CPAC-Cruel Pricks Acting Crazy…

February 26th, 2021

It’s Fry-day Bitches! That Means During

COVID time, Pick Up Some Fry’s Where


ever you Can. COVID Rates Are “Falling”

Even one more death is Unacceptable to

us. You know, Rational people who Care

About Other Humans. Oh & Speaking of

irrational people Who DON’T Care about

Other Humans; it’s CPAC Week. No, it’s

not some New Hip Treatment for people

Who Want To “Quit” Smoking. It Stands

For- Crazy Prick Assholes Cunts. Too On

the Nose?! When you See what they say

(We know)

or spew. It’s Rather Spot on. Cruz is the

slimy slug, A ‘Golden Calf‘ & when even

the Hosts Beg The Monster They Helped

create to ‘Stop’; shit’s gone Sideways &

fast. Their Entire Event is A Hate Fueled

Racist Political Version of Comic-Con for

a Bunch Of Old fat diabetic white people

NOTE: And, In “Well Duh?!” News The Report Of
washington post journalist Jamal Khashoggi just
Confirmed he was killed by bin Salman. No SHIT
NOTE II: US Air-Strike In Syria, Directly Targets
Iranian backed Militia seeking to destabilize area

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

Got His Taxes & Buh-Bye!

February 25th, 2021

There Have Been, 50 Million COVID

vaccination Shots So far. That is so


amazingly great to hear. We Got a

LOT more work Ahead. And…….we

Have That “Things” Taxes In Hand

BOOM! That’s All folks. He And his

entire Crime Family are So Fucked

They Are Likely All Getting Thrown

UNDER The Jail, At This Point. And,

their entire party might be followin

in their footsteps. Their entire ugly

party left only are hate, ignorance

(So Long!)

& Active positions Against Citizens

who ‘Need’ Help/Aid. This Doesn’t

end Well for them. In fact, there’s

no policy/governing they even can

do Now. Just Trolling & racist hate

R’s dying off with each passin’ day

NOTE: Texas’s Deregulated Power Grid Has
Not Only Failed Texans; The New ‘Whopper’
Bills Have Caused A Panic. It, is just “Fraud”

Have A “Safe” Day!

Hearing Hypocrisy, Jr Fucked…

February 24th, 2021

With all things COVID we keep getting

good News; Which, is VERY Wonderful

(Face Masks?)

Johnson & Johnson Single Shot COVID

vaccine has met Standards and Is now

emergency approved! Cases will surely

rapidly drop Even Faster now Woo hoo

And in what can only be called the very

Height Of Bonkers Hypocrisy, all of the

R’s, In This Capitol Terrorism “Hearing”

are now trying to “Pretend”: A) That it

Wasn’t Maga ‘Terrorists’ & B) This Was

Not, A Violent Terrorist Insurrection At

(It Is)

All. Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Fuck

off! Their “party’s” so done & yet they

seem to be the last ones 2 figure it all

out. No erasin’ this shame ever and it

only gets Worse from here. Now All of

the People The R’s Worked for will ALL

be legally going down. Which Includes

Don Jr. The SDNY is Closing in so fast

now. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

Have A “Safe” Day!

Jail-Time, Split, Consequences…

February 23rd, 2021

While we are still dealing with the

sheer Carnage of COVID, we ARE


beating this Pandemic. The Cases

are rapidly going down. While it’s

great news, now is the time to be

even more Strict/vigilant. Oh and

Speaking of Vigilant; It Looks like

“The Law” Will be Having it’s Way

With Orange Prick/Family. They’ll

be Going to the bighouse, the cell,

the Stony lonesome. No Escaping

This Stark Reality. Cy Vance, Will

(Wacky Packages)

throw the Book At Them & it will

KO Them All. And Everyone who

“Aided” Them Will Also go Down

In fact, Under 50% Of R’s Would

go with “It” if he started his own

Party. 46% Would leave & that’s

Means They Never Win Elections

by Splitting the Vote; fine by me

And On Capital Hill today it is all

(Serious Shit)

about the Consequences For that

Jan 6th Insurrection. Seems The

R’s Were Being tracked by FBI &

other electronic monitoring stuff


NOTE: The Horrific, Car Crash That Trapped
Tiger Woods & a “Halligan Tool” was used to
remove him he has some critical leg injuries
I’m Hoping this Isn’t pain pill related. We all
know Addiction is serious stuff. Best to them
NOTE II: Clarence Thomas is in deep trouble

Have A “Safe” Day!

Death By Taxes & Garland Time…

February 22nd, 2021

We have lost 512,000 people to COVID

Yes things are rapidly gettin way better


but this pain is real & we must all work

tirelessly to fight it still. Oh & speaking

of “real pain”, one orange asshole is so

FUCKED. The ‘Supreme Court’, Will Not

‘Block’ Orange Dust Shitweasal’s Taxes

From Being Released. Nor, Should they

ever have even considered it; Oh boy’s

he fucked. SDNY Will Bring Him/Family

Down, ‘Down’, Way Down. Weisselberg


will Hand ALL of it Over. Yes, they did

launder Russian $, Avoided Taxes and

LIED about assets/inflated them. This

will legally land them all In Jail. These

“Receipts” are Gonna sting. Oh and in

other News Merrick Garland Will Surly

be “Confirmed” Our countries next AG

meaning Republican Racism, hate and

White Supremacy Terrorism will be on

the target list. This Is not any partisan

(For R’s_

issue. It’s a National Security One and

You Can Bet More R’s, Will ALL be In it

NOTE: With A “Deregulated Power Grid” In TX, It
seems some Citizens Are getting screwed royally

Have A “Safe” Day!

Back In Paris, Texas Suffers…

February 19th, 2021

Finally, Some VERY good news on

the COVID front. Turns out two of

(Cases Dropping)

vaccine makers can now transport

All Their Stuff without refrigerated

trucks. YES! It can ship way faster

now. And Speaking of “good news”

we Are now BACK in the Fun Paris

Agreement On the environment &

we Should’ve never Left It. Also in

what can Only be called an utter &

Total Failure, By Republican’s Who

are in power in Texas. They are all

(No Shit!)

in power; but offer no power; zing

Support Your Fellow Citizens In TX

NOTE:  Republican Domestic Terrorist Pal
Lauren Boebert, Doesn’t Know What OUR
Us Constitution is or even how this works
Republican’s, Really Don’t know Anything

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

(No more donation button we will be getting
actual approved ads for the site. It’s stuff I’ll
use & fully Endorse. Vetted Ads are The Key)

Cancun Cruz & Tex-ASS…

February 18th, 2021

We’ve Lost 504, 724 citizens to This

COVID Pandemic. It’s Heartbreaking


and Makes Us ALL “Fight” that much

more to combat it, we can contain it

We will. But what can’t be “Fixed” or

ever Saved is what’s even left of the

Republican Party. With TX, in ‘Crisis’,

Turd Cruz decided “I think Now’d be

a great time to take a vacation while

the Folks in TX are freezing to Death

& Still Have No Power. And When he

was CLEARLY Busted, Doing Nothing


to help/use his Office to AID all the

good people of TX; he did what any

adult man would do; he blamed his

daughters. WTF?! Forget, he clearly

lied cause he packed…for One week

He IS the entire Republican Party in

every possible Way: “Elect me, So I

can destroy ‘Gumberment’ & Simply

Do NOTHING, To Help Your Lives In

any Meaningful Way”. While He was


skipping Out of Town, the rest Of TX

Almost Went Under For good. These

people are Actual monsters, vote em

all out, never never never ever again

NOTE: NASA Did Today What NASA Does, Just
Really Cool Amazing Rover Landing…..On Mars

Have A “Safe” Day!


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Papa Joe, had A Town Hall last night

& it was refreshing to have an actual

(Let’s Work!)

adult as President for Once. It had a

“Oh yeah so that’s what it looks like”

vibe to it. Speakin of utter fuck-ups

lack Of Republican Leadership In TX

has Caused Everythin from: “Oh we

think It’s green energy“(it’s not, it’s

Actually GAS/Coal That’s The Issue)

to “Welp, We Owe you Nuthing, just

fend For Yourself Fuckers!”. Ya think

I’m Kidding? Well Listen To R-Moron


Mayor Tim “I’m a super prick” Boyd

who said it…….& then promptly quit

Citizens who Demand Basic Human

needs aren’t havin it R’s on the run

In fact; voters, Citizens and Texans

Aren’t “Having it”. Nothing Dumber

then fucking Everything up yourself

trying to Blame others for your Own

Massive Irrational Mistakes. So, the

entire Republican Party left Standin’

(Bye Bye!)

today just had the best Metaphor In

an Atlantic Casino Getting imploded

NOTE: Republican Moron Says “We Didn’t Send
Toomey To DC To do The Right Thing!”. WTF?!?
Dead: The hateful racist spewin monster known
Rush Limbaugh’s dead No songs, no stories, no
Nothing for loud hateful racist spewin pile of shit
when people die ya don’t forget their racist hate

Have A “Safe” Day!


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Johnson’s A Dick, TX Fucked…

February 16th, 2021

While the rest of the rational, real,

World Deals With COVID, & horrid


Economic Strife; Seems all of the

Republicans Can Not stop Putting

their feet in their Mouths. In fact,

its been stuck there Permanently

Ron “Boy I love Terrorist Fascism”

Johnson, decided to be the Latest

R turds spewing hateful lies. They

simply do Not learn. Nor will they

ever. Voters Will Make is So Clear

In fact, R-Chicken Turd Perdue Is


so upset Voters just took his seat

from him; he is Gonna ‘try’ to run

Against Warnock. HA! They Don’t

like you. They Really Really really

don’t like you. Speaking of Voters

Not “Liking” “Republicans”, These

days: Seems ‘Mother Nature’ Just

“Messed With Texas” Yet All their

Elected, Republican Leaders, Quit

on Them. No Power, left the Grid,

(It Came!)

& in isolating gave these citizens

no Fucking chance. They do NOT

like Government, So they all run

To BE in it; To Kill it. That is Like

a Bad Hunter Wearing PETA gear

NOTE: Law Enforcement, Begins The hard
Work of purging Terrorist Extremists from
their ranks. Will not tolerate It ever again
NOTE II: Governor Cuomo, Has Lied Once
Again. Jeeeeez. This Time, Trying To HIDE
COVID Deaths In the elderly Communities
I called him out here years ago sayin’ that
he started an anti-corruption team…which
Really Was, just, Corrupt. Wrong Is Wrong

Have A “Safe” Day!


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Yes, it’s Presidents Day! Which, means

We Remember the Greats. That “thing”

(Wait, wha?!?)

that just left Isn’t one of them. But we

have a new One with Biden. We are all

Working to Control COVID. And, While

It, Is, Working; we Lost SO many lives

Speaking of Losing Lives, “IT” was Just

Acquitted Over the Weekend. In fact it

Was A 57-43 Vote (10 Shy To Convict)

The 43 Senators, Just Officially, Ended

The Republican Party Forever. For you

see, Those 43 Voted in Favor of Fascist

(<-The 43)

Terrorist Violent insurrection, Against

the US. BUT, Those 57, who Voted to

Convict, Will Be Remembered well By

history. Those 43, will never forget it

You don’t just side with the Domestic

Terrorists without Dire Consequences

They lost The Presidency, Congress &

The DOJ; Over, A Criminal Phone Call

NOW, You Just Watch what Voters Do


To Them Over This Terrorism. It, is, All

over; just too Dumb to see it. Ya done!

NOTE: Seems the Racist Terrorists ugly Brand Name
Is Done. Nothing, To Ever, BE Proud About. In FACT,
they & Other Racist groups Who Committed Criminal
Acts On Jan 6th Will Now be Prisoner #48758585727
NOTE II: Pelosi Now has put together A 9/11 Type of
Commission To Examine The Jan 6th Terrorist attack
It Will Be Factual, Independent & Get all the Answers

Have A “Safe” Day!


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