As the racist Orange Asshole topples

downward, Today’s “Numbers” Were

(Bye Bye)

even worse. Only 39% approve of his

job. Who The Fuck, Are These 39% of

Utter Total Morons?!?!?!?! Things Will

get worse for him, with Each Passing

day. And Sadly For All of Us Too. But,

This Will Pass, Even With More Cases

of COVID Spiking In Other States, At

every level. If they follow Trump and

Do Nothing, Their Citizens, Will Suffer

(Only Help)

in ways ‘Unseen’. And all their small

business’s will go ‘Bankrupt’. And, it

will be ALL their Fault following hate

Have a “safe” day!


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We have a loud, racist, lying, fat Orange

Toddler, holding the highest office in the

(“Get down!”)

land. Things have “Gotten So bad”, they

hired A Young airhead PR fraud to lie to

the Public about just how Ignorant he is

He was told Many Times about Russia &

Their Targeting Of Our Troops In Harms

way. He IGNORED them. And So, When

they were Trying to get a Hold of him to

take down a tweet with a supporter who

yells “White Power”, they couldn’t reach

(“Natural Born Losers”)

Him For ‘3 Hours’. THREE HOURS! Holy

fucking shit. We don’t have President in

these “Dire times”. Dr. Fauci was on the

Hill Today Painting A Grim Picture if We

don’t CHANGE ‘Course’. R-Ron DeStanis

won’t fully shut Florida down. In fact he

has been WRONG every step of the way

RIP: Comedy Writing/Acting Legend Carl Reiner
has passed away at The Age Of 98. A full Life &
One of the Kindest, “Smartest”, Funniest People
Who Ever Worked In The Industry. He Was Also
in WWII. Watch Oceans 11 series, or a Dick Van
Dyke Episode. He was ‘Simply Perfect’. Enjoy It!
NOTE: A Racist White Guy In Florida……….Again!

Have a “safe” day!

The SCOTUS just Ruled Abortions Are Still Very

much legal dealing a crushing blow to Rumpers

(Bounty Law)

hateful hard right religious base. As orange ass

is busy Doing Nothing to stop a Pandemic, now

it seems Russia is Targeting our Soldiers in war

zones(in theater) with ‘bounty’s’ on their heads

WTF?!?! And ‘Fat Ass’ Said he Knew Nothing at

all about it. BULLSHIT he Didn’t. He’s been Fat

Putin’s bitch since he Rolled Into this joint, and

hasn’t ever Stopped. But His “Election Chances”


are nose-diving. It doesn’t mean Shit unless We

all vote. Treat it like he’s up 10 points instead of

down 15+. Run “It Up” On him to Kill Their Party

of Hate forever. We are done with this Racism &

every state, even the red one’s are ‘done’ with it

NOTE: Sasha Baron Cohen Trolled The Racist Right In
Such A Way, They Never knew What Hit Em. Ha ha ha

Have a “safe” day!


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In today’s world,you take ANY good news

you can. The House “Passed” a bill where


DC is our 51st state. Forget that’s will just

die in the R’s Senate. And while This Viral

pandemic has Killed over 127,329 lives of

American Citizens, certain States that ALL

IGNORED Quarantine, masks or enforcing

the CDC Guidelines Are SPIKING In Cases

Florida, Arizona, Texas. Theyre all fucked

(Florida cases)

Where As: Illinois, New Jersey, New York,

Pennsylvania, Mass, Michigan….and Many

more have this contained. Its because all

of them used Medical Science, guidelines,

contact tracing in place & more. While all

the “Other REPUBLICAN Lead Places” just

ignored it “opening early”. The cow is not

just out of the Barn. She’s 9 farms over &

(We Know)

closing 1/4 of the other split door will not

do jack shit. They are all fully responsible

NOTE: 3 Cops Were Caught On Camera Making Vile
Racist Comments About “Slaughtering” Black People
This Shit Must Be Fully Purged from Every Cop Shop

Have a “safe” weekend!


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Draggin’ Them All Down…

June 25th, 2020

As Florida, Texas, & Arizona Are Blowing Thru the

roof with new cases. The only blue state exception


is California. Gavin ‘Should Have Kept’ “Shelter In

Place longer. But these other Places Are simply all

super disco fucked because they all have no damn

leadership who enacted best medical, viral, or any

Scientific/CDC ‘Practices’ in Place. This’s like a guy

yelling “Gravity doesn’t exist!” As they stepoff the

edge of a cliff. Well Gravity sure asfuck believes in

you ‘Jagoff’. And as All of this happens, we have a

fat, Racist, Lying Immoral Moron in Charge who is

watching this Horror without a Fucking care in the

(<-Ya Idiots)

world. He’s no only cascading face first down a hill

he’s ‘Dragging’ the Entire GOP with him. And they

deserve everything Coming To Them since they all

did everything he wanted, stood by him and loved

him This ENTIRE Time Saying “Absolutely Nothing”

They are all Going down like a Fat drunk on skates

Have a “safe” day!


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Barr Busted & GOP DOA…

June 24th, 2020

As COVID Spikes in States that Opened way

too early; the rest of a nation looks on them


shaking Our Heads. They ‘Ignored’ Medical

facts, science & reality. And so, states like

Florida (My daughter Is now There in Leon

county at FSU where A “Club owner” called

the Brickhouse is ‘open’ and spreading this

Virus like wildfire) Arizona, Texas, Cali and

more. WTF?!?!?! All of this is Happening as

Bill Barr has ‘Used’ the DOJ As his personal

Partisan Legal Team to Defend Criminals &

punish political opponents. Two people that


are two actin DOJ officials testified against

Bill Barr Today about Criminal partisan shit

or “knee capping” justice for ‘friends’. This,

is as SERIOUS asit gets. Barr’s sunk legally

speaking. And While This is Happening, The

entire Republican Party is ‘Sinking’ with em

Orange Idiot is “Sinking” Into the Darkness

NOTE: 2 Secret Service At Rumps Tulsa Hate Rally
Have Tested Positive For COVID. Oooooooooooops

Have a “safe” day!


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With COVID cases on the rise In States that

shit the Bed Opening Up WAY Too Early, the


rest of the Country is moving to open up all

their states since they did it right! All of the

others like Florida, Arizona, Texas, Cali And

Louisiana. Today 123,476 Deaths From this

horrible Virus. And What Has Trump or Any

Republicans done?!? Nada, Zip, Zero. Not a

single Fucking Thing. And Voters Are taking

(We Know)

notice. His Numbers are Cratering. He Is so

far underwater right now he just hit Atlantis

NOTE: Bill Barr Is VERY Fucked Legally Speaking
He Will Suffer Everything from His Illegal Actions
And Trump Will Also Suffer From This. Tick, Tock!

Have a “safe” day!


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In what can only be called the biggest fail

since Crystal Pepsi was served at the flick

(<-Maga Fail)

Gigli, Driven There in An Edsel ALL While

Wearing The Google Glasses. Trumps Big

rally of Hate, turned out to be A little wet

fart stain on tattered tighty whitey’s. The

turn out was below 6,200 & While he has

been ‘Mocked Mercilessly’, He Took It SO

hard… Was Delicious Schadenfreude At

it’s finest. The Entire Country & the world

has moved past the orange stain of racist

hate. And Will All work Tirelessly to Make


this Nation a more Perfect Union. And we

Will Without Republicans, Trump & Those

who Turned Away from our USA, favoring

hate. See there’s No room left for ya here

NOTE: COVID Cases Spike In “Early” States While
The States Who Were ‘Cautious’ Are Re-Opening &
about to flourish. Medical Science, facts and reality
Aren’t A “Game”. They, Are Matters of Life & Death

Have a “safe” day!


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Wow, this week seemed a lot longer then every

other week. Wait, that can be said since the fat

(We know)

orange anus took office; as the rest of the real

world celebrates our Common Goals, love And

equality…in Oklahoma they want to have a big

ol’ Klan Rally for Dump. And likely Get ‘sick’ &

die From It. Ohhhhh, Neato. It’s a Loud Moron

about to step into A “Machine” That Slaughters

them Yelling “You Can’t tell Me What to do and

If I Want to Ride This Here Rolly Coaster, Then

by Gum, I’ll RIDE IT!”. You Go Ahead Ace. The


rest of Humanity doesn’t want to be anywhere

NEAR your Hateful idiot Fat Virus Carrying Ass

NOTE: Cop Who Shot & MURDERED Breonna Taylor Was
Fired but NOT ARRESTED for killing her. It will not stand

Have a “safe” weekend!


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As COVID Kills 120,632 American lives the

Republican Party / Trump All Do Nothing At

(<-Let em die)

All. NOTHING. Not A Fucking Thing. In Four

short years, all they have brought this good

country is; hate. And now today the highest

court In the land overruled trumps hate yet

Again. DACA Stands. It Stands As A Tribute

to Who WE ARE As A Nation. And When the

racist Peddling “Bleak Hellish Landscape” Of

Facebook bans your Racist Nazi Trump Shit

You not only Went too far, there Is nowhere

(Nazi Symbol)

left to go from here but into the Dust Bin of

history Itself. Polling is Getting Worse Daily

NOTE: A Series Of Black Men Hanging From Tree’s Has
Caused A Grieving Nation to Demand Answers. None Of
these have proven suicide yet. Investigate get the facts
NOTE II: A “That 70’s Low” Star Danny Masterson, Was
Arrested And Charged With 3 Rapes. Good, Don’t Crime

Have a “safe” day!


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