The highest court in NYC just told

the Racist Orange Felon to go and


pound sand. They “Rejected” His

dumb Appeal to lift his Gag Order

Outright Without so much As any

hearin stating: “There’s no Legal

Question Here”. This Is The legal

‘Equivalent’ Of: ‘GTFOOH’. Ha ha!

As all the dire legal consequences

keep rollin’ in for the Maga felons


Alex Jones personal & Media Shit

will Be liquidated 2 pay 4 Sandy

Hook Victims. YAY! That Fat fuck

Racist Criminal Crook deserve all

of this & MORE! The hits keep on

Coming, With the “House” Ethics

Committee will reopen a big legal

Investigation Into the Matt Gaetz

(Fiind Out!)

Criminal Underaged Pedo Crimes

Down all the criminals go…….bye

NOTE: Since Republican’s, At The Demand Of Orange Criminal Felon,
won’t do anything 2 help fix immigration, Biden put out an Executive
Order for undocumented spouses married to US citizens/dreamers to
stay in the country to live/work; we need more rational policies like it

Have A Day!

Judge Maga Cannon has stepped In It

over & over & over. And now, she’s so


F’ed in her latest lunacy ruling. Every

legal expert(rational) has pointed out

that She WILL Be Removed. And, the

11th Circuit Court will Be Devastating

Her Career, Is over; so that’s all Folks

Fuck Around & Find Out. Miss Cannon

is About To Find Out Bigly. And So, In


Other News About “Finding Out”, We

have Republican’s Not only Circling a

‘Big Drain’, We Have Their Entire Shit

Show Traitor Party, In a severe State

of Mental Decline, Which all starts at

the top of their failed felon factory of

Hateful Racists, Mixed With Putin Pal

(No shit!)

Traitors. This Ends soooo Badly For all

of them; they Deserve every inch of it

NOTE: Fat Felon Tried To “Attack” Biden Over Mental Health & He
crapped The Bed SO hard, They Should Make His Mattresses into
diapers. Can’t Wait to never Speak of this “thing” ever again. Yay

Have A Day!

The SCOTUS Made A Ruling That

Helped Woman, but They Did Not

(IF they change)

rule on the Legal Stuff In the case

Meaning it Was a technicality, not

A disagreement of law leaving the

door wide open For Extremists on

the Court to Wink at all Theocratic

Fascists to Have ‘Standing’ & they

Just Might Rule against it then. It

Shows They ‘Punted’ on The issue


knowing How Citizens clearly see

their overt corruption. Thomas is

in deeper legal trouble in him not

Disclosing MORE $ / Trips. Ahem,

they’re not “Trips”, they’re Bribes

And When R’s “Welcome” Orange

Insurrectionist Traitor Felon Fuck

THEY are Now Traitors As Well &


There’s no escaping from this evil

& Voters will take their wrath out!

NOTE: Rudy Drippy Head” G, Is Charged & Booked AGAIN For More
crimes From his 2020 Crime spree. Down they all go. Criminal shits

Have A Day!

Republican Don’t actually Govern

They have no interest in that and

(Traitor Time!)

Can’t Pass Any Meaningful Policy

The Only thing they Will Do Is to

bow down to a Criminal Fat felon

Traitor in Orange Asshole. It’s So

disgustin’, media should not even

cover this lunacy. I mean, hostin

the guy who tried 2 get his maga

criminals 2 Overthrow the United


States? They Refuse to Serve the

Voters of this Great Nation & It’ll

cost Them Everything. And so, in

this November Election, Warning

signs are blaring in all Red states

In a special Election in Ohio, this

Shoulda Been A Blow Out by 50+

points. It’s a 8-9 point win where


Trump Won by 30+ in 2020. Shit

is changing fast. Voters are ready

NOTE: Former royal Asshole Republican “House Speaker” Paul Ryan decides
To Throw Some Truth Bombs out About ‘Orange Felon’. “If you put yourself
above the Constitution you’re not fit for office”. And also called him a “loser”
with “He’s Cost Us A LOT of Seats. The Sensate Twice, & the House Because
he’s Pushing thru people who Can’t Win Elections, but pledge loyalty to him”

Have A Day!

In what can only be Called the Perfect

amount of Schadenfreude, At his rally

(“Don’t care about you”)

of Fascist hate over the weekend, the

audience Was smaller, stayed only for

bout 15 minutes, then started leaving

And, Aside From Babbling Incoherent

Gibberish About: Sharks, & Electricity

He “glitched” So Many times…….you’d

Swear He Was A Dell. Could Not Even

Pronounce “Words”; Like Military. Ha!

While his Cult is In their last days, we


Can Not Stop Registering Voters, and

Mobilizing, Energizing, & Realizing All

Voters. Democracy Itself Depends On

it! Because we have TWO sitting robe

“Wearing” Justices, on OUR Supreme

Court Who side With All of the Traitor

‘Jan 6th Insurrectionists’. Alito, & His

WIFE are on Tape, explicitly saying It

‘Paging DOJ’, DOJ, Jack Smith?! Here

(<-partisan maga thugs)

are people Openly Obstructing justice

Forget Recusal, Impeachment Is Next

NOTE: Hunter Biden Found Guilty On All 3 Counts: False Statement
on firearm sale, False Statement on Transaction & Illegal Possession
of a Firearm. Good, because he DID these Illegal Acts & will now be
Punished Accordingly. Won’t Serve Jail Time. And, HE Isn’t Running
for Public Office or has 31 other felony’s. False Equivalence to fatass
Joe didn’t attack the courts, jury/rule of law; he accepts the Results
Mostly Because he’s not an insane lying Racist criminal Traitor jagoff
NOTE II: Maga Jan 6th Convict can’t answer & Runs off from debate
He can’t answer the simple question asked, is a Criminal & can’t Win

Have A Day!

Today we all celebrate & honor

the 80th Anniversary of D-Day


WE have the Watch. That is all

of us voters who believe in the

Freedoms, & Tenets of Our US

Democracy. Every Solider, Did

their Duty to protect the world

from Fascist murdering bully’s

And now, in America we are in

the same Fight, in this election

Vote like Democracy itself and


Our Lives Hang in the Balance,

because they Do. We Have The

Corruption of & Overt lies Of a

Sitting, Supreme Court Justice

2 prove this fact. He lied about

Everything in his letter back to

Durbin/D’s. He’s sooooo fucked

As Are ALL R’s, Just Told Voters

they Want To Deny ALL Women

a Right To Contraception; Omg

(They F’ed!)

Voters are goin’ to decimate all

R’s. There’s no electoral escape

NOTE: Felon Steve Bannon ordered To Jail beginning July 1st for
FOUR months. He will get out November 1st, just in time to Lose
That is, IF he behaves. Knowing that criminal shit, he’ll fuck it up

Have A Day!

In NJ Last Night, Orange Felon

lost so VERY badly. In fact the


lady he endorsed got her doors

‘Blown off’ by 7 Points, 45.3 To

38.4%. She’s Christine Serrano

Glassner. While, The Democrat

Andy Kim Coasted to His large

Win, With 78.4% Of the Voters

Trump is Not Only Toxic at the

ballot box himself, all the Up &

Down ballot R’s Have his Stink

(<-All criminals!)

on them as Well. And Fat felon

Fuck filed A motion to have his

Gag Order he’s currently STILL

Violatin’ removed. The AG just

filed their reply of HELL NO ya

jackass. This will Likely stay In

place until all Appeals are done

then Removed. And Now Black

maga ass Uncle Rukas R Byron


Donalds Wants Jim Crow Back

GTFOOH You Racist “Dirtbag”!!!

Have A Day!

It Appears the entire Republican Party

left Standing Today, only Consists of a


Bunch Of “Traitors, & Criminals”. In WI

the AG just Charged 3 more Trumpers

in the Fake Electors Scheme. Ooooops

His Former Campaign Chair, is A Felon

‘Campaign Vice Chair’, Felon. Personal

Lawyer(Cohen), Felon. Adviser and his

Aide Stone, felon. His late Whitehouse

Aide, Felon. Former CFO, Felon. ‘SHIT’


they are just a “Criminal Outfit” at this

Point. And Traitors to The Nation. Sooo

let’s add bribery to the list. Orange ass

Fat Felon has Also Bribed his Witness’s

with new Jobs/$ to help him; Ahhhhhh

that is Wildly Illegal. And Voters Aren’t

having it Anymore. His Core Maga Will

Never Leave Him; But Mod R’s, And I’s

(Don’t hate, VOTE!)

are out. He still has 54 counts Coming

Nominate a criminal felon, Pay A Price

NOTE: Hunter Biden is currently on trial for his Federal Gun charges
Notice how the rule of law applies to Him but not other maga crooks?
Yes, they’re All Just Pathetic Criminals in the Find Out Phases Of Life

Have A Day!

GUILTY On ALL 34 Counts Is No

small legal statement. In Fact iit


shows a jury saw All The same

Trial Facts The Public Saw. Yay!

Justice Has Been Served, and It

“Matters”. No One, No Matter if

Wealthy/Not; Is above The Law

And the Fat Felon can’t stop his

“Criming”. He, Already Violated

His Gag Order, AGAIN Attackin’

Cohen/Other Jurors. Now, They


are gettin’ death threats. Make

NO mistake, These Hateful evil

Criminal acts Will cost fuckface

his freedom. Jail Looms. And it

LONG “Overdue”. And Now, All

The Republican’s are Attacking

Judges, the Legal System, And

the ‘Institutions’ of Democracy

Itself. They’re Traitors Who will


all feel the legal pain others did

This ‘Officially’ Ends Their Party

NOTE: Mexico Elects First Ever, Woman President! She’s Brilliant,
accomplished, prepared & ready to serve. Mexico beat US to the
Punch. They are VERY lucky to Have Claudia Sheinbaum(Jewish)
NOTE II: The Fascists are All Melting down, From Putin Trying to
“badmouth” The Olympics they’re banned from (so Trumpian) to
Alex Jones Fake Crying over His immoral Crimes he Must Pay For

Have A Day!

His fat felon goose is cooked

There Is NO Escape. There’s

(Down they go!)

such a Very Good Shot Of a

Verdict Coming this Week if

Not Tomorrow. And The Fat

Felon Knows He is so Going

Down saying: “Even Mother

Teresa could not Beat These

Charges”. Well, Then ‘again’

She didn’t ‘Raw Dog’ a Porn

Star; while Her Wife was At


‘Home Pregnant’ Or “Crime”

In TX & all over the Country

Maga’s ripping apart GOP &

it’s not Even Close. In Texas

the Guy who indicted Paxon

Was Elected. Boom! And, in

what can only be called oath

breaking Corruption; Justice

Alito sent a letter back to go

(Judge Traitor!)

F yourself, he’s not Recusing

This will cost Him Everything

NOTE: Biden rally electrifies voters/viewers & speaks to the
Power of Upholding Democracy in This Election. The Choice
is clear. Either We Have a Democracy or we don’t. We Must!

Have A Day!

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