TFG & a LOT of GQP’ers in the

House, are in Full Blown Panic


Mode. Welp, they should all be

4 Criminals are gettin’ charged

And, There’s no Escape. Also a

bad legal day waits right round

the bend 4 George Santos; Ha

All they are able to do is Crime

They sure as Shit Can’t Govern

(All they do)

And, turns “out” Fascist Racist

hate isn’t profitable/Won’t sell

DirectTV “Dumps” Reich Wing

‘propaganda tool’ Newsmax in

just one of many to come. Ha!

They, Are ALL ‘Getting’ Exactly

what they want, consequences

(Oh yeah!)

Their ‘Dumping’, Will Continue

And consequences are all Here

NOTE: Former GOP County Chair Arrested For
child porn. It, was, always, projection. Crimin
disgustin vile evil. Throw these monsters away
NOTE II: Barr ‘Pushed’ DOJ to Find Errors With
The Russia/Trump Muller Report. Criminal Ass!

Have A Day!

We can’t Even go One damn

day Around here In America

(No shit!)

Without ANOTHER Massive

shooting killing people. Wtf

It’s All the guns; stupid. We

R awash in Guns. The #1 in

ALL The World In us Having

MORE guns Than All people

And now Pence Is on the fat


hook, for ‘Taking’ Classified

Docs Home. Ooooops, They

are all fucked. Oh 7 speakin’

Of “Fucked”; DA Fanni Willis

of GA Has 4 Indictments In

line to be Executed. Oh boy

This Spells ‘Dire Trouble’ For


Orange Anus & The Rest of

those Criminal Lying Pricks

NOTE: Youth Pastor & 45 Others Busted in Sex Trafficking
Ring Bust. Good. My guess, is that Matt Gaetz is up Next!

Have A Day!

We have so many mass shootings

each Fucking Day, most of us Ask


“Oh, which one?”. It’s the guns ya

Silly Bastards. 10 People were All

Shot Dead & 10+ Wounded, With

7 still in the “Hospital”. The “Gun

Man” Took, ‘His Own Life’. ‘Motive’

for This Lunacy is Still Not Known

at this Time. 72 year old Huu Can


Tran was the “killer”. What a POS

America has a russian asset issue

in The ‘USA’, & Now FBI/Congress

Russia/ Putin/ Oligarch $ Have All

Tried /Played /broken laws To just

Interfere with our political system

(cough)George Santos. Heads are


Gonna “Legally Roll” with one FBI

Shit Caught! Oooooooops. Busted

NOTE: Racist DeSantis decides to block teaching AP
African American Studies in “schools” Because He is
RACIST AF. No other Reason. What A bucket of Shit

Have A Day!

Legal Hell, Fined & Over…

January 20th, 2023

The Orange Anus has withdrawn

their Case Against James in NYC


The reason? The courts fined em

$1 million for bringin Fraudulent

Cases Before The Courts & Were

gonna Fine him again & again, &

Again.  Oooooops. His Entire life

is a “Bogus Legal Case” & Things

will only get Worse for him/all of

(Not really)

Those Domestic Terrorist frauds

who support/do his bidding. Ha!

Welp, It is all over but the cryin’

NOTE: Domestic terrorist Jan 6th violent ass
toy doesn’t know what the 3rd amendment is
RIP: David Crosby, singer, human, legendary
artist and all Around Lover Of Life. Gone, but
never forgotten. Listen to His Work, such Joy

Have A Weekend!

Who fault is any Default? Welp

That’d Be, HOUSE Republicans

(Same shit!)

It’s Not Just The fact they have

All Easily Raised the Debt Limit

4 Times Under TFG. In fact the

cold truth Is the only Times it’s

an Issue, When D’s Control the

fucking White House. They are

just domestic terrorists who all

serve A Top 1% At An Expense

the other 99% Voters. And well

Voters are the one’s Hurt by all

(Hell yes!)

these Terrorist Tactics. And the

only way they stop?!? Get them

Outta Power. Santos, Is Almost

out with more joinin’ him Soon

An While The House will not be

passing Anything that will even

get past a Senate or Presidents

desk; the Chaos Caucus offered

up a 30% sales tax hike for the

Middle Class. WTF?!?!?!?! They

(Not for poor!)

Are ‘Killing Themselves’ With All

voters. Ok, Fine by me. Bye Bye

NOTE: Alec Baldwin, & Hannah Gutierrez-Reed Will Be
Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter for The Death
of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust
NOTE II: D’s, Offer Up a Constitutional Amendment To
Overturn Citizens United keeping Dark $ out of politics
Now watch Corporate Whore GQP’ers serve the Top 1%

Have A Day!

Gun Anger & Schlapped Silly…

January 18th, 2023

Parents in Virginia City, Where the

6 year old Shot his Teacher, are all

(Get it yet?)

mad as HELL. They spent 3 Hours

Raging About a Toxic Environment

in their school and Lax gun laws in

the State/Nation. They have A ‘Big’

‘Discipline Problem’. And Gun Laws

are just the tip O the crime iceberg

Leaving, Weapons of Death Around

for 6 year olds 2 find/Use has to be

more than a $2,500 fuckin’ fine. In


every other ‘Modern Country’, they

have ALL addressed this Shit. Only

here it Happens. Unacceptable. Oh

& speaking of that, Another day, so

another Republican Charged with a

‘Sex Crime’. Matt Schlapp, who’s a

married fraud to a wife was busted

sexually assaultin’ another man. It

all they are. Criminal Fraud who all

commit Illegal acts. Everythin’ they


accuse Others Of, Is always a direct

confession. ‘Projection’, & Criminals

NOTE: Racist asshole gets Exposed. Find out Who He
is & turn up the sun light. Be racist, you’ll be exposed

Have A Day!

Debt Game, Blame & Shame…

January 17th, 2023

When Republicans Get Power,

they ALWAYS All do the Exact

(No Shit!)

same Shit that never Works. It

starts with Tax Cuts for top 1%

Then it’s Obstruction, hold the

Debt Ceiling hostage & budget

CUTS (including SS, Medicare

Etc). Get it Yet? They, Do, Not

WANT To “Govern”. They Want

to ‘Destroy’ Democracy & This

Government From Within. The

Only Goal is Ruin And Partisan

(And under TFG)

political Hate. They have Real

life Gop failed candidates that

violently shoot up 4 homes of

Democratic officials. They are

100% to Blame for the violent

hate & Disgrace of The House

doing nada; and what do they

want?!? To add More of Them

In “Maga” Jim Banks Running

for Braun’s Seat in the Senate


They’re simply vile shameless

cretins. All of Them. No More!

NOTE: Greta, Makes Her ‘Environmental’ Case clear
And she/millions of others are all clear on this Issue
Peaceful protest’s the soul of planet. Change is here

Have A Day!

MLK Day & Santos Russian $…

January 16th, 2023

Today Is MLK Day, and so all

those Racist, Fascist GQP’ers


try to Claim He’d Be on their

side…again. Ha ha ha. Uh no

See, racist assholes must try

to bend reality to their failed

shitty hate. And all fail every

time. House GQP’ers And All

The Rest OWN This hate And


Will Never Escape It. In fact

they support A known fraud

in George Santos who’s now

legally tied to a “sanctioned”

Russian/’Putin $ Man’. Uhhh

ohhhh. Santos & many more

Traitors To This Country In A


Failed Coup Party are Going

Down. Tick tock….Time’s up

NOTE: Home Depot Pay Policy just Changed after
they were legally Caught Short Changing Workers
No More “Rounding down” to cheat Solid laborers

Have A Day!

Republican’s Have No Policies to

govern this nation. So, they just

(R’s never learn)

play fun “Make Shit Up” Games

about nonexistent grievances &

see What Sticks. Nonna it Does

Their Latest bullshit is about all

Our “Stoves”. Jeeeeez. Enough

already. The Best thing Is to All

Ignore Them like Loud Unrulely

children. Speaking of those, the

(“It” Can’t)

Orange Anus Org Was forced to

pay a fine of $1.6 million for all

their “Criming”. Ha Ha ha ha ha

NOTE: 6 Year Old Shoots Teacher & The School
Knew He had a Gun. WTF?!?!? Heads Must Roll
RIP: Lisa Marie Presley died of a heart attack at
the age of 54. She was a VERY cool human bein

Have A Weekend!

Special Counsel Fever & Busted!

January 12th, 2023

You get A Special Counsel, And

YOU get A Special Counsel and


YOU get A Special Counsel. Ha

ZING! Garland, Just appointed

a “Special Counsel” for Biden’s

Documents He found & turned

right over. There’s nothing bad

Here. In fact, He “DID” exactly

what any President Must do in

this case. Where as A Criminal

(We good!)

Orange Anus, ‘Did’ The EXACT

opposite & “crimed” every step

of the Way. When Karl Rove is

‘pointing out’ They’re not even

remotely close, u know this is

the end for TFG. Jack Smith is

baring down fast which means

Indictment, trial, and Prison is

(Jail Jammy’s)

next. There’s no escape for any

of the lyin racist Criminal Turds

NOTE: Staffer Predicts, George Santos Gets “Perp Walked”
Outta the Capitol Building. And more R’s demand he leave

Have A Day!

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