Parents Charged & Jobs!

December 3rd, 2021

The parents of the monster who

gunned down fellow high school


students in Cold Blood charged

“They” Are Just AS Ghoulish as

their Nothing Son. In fact, they

Are ‘Charged’ With Involuntary

Manslaughter & are ‘Guilty’ AF

BUT, They, should Be ‘Charged’

With More. When You Find Out

the Parents Were Called before

about him Looking at Ammo in


class & drawin of a bullet with

horrific Words. So the Parents

Did Nothing, in Fact Laughing

With the boy. Disgusting, shit

They’re at large right now with

a BOLO Put Out on Them. Ha!

And, They are ALL Maga Hate

Of course They are! And while

they will Face Justice, the rest

(We better!)

of Us ‘See’ Nice improving job

numbers. Good, keep on goin!

NOTE: Hawaii’s now under a Blizzard Warning!
Read that again. But there’s no global warming

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

GA Wins, Roe No & Darwinism…

December 1st, 2021

Turns out a record 48 D’s

won their local races and

(Remember Us?)

flipped seats from R to D

It CAN be done, when ya

offer actual popular stuff

policy wise. Oh, speaking

of Wildly Unpopular Crap

The “R packed” Supreme

Court is eyein overturnin

Roe V Wade. Well, If you

Want To Undermine their

legitimacy tell 80% of an

entire country to fuck off

What if I ‘Told You’ About

(Lots of them!)

a Group Of Anti-Vaxxer’s

who are literally dyin’ off

Reich Wing Televangelist

Anti-Vaxx Asstoy Marcus

Lamb Has just Died from

COVID! Well no shit, it is

like someone Jumpin’ off

a roof screamin’ “Gravity

Doesn’t Exist ya Bitches!”

And Eric Metaxas (is that

a real Name?) Reichwing

lunatic has it and he also


Killed his Parents with it

“Darwinism” At its finest

NOTE: Because of Racist Hate Stoked
By Boebert & her goons, Omar is now
gettin’ more death threats daily. Shit
has Got To Stop, This isn’t Acceptable
NOTEII: The “Ghislaine Maxwell” Trial
Epsteins former pilot tells of the many
folks He Flew to Jeff: Clinton, Orange
Ass, Prince Andrew, etc. Take them all
Down! Do Not care. It is Immoral Shit

Have A “Safe” Day!

Flynn Fucked all of you turds

It seems, all the Q dopes are

(Down they go!)

suckers, chumps, rubes and

Worse. Flynn just said he Is

laughing At These Idiots for

believing his Lies. How Sick

These people are Desperate,

mentally Ill & Believe in the

abject absurd Which Is Just

ruining their Own lives. The

(<-Republican Party)

Grifters & the Idiots Are All

devourin’ themselves, good

Speaking of Shit that Needs

serious change/reform, gun

violence Is killin’ us at rates

no one Can Accept. Another

day, another school shootin

We’ve tried nothing and we


are all out of ideas. Enough

Let Us do rational Gun laws

NOTE: Ex Chief Of Staff Meadow’s Agrees
‘Cooperate’ With Jan 6th Committee, And
has produced Info/”asked for” documents
& will Be Deposed/Testify. If he Plays Any
games, Thompson’ll bring him down hard
NOTE II: Maxwell’s Trial “Begins”, And Big
names are dropping involvin both Parties
Spare No-One. Let it ALL ‘Come out’ Here

Have A “Safe” Day!

Fun Fauci, DOJ & Dorsey Done…

November 29th, 2021

The thing about attacking a

Lifelong “Intelligent” Career

(Yes ya did!)

caring Virologist like old Dr.

Fauci, do not miss; & every

Reich Winger Does. It’s like

shootin’ Air balls on Jordan

Turd Cruz, was “Mocked” &

Deserved IT all. And Ratass

Head Rand Paul, Also Got A

big fat slammin. Omicron’s

here & is Just only effectin’

(<-Turd on right)

Unvaccinated idiots. Ooops

Speaking of morons who all

Are doin’ More to End their

lives daily, Steve “I’m really

So Fucked” Bannon has the

DOJ legal team on his lying

Fat Ass. He Is Not Going to

make it out from under this

Oh, Twitter’s tweeps all Say

Buh-Bye To Jack Dorsey, &


that’s A Great thing. We All

Need New Ideas & Security

NOTE: Chris Christie’s, New “Book” Flops
Harder Than His Career. There is No Way
to Get The Orange Thing Stink Off Of you
Their Party is split 3 ways: maga, old R’s,
& the Q/Rogan turds; all 3 hate the other
NOTE II: Troubled “drunken” Democrat is
In Deeper Water, After DUI. All The Other
Kansas D’s Want Him Out & To Seek Help
RIP: Golf “legend” Lee Elder Passes Away

Have A “Safe” Day!

Black Eye Friday & Hate…

November 26th, 2021

If you want it, don’t punch

somebody for it. Go online

(Don’t hit it!)

Zing! They Are just Things

Nothing ‘more’. Things can

be “replaced”. People can’t

Be cool, be smart. And, as

we’re speaking of that, it’s

clear R’s(especially Lauren

Boebert) decided to try to

“apologize” for her racism

Nope. That is Exactly who

She IS. Can’t Just Say you

(Team Turd!)

are “Sorry”, ‘Without’ any

Sense of change. Ooooops

NOTE: Republican “Violent Lunatics” Decide
They Want War, instead Of Humanity in CA
They wanna burn it all down instead of love
RIP: Steven Sondheim song Writing Master

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

Happy T-Day, Get Stuffed!

November 25th, 2021

Hope that all of you & yours

have a wonderful day. Make

(Gobble til ya wobble)

it a blast cause we Got a lot

to be thankful for like loose

Sweat Pants. ZING! And, IF

anyone wants 2 talk politics

keep it Civil. Measured tone

And remember this gem: “A

Person Is Always Entitled to

Their Own Opinion, But, Not

(Stop yelling!)

their Own Facts”. Smile And

take a Big Sip, And defuse it

NOTE: The my pillow failure figures his soon
to Be lost lawsuit isn’t Enough shame so, he
decides to Fuckup his Own Stupid event. Ha

Have a “Safe” Gobble Gobble Day!

Guilty on Almost All Charges

Justice stands tall today and

(<-Racist killers)

this is a strong day for lawful

court decisions. While We All

celebrate This and Our entire

Legal system, We have much

work To Still Do Ensuring We

have Justice for ALL (Cough)

‘Kenosha Judge’. And This Is

VERY ‘Important’. A Majority

White Jury, Served Justice &

we must remember this. Not

(Yes it is!)

turn to hate but facts. These

other Events Of GBI seeking

out The ‘Obvious’ Corruption

in the System were vital! We

Will All Build ‘A More Perfect’

Union, Only Together! Oh, &

Speaking Of “Horrible” Legal

consequences All the Rumps

are all in dire straights along

with most grifters around “it”


The “Orange Thing” Will Also

face Dire legal consequences

NOTE: “Smash & Grab” Criminals, Can NOT
Be Allowed to Continue. No more. We need
severe Legal & Dire Consequences for all of
these Crimes. Fullest Extent of the law now
NOTE II: The Economy’s boomin’ At a level
never seen in 52 Years. Keep it goin’ for all

Have A “Safe” Day!

The Abuser, Cruiser & Loser…

November 23rd, 2021

A loud lying maga chode has

Withdrawn, From his Senate

(Turds of a feather)

Race Because He “Physically”

abused his entire family. Uh,

what a disgusting monster &

of course Orange Anus loved

him/endorsed him. All these

fat “cretins” are Going Down

at Light speed; By their Own

criminal hands. And while it

is happening, Biden is trying

to Get the Economy on track

(“I got this”)

His Supply Chain efforts Are

praised by the WalMart CEO

Doug McMillon. Ooooooops!

Ah an economy isn’t political

It is simply “Economic Math”

Oh & speakin’ of fat partisan

Criminals. Alex Jones Is now

Legally even more fucked in

every Possible Way Than He

was before. And doing every

thing he can to bury himself


With Every, incriminating Lie

They, are, all, so, fucked. Ha

NOTE: Another Anti-Vaxxer, Bruce Boros Gets
COVID. These ‘Morons’ Are Killing Themselves
with each passing day. Your life, your call bye!

Have A “Safe” Day!

A monster drove an SUV thru

a fun happy Xmas parade on


Saturday, Killing 5 & Injuring

40 others. I’m sick Utterly so

sick Inside that Evil like this’s

on this “Planet”. This Can not

stand. We have a dire mental

health crisis in The country &

must directly fact It. Speakin’

of “Dire”, Some Good folks At


Fox Noise just Quit In protest

of incitin White Supremacists

Wow! Make No ‘Mistake’ Here

They see all sick violence and

likely legal damage All comin’

This is Their warning To All of

them. Oooops. And Finally we

See Direct, Indisputable Legal

evidence, That Orange Things

(R Terrorists)

WH “Coordinated” with all of

the terrorists. They, all, done

NOTE: The Only Un-Civil War Coming Is
to the Republican party. The orange ass
Party & The Pence Party. Split That vote!
RIP: To Comedy Writer /Actor SNL Peter
Aykroyd dies At 66 his Java Junkie short
was amazin. What a talented funny man

Have A “Safe” Day!

FliBluster, Fixed & Bill Passed!

November 19th, 2021

What’s White, Loudly Lies &

hates Democracy more with

(<-Turd Parade)

each passing day? Why that

would Be The “Republicans”

Kevin decided to spew utter

lunacy hate/lies For no real

Reason, because They Offer

No Actual Policies To Enact

Rittenhouse Trial Was fixed

(Yes indeed)

From The start & a Murder

Was Acquitted. And All the

Reactions, From Almost All

the Republicans on The far

right Are Envokin’ & Stokin

hate. The worlds all moved

past Them & all Their Hate


And, the Infrastructure Bill

Passed. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees

NOTE: The Ahmaud Arbery Defendant Asks
For A Plea Deal & Its rejected. Oooooooops

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

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