As the Racist Orange Asshole keeps spewing toxic

racist Hate; his close Pal Liaison who worked with


his transition team/The Saudi’s/and The Russians

just got arrested last month for childporn. Yes ya

read It right. George Nader, the Guy who Appears

at Least 100 Times In The Mueller Report Not only

had Kiddie Porn on him (And previous charges on

him since 1991)he actually trafficked a 14 yearold

fucking boy. Between Epstein, Nader, Dershowitz,

Cohen Coming back to the Hill and Finally Mueller

(Good luck!)

The Immoral Racism is one thing, legal issues are

another. This Upcoming Week is gonna kill Trump

NOTE: Dan Le Batard, Hero! Not Only Did He ‘Correctly’ Call
cowardice in not addressing immoral unacceptable racist shit
He’s now Enshrined His Voice as one for the Ages in my book

Have a weekend!


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We Have Republicans Openly Saying “Yes, I will

still support A “Racist” for President, so what?!?”

(<-Bigot Ass)

As Republicans, ALL But 4, keep both defending

and supporting Trumps racism……shit got worse

We have A literal Nuremberg rally with Immoral

vile Racist assholes chanting “Send her back!” &

of course they are All Referring to D-Ilhan Omar

And ‘Republicans’ Now ALL Defend Trump While

tryin’ to pretend they disagree with the hate. Oh

FUCK NO! Right now, they OWN All Of This Hate

If You SUPPORT The Person Saying, Stoking and

(No shit!)

PROMOTING this hate. You Fucking support the

HATE! Son of A Bitch this is immoral evil that is

also Massively ILLEGAL, To ‘Incite’ Any Violence

Against Sitting Congressional leaders. OMG!!!!!!

And Orange Fucker lied, lied, lied Again and lied

some more by claimin’ he didn’t approve of that

hate chant even Though he Directly TWEETED it

and those Racists repeated It. This will not stand

And in today’s Legal trouble, as I said her before,

(<-Pure Evil)

Epstein Bail was denied meanin’ he will likely die

in Jail When Found Guilty. Only ray of light today

NOTE: House Votes, To Raise Minimum Wage To $15 And
That Means…….NOTHING Because The Senate Won’t Take
It Up This Way, Which Is A Useless Political Theater Show
NOTE II: A Racist ASSHOLE In Naperville, IL Fired For His
Overt Hate. This Is just UNACCEPTABLE & Has No Place in
our society. If you want to be Racist, keep it at home or in
a “Club”. When you attack other citizens, it’s illegal. That’s
called Fighting Words & Assault. BOTH are against the law

Have a day!


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CONway & Flight Risk…

July 17th, 2019

While “Forgotten Vampire Idiot Son”, Eric

Trump is peddling his best “impression of

(Mirror Mirror!)

racist Daddy”; Kellyanne Conway is Doing

her Impression of an immoral asshole shit

in Avoiding hard questions attackin others

In fairness Eric Trump’s 95% bullshit….the

other 5% is catshit. ZING! The reason that

Kellyanne Conway attacked the reporter is

very clear. She/the Entire Republican party

Left Standing Today, Is COMPLICIT & They

don’t want all the consequences that come

with it. Nope, Ya Own it ALL Assholes. And

(<-Sweating it!)

nothing you say/do with change it. Oh and

speaking of idiots, Jeffery Epstein is now a

massive Flight Risk, meaning his “bail” will

likely Be DENIED due to His Wealth and All

his flight Options. The times are a changin’

NOTE: Republicans, Are Having “Racism Problems” That
Are not going away, Ever; and They Deserve everything

Have a day!


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As the Fall out’ll be happenin’ over the next

seasons over this hate, it had one Intention

and one Only. To Distract From the Jeffery

Epstein case & Trumps/Right Wingers and

big Political Names Who’ll be implicated in

this Horror. No. And, to Distract From one

weak, Lying, Immoral hypocritical, coward

Republican Party, ALL Hiding/ Ignoring His

hate tweets. Did not work. This is trying to

AVOID the Policy Discussion of the popular

progressive policies in favor of hate & muck

(Won’t Work)

The country is Sick of this insane tactic and

Voters, will “Make” that VERY Clear in 2020

NOTE: The Racists In The Republican Party Wanted
To Strike Pelosi’s fact That Trumps Tweets Were SO
Racist. Wow these fuckers are Immoral hateful shits
The Vote Itself Is Meaningless But Asshole R’s Won’t
Accept Reality. Vote Everyone of these Assholes Out
NOTE II: Chicago & our mayor Lori Lightfoot Will not
accept or aid ICE raids. And there were almost none

Have a day!


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Trump is racist. Anyone with Functioning Eyes

and ears knows this. He said it his entire life &

(We Know)

stated that’s what he’d do as president. This is

hateful, immoral, overtly racist shit. And it has

no Place In our Country Anymore. And, the big

reason they are Doing it; is to Try Avoiding the

Policy Discussion. The ‘Entire’ Republican Party

is not only totally Silent right now, their ability

to Win Elections is over. 2 Republicans called it

exactly what the Tweet was; racist as ALL Fuck

R – Mike Turner And Will Hurd. Everyone “Else”

(DC 1’s Too)

was simply “immoral coward frauds” who have

all “Killed” the Republican Party for good. They

are simply the Racist Party. They have been, in

every Election, Since 1960, when Those Party’s

switched Over the Civil Rights Act. Geeeeeeeee

what was that about again?!?! Oh yeah, EQUAL

rights For Minorities In Our Country. Call All of

This Un-American, Immoral, Shit, Exactly What

it is. Racism. If they just Ignore it or do nothing

(Bye Bye)

then They are Aiding And Directly Approving It

No more Running from This Stain. It’s on them

NOTE: Racist Monument Should Not Only Not Be Erected
ANYONE Wanting To Put It Up, The Founder, & Leader Of
The KKK should be thrown out of elected office yesterday
NOTE II: Theresa May, Did, What Only 2 Republicans Did,
And Called Trumps Racist Tweets, exactly What They ARE

Have a day!


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Alex Acosta is Stepping Down. Don’t Think for

a second that Ends his very legal culpability in

(“Let’s lie!”)

this Horrific Epstein Case. He Will be In VERY

deep legal trouble. And as OrangeAss flopped

around the whitehouse lawn like a fatfoul fish

it looked even worse then ya can imagine. So,

speaking of “Getting worse”, Britain deals with

selecting their New PM. It is a Choice Between

Dumb & Dumber. And they both looked LOST

On National Television Being Interviewed by 1

Andrew Neil. It went VERY bad. In fact, at one

point Boris Johnson doesn’t even KNOW what

Paragraph 5C (The Laws of the EU). And Hunt

(Dumb & Dumber)

claims they’ll “Leave” the EU by September &

claimed an extra 1.5% in growth would give a

UK government an extra $20 Billion. Ah No, it

WON’T. They’re Tory liars, lying their best lies

to gain power. And with all of this, they will be

meet with the SAME Parliament leaders Telling

them “Fuck No!” to A hard Brexit Deal. Oooops

NOTE: Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, Told ICE To Chill
the Fuck out Permanently Denying them Access to our
Police Databases Ahead Of Upcoming Raids. Oooooops

Have a weekend!


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As the USA Women’s Soccer Team celebrated

& made Superb political points about all of us


We had a Creepy as all fuck immoral little guy

tryin’ to pretend he really cared about victims

In what can only be called the “Hey, This Isn’t

Helping You In Any Way” Press Conference by

Alex Acosta; Didn’t End Well. Here’s what you

don’t do. Trying to “Defend” a sweetheart deal

for a criminal pedophile will have the Opposite

effect. And it did. What Alex did was Allow the

most disgustingly vile criminal pedophile to go

If you are a Progressive, or Actual Citizen Who


cares About This Country Enacting all The Most

sound policies/correct decisions……..Pelosi does

not Give a Flying Fuck About You. Nope. She is

now going after other freshman democrats and

other Dems Trying to “Control” the party rather

than defend Citizens and enact the policies that

the base Wants. That will cost her dearly Ooops

NOTE: Short Loud Abusive Guy Gets Tackled After Shoving
And Yelling At Others, In a Bagel Store. Gets Comeuppence
This guy Has CLEAR Mental Problems, But That’s No Excuse
RIP: Rip Torn. A Legend, An Actor, An Advocate, & A Super
Strong & Hard Working Guy That Was The Most Loved Actor

Have a day!


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In what can only be called a Miscarriage of

Justice, At the “Time”, Florida US Attorney

(Felon Pals)

Alex That’ll Acost-ya let Jeffery Epstein off

the Hook in EVERY possible Legal way. He

Is SO Fucked Legally and Might be a large

reason he’s Secretary of Labor for doing it

Firing Him Isn’t Enough. This is Aiding and

Abetting and intentionally Ignoring Crimes

This is Disgustingly evil shit. It’s also VERY

unacceptable Legally Speaking. And as this

house of Cards topple down, Orange Fucko

got “Fact Checked” in Real Time during his


bullshit Environmental Lies Festival, by Fox

news. Yes ya Read it that correctly. Costing

him even more than he can imagine; ooops

NOTE: Progressive Democratic Candidate Amy McGrath
Says She Will Beat Mitch McConnell In 2020 All, For KY

Have a day!


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As You Recover from America’s Birthday

party, just check you got all your fingers


Cause hey america you’re so fine, you’re

so fine you blow My Mind; America. The

rest of the World, Is Telling Orange Idiot

he’s Done. We had Trumps Failed fizzled

Dictator rally in the rain, him sayin’ that

airports existed in 1776, soccer fans ALL

yelling “Fuck you Trump!” & now a huge

bombshell in Jeffery Epstein gettin jailed

This Is MASSIVE News People. That just

means, he’s Got a Safe, filled of powerful


people (Alan Dershwitz, Trump, Ol’ Billy

Boy Clinton & Many More) on Tape, and

doing horrific Illegal shit. This is not any

issue about party, politics or “sides”. It’s

about Right and Wrong. Illegal Rape and

or Non-Consensual Sex with Under-aged

victims. Every/ALL should go down Hard

Beginning of the end once again. Book it!

NOTE: Republican GOP Fundraiser, Elliot Broidy Is
Being Probed By A Grand Jury For Foreign Corrupt
Practices Act Violations For his Inaugural Influence

Have a day!


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This “Humanitarian Crisis”…will not end Well

at all. These immoral racist monsters will all

(<-Cartoonist Fired)

pay for their Hate legally speakin. They are

Concentration Camps /Prisons. And, “Illegal”

ones At That. They Are Underfunded, Shitty,

intentionally Raw/Denied basic human rights

and EVERYONE “Responsible” will go down in

this Immoral Fucking Mess. AOC is On Those

front lines “Fighting” every day. And you can

bet our courts will be punishin’ these Fuckers


to the fullest Extent of the Law. The problem

for all these Immoral racists fucks it that this

is All WELL DOCUMENTED For Legal Reasons

NOTE: USA Women’s Soccer Team Advances To The
Finals With A 2-1 Victory ,Over England. Way To GO

Have a day!


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