Fucker

Carlson who sexually harassed several girls

or women. It Seems they Have ‘Nothing’ of


value to say, So It’s hate, Subjugation and

Crimes. Speaking Of That R-Ted Yoho Just

Capitol Steps “Raged” At AOC callin’ her A

“Fucking bitch”. Class act. He’s quitting his

Congressional Job, likely to lobby For More

$. What an immoral asshole. Vote them all

Out! They Hold No ‘Policies’ That You Want

RIP: Michael Brooks, Political Young Gun From The MR
(Majority Report)has passed away at 37. He brought a
Unique Light/Force to The National Conversation Along
with humor. He’ll be greatly missed. Rest well my man
NOTE: Robin Williams Birthday should Always be VERY
Celebrated. His “Life”, his ‘Work’, His pure Comedic Joy

Have a “safe” day!


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Civil Rights Icon and Hero John Lewis has passed

away. And he left a legacy of hope, justice & love


There Will be “Equality”, you will see it, you will

live it & it Will Be beautiful. He was A leader, he

was a warrior for Peace/justice & he was a Hero

He will Echo Through Time & we Are lucky to all

have had the lessons he left us with to guide us

And now, on the EXACT Opposite side of that is

the Orange Menace. His “Interview”, Was A BIG

shitshow of epic proportions. He lied, was called

out of each lie, lied again, “tried” To Change the

subject, Failed At That, then said more insane &


stupid Shit/Lies. The Biden Campaign Will have

well over 3 months of Ads From it alone. And in

these insane Times, we Have a Sitting Governor

saying Kids Should Go Back to School and when

they get COVID to just “get over it”. No asshole

Texas ICU’s are Running Out of Beds. Its so bad

NOTE: Brutal ‘Killing’, of Three Men In Florida at Fishing
Site, they always Went Too. Let All The Facts Come In &
They Will. Whoever Killed em, Knew Them & their habits
NOTE II: Republican Donor’s Panic, Over ‘Losing’ Senate
Too Late. You are ALL Attached To tRump Forever. Done

Have a “safe” day!


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“Karen”, COVID & RBG…

July 17th, 2020

As tRumps Literal Meltdown Continues, the

rest of the world is dealing with a pandemic


still. This Is hard, still happening & hurts. It

is one thing when many states who suffered

hard by Sheltering in Place Have broken the

Curve. While ‘Others’, Did NOTHING & have

undreamt of “Spikes”. And the White House

is busy ‘lying’, crying, while we are all dying

It was Enough For Chicago Mayor to call out

their ‘immoral’ Mouth Piece as a “Karen”. It

was spot on. RBG is going for another round


of Chemo. She’s so Strong she’s still working

while Doing it & Brent “Cried” when he got a

Couple Of ?’s Asked Of Him. What A Lil’ Bitch

NOTE: Hateful Hurtful Monster Tells, Homeless Man
To “Do a Backflip” for $6. The Man breaks His Spine
It’s Evil, Hateful, Hurtful & Devalues Human Life. No
NOTE II: Racist Lyncher’s Arrested. It should be ALL
Of Them! WTF?!?! Justice Denied Is No Justice At All

Have a “safe” weekend!


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Kemp, Chump & COVID…

July 16th, 2020

We have a siting governor saying that

citizens shouldn’t wear masks………

(<-Brian Kemp)

a hotbed COVID. What a clueless shit

incapable of Facts he should be taken

from office asunfit by the good voters

of Georgia. Kemp’s causing way more

spread, ignorance & putting people in

danger. This is NOT debatable. We all

must not “pretend” medical science is

now “equal” to “jibberish bullshit by a

bunch of idiots. They are not. An idiot

(Never did the test)

pulls a “gun” in Florida on people who

asked About His Mask. He is Insane &

made a “death threat”. You are seeing

the damage COVID does 2 mentally ill

people. This is no “joke”. Reality has a

way of always being Real. This’s not a

game. People Playing It’ll Fail so Badly

NOTE: The Hero Of The DAY, Is A Brother Who
Saved His Little Sister From A Vicious Dog Who
Wanted To Maul Her. Captain America thanked

Have a “safe” day!


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36% Approval & Free Fall…

July 15th, 2020

As our entire country still struggles with

the killer virus COVID19, Republicans &

(Best Mask)

tRump don’t do a Fucking thing about it

In fact, they are SO Ignorant about how

to just Wear a Mask, They’re Now doing

MORE Harm to the Entire Country When

they Open Their ignorant Mouths to Now

spread the Virus. Wear A Mask Assholes

Only 36% ofthe country approves of the

horrific “Job” Orange Fuck Isn’t doing. It


is a¬†miracle it’s even that high. Meh, the

number will Plummet to around 22% by

the time he’s done fucking us all over at

the end. His Entire Political life is in Free

fall with Biden leading by 15 points and

WIDENING. Now, it “Doesn’t Mean” One

thing Without Votes. I Quote Remember

The Titans: “Run it up Herman, leave no

doubt!”. Every Republican, Should All Be

(No Doubt)

Thrown Out of Office for what they have

done to this Country. They Are Immoral

traitors Unworthy Of Ever holding Power

NOTE: Supreme Court Justice, “Notorious RBG” is Back
And Healthy Again. You Just can’t keep a great woman
down. She Is A Beacon In A Dark Storm & very needed
NOTE II: A Racist Couple Assault Hotel Worker While It
was Clear Police Let them leave. This shit will not stand

Have a “safe” day!


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Florida Is Now A COVID hotbed of disease

They’re “Averaging” Around 10,000+ New

(<-Blind Fucker)

cases a day. A total of 4,409 citizens of fla

have Died. And because of the utter failure

of Gov. DeSantis they’ll Likely End Up With

18,000 “Dead” in Projections. Or…..maybe

worse. That’s What Happens when you got

no Leadership, Intelligence, science or any

medical Abilities (Or listen to them). As we

see Some States Failing, Orange Asshole is

now Disco Fucked In the Polls. There Is not


a single thing he can Run on & his Party of

Republican’s are Undone. Shit, they Won’t

even Attend the Convention right now and

will be a no show. Still won’t save them in

any way from Being ‘Trumper Republicans’

They all Deserve everything that is coming

NOTE: Washington Redskins Owner, Dan “I’m A Big
Fucking Prick” Snyder Will Finally Change the name
Of the Redskins…..about 7 Billion years way too late

Have a day!


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