That’s all she wrote folks. The US

Justice Dept just ordered the IRS


to Hand over Orange Fucks taxes

to Congress. Ooooooops. There’s

no Escape from this & It gets way

worse on “every level” for ‘it’ with

each passin’ day. The legal issues

of the Organization, the Terrorist

attack & now taxes for “It” are all

too Much To ‘Legally Survive’. My

guess is Shit is Getting Broken or


destroyed All Over Mara-Lago In

waves. Down They All Go, Which

jail they land, we don’t yet know

And While they Implode, all their

voters Are Dying Cause ‘reasons’

These people Are Literally Killing

themselves & Dying with regrets

of “I shoulda Gotten the Vaccine”

or “Can I have it now?” when ya


can’t. All R voters and Red states

are dying off by their Own Hands

NOTE: Republican ‘Colossal Moron’, & terrorist
Lover Elise Stefanik Wants the Government to
take it’s Hands Off my Government Healthcare

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

While we Do have the Infrastructure

Bill passing, & It will, we are now all

(“I got this”)

going thru the next phase of Jan6th

“They all knew”. Most, every, single

Republican, In The House, & Senate

knew What Was “Coming”. And this

Entire Committee Will Discover This

Shit, it’s all factually known today &

the Only difference will be, this bein’

stated in Public With the Irrefutable

proof proving it. And now, what Will


only Speed Up Republicans Demise,

they are Trying Their Hand at shitty

1st Amendment frauditor stunts so

you can Expect Their Voters To lose

all interest voting for these criminal

Assholes Anymore. It Comes Across

As little more than ‘Karen theater’ &

criminal Sovcit Tactics. They are All

Undone. Nowhere to Go, From Here

(“I don’t govern!”)

for them, except jail, jobless or gone

far Away From all Politics. Tick….tock

NOTE: Lollapalooza ‘Invades’ Chicago This Weekend
And, It Is INSANE Already. Staying In, Streaming, &
Playing PS4. That is about it. Just protect yourselves

Have A “Safe” Day!

We Have an Unvaccinated Issue

in ‘Merica. And when the Gov of


Alabama says “It’s really just all

Unvaccinated To Blame for This”

Wow!!! When Kay Ivey, running

the Lowest Educated/healthy Or

financially stable says, “It is you”

IT’S YOU. We all Have a Roll, to

keep Us safe. This Will pass, but

the Hardest Hit places will Crush

redstates most. Because they all

ignored Getting vaccinated & all

Didn’t, ‘Mask Up’. Consequences


And, Speaking Of Consequences

Every Republican in Congress &

former Orange Maniacs/Helpers

Are All in DEEP Shit. The DOJ is

not “Protecting” or givin’ any of

Legal Immunity/Help Regarding

the Jan 6th Terrorism. In Fact it

ensures this Committee have all

the legal Tools 2 compel anyone

the facts Point to 2 testify which

spells Doom for Jordan, Orange


Prick, McCarthy, Brooks, Gosar

Biggs, Etc. ALL are on the Hook

for all supporting/helping/aiding

in this Horror. They are Undone

NOTE: Fucker Carlson Has a person Confront him
Using his own Suggest Hate Tactics But even way
Nicer. He Called Sucker the “Worst human Being”
RIP: To ZZ Top Bass Guitarist Dusty Hill and Cool
Bearded Music Legend Passes Away at 72 it’s sad

Have A “Safe” Day!

Today’s Committee hearing about

The Jan 6th “Terrorist Attack”, on


our Capitol Was gutwrenching, It

was violent, it was disgusting and

it Was Brutal To Watch. But What

came Out this is seein’ the Hero’s

who Rose That day to protect this

‘Great Nation’. Their Accounts Are

clear, the facts are clear & all the

fascist terrorist racist hate was so

‘Clear’. Aside From Cheney, Adam,

or A “Small Handful” Of House R’s

(35 Of Them), their Party is Done


It’s Finished, Gone, Nothing And

they will Never recover from this

These immoral criminal assholes

have Sided with all evil terrorists

linked Forever. History will treat

them as the Terrorist pricks they

all are. No Escape from this ever

The legal Consequences from All

of this will be Career Ending/Job

loss, Severe jailtime devastating

The Terrorists ‘Tried’ to Violently

Kill Democracy. They Lost & This


‘Committee’ Will ensure it never

ever happens again. Goooooood

“If A Hit-Man is Hired & He Kills
somebody (He) goes to jail. And
the Person Who Hired him Does”

NOTE: Simone Biles, “drops” out of the olympics
she wasn’t right. It’s very sad when any athletes
have to drop out due 2 pain/stress; go team Usa
NOTE II: It seems when terrorist supportin’ shits
Try Propaganda Pressers To spew Hate, Others’ll
exercise their rights to oppose all lawless fascism

Have A “Safe” Day!

Nancy Pelosi isn’t messing around

& all the World best take notice of

(Boss Level!)

her. She means business, she’s A

boss & she has Justice on her side

Sounds like An ABC “show” In the

late 80’s called Pelosi’s Law”. And

you Can bet every Terrorist loving

Republican is so Fucked now. She

Just Added ILL R-Adam Kinzinger

to the committee that Starts all of

it’s Hearings tomorrow. This Ends

‘The Republican Cult’ Publicly, and


it must be done with extreme care

to Show everythin’. Every R’s now

trapped. Liz & Adam ‘At Least’ For

Now, Might Be the Only One’s left

standing after this. The rest of em

Openly Support Jan 6th Terrorists

And The Orange Thing, which will

not be “Given” Another second of

time here was at a Cult Klan Rally

this Weekend where A felon fraud

(We Know)

Disgraced General Flynn issued A

death threat to DC Dems with his

AR-15 Killing Them. That’s Illegal

as all hell. These sociopaths must

be legally Dealt With And Harshly

RIP: Today is “Doubly” Sad As We Lost Two
Legends. One In Comedy with Jackie Mason
Who I was slated to “Open” for at Zanies In
Vernon Hills (now closed) & Another was the
Civil Right Leader Bob Moses who helped do
the Civil rights act of 1964. Two hero’s gone
Read, listen, study, remember & be Change
NOTE: And, Right On Que, A Proud ‘Catholic’
Monsignor Jeffery Burrill, Who, Also Wanted
to Deny Biden Communion, was Bar Crusing
for Gay Sex on Grindr. Their own repression
is Their Undoing; hypocritical ruined asshole

Have A “Safe” Day!

The world move Forward and

getting Rid of ‘Racist’ hateful


shit from the Civil War in All

Government buildings is just

About Damn time. Should’ve

never been put There in the

1stplace with Tax$; the bust

of KKK leader and Genocidal

‘Maniac’  (Ft. Pillow) Nathen

Bedford Forest was removed

And During a resurging viral

pandemic & a delayed global

(Different Events)

Olympics; they’re Still Going

forward With It. They Better

control it so there are almost

NO Outbreaks. Otherwise ya

cancel it. And, Speaking of A

“Group” of ‘COVIDIOTS’ who

just refuse to Get Vaccinated

We Have a GQP, that is Split

in Half, between deniers and

(You’re dying)

Realist Supporters Of Getting

vaccinated. Don’t do it, & die

NOTE: Cleveland’s Baseball Team Name has
Now Changed, To The Cleveland “Guardians”
Good, It’s a better name for world class fans

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

You can lead a dumb racist to

Life Saving Water But Ya just


can’t make em drink. In what

can only be called a big death

Cult at this point, maga dicks

are ‘Actively Choosing’ Death

over The ‘Vaccine’. And Most

of The R’s Are supporting Em

See, What ‘Morons’ don’t ALL

Realize; in Their Hate / Blind

ignorance, They’re Killing Off

their Entire Party. That Is so

fine By Me. In Fact, Why not

Go try Denying Death. Jeeez


Are They Dumb. Don’t Wish

ill on Anyone But When you

have a Loving world rooting

For You to life & Ya Yell “Go

fuck yourself“, I just ranout

of fucks 2 give About you &

Have No Pity. Speaking of a

Lots Of ‘Morons’; The House

terrorists Attempt At “Chess”

ended With “Show us all the

Democrats who go vaccines”


The answer? ALL of them ya

morons; what absolute turds

NOTE: Now, Fascist Nazi Republicans Next
“Big Plan”, Go After Dr Fauci To “imprison”
him. Ah yes their party dividing each other
Even More. They Aren’t Going to Exist now

Have A “Safe” Day!

It seems Republicans who support

Domestic Terrorism Aren’t allowed


on A committee investigating em

Well No shit. You Don’t Go Puttin’

criminals on their own jury. Thats

Like Putting Prostitutes In Charge

of Promoting ‘Abstinence’. GTFOH

Liz Cheney Is a booming voice for

the ages (NEVER thought I’d Ever

type This) Supporting Pelosi’s Call

allowing 3 Republicans, but Reject

2. The “Two” “Rejected” Were Jim

Jordan & Jim Banks. Both Of Who

voted to overturn the election and

(2 Rejected!)

openly Support the Terrorists who

Violently took the Capitol building

Pelosi Isn’t fucking around here in

any Way. And, Heads Will all ‘Roll’

Thomas Barrack, who was Orange

Shits ‘right hand man’ is busted in

every Possible legal way. So far it

appears It’s just him & others who

Mislead “Orange Thing”. We, Shall

see How This All Legally Plays Out

In today’s episode of “When Racist

Republicans Say, The Most Hateful


Disgusting Things”, One, Alabama

Council Member Tommy Bryant, is

hear using racial slurs & hating on

Muslims. Because of course he did

Launch “it” into the face of the sun

NOTE: It seems Literal Insane Morons who
pretend COVID isn’t real, or refuse get The
Vaccines are Dying At Record #’ers. And In
The End ALL Asking For the Vaccine before
they die. This is sad but there’s 0 pity from
all of society who endlessly warned them all

Have A “Safe” Day!

Today, little Kids All looked

skyward to see….A gigantic


‘Flying Penis’ about to fuck

the sky in half. Ugh. We all

remember how space flight

or travel was somethin’ we

ALL Cheered for. Now, it is

done, By Mega ‘Billionaires’

who instead of tryin’ to out

‘NASA’, ‘NASA’, They Could

just pay their taxes to give

kids a Chance at Education

Or Better life. Naaaaaaaaw

that’d be silly. It’s all about

(Want to die)

“Them” And Screw Anyone

else. Speaking Of That, We

have 99% of All New Covid

Cases/Deaths Directly Due

To, Unvaccinated MORONS

It’s to The ‘Point’ where All

The Maga Turds Are Killing

themselves. In fact, stuff is

so bad Dr Fauci had to just

verbally slap Ron “asshole”

Paul so hard with reality, it

knocked the curls outta his

(“Double moron!”)

head with “You don’t know

what you are talking about”

& said, “What You are now

“Implying”… Molecularly

impossible”. See, What the

R’s/ Their Echo Media, And

all Their Talking Heads are

doing Now?!? Trying to Kill

off the monster they made

to absolve them of all their

Crimes. Not Only, are They

trying to “Kill” their Voters

(<-Member this?)

(denying vaccines)but also

trying Kill off The Evidence

NOTE: They, Are, ALL ‘Going’ Down And
it Ends With Orange Ass As the final nail
The Coffin lid Is Almost sealed shut tight
Thomas Barrack Was “Head” of lobbying
he was arrested & charged with 7 counts

Have A “Safe” Day!

What If I told you that two racist

hateful, Older, Dying White guys

(Can’t, order, tickets!)

were Having Trouble selling tix’s

to their “Fascist Assholes” Tour?

Doesn’t “Surprise” anyone really

am I right? Their lack of Policies

For Voters & Racist Hate All Just

alienated, Most All R’s From This

society. So What if I told ya that

a man knowingly went to the DC

Capitol on Jan 6th, helped Break


into it And Only got 8 Months in

jail? WTF?!?! Everyone involved

in tryin’ to overthrow our nation

Should Be ‘UNDER’ The Jail. The

others who “committed” Acts Of

Violence Will Be Worse, But any

One Who Did this/Approved Has

to face More Severe Punishment

Or else, it Happens Again & This

(<-Farris Nunn)

Time, We Don’t Stop Em. We’ve

Had ENOUGH. ‘Speaking’ Of The

apathy of Our World, a little Girl

has THE saddest reaction to gun

violence I’ve ever seen in my life

“Uhhhhhh, it Was My 2nd Shooting,
so I uh was kinda prepared; cause I
always expect something to happen”

If we do Nothing, eject me from

this planet. I’m so Fucking done

NOTE: HR 1 Voting Right Must Be Upheld Even
If It Means ‘Ending’/‘Carving Out’ Just For This
the Filibuster. Our Rights aren’t debatable here

Have A “Safe” Day!

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