TFG’s lawyer just Spent over

3 Hours in Front Of A Grand


Jury. TFG is going down and

there’s NO Escape. In fact It

will Be Non-Stop legal Ruling

& Jail Time, Hitting Him with

each week. And all his Death

threats aren’t only illegal but

Targeted Alvin Bragg Directly


‘today’. These Racist, Fascist

Monsters Consequences Are

neigh. They Violated the law

at EVERY Turn. Now, it’s jail

NOTE: Macron, ‘Asks’ French Citizens To Make Sacrifices
While sporting a $3,000 Watch, he tried to take off ooof
NOTE II: Minnesota Republican doesn’t personally Know
ANY Hungry/Starving kids/people so he doesn’t support
a bill for school lunches/kids. Wow, talk about a douche!

Have A Day!

Today, ‘Marks’ The Anniversary

of the Affordable Care Act way

(Love it!)

back in 2010. It is a Landmark

Policy that was passed To help

ALL “American’s”. Republicans

can’t govern & all they Do is a

lot of lies/hate/screaming and

Zero Policies or Solutions that

Voters actually want. And now

(“Ya done!”)

Jordan, McCarthy, & Other R’s

decided Obstruction of Justice

is what they want to do. Ohhh

boy. NYC DA Bragg sent A Big

Legal Reply To Jordan Stating

“Ahem you just have no legal
‘Authority’ Here & Unless Told
differently, your Letter is Also
an attempt to obstruct justice
since it’s at the request of the
Lawyer Of TFG & TFG Himself”

Ooooops. And also threatening


Bragg/Judges/DOJ is so illegal

He/R’s are ALL legally Finished

NOTE: FOX “News” Is Legally/Internally Imploding With
Lawsuits flyin’ faster than all their illegal conspiracy lies

Have A Day!

In a Series of Legal Problems for

TFG, with more Appearing every


day, Judges/Courts aren’t playin

Around here. In fact now he has

over “5 Other Legal” Court cases

makin’ there way thu the system

And one Judge In The Trump org

case is DONE with all Their delay

tactics. The Judge said Trial date

(“No more!”)

is “Set In Stone”. Oooooops. Ha

October 2nd he & his kids all go

down in a Civil Trial owing $250

Million in Damages. Speaking of

Totally fucked; All His Shrinking

“Cult Followers” Are not turning

out to Support Him. And All The

(Yes indeed)

R’s are Tied to Him Forever as it

ALL goes down the big Fat Drain

NOTE: Disney World “Tells” Ron & Hate To Go Blow
it out all of their ignorant asses by hosting a major
Summit On Gay Rights. Ooooooooooooops. Ha Ha!

Have A Day!

So Jim Jordan is Now Interferrin’

with the current NYC Grand Jury

(No Shit!)

Proceeding. As Are Several Other

R’s right Now. This “legally” Ends

so badly for them. So fine by me

Rand “Traitor” Paul, Is Also trying

to obstruct justice. See these are

ALL Illegal Things ya can’t do but

they don’t care. Well, they so will

R’s, Have NO “Policies”, No Actual

(<-Tea Party Racist!)

solutions to Govern Or Remotely

understand the Law. So, they all

Commit Illegal Acts thinking this

is “politics”. Ahem, No. It’s really

Just “Breaking, The Fucking Law”

This ‘Legal Hell’, They Find Them

selves in; is all Self inflicted, and

they Deserve Everything Coming


Facts matter. And they got None

Down, Down, Down, They All Go

NOTE: 3 Racist Cops Threaten Violence Against The
african American community & are fired. How about
we Weed EVERY Cop Out Who Supports/Enacts This
THAT’S Actual Police Reform, We All Need Right Now
NOTE II: “Chicago Mayoral Debate”: At 7pm Tonight

Have A Day!

Indictments are now here for

TFG & He / All Criminal Lying

(Bye Bye!)

Republican’s are in full Panic

Mode. And, It’s Not Just One

Indictment; It’s FOUR Of Em

And, he Will be indicted, and

Convicted In ALL Four Of Em

He knows it, the entire Legal

world knows it; so what’s his

Big legal defense? Get losers

to riot. ‘Attacking’ the Courts

isn’t a “Tactic”; it’s admission


he did ALL of these Crimes &

More. If a tiny handful of Ass

Holes Also Want to go to Jail,

Fine by Me. Have at it Idiots!

(They can’t Vote in elections)

And now R’s Want to use the

Government To “punish” D’s

for…….Well. They don’t know

They will Not Uphold the law,

Or Enforce it For R Criminals

They’re all Just Fascist Racist


lyin’ criminals who will all go

down with their racist Savior

NOTE: Ron DouchSantis & TFG, Are Now At Each
others throat. Ron wants It both ways with maga
& they’ll never Pick him. It’s the End for All of Em

Have A Day!

Pillow Guy Ass, Goin’ broke &

it’s all because of his own Ass

(No shit)

Hole “Election Fraud” Games

Play stupid games, win some

Dumber Prizes. Like being so

Bankrupt ya ‘Borrow’ $10 mil

To ‘Keep’ A Maga Lie Alive, &

a ‘Dominion Lawsuit’, In Your

loss column as well. Ooooops


And the Indictment train Has

“left The Station”. All of these

indictments are Coming, Fast

And in The GA Probe a brand

new “Call” Was introduced, &

it’s a Legal Death Knell. Ohhh

boy. These idiots can not help

(Bye! Flush!)

themselves. They got away so

long; now the Bill Comes Due!

NOTE: Racist, Old disgusting bucket of Shit Ben
Stein says even more racists gross Shit. Enough

Have A Day!

The Entire Republican Party, Or

what’s left of it, all just commit


crimes nowadays. The FBI just

Busted Ho Wan Kwok, A pal of

Sloppy Steve Bannon(criminal)

He’s Charged with $1 billion In

a “fraud scheme”. And the Sec

just Filed Civil Charges as Well

Bannon….Is Tied To GTV Media


group. Ooops Ho was arrested

this Morning At 6am. Jeeeeeez

They All just can’t stop criming

TFG is Getting Indicted Shortly

And He’ll Have at least 4 of em

to Contend with. So after years

of Being a Criminal asshole the

bill has come due. TFG Doesn’t

(No Shit!)

like Paying His bills. Welp, This

Time he doesn’t Have a Choice

NOTE: GQP Republican “Short Circuits” When Asked
to define “Woke”. Ohhh Boy, it’s all performative BS
They aren’t serious, can’t govern & are all scammers

Have A Day!

In A “Town Hall”, On CNN, The

Lies known as Glenn Youngkin


was Exposed in full light. And It

was “Hilariously awful” in every

possible way. He could not even

answer “Basic Questions” about

bathrooms books or guns. This

IS the Entire Republican That is

‘Left Today’. ALL Performative &

Zero substance / Logic / policies

(Their motto!)

that voters want. They’re frauds

And in what can only be called a

Libertarian’s “Dream”, a Grossly

Deregulated Bank Under TFG Is

Belly Up. Crypto Scams And All

frauds are Who Banked with em

And it was the “Go-to Bank” for

TFG (financed his FL golf scam)


Lying Scam fraud Criminals, All

with lying Scam fraud Criminals

NOTE: “Disgraced” Jerry “Pants Open” Faldwell Jr is
Now Counter-suing the Scam Liberty University For
“owed benefits”. Ahem He gets none. Breech of the
Contract Is What He Did. BUZZ! End Of Legal Story

Have A Day!

Ooooooof, this Is what they call

a kick in the ol’ kiddittle hopper

(“Listen Jack!”)

Right wing pollin’ at Rasmussen

Has Biden at ‘50% approval’ for

Him VS 49% don’t. They are all

R’s being polled here. Ha ha ha!

Even the hack polling place just

found out they Love His policies

Get in line. The ‘Country’ is just


Startin’ to Hum Again Baby and

that’s just a fact. Chew on That!

NOTE: Indictments Are Coming For TFG And Fast. In
Fact at least 4 Prosecutors have legally Shown it and
there’s no escape. The stormy Daniels is the weakest
one & He’s VERY Guilty by a country mile. Ha Ha Ha!

Have A Weekend!

Mitch McConnell had a bad fall

Last evening. While his Politics


are vile; he’s A Human being, &

no one Wishes this Pain anyone

It’s Exactly what separates “Us”

from the far right wing Hate R’s

Domestic Terrorists and traitors

decided to Mock Him for hitting

his head Hard. It’s So disgustin’


All They Are is Hate, Fascism &

can’t govern. Shit they play act

at committees rather than work

And Dan Goldman Put all These

jagoff’s Properly in Their places

It’s so important To See. And in

one Of The Best Moves a Union


Head Dressed down A lacky ass

Lying GQP’ers, Insulting His Life

NOTE: Fox in Full Panic mode & they’re ALL legally
going Down at Light Speed. All the workers know it

Have A Day!

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