Booed Off Stage & Veterans Day…

November 11th, 2019

Happy Veterans Day to Everyone! It’s a day to

reflect, Honor, Thank & use Our Voices to help

(Yes Indeed!)

those Vets who all need our Help. So, do more

than Just “Thanks”. Hire, Donate & Help them

at every Turn. They gave their best for us, and

they Deserve Nothing but the Best From us All

Speaking of more “Boooing” Don Jr. Got Yelled

of The Stage, in His “Super Douche Book Tour”

(And, it was from the Harder Racist right here)

Ha, ha, ha, ha. Reap what you sow ya immoral

frauds. And while That is Happening to little JR

(Good luck!)

pops just went from a mixture of Cheers/Boos

in the deepsouth to chants of “Lock Him Up!!!”

in NYC Vets Days Parade. He was also Greeted

With Make-shift Impeach/Dump Trumps Signs

in high-rise windows. Oooooooof. Gut punches

galore. And it’s only goin to get worse. Yep, ya

read that correctly. The 2 Guys who are Rudy’s

Russian Goons Are Both Flipping Faster Than a

Coked-Up Gymnasts Floor Routine. Lev Parnas,

(“He fucked”)

& Furman are both stating the crimes that they

committed. HOLY SHIT!!! It is all over now. Ha!

NOTE: Russian Tory Donators ‘Gave’ to The Tory’s And
At Least 9 Of Them are Oligarchs. Illegal. Ooooooooops
NOTE II: Now Even ‘Republicans’ Are Breaking, On The
Facts of the Illegal Ukraine Extortion/Bribery. Ha ha ha

Have a day!


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Bolton Bolts, OK Bloomberg…

November 7th, 2019

Not Michael Bolton, ohhhhhhhhh no

But, Mustache Maniac & Known War

(Stash Song)

Criminal John Bolton. He Said, “Ohh

yeah to your subpoena, ah no thanks

Forget you can’t do that. And you can

not now “Sue Them”. The law doesn’t

work that Way. But they will All learn

this the HARD way. While Bolton is a

big noshow VP Mike Pence’s Aid was

‘Testifying’ today. It was bad. See, she

confirmed The Call Was “Not Normal”

(We Done)

at all. Ooooooops. And as all of this Is

now happening; Trump VS Barr is the

their new criminally legal problem. ha

THEY deserve everything coming here

NOTE: Pence, Best Get A Lawyer. Mulvaney, Best
Get A Lawyer. Pompeo, ‘Best’ Get A Lawyer. Barr,
Best Get A Better Lawyer than the DOJ Right Now
And also, Even Kelleyanne CONway, Get a Lawyer

Have a day!


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Big Blue Bombshell & Fucked…

November 6th, 2019

Kentucky’s Governors Office turned BLUE, &

Virginia’s entire state Congress turned BLUE

(Get 2 work)

Philly to Delaware PA all turned BLUE. They

meaning Republicans/Trump Are All Fucked

The entire country has turned. Not back but

instead ‘Forward’. This’s all about our entire

country “movin’ past” Trump/Hate. This will

be just the start of endin the entire gop hate

machine. They’re not A ‘political party’ at all

anymore. They Are Actively Working Against

their Voters/Constituents. They “only” Serve

(Voting Wins!)

Trump/donors/Themselves. And no one else

This is A DEFINING Day. Citizens Are Rising

up to Elect Leaders who’ll actually Represent

US. Republicans have nothing left. No policy,

no appeal to citizens needs, nothing. They’re

just the party of taxcuts for the top 1%, hate,

and distraction. Nothing more; their days are

numbered. With each election all of the great

citizens of this Country, will Take back Power

of Offices, by Using The Ballot Box. We, have

(No Shit)

the #’ers & power. And now, Republicans will

either keep on “Blindly” Defending a criminal

in Trump (Please do) or turn pretending they

never did any of these horrific things. In both

cases, THEY Become ‘Extinct’. More Damning

testimony daily will have them all reelin’ back

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, tick, tock. Times Is up!

NOTE: Bevin Did Not Concede Yet. There Is No Way
Other Than Cheating To Make Up 5,000 votes. None
He Will Lose After Everything Is Recounted (And The
Odds say he Loses more votes). Kentucky moves on
NOTE II: MIKE PENCE Directly Implicated In ‘All’ this
In Ukraine. Ooooooooooooooooooooops. He’s Fucked

Have a day!


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At least 3 states are voting today. Make sure ya

VOTE! If Turnout’s high, Democrats will win and


if it’s Average or low, they won’t & that’s Terrible

It’s in YOUR hands Citizens, what will you do?!?!

And as the nation votes today, a jury gets picked

to end Rodger Stones Freedom today. He’s really

Going Down Badly Here. He Not Only Lied To FBI

Agents, he Covered up his Ties to WikiLeaks, and

That’s Gonna End Him. And, Even More Damning

testimony Confirming ‘Trumps Extortion’ And His

(Ya Fucked)

Blackmail of the Ukraine President all Comes out

we have one of Rudys buddy’s who was arrested

now FLIPPING. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oooooops

This confirms Trump Is done. Now the more of a

link he puts with Everyone else, which he will do,

the faster they ALL go down. Jenga! Ya all go bye

NOTE: Rand Paul decided 2 Violate the Law, which Is
What Most Republicans Do Daily. They, Will Rue THIS
Day. This Is One More Nail in all Their Political Coffins
NOTE II: Racist Acid Attack By, A Racist MAGA Fucker

Have a day!


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Over the weekend, even the UFC crowd wasn’t

having Mango Mussolini for one Second. Ohhh


it was Even Better in THIS Environment. Holy

shit…it was glorious again. And as the WH’s in

it’s, “Obstruction” Mode In Telling People Who

were subpoenaed to Defy the Legal Document

Ha ha ha! Yeah, That’ll go over Great. Ya gave

some Bang up Advice. And as More Testimony

both gets Collected AND released to the public

another ‘Big legal’ Ruling Against Trumpy Hits

him hard. He must release his taxes. Ooooops

(Bye bye!)

AND There Are BIG Elections All over the USA

Tomorrow. Remember To VOTE Like Your Life

depends on it. Because it fucking does. And in

Virginia, the Stakes Couldn’t be Higher. VOTE!

NOTE: Another White Supremacist Bombing Was Stopped
By The FBI BEFORE they Could KILL Citizens. And he Was
A MAGA Trumper (fake shock). Yes, we all know that folks
Thank you to the amazin folks at the FBI. Hero’s, all of em
NOTE II: The Chicago Bears Shit the Bed SO Hard they all
Broke The Bed. They Are Getting Worse Each Week People

Have a day!


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As more testimony Against Trump/his Entire

Cabinet happens daily; a vote just happened


It’s formal. They’re usin’ open Impeachment

sessions as well as a clear procedure moving

forward. This is the Beginning of the End for

Orange Fucker. Republicans, in The House &

in the Senate Are Underwater in their Home

states. Especially those Who Are up for their

re-election. Oooooops. Vote For Trump, lose

Your Fucking Seat/Job. Go Ahead. They, Are

now “Boxed in”. Ignore Clear Crimes By The

(R’s Toast!)

Orange Idiot, lose (independents turn on ya)

Vote To Impeach, lose The Base. Either Way

they Lose. Ooooooops. They Put Themselves

here & ‘Deserve’ EVERYTHING that’s Coming

This Is A Historic Halloween In America, And

the World Is Watching Us. And, we shall Rise

to the occasion. Congrats 2 the Nats on their

World Series Win, & to this Guy Spittin’ truth

NOTE: Twitter ‘Bans’, All Political Ads In A Wonderfully
Stunning Move That Will Expose Those Frauds Who Do
NOTE II: Top Trump Judge nominee Cries when asked
Why He’s Bigoted Against. Meh, So Now, Racists Think
That “Crying” Will Absolve Their ‘Hate’. Ahhhhhh, Nope

Have A Spooooooooooky Great Day!


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As the entire Republican continues it’s demise,

they find new Lows to go in smearin’ and lying

(Asshole on left)

slandering A Military Vet Hero. Fucking Christ

Alexander Vindman, a Lieutenant colonel who

served In Iraq(Purple Heart) testified today &

it was just as damnin as the others. In fact, It

Put Sondland In likely Perjury Charges. And It

didn’t stop there. He said it was Wrong to do it

“I did not think it was proper to demand that a
Foreign Government Investigate A U.S. Citizen”

It simply confirms everythin the whistleblower

said. AGAIN. That’s it Folks. Game, Set, Match

(Oh shit!)

And, Republicans Know it. They Are Trying To

“out” the Whistleblower daily in testimony. Oh

yes, you read it correctly. And while the entire

Republican Party Behind Closed Doors, is now

panicking, polling/re-election problems are all

just STARTING for them. Their own R speaker

Moscow Mitch, Is “Under Water”. His Approval

Rating is at 18% & sinkin. Ouch and as this is

all happening, A Formal Impeachment Inquiry


Vote will happen this Thursday denying all R’s

Another Ignorant Process. Happy Halloweenis!

NOTE: Nicole Wallace just Called Out Every Chicken Shit
Immoral Partisan Asshole, Who All Slimed This War Hero
BRAVO! Another New Voice of Reason Screams Out Here

Have a day!


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In what can only be called, one of the greatest

historic “Unity Moments” our Country has seen


in a while; When at The World Series, Trump

his wife & other Republicans were all LOUDLY

“Boooooooooed”. It was glorious; to all those

great American’s Who clearly see Reality, my

heart is FULL. And the Best Part?!?!? Mocking

his authoritarian hate they all started to chant

“Lock Him Up!”. And they Unfurled an big ass

impeachment ‘Banner’. These Patriotic Fans’ll

always have a place in my heart; bravo they’re


best of us All. There Will Be An Impeachment

Vote this Thursday, just in time for Halloween

BOOM! They are Massively Fucked. And While

Orange anus screams in a victorylap over just

killing ‘ISIS Terrorist Baghdadi’; & Military are

pissed at him stating this Happened, “In Spite

of him”. Holy shit. Always, thank you to those

who Serve. Your Honor’s Boundless, together!


Chicago decided to tell Trump to go fuck off in

a Great Protesting Way Today. Boooooooooom

NOTE: Democratic House Rep, Katie Hill, Has Resigned
She Was the target Of Revenge Porn by an Ex-Husband
She Had An “Inappropriate” Sexual Relationship With a
Staffer. I Don’t Give A Shit Who You ‘Fuck’ If it’s Simply
Consensual. She, Should Not Resign. This Is Just lunacy

Have a day!


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HBO’s Watchmen…

October 25th, 2019

Who Watches the Watchmen?!?! Well, I

(Bad Ass!)

do! It’s Very Very very good. Just the 1st

episode, but if You Can See It, Thank me

later. It’s well shot, acted & you see such

CLEAR Writing in this With Overt Purpose

NOTE: Bill Barr’s DOJ Must “Turn Over” All Mueller
Evidence to Congress a judge ruled. It’s you move
Mr Barr. Ya Already Committed Crimes, Another 1?
NOTE II: 3 more impeachment subpoena’s sentout
Things Are Speeding Up Fast Now. Tick, tock, TICK

Have a day!


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What if I told you the “Giuliani Goon Squad” just

tried to Claim “Executive Privilege” in their court

(Suck it!)

trial?!?! Forget, they’re not Even Members of the

Executive Branch so they Can’t. BUT the kicker’s

even better; this TIES their crimes directly to the

entire Oval Office. Ha Ha Ha Ha! And, As All of It

goes down the drain most ALL of the Republicans

big “Plan” is to argue About the Process……..that

THEY Put in Place, in 2015, Under John Boehner

HA HA HA HA! They can’t argue the Facts in this

Case. Trump Did It. He, Admitted It. The Whistle

(“I did it!”)

Blower Confirmed it. Now Taylor did as well and

so did Cooper; shit Mulvaney did too. Oh boy oh


And they ALL deserve every second of what’s so

coming. They Will All kill their Careers in live TV

Their MAIN Problem Here is they Are used to all

Using Propaganda/Lies/Hate. Without, ‘Knowing’

all the Facts these hearings are “compiling” they

(Enjoy assholes!)

can’t fight against anything yet. Then when these

facts all come out. It Will be Way to Late for them

NOTE: Kellyanne Hatch Act CON-Way Just Got In Deeper Legal
Hot Water, in a Taped Berating then Threatening Of A Reporter
Ooooooooooops. This Is BAD. A WH Spokesperson/Government
Official Illegally Threatening A Reporter. She, Is in DEEEEP Shit

Have a day!


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