NRA Down & WAR-ren Peace…

June 26th, 2019

The NRA-TV is No More On-line. It was Never a

solid “Business” model. It was about sellin guns


and letting people kill/hurt/wound people. This

is Nice, but not NEARLY what’s required legally

They’re not only hurting but society is correctly

judged them as ONLY about profit over lives, &

it ends them. Elizabeth Warren will light up the

night Tonight. Not with Lies, Bravdo or Bullshit

It will be with Policy facts That all citizens want

That’s A BIG DEAL. Sh will let The Country SEE

(Look out!)

exactly who She is. And, That will be a powerful

moment. Pure, Honest, Connecting And So RAW

Have a day!


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The Head Of The US Customs & Boarder Patrol

just QUIT. As if Somehow, legally speaking it’ll

(<-Inhuman fucks)

stop the Very Real Legal Consequences coming

their Way From The Courts Shortly. This Where

racist hate “Violates” our laws, humanity and in

most cases have Broken the Law from the 1997

Flores Vs Reno Settlement Case. This placed an

obvious set of Legal rules for detainin’ minors &

they Have Violated Almost ALL of Them. This is

not some guessin’ game here with peoples lives

Especially children. As if Republicans even Care

about “brown” children at all. They, just, do not


But the Company Wayfair, who Is supplying the

shoddy Bedding Mats Sure as Shit does. Well, it

really is their “EMPLOYEE’S” who care enough to

“walk out” when their CEO said they will still go

sell them to Clint, TX. The walkout’s set for 1pm

tomorrow. Ooooooooooooops. Well Done Hero’s!

NOTE: R-Duncan Hunter, Is Already ‘Indicted’ & Should
Be Out Of Office for Using Campaign $ On Five, yes five
other Women He was Fucking besides his wife. Oh & his
Wife Is Taking the Stand Against Him. Oooooooooooops

Have a day!


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There is no Legal, moral, or Security Argument

for Keeping people in Cages indefinitely. And it


is Clear, Our Courts and Judges will not let this

illegal lunacy stand. It got so bad a panel all of

three Judges Grilled this Imbecilic Government

lawyer named Sarah Fabian. This is all required

viewing; & it ‘clearly’ states these monsters are

not only In Violation Of The Courts, but of Their

own “Agreement”. She gets legally destroyed at

Around 24 Minutes, Into This “Depantsing”. She

had no Legal Argument to actually make. And It

is clear, These are kinda “Concentration Camps”

(Sarah Fail)

It was a shameful display. She tried to claim that

“Those things may be Part of A Sanitary Place (A

tooth-brush, soap, a blanket, Etc)”. Not “May be”

the judges clearly stated they ARE. This evil, sick

abhorrent Environment Shouldn’t Exist at All and

History Will Judge these immoral Monsters Harsh

Have a day!


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This is a great Moment. Not just for humanity

but for Actually Speaking With one another, &


how will Listen. This isn’t about Conflating any

discussions. This, Is About Having THIS One &

doing It Thoughtfully so We all understand it &

have a voice. Watch/listen to this, and enjoy it

Have a weekend!


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Will Americans, ‘Really’ Trump And Bolton,

start a “War” with Iran about them shootin

(We Know)

down one of our drones?!?! Trump, no. But

Bolton, hells to the yes! Forget that you can

not do that legally speaking. Congress must

declare war. They will try to Skirt that legal

issue With “Incursions” Or “Operations”. Ah

no. That, Is “Starting A War”. No More Iraq

shit again. Speaking of Fat people making a

horribly evil/hateful/Bad Decision. It seems

Alex Jones is Now about To Get His “LEGAL”

comeuppance. I told Ya Here that all of this

(Bye Asshole!)

would Happen. And now All of his lies, Hate

& lunatic Yelling Non-Sense, Have Cost Him

everything. Not only is he “clearly” mentally

insane. The “Damage” he has caused others

is SO terrible, he will be paying for that also

NOTE: Republican & Suspected Groping Pedo Fraud
Roy Moore Is Going to Try For The Senate AGAIN &
This time Around He Wants More “Personal Contact”
WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
NOTE II: Biden Won’t Apologize For Working With A
Group Of Segregationists to get Things done. And it
Clearly Is A Disconnect For Biden. This Will Hurt him

Have a day!


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No “Hope” For Hicks…

June 19th, 2019

In Today’s “DC Bullshit Fest 2019” Hope Hicks

said NOTHING. Her “Legal” Objected at every


question at every turn. Dems best get their ass

in Gear. This Silly ‘Kangaroo Court Stuff’ Is Not

what they are in Power for. Checks & balances,

accountability, Upholding the Law and JUSTICE

If they keep playing political games it costs em

And, While Trumps 2020 Campaign Launch For

2020 told 1 lie for every 5 min. It was Lil’ more

Than A 2016 “Great Hits”. If That Is His “Entire”

“Plan” Ohhhh shitballs he’s gonna get Trounced

by A vertical Vending Machine. He is Trying His

(The Sadness)

“Populist Message” but Governing like the sick

muck of his Swamp. HE/They ARE the Swamp

The main note is stoking Hate Against “Others”

And LBJ Already Explained this Con man Trick

Bashing Clinton, lying & Being Racist won’t Get

him re-elected. Not of the Dems don’t fuck this

up….which they are sadly pretty Damn good at

NOTE: Cubs VS. Sox series Under Way. In Game One The
Sox Win. Game Two Is Tonight. Let’s get a South Side win
NOTE II: the Republican Loving Orlando Sentinel not ONLY
Didn’t “Endorse” Trump, They Un-Endorsed Him Saying In
Very Clear Words “The Corruption, And Especially the Lies”
And, At The Rally, A Trump MAGA Guy, Slapped A Orlando
Sentinel Reporters Phone Camera, Away From Them, Now
Causing Battery Charges, Against The Idiot Jack-ass Fucko

Have a day!


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Things, are not going well for Mitch McConnell

And we will Not Be Re-elected. I’m Calling this


here 1st. the reason?! Their fake Patriotism is

now fully seen as the “sham” is always was &

always will be. They wrap themselves in a flag

Only to SHIT on Everything & everyone that It

represents. And, I Mean “EVERYTHING”. In not

properly “Funding” 9/11 victims who are dying

daily. Any “Opponent” Would now Win on that

fact alone. Beside his immoral Partisan Fucker

evil nature. Speaking if immoral partisan prick

(<-Criminal shit!)

fuckers?!?! AG Barr’s Now Obstructing justice

YET AGAIN. They are now, Solely For Partisan

reasons. This Shit Legally will not EVER stand!

NOTE: Right Now The Me Too Movement Appears To
Have Called Out Filmmaker Max Landis. And, If True,
He Should Be Investigated & If He Did it, So Charged

Have a day!


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For Orange Idiot, even Fox Turns On Him

Well, I say “Turns”, but it’s really more of

(“He fucked”)

“Pointing out legal Reality”. When the Fat

orange asshole gets called out by Fox and

Frauds; the end’s near. Shep Smith and 1

Judge Have Ended This “Thing”. And I DO

mean totally legally called him out. Ha ha

And as that happened on Friday, a fucked

up interview where Trump made so many

Mistake Played Out, Like Frost VS Nixon X

30 Billion. George Stephanopoulos, “Tore!”

Orange Douchecisle A new asshole. And it

(Unstable Genius)

was a Painful as it Was Gross with the lies

& Outright Insane claims. Aside From Him

lying, About “WHAT” Mueller Actually Said

about him/His Report he didn’t Read, then

to top it all off. It was a ratings Flop. Yeah

you Read that Right. He is All Undone Now

NOTE: Trump Fires Pollster For Telling Him The Truth
About His Polls For His 2020 Re-Election. Yep, SHOOT
The Messenger is what Lunatics always do, always Lie

Have a day!


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While Orange Fuckstick was on national TV

openly Admitting He Will Violate Campaign

(“I criminal”)

Finance Law, the “Logan Act”, Emoluments

Clause, CRA of 2002 & many more in sayin

he would accept election dirt from a foreign

hostel government with “I’d take it” his lyin

machine known as Sarah Sanders suckabee

will leave At the End Of This Month. Oh the

lies she Told, Sold, Rolled & doled. All in all

no one On This Planet Will Miss her & she’ll

have No Career After This. GOOD! All these

Immoral Asshole Monsters Deserve this Big

(<-“The Exit?!?!”)

Karma Bomb, Exploding In Their Idiot Laps

And as their whole House of Cards Tumbles

Down, Kelly CONway is Now “Busted” for a

clear Violation of the Hatch Act. Ooooooops

Have a day!


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Now, AG Barr & Wilbur Ross were just Held

in Contempt of Congress so what does that


that mean?!?! It Means a “Formal” charges

AGAIN for An “Administration” who are ALL

legally fucked. That is what It Really means

And as Hope Hicks Finally agrees to Testify,

which Means they All See It Coming now at

this point. Those is Obstruct, will face these

grave legal consequences. Speakin of grave

consequences…we are at the 3 year mark to

(No shit!)

this Date, of the ‘Pulse Night Club Shooting’

And Since that Day, & the Countless Others

that lay Ahead from Horrific “Gun Violence”

Not a SINGLE Thing Has been Done Yet On

This Matter. New Zealand Has One, & They

Pass laws Banning Assault Weapons Within

the Fucking WEEK. And has there been any

attacks since March 15th? No, there has not

And in their “Countries history”, there Have

(No shit)

Just Been Four Mass Shooting killing Five Or

more people. FOUR; we get That in 9 weeks

NOTE: Orange Asshole Polling At Just 41% Tells The World
Even GOT’s season 8 & Shaq’s FT% are 10-14 points better

Have a day!


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