What if I told Ya that all of the

Republican’s voted against the

(We Know)

Build Back Better Act for large

amounts of infrastructure cash

And Now, How Many Of Those

shits Who Voted against It Are

now going Back to their voters

taking a Victory lap? Well a lot

of them. This is Not Only Rank

hypocrisy; it shows deep down

The country Doesn’t Want/like

Their “Political Positions”. That

(<-BS Machine)

is Devastating. And old gampy

Joe is Dealing With Russia, as

they make More Overtures for

Invading Free Ukraine. It’s All

Noise. They Know If they do it

they Suffer the Worst with the

sanctions. Oh And Speakin’ of

“Suffering worse”, COVIDIOTS

are literally Dying to Own Libs


Like Meatloaf, Hana Horak, &

many More Dying for Nothing

RIP: Comedian, & Lovable Funny Man Louie
Anderson Has Died at 68. A Treasure, & Joy
NOTE: Orange Asshole, And His Maga-Idiots
are in Deeper legal trouble with each passin’
Day. They tried to “Fake” Electors giving the
unearned Votes to Trump; it’s election fraud
It Was Always Projection With Them, Always

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

Ivanka Ooops & Voting Rights…

January 20th, 2022

As all the Rumps go down the

drain faster than A Turd down


a toilet; Ivanka has drawn the

ire of The Jan 6th commission

now. They just Think This Is a

Big “Game”. They Tried to Kill

‘Democracy’. And, They’ll Pay

“Voting Rights Bill”, Was Sadly

(<-These Idiots!)

Sidetracked Last night By the

“Asshole Twins”. Manchin And

Fake Fascist Barbie, Have Cut

out over 5 Other Votes which

include SC Picks And budgets

This Issue Sides them Both in

History; With Segregationists

(Side they picked)

This isn’t Done By a long shot

And The “best” is yet to Come

NOTE: Mitch McConnell, Says Black Voters Aren’t
actually American voters. Get it yet?!?! Times up
Voting Right Must Pass Yesterday. And It just will

Have A “Safe” Day!

Well well well, it seems the final

shoe will Drop this April And No


one in The Orange Anus Family

will Be Left standing. It’s Fraud

They All Committed it, Inflated

Asset Values (Most 3 Times the

actual Asset Value) to get loans

& Tax Deductions, They Did Not

Qualify For. During All Of These

‘Depositions’ Eric & Weisselberg

(Add Ivanka!)

“Plead the 5th” Over 500 times

And, Stevie Wonder Just Called

out every single Senator voting

AGAINST ‘Voting’ Rights For all

in The ‘United States’ Can’t say

they support the constitution &

The Filibuster, Isn’t Working for

Democracy, Why Won’t You?!?!

Side Note: Happy Birthday, to 1


Mrs. Dolly Parton A True lovely

artist & makes it a better world

NOTE: Clarence Thomas’s Wife Ginni Signed a
Letter saying That The Jan 6th Terrorists, “Did
nothing wrong“. Well that’s gonna legally hurt
RIP: Chicago ‘Kids TV legend’ Bill “BJ” Jackson
Passed away at 86, & 2 Other Icons Have Also
Passed Away: Luisa Harris & Andre Leon Tally

Have A “Safe” Day!

DirectTV Drops OAN & Busted…

January 18th, 2022

The World has Collectively Had

enough of the racist fascist lies

(Bye Bye!)

Enough Of the Hate, the literal

propaganda lunacy tearing the

USA Apart & Not ‘Protected’ by

the 1st Amendment. See, This

nation already fought all these

wars. They’re done. Just cause

you’re far to Stupid to figure it


out that you LOST every damn

Time isn’t Our Problem. Oh, &

Speaking Of “Problems”, All of

The Maga Insurrection IDIOTS

like Rudy, Sidney, Jenna, Boris

Etc, have been subpoenaed by

the Commission. Ooooooooops

No where to Run, No Where to

(Night, night!)

hide. It’s all Coming Down now

And there’s nothin’ they can do

NOTE: Gary Chambers, is “running” For The US
Senate for the Great State of Louisiana. And his
Ad outta The Box, is Lighting In A Bottle Great!
He’s Not just a 1 policy candidate. Movin’ on up

Have A “Safe” Day!

MLK, GQP Fray, A New Day…

January 17th, 2022

Today, is “Martin Luther King Day”

While we celebrate today, the big

(Voting Rights!)

goal is to Work All the Other 364

days to make today a celebration

Together, We Will Get There, and

that is the Historic arch of justice

being Met. And as Many Of the R

fascist racist hateful idiots all use

MLK Day To spew Kindness, their

votes support Racism. And that’s

(We Know)

not Acceptable. It never was, and

this Will Not “stand” in this Nation

Not now not ever; we have A new

day dawning. We’re not ever goin’

back. And maybe that’s What kills

racist most; they lost they always

lose, And rather than Change they

(Bye bye)

fade away Into Darkness, While a

Grateful World rises Into the Light

RIP: Less Grobstein Chicago Sports Broadcasting
Legend. He was Found Dead at 69. The “Grobber”
Was Simply Chicago Royalty To all Us sports fans
NOTE: There Will Be Dire Legal consequences for
The ‘Fake Electors Scandal’. It’s Very Dire, indeed

Have A “Safe” Day!

Welcome To “Wet January” Folks

and I Don’t Give two Shits about

(Ding ding ding!)

it. Feel me?!? And in other news

Baltimore’s States Attorney Was

Just Indicted Of Perjury & Filing

False Mortgage applications. We

here Say GooD! She tried to get

Her Pension $ ‘Early’ Claiming A

“COVID Hardship” Just to Buy 2


Properties In Florida?!?! What a

douche! The power seduced her

Now ‘Pay The Piper’, Lady. NEXT

MLK’s ‘words’ About Voting, Are

even more important these days

“I think the tragedy’s that we have a Congress
with a Senate that has a minority of misguided
senators who will use the Filibuster to keep the
majority of (Minority) People from even Voting.”

Wise words. What will we do to

(Wise man!)

honor them?! Pick off every vote

in the damn Senate to get It law

NOTE: Prince Andrew Is So fucked, he just might Be
One of his victims. Um not even close. He’s a busted
monster, as All with Epstein should be, bust them all

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

Aside From Dealing with COVID &

the economy nothing is more vital

(No shit!)

Than ‘Voting Rights’. In Fact, Most

would say Without “Voting Rights”

the other Two can’t ever Get Fixed

That’s Why the Senate will take up

a “Carve Out” for The Filibuster to

pass it with a simple majority. Shit

McConnell “Got” 3 Supreme Court

Justices Doing it. It’s not New and

Republican’s Bitching About it, Are

As Usual, Loud Asshole Hypocrites


The Entire Republican Party…is All

collapsing before our eyes; they’re

all still beholden to the Orange ass

(60-80% of them). The problem is

they’re Splitting their Party in half

with those who Accept reality, and

those who Only Worship all things

Orange Anus. It’s their death knell

10 Republican “Oath Keepers” Are

charged with Seditious Conspiracy


for their Part In the Jan 6th Attack

This is VERY big. More’ll be coming

NOTE: Illinois ‘Judge’ Sides With Rapist Changin His
Ruling Causing Legal Injustice and Cries for removal
When he removed a prosecutor, he violated his Oath
If a sittin’ judge can’t take valid public injustice cries
They are Not fit to Serve as a sittin’ Judge. Thin Skin
NOTE II: Right Wing Supreme Court shits The Bed &
will find out They disagree with all law & themselves
RIP: Singing Legend & uber Talented Ronnie Spector

Have A “Safe” Day!

And now, We have the paper trail

by abject moron Republicans that


tried 2 overturn the results of the

2020 Election. Imagine The most

ignorant Criminal in the world we

know…..then make Them 7 billion

times Dumber. Pro ‘Orange thing’

teams in at least 5 states all sent

“Forged” Documents “created” by

Republican’s Trying to trick Actual


electors they were real. WTF?!?!

They should ALL Be Arrested For

attempted Election Fraud. It isn’t

a game. Democrats won a House

Seat in FL. Elections matter, And

Does Voting. And, Biden Is Fresh

out of Fucks To Give at this point

He told a crowd exactly whats up

and is DONE messin around with

(‘Bout Time!)

‘Any’ Senator who Won’t “Protect”

our Fundamental Right to all vote

NOTE: Gaetz Ex-Girlfriend Has Testified, And
you can “legally bet” It spells total Doom for
this kid raping Creepy immoral lying Asshole

Have A “Safe” Day!

The Jan 6th Committee Is hard

at work collectin’ Evidence and

(Speed Up!)

securing Every Single Detail of

A Violent Terrorist Insurrection

And, They’re getting Way more

Detailed, & Helpful Information

with Each passin’ day. And now

Orange Shits, former Press Sec

Stephanie Grisham, Is ‘Singing’

(“Ya Fucked!”)

like A Canary Spilling ALL New

“Names” in every Possible Way

Besides The COVIDOT’S Dying

to “Own the libs”, we now have

a new strain of “Super Morons”

who think it’s a good idea to all

drink Piss To Fight COVID. Ugh

Wow, Just Wow. Didn’t Think it

(Urine Idiot)

was Possible, But they Are ALL

actually getting dumber. Neato

RIP: Comedian Bob Sagat suddenly dies at 65 while
On Tour in Florida. Loving Good Man, Who Was Also
Very Funny Kind Man. My Friends, Worked With him
NOTE: Dr Fauci Decides To “Make it” Hard For Rand
Paul to sit, since his Foot Is Directly up his lying ass
Fauci said “So you’re making Catastrophic epidemic
for your political gain” pointing out his $ raising Shit
In this gem he ends with “What a moron” & lovin’ It

Have A “Safe” Day!

As we all reflect on one political party

In America Just Trying to murder our


Nation; Comedians Use Creativity, To

call Out “Criminal terrorism”. Gooood

Colbert’s Writers, & Funny Folks Blew

the World away with this gem. And it

matters! The Applause, Matters since

we are against this together. Yessssss

These acts of terrorist violent hate all

must be accounted for in order for us


to heal as a nation. Without that, we

are Lost & It will Only get worse with

each Passing day. We simply can not

allow That to Happen. And so in Sad

News, Sidney Poitier Passed Away at

94. An Acting legend, trailblazer and

social ‘Human Being’, Trying To Make


This World a Much Better Place. See

all Of His Work. A true Artist for ALL

NOTE: Things Are ‘Getting Worse’ for Ron DeathSantis in
Florida when they ditched 1 million+ tests cause They all
expired. Ohhhhhh Boy, he’s in for a world of political hurt

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

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