While we Tried to celebrate America’s

Birthday; “something” as common as


breathin happened; a mass shooting

Yet AGAIN. And, it Will Just Keep On

happening Every Fuckin day. You see

We’ve Done NOTHING. Wait, Scratch

That. REPUBLICANS Will Do Nothing

They will gladly let the bodies pile up

IF we, like all other Modern Societies,

Want this To End. Vote Blue so we do

not see Red anymore. Blood in on em

And, The “Shooter” was A 22 yearold

Maga “Hate-Filled” lil Monster. TFG is

(<-Killer on right)

The Reason He exists. And, this’ll Get

worse Unless we Do something about

it. This Domestic Terrorism ends now

And Now FOX Noise stands on a Cliff

Dominion Is correctly suing them out

of Existence, Over Their Election Lies

And, it’s Not only going to win. This’ll

open the Doors to Backroom dealings

texts & “Outright Media” Propaganda

manipulation With R’s At all levels. It

is, The End of Their Lie Machine, And


Discovery Is the 1st Shot. And the kill

Shot is taking Murdocks $. Ooooooops

NOTE: Fulton County “grand jury” Subpoena’s ALL
The R’s : Rudy, Lindsay, Ellis, Eastman, Mitchell &
NOTE II: Tomorrow’s Hearing Pat Cipollone is Now
Giving a scheduled Deposition. Ooooooooooooops

Have A Day!

As the Reich Wing Media Starts

turning On TFG; we still have a

(Sane Liz)

bucket of “lunatics” still towing

the Batshitcrazy line with some

horrific Results. Republican’s in

WY “Going against” Liz Cheney

are Utterly Bonkers. And, We’ll

find out if that costs them after

everythin’ comes out. It should

And these election denyin farts

also don’t Mind these Domestic

Terrorists from Jan 6th. WTF?!

And, While TFG & ‘ALL’ The R’s

who Helped/just Supported his

crimin’ we can add another law


‘Broken’. How About, “Witness

Tampering”? Oooooooooooops

NOTE: Jan 6th Domestic Terrorist Convicted & Now
faces up to 20 years. This’s the “find out” part here

Have A 4th Kinda Weekend!

The SCOTUS just made Another

horrific ruling today Against the


EPA Saying Now Business’s Can

Pollute At will. Jeeeeeeeeeebus

The Main reason they are doing

this SO Quickly Is They ‘ll never

hold “power” again. That is why

they’re actin’ this rash. They all

know, Everything is coming out

About TFG, Who ‘That Majority’

STILL Support & are all Legally

Fucked. Thomas, with his “wife”

Ginni, F’ed. 3-4 Others For The

“Perjury” they Committed lying

About Roe V. Wade, SO Fucked

(Wall not included)

Startin this November 80-90%

of us voters in the nation don’t

want what they just did and so

they KNOW This. On the Clock

And so with Dark, comes Light

We get Justice Jackson Who is

a ‘Supreme Court Justice’. One

of many to come As it Expands

While TFG is about to be jailed

as are ALL his “Maga” buddies

over 3/4 of what’s left in Maga

Land wants to be the Christian

(Different Book)

Taliban. They all spewed it out

loud. Naw, that Ain’t gonna Fly

NOTE: Indicted Maga Election Clerk, Tina Peters
Says BoBo Told Her To Copy the Voting Machine
data. Ooooooooops. Jebus, they’re ALL criminals
NOTE II: Eastman just coughed up His Call Logs
for Jan 6th. He is Going To Jail as are all of them

Have A Day!

Turns Out, we have Domestic Terrorist

Republican’s sitting in Congress and it

(I got names!)

is time they were Removed. We did it

during the Civil War. 14 Traitors Were

all removed. This is Nothing Different

And make No Mistake, They are all so

legally goin’ down. This not only gets

worse For Them, Arrests Will Come in


4-5 “waves” beginning shortly. Ooops

This is echo throughout history and it

Matters, If Democracy Is To “Survive”

Oh & Down goes Maga in So Many Of

“primaries” last Night. And the one’s

That Did ‘Win’, Likely ‘Face’ A General

election Loss. Here In IL The R’s Who


Won, is Going To Get Shellaced Hard

They are winning to lose. Fine By Me

NOTE: Maxwell Sentenced to 20 years for Sex Trafficking
What I want to know is which wealthy people paid for this
THEY Funded illegal Child Sex Rings. And they Are all Evil

Have A Day!

Holy Shit! They’re, ALL Going Down

legally there is no escape for any of


them now. The quote that hurts em:

“We’re going to Get Charged with Every
crime imaginable-that’s not a good sign”

From the White House counsel. This

doesn’t get any more Damning. BUT,

it Does. How about TFG “Screaming”

To “Take the Mags Down  (The Metal

detectors because they were Armed)

I don’t f’ing Care That they Have the

weapons; they’re not here 2 hurt me

Take the F’ing mags away (the metal

(Ha ha!)

detectors)let my people in; they can

march to the capitol from here, do it”

And When SS Wouldn’t Drive him to

Capitol, he tried to Grab the wheel &

Choke An Agent. They’re all Fucked!

And more of America Votes today in

Their ‘Primaries’. Where BoBo Might

just GoGo. Chicago Voted as Well, &

JB Is Gonna Walk Into The “General”


& Likely ‘WIN’, in November. Only if

we ALL vote! Get all R’s outta office

NOTE: Train Derails In MO “Killing” 4 & Injuring Over
150 citizens on amtrak. They wanted safety upgrades
And Never Got Them. This Stuff will not stand. Never

Have A Day!

Another Ruling from the partisan

shit show known as the Supreme


Court. This One Tries to Destroy

the separation of church & state

Jeeeeez. It will backfire on them

cause now ALL religions are just

allowed To do it As Well. See, It

Is, ALL; Or None. Take Your Pick

then Live with the ‘Choice’. They

done fucked up so when a coach

Asks the team 2 call Out to Thor

They’ll Have To. Ooooooooooops

(“Ya fucked”)

An “Unscheduled”/Surprise Jan

6th Hearing’ll happen tomorrow

Uhhhhh Ohhhhhh. They Have A

Surprise Witness, so “buckleup”

kiddies. There Are “lots” a huge

“Guesses” as to Who it could be

Holder, “Brooks”, ‘Meadows’, Pat

C, Ginni Thomas, ETC. Make No

mistake. Whomever it is, ya can

(Buckle Up!)

bet this Bombshell will be a take

Down Of “Most” R’s Who Did this

NOTE: Russia’s War Crimes, In Bombing A Civilian Mall
are just the beginning in Ukraine. Russia just defaulted
for the 1st time Since the Bolshevik revolution. Oooops
NOTE II: Democrats just got a 10 point bump for these
Mid-Terms. Don’t care, it Will increase. It Will only ever
count if we ALL vote. Leave no doubts, vote out ALL R’s

Have A Day!

This’s one of the darkest days in

American History. Guns Now Got


more rights than Women. Make

No mistake. This will ‘Echo’ thru

Out History. And this Overreach

will Bite Them in the Ass ending

the Republican party. The anger

in 80%+ of voters in this nation

Will, ‘NEVER’ “go away”. And R’s

Will Never Hold Any Real Power

Again. They’ve “Lost” Suburban

Women, Forever. They Have All


admitted they seek A Theocracy

No, It Will not Stand. They F’ed

up. We will save our Democracy

And what Is the punishment for

Any ‘Supreme Court’ “Nominee”

Committing Perjury?!?!?!? Well

nothing. Different rules for us &

them. Evil. A watered down gun

Bill has Passed. It’s Weak and it

is an awful start. But it is a start

(Drop it)

none the less; We need sane law

Not Band-aids On Severed Arms

NOTE: Insurrectionist Greene Tried To “Spar” With Jamie
Raskin. She’s legally going down & Jamie decided to play
with her battin’ her around like cat does to a dead mouse

Have A Weekend!

DOJ just issued a brand new slate

of subpoena’s Yesterday to All the

(“Now, find out!”)

criminals who created a fake pile

Of “Electors”. AND, They actually

documented Their Crimes In Full

detail/sending it To The National

Archives. HA! They are Likely All

goin to be charged at the Federal

Level. And TFG Is legally Directly

linked to these criminal acts. The

Other Breaking News……TFG’s Pal

Jeffery Clark Was “Swarmed” By

The FBI. Oooooooooops. And, in

today’s hearing we saw Shocking

Video Proof In realtime that’s So

legally Inescapable. TFG is done

(Bye Bye!)

He tried 3 illegal things: Use the

‘Fake Electors’ IN “Swing States”,

Insert Partisan Criminals In DOJ

And Finally, ‘Unleash’ His Violent

racist fascist mob on the Capitol

And as they all Go down, we see

a Partisan PAC dressed in Robes

‘Pretending’ To Be The Supreme

Court. Three Rulings in One Day

Directly ‘Undermine’ All Citizens

ability to live or Have Freedoms

They picked ‘Guns’, no Miranda

rights & now R’s Get to enact all

the “Racist ID Voting laws” they

(It’s a joke)

like. This Court doesn’t support

80% Of America right Now. No!

NOTE: Republican’s are getting more disgusting by the
Day With Nationalist Hate. Mut ‘Told’ A UK Reporter To
“Go back to your own country!” after she correctly said
“We don’t have the Deaths You have”. It’s Because she
Is correct & Mut/They Can’t address this fact. Hammer
this Statistical fact At Every Republican, every & all day

Have A Day!

Senator Ron Johnson will be going 2

jail for Attempting to Submit Known


“Fake Electors” to Mike Pence. Oh

Boy. Every Republican Who signed

the “Fake Electors” Will also Likely

face Big Jail Time. They knowingly

‘Submitted’, “Fake Election Papers”

HOLY SHIT!! This, is As Serious as

it gets legally speakin. All the fake

electors in AZ, GA, MI, PA, NM, WI

& NV all met on December 14th. It

was To Falsify Documents; & is So

wildly ILLEGAL. And Get This They

submitted their Crimes to the NA’s

Nuthing Like Documenting All Your


Crimes For later. Ooooooooooops

Other Elected Republican’s, Broke

the law as well. McCarthy, Jordan,

Meadows, Rona McDaniel, Rudy &

many Many More (Eastman, Also)

Tomorrow things’ll get way Worse

in The “Hearing” As Alex Holder’s

video will confirm all other crimes

The Brave good People of Ukraine

are Fighting for their lives & home

They Are Winning, But At A Great

cost. The Good News, over half of

Russian Separatist Force are dead

(Fascists Suck)

Or Wounded. Stay Strong, All The

World Supports them & the Z Man

NOTE: Former Democratic “Bid” For FLA Governor
in 2018 Andrew Gillum Has been indicted on Wire
Fraud & Fraudulent fund-raising. Good. Crimes Is
not tied to Any Single Party/Person. If You did the
Crime. You should Go Down. Simple Stuff. Justice

Have A Day!

TFG is so legally F’ed there is no

escape. In Fact, 3 Noted Elected

(Bring it!)

Republican’s ALL “Cleared” The

record of TFG’s lies; he knew he

lost. He admitted it And, there’s

new Footage That’s Even MORE

damning. Ooooooooops. We are

Talking About ALL The “tRumps”

on cam, doing the criming. And

there is no way to avoid what Is

‘Coming’. Legal “Consequences”

(Coming fast)

And this ALL started before the

Elections. He Knew that he was

gonna lose. And His goal? Burn

it all to The Ground. He’s going

to “Die” in Jail. And, He should

And, Tonight, America Votes in

Other Primaries. D’s Must Stay

aligned, Cause R’s Are splitting

their vote between sane the R’s

& maga wing. Sane gets picked,


maga Sits out. Maga get picked

Sane, Sit Out. It’s Vote Splitting

NOTE: Stephen Colbert, Gets Called Out By MTG, &
satire is truly alive. She claimed they were “stalking”
her. Comedian’s ready to mock you for being an Ass
Hole as a public servant isn’t bad. It’s accountability

Have A Day

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