CNN is now Accepting they Shit

the Bed lettin’ TFG on, doing so

(“You’re fired!”)

Factually Unchecked. So Licht’s

gone Boom! Guess it’s not such

a good idea to Let a Treasonous

Fat ‘Criminal’ insurrectionist ass

hole spew non-stop propaganda

It Is Much More Than That. This

guy wanted to ‘create news’ and


highlight Lying Reich Wing Liars

It’s Disgusting stuff and Ratings

Plummeted. Speaking of Falling

TFG’s not Only legally F’ed, he’s

Decimated, undone, Washed up

There’s no way he doesn’t die in

jail will All of These Overt Grand


Juries “Impaneled”…..& all THAT

means, it’s all over but the cryin

NOTE: ‘Clarence Thomas’ & Alito Are ‘Two’ Republican
Supreme Court judges trying to delay illegal “financial
disclosures”. They’re stalling. And This is Insanely evil
It’s also “ended” any integrity left on this tainted court

Have A Day!

Republican’s don’t stand for anything

In fact, they not only lost their “Debt

(Ding ding ding!)

Ceiling Bullshit Game”, they got nada

From It. Nada. And Biden / His “Inner”

Circle / Political allies won big. And so

did “poor / Middle Class” Americans in

Every Way. Republican’s=All Games &

0 policy substance. Speaking of 0 and


those are the Chances of TFG Getting

Away from the damning DOJ charges

Coming Shortly. Oh, He Is SO Legally

F’ed, he is Gonna Die in Jail. Yes, you

read that correctly. When his Lawyers

(Who Will ‘Quit’ shortly Without Being

Paid) Asked To “Meet” With DOJ, Over


the incomin’ Charges; they’re all very

Undone legally speaking. Ha ha ha ha

NOTE: Judge Rules Against Florida ‘Trans Hate’ Bill For Medical
care. The Judge, like MOST All of society understands This shit

Have A Day!

Panic, Manic & Titanic…

May 25th, 2023

While TFG see’s the jail cell in

His fat Criminal future, All his


panic is Obvious. It’s too Little

way too late; every legal mind

see’s it. And so does “It”. They

‘Deserve’ Every Criminal illegal

charge coming. ALL OF IT kids

And when Republican’s / GQP’s

(<-Tap it)

are In Manic Mode, they really

all should Be in Titanic “Mode”

But they’re not….just yet. Ohh

they will be. Dumbestantis has

launched his “Let Me split The

R Vote” campaign with a Loud

Wet Fart. Elon & He are trying


the 2015 Trump Playbook. It’s

2023. BUZZ. Over. Good; Bye!

NOTE: DeSantis/Musk ‘Super’ Presidential ‘Mega’ Flop
Happened Last night on Nazi Twitter. Ha Ha Ha ha ha
RIP: Queen Tina Turner Has passed away after a long
Fight with illness. She was the Queen Bee of all music

Have A Day!

Another day, Another loss we

all already knew for failed ass


Clown Kari Lake. She, And All

who keep “denying” objective

reality; will all keep on losing

And Jack Smith/DOJs coming

for the Fat Man & nowhere to

run now. They’re looking into

all his Foreign Financial Deals


with Saudi/Putin/Turkey and

more. Oh, he’s soooo fucked

Also This “Entire” Republican

left are Trying to “Pretend” It

Didn’t Bend Over For TFG for

7 years+. As more “lemmin’s”

line Up to Jump off the Cliff it

is Clear they can’t win with ‘it’

(“We F’ed!”)

& Can’t Without “it”. A Prison

by their own Immoral making

NOTE: Trump NYC “Hush Money Trial”, Begins On
March 25th, 2024. Save the date. heck he’ll likely
already be Jailed By Then from other Indictments

Have A Day!

We only have two national political

Party’s in America Today. They Are


Democrats, & Independents. That’s

it. While R’s/GQP’ers all attempt to

crash the US Economy playing silly

Terrorist Style ‘Negotiating Games’

With The Debt Ceiling; The Rest of

Nation Grasps They’ve Raised It In

EVERY R Administration. They Are

the ONLY Party Who Does this Shit

(<-Literal Terrorists)

And it won’t work. For you see the

14th Amendment forces Us To Pay

Our Bills/Debt. Biden Can use this

but likely will not. And should any

Default Occur; Our Country will all

Squarely……”Blame” REPUBLICANS

for it. So R’s/GQP’ers Are Boxed in

here as with all of this; it’s called a

(Find out!)

“Morton’s Fork fallacy”. They Can’t

win no matter what they do Ha ha

NOTE: Putin Getting Desperate As He Lost His War, & Pivots To
His last Ditch Try to directly support TFG using the exact same
Talking Points. Holy Shit! A Communist Dictator criminal is now
openly supporting him. R’s are officially all the party of Treason

Have A Day!

In elections last night across the

Country; Democratic Candidates


Did AMAZINGLY Well. In Fact, It

was the Kinda Night that Should

terrify Republican’s. But It won’t

They’re “All in” on Racist Fascist

hate & Tax Cuts. That’s about it

TFG attached em ALL to Jan 6th

(No Shit!)

forever/lies About Our Elections

Not a winning plan for all Voters

There’s nowhere 2 go from here

Every Republican Is Locked Into

a Losing Room Loop forever and

it’ll Never End until they Change


Which is never gonna happen so

they are ALL Electorally Finished

NOTE: 221 Republican’s Vote, ‘Avoiding’ To Expel George
“I’m A Criminal” Santos. They Moved it To Ethics. Where
It will Stall for just another vote for Kevin. What assholes

Have A Day!

Rudy is now in the “Finding Out”

Phase Of Things. He & others all

deserve Everything Coming now

Rudy Was just Sued by A former

worker for Sexual Assault to the

tune of “$10 Million”. And it gets

WORSE. He Was “Trying To Sell”

“Trump Pardons”….For $2 Million

a piece. Ha ha ha ha what idiots

(<-“All Criming”)

With Election Denier R’s, Yelling

insane Batshitcrazy lies, all The

Other Folks In GQP, Are Now In

a State Of Threatenin Others &

Calling For Violence. Ummm NO

Not acceptable. Aside from it all


Being Illegal; it Makes Them So

unfit for Any Legal office/Power

NOTE: Bullshit Boebert just filed for divorce from her
Husband Of 20 Years. Had Her 1st Kid at 18. And, IT
is always the “Family First” Crowd who fail/Unfaithful

Have A Day!

The Entire Republican Party Isn’t

a national party any more No sir


Its a fringe hate group filled with

Domestic Terrorists, Nazi’s & big

Violent Bigots. That’s About It, &

Nothing Changing Anytime Soon

A Man ‘attacked’ one Democratic

Reps Office Today with a bat. He


came in, asked Where he was &

hit two workers. WTF?!?! This is

Domestic Terrorism, Period And

is unacceptable in fact all of the

Republican’s left, have given up

on Ever Governing. They’re Just

(We Know)

Literally Making Biden lies/Hate

that’s easily “debunked” quickly

NOTE: Durham Report ‘Proves’ It Was The Political
Sham it always Was. No charges & exonerates FBI,
Hilary & ‘Mueller’. TFG Conspired with Russia. Over
And he Wasted $ & got NO Convictions all Partisan

Have A Day!

Moms don’t just Get One Day

each Year. They get the other


364 Days. Without Moms We

have A Shitty World, Without

kids not made in labs I might

add. And also there’s no GQP

Party anymore. It’s just a pile

of Criminal Fascist racist liars

(We know)

And Down, down, They all go

Which Jail they land we don’t

yet Know Oooooooooooooops

NOTE: After CNN’s & TFG’s ‘Shit Show’, That No One
Watched, looks like he’s Legally In more trouble. Ha

Have A Weekend!

The DOJ Has Arrested & Indicted

R-George “fraud” Santos. He has


now been charged with 13 counts

-Campaign Finance Fraud
-Wire or “Banking” Fraud
-Theft Of “Public Funds”
-Illegal Money Laundering
-Making False Statements

And many Others. Read them All

right here. He is just A way More

Criminal Version of R- Aaron ‘the

Liar’ Schock Of ‘Peoria’, IL IN ’15

(Bye bye!)

So busted. There is no Escape or

way to Undo the Irreparable Shit

stain on the Republican party tfg

left. None. It’s NOT that They do

Not ‘LOVE’ TFG, They All Do And

That Ruined Their entire, Bullshit

Party. See they all Know he can’t

(Coming soon!)

ever get elected again but simply

has them locked in a losing Room

NOTE: UK ‘Elections’ Bounce Corrupt Tories Who
Trashed the Economy Paving way for Labor to go
clean Up Their Mess. Just like America. Think we
would learn by now. Tories/R’s only favor the top
3%, Ruin the Economy, commit crimes and all lie
Elections have consequences. So do criminal acts

Have A Day!

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