Articles Pass, Tories Big Win…

December 13th, 2019

The two Articles Of Impeachment have passed

The House Judiciary Committee. This Is A BIG

(“Ya lost”)

Moment, In United States History. It Passed A

party line vote that is historically amazing. It’ll

go Down in History As “Republican’s ignored a

criminal President”. This “Stain” Can Never Be

lifted. And as this now heads to the floor of the

House next week for debate (Will be quick) we

see Rudy G Visiting Rump which will Surely be

a Bad Omen. And Mitch/Trump Are “Trying” To

stack The Deck in The Senate saying THEY are

totally in “charge” of the entire process. Ahem,

no. 51 Senators are; and at Least 23 are up for

(UK Voting Map)

Re-Election. Goooooood luck. You will  need it

(Rudy Might be arrested soon now since all his
pals are now flight risks due to Russian money)

And the UK Voted yesterday for Boris & Tories

Massively! Well, you Will get some form of the

Brexit Debacle. It won’t be what you want and

it Will Sadly Break You in Two. Just Know That

You Were All Warned About This, NON-STOP &

don’t Pretend When It’s Shoddy/Fails. Ya did it

Have a weekend!


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The Republican “Shit Show”…

December 12th, 2019

As History is being made in Congress “Marking Up”

the Articles Of Impeachment the entire Republican

(“Oh shit”)

Party is melting down in real time. They don’t have

a Defense. They do got lots of partisan propaganda

lies, Smears/Hate, Fallacies & conspiracy. They do

Not, Fucking Care. The Only Message Republicans’ll

get; VOTE THEM OUT!!! Until then, they Will Ally or

cheat, or be Bought by any criminal who pays them

Holy fuck! Not One, Single, Thing, That Republicans

have Said All Day, Is REMOTELY True. Start Calling

this exactly what is: LYING. This is disgustingly Evil


shit and They Must ALL be Held Accountable at the

ballot box. And how Bad did it get? Where Florida’s

Matt Gaetz tried to “Distract” by changing the topic

from Trump To “Hunter Biden”. THAT’S their Entire

plan. Distract from Trumps overt “Unlawful actions”

Well it didn’t work; and this will get worse for them

ALL The Polls Are Widening Now. And News Papers

are callin’ for Trump to be Impeached. Oooooooops

NOTE: And While This Is All Going Down, Orange Asshole
Attacks Times Person of the Year Greta Thunberg. Ha Ha
What An Insufferable Asshole. He is getting Impeached &
That, Is Destroying him Far Worse Then You Can Imagine
Tomorrow: UK Election Results, at This Moment right now
It Looks Bleak For Labor. Count Every Vote Until The Last
Right Now, The UK Elected Boris In Charge. Ohhhhhh boy!

Have a day!


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UK Elections & Danger Looms…

December 11th, 2019

Ad the United Kingdom Votes today for Their

General Election to actually have people who

(“I’m fucked!”)

represent Them; the Tory’s are In deep shit

Their lead In Polling Massively narrowed. In

fact, if Turnout is High today, it will be razor

thin. Which Means, Based On This Model We

can NOT rule Out A “Hung” Parliament. That

is serious. It only happens/matters If you all

VOTE. The Good People of the UK, will select

their Government. What They Pick will Effect

them for the Next 60 Years. You Best choose

wisely. And as this Is Happening, The Senate

(Ya done!)

held hearin’s today about an IG report. The

biggest Problem For Trump/ Cabinet/ House

Republicans is statin’ that “Ukraine did NOT

meddle in The ’16 election“, “There Was no

BIAS to the start of the Russia Investigation

in ANY way”, “There was NO Wiretapping of

ANY Kind Of Trump / Trump Tower!”. These

are ALL Damning. And worse yet, Barr & the

other partisan Clown Durham Tried to HURT

IG Report Maker, Horowitz. It ALL Backfired

(We know)

Then, there were your “other”, “Harder right”

Mike Lee Trumpers, Blathering away Lying &

saying Partisan Propaganda that Was NOT In

the report. Geeez, they’re all in Deep Trouble

NOTE: The Two Evil Nothings, Who Senselessly Killed
6 People In Jersey City “targeted” a Jewish store And
You Can Bet All the Facts will come out. Always does
NOTE II: Turtle McConnell ‘floats’ a FAST Senate trial
With No Witnesses. Meaning, They Would Be At Odds
With Trump/ Trumper’s To Blow Out The Trial. And It
Indicates, a “Fix” May Be In Which Would PISS Off all
Voters Taking It Out On Republicans at the Ballot Box

Have a day!


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MORE Shootings & 2 Articles…

December 10th, 2019

Another day, another senseless mass shooting

AGAIN. Yes, we have Tried Nothing & we’re all

(We know)

out of ideas. One Police Officer was murdered

& 3 bystanders; a total of 6 people were killed

AGAIN. The Shootout lasted over 4 hours and

at least 3 locations. This Is Pure Evil. And, yet

again we ALL Deal With This Lunacy THAT NO

other Country Does. Why? $, pure and simple

This all After the Pensacola FLA Shooting and

that was just as Evil/Horrible. He was a Saudi

National Who Killed 3, & injured 8 Before One

(We know)

deputy Shot Him Dead. Motive is Unknown at

this Moment, But We BEST Find Out Just why

And while We Deal with this Horror, there are

2 Articles of Impeachment that will “Proceed”

forward. Republicans Are in Realistic Panic, &

they should be; this ends very badly for them

NOTE: Pompeo “Standing” RIGHT NEXT TOO Russian
Foreign Minster Sergey Lavrov Lets Him ‘USE’ ALL of
Our Presidency, Power & PR to Spew Propaganda lies
THIS Is as “Serious” AS this shit Gets. Holy Fuckballs
You Don’t ALLOW Them To Play Games With all of us

Have a day!


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The FBI’s ‘Russia Probe’ has been Fully

exonerated by an ‘IG Report’. This is A

(We Know)

Massive Blow To Trump/His Followers

who shout debunked “deep state” bull

shit lunacy lies. And It gets way worse

from here. During this house Judiciary

committee today; the two legal people

who Questioned the Witnesses in their

other Setting of The House Intelligence

Committee. Castor looked Confused, &

even ‘Selectively Took Control’ of these

(Bring it!)

proceedin’s away from A female lawyer

speaking longer for Her/Over Her. This

hearing today was devastatin’ for every

Single Republican, In Office, & America

They had No Defense of the facts about

Trumps Unconstitutional Actions. They

showed no facts, no proof & no defense

They did have Plenty of Fallacies, lies &

conjecture. Everything, From Shoot The

(Collins is fucked)

Messenger, to ‘Ad Hominem’, To Straw

Man. Rep Collins looked like a Jabberin’

jackass “unworthy” of office. All of The

defining Moments’ll never be Forgotten

Republicans Have All Ended their Party

Have a day!


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That’s it. Donald J. Trump is going to be

Impeached. Nancy Pelosi just made that

(“One more ?”)

clear today. We don’t know yet if he will

be “Removed”. That will be up to the US

Senate. And With 23 of Those R’s All up

for Re-election, they’re Fucked with any

Vote They Cast. As Mitt, & Lindsay Both,

are ‘Breaking’ With Trumpites about the

“debunked” Ukraine “Meddling” Russian

Propaganda (Barr Was Just Told By The

IG as well); Pelosi Shut down a reporter


who tried Partisan Dumb-fuckery today

Like A BOSS. The Douche from Sinclair

asked “Do you hate Trump?!”. She said:

“I don’t hate Anyone. I was Raised in a way that is
a heart full of love & always pray for the president
And I still pray for The President. I pray for (Him)
all the time. So don’t mess with me when it comes
to words like that”(then steely walked out to work)


She & ALL leaders in Office aren’t fuckin’

around here. It is Deadly serious. And in

Republicans not remotely graspin’ this &

citizens all moving to Impeach & remove

GOP’er all find Themselves in some deep,

dark, cold waters, sinking fast. Oooooops

Have a day!


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Another Day, another Indefensible pile of

Un-American “Bullshit” From Republicans

(“Wait, stop!”)

There were 3 constitutional experts and 1

“Here, Is My Unverified Incorrect Opinion”

in Jonathan Turley. Oh boy you know shit

is VERY ‘Bad’ For Republicans floundering

when TWO FOX Legal Experts just Stated

“Turley Is Simply WRONG!”. Wow. And, it

got Worse. Yep you Read that Correctly &

1 Professor Pamela Karlan, came In like a

Hammer. Thor’s Hammer. And, Struck At


the very Heart Of R-Rep Doug Collins and

their Disgustingly Immoral “Partisan Lies”

defense. They are playin’ games. And this

is as SERIOUS as it gets. It, Is SO Clearly

over. In the next days & months it will get

worse. And Historically, Republicans really

deserve Everything coming their way. And

there Will Be ‘NO RECOVERY’ from all of it

(Ya, done!)

And as ALL of this Is Occurring. Rudy G is

still openly CRIMING in Ukraine. Ooooops

NOTE: Trump Runs From The NATO Summit In A
Huff After Being Mocked By World Leaders. Ha Ha
The Child will yell Louder Daily until He’s removed

Have a day!


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As the walls are Crumbling all around Republicans,

Trump, Rudy, Pence, Barr, Mulvaney, Pompeo and


more….Devin Nunes is now in DIRE legal Jeopardy

They have Extensive Phone Records showing us all

that both HE & Rudy were in constant contact with

Lev Parnas about the Biden Dirt. They’re, All going

down. Every single one of them. A Damning report

detailing the Impeachment findings up to date just

landed loudly. And so Now, the ‘Entire’ Republican

Non-Defense is the Costanza “Just remember….it’s

(Oh shit!)

not a lie; If you believe it” Bullshit. This is Going to

get historically insanely worse, Where Republicans

are ending their Careers live on TV with fallacies, a

‘slew’ Of Russian Propaganda, Or FOX Conspiracies

unfit for a grade school playground. Democrats will

walk down every lie/fallacy with facts and correctly

state these Republicans are all violating their Oaths

(Yes, it is)

Of Office. This’ll Cost Jobs, Lives, Freedom & much

more. The R’s Here are Done. Tick, tock, tick, tock

NOTE: Kamala Harris Has Ended Her Democratic Presidential
Race. And Yet Mike “Alf Landon 2.0” stays In the race. What
A Sad Day. Really Liked her and I hope she continues service
NOTE II: Mitt Romney Clearly States any ‘Conspiracy Bullshit’
In the Senate, will not Fly. Russia “Attacked Us”, not Ukraine

Have a day!


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Hope your Turkey Day was “Gobble-Static”!

I was doing “shots” of Gravy. Was that bad?


The White House will not participate In the

Impeachment Due Process. And, the Entire

world Already knew they Wouldn’t. They’ve

only OBSTRUCTED the Entire Time. And so,

why have they?!? Well, after all the facts’ve

been openly explained from witnesses there

is NO DEFENSE. Just Lie, Use Their Russian

Propaganda & Try “Partisan Conspiracy BS”

The house Intelligence Committee did want

(No D!)

their Participation. The fact that not even a

lawyer will “show up” on Trump behalf tells

you Even THEY know they’re fucked. And it

will Cost Them Everything. Republicans are

now trapped in A Political guillotine of their

own Making, And it couldn’t have happened

to bigger immoral frauds. See, if the Senate

doesn’t Impeach/Violates The Rules, They’ll


lose their Seats. And if they Vote ‘Yes’ due to

the Overwhelming Facts/Evidence, They Lose

their Seat. They Are literally Trapped in Their

own Morton’s Fork Fallacy…it’s delicious Irony

NOTE: More Trump Tariffs Cripple American Farmers
And His “Easy To Win” War Is KILLING Them All Fast
NOTE II: Republican Duncan Hunter pleads guilty he
Is an Immoral Fucking Criminal Asshole Enjoy Prison!

Have a day!


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It’s good to be back in the saddle…said no

one with Hemorrhoids…Ever. Zing! I kid, I

(Oh no!)

joke. But wow, lot’s happened Since I was

away. Two “Other People” Testified in this

Impeachment inquiry. Dr. Hill and Holmes

Devastated Trumpy/Pompeo/Barr/The R’s

There is No Return from this. And in all of

this Damning News; it seems Republicans

are Actually INVOLVED In All The Ukraine

crimes. Devin Nunes “Went” to meet their

former Corrupt Prosecutor Shokin. Ooops

(“Wait, wha?”)

He & Other Republicans Are all in Deepshit

And so as all this “Shit” Is covering the fan

Blades, ‘White House Lawyer’ Don McGahn

was ordered by a judge to testify. Whoops

John Cougar’s Song really rings true today:

“When the walls……..come tumblin’ down
When the walls come crumblin’, crumblin’
When the walls come tumblin’, tumblin’ Down”

NOTE: The 2nd Phase Of The Impeachment Process
Is Scheduled For December 4th, And It’s With Jerry
Nadler’s House Intelligence Committee Oooooooops

Have a day!


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