R’s Hate The Blue & Split…

October 22nd, 2021

It seems a lot of Republicans

don’t Back the Blue at All. In


fact, They attack/Hate them

Greg Kelly Maga Republican

Attacked’ Capitol Cop Harry

Dunn. You know, One Of the

group who testified about all

the horrific criminal terrorist

acts Of that Day. He mocked

him, said Horrible shit about

him & claimed it was all fake

That’s when Harry replied to

(“Pick me punk!”)

him: “You wanna talk to me or
about me?!?! You know how to
find me if you’re feelin up to it!
!!! You Are A Straight Up Punk”

Oooooops. Ya fucked around

now you get to find out. This

isn’t a Fucking “game”. Lives

have Been lost. They Will all

“find out” soon enough. And

speaking of ‘That’, the entire

Republican Party, Is Splittin’

demanding “loyalty” instead

of serving this country. That

tells you all ya need to know


They’re unfit to serve in any

capacity at This Point, leave

NOTE: Horrific “Accident” On Set Of Movie Rust
Where a Prop Gun Goes Off Killing The DP and
Injuring the director. And Alec Baldwin was the
shooter. He Is devastated this Shit must never
happen again on sets. Safety 1st need answers
RIP: Actor Steve Scolari was a true one of kind
Gem, & Just Killed Halyna Hutchins filmin’ Rust

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

The hits keep on coming for

the Orange Anus & his prick

(Bye bye!)

‘dwindling Group’ of Hateful

fascist racist sociopaths. So

his big “I’m gonna make my

Own Twitter”, Is Gonna Fail

badly, like Everything it Has

ever “Tried”: Steaks, Booze,

Planes, Blogs, A University?!

Creamsicle Caligula’s Really

In Deep Legal Shit That will

Only Get ‘Worse’ With Every


passin Day. It just got way

worse for local racist drunk

who Wants to “tell ya some

thang ’bout minorities” Fat

Steve Bannon, he was held

in Contempt, now DOJ will

take it From Here. They’re

ALL “Goin’ down”. Criminal

acts come w/Consequences

When A political party is at

War With Democracy itself,


It’s no Longer an American

political Party anymore bye

NOTE: Another Republican Indicted, What Else
Is New?!?! Jeff Fortenberry Lied to The FBI and
Committed Campaign Finance Fraud. Ha Ha ha

Have A “Safe” Day!

Republican’s Blocked Voting rights

AGAIN. Because, They All have no

(Voting ends em)

interest In Voting Rights, They All

Only Want to “Restrict Voting” for

‘Only’ Minorities/ independent OR

D’s. It’s About as fascist racist As

you can get and thats all they got

left To “Sell”. They Are Not Gonna

Ever “Change”, Offer New Popular

policies/Solutions. They are Stuck

in their own hateful shit; fine with

me. Look at “Who” are Their Only

(No, you won’t)

voters left standing/wheezing and

dying From COVID/Obesity/Heart

Attack/OD’s. “Republicans” Baby!

And Dumber than a box of hair to

Boot. Jordan Klepper Is as Funny

as He is at Exposing Blind Hate &

‘Dunning Kruger’ ‘Hypocrisy’. And,

the “R Qlowns” Are the Only ones

left to grift from. Because they’re

suckers, chumps, rubes, marks &

easy targets. They’ll be the last to

(Find Jordan!)

know They Were used but it is SO

coming Fast. They’ve been Duped

NOTE: Liz Cheney, who I Wildly disagree on Policy
wise, is leadin the charge against Capitol terrorists
And She/the entire committee isn’t fucking around

Have A “Safe” Day!

Criminal Contempt & FBI Raid…

October 19th, 2021

Steve Bannon will be charged

Tonight W/criminal Contempt

(<-Project Much?)

The House will vote tonight &

will Find him Guilty of such a

criminal “Stunt”. And…..Make

nomistake thats exactly what

it is. They’re in Deep Trouble

Defy a subpoena, face all the

criminal charges. Play games

& ‘win sliver bracelets’ pricks

(<-Free Lodging)

Oh & Speaking of “Man are u

Legally Fucked”, The FBI Just

raided a key Russian oligarch

Oleg Deripaska Aka “The guy

who made manafort his bitch”

Ohhhh Boy, This is not Going

to End Well for Orange Thing

And, it shouldn’t. You see it’s


one thing to take the $ which

they did; But now the crimes

NOTE: CNN’s John King “Explains” He Has
Multiple Sclerosis & Why Vaccines Are SO
Important To People like Him/others. He’s
A Good Man Who’s Medically Spot On. Yes

Have A “Safe” Day!

Powell Passes & Deposed…

October 18th, 2021

General Colin Powell has “Passed”

away at The age of 84. Now, he’s

(“Uh, my bad!”)

a divisive figure 2 Me about The

Whole Iraq WMD’s Thing. But It

takes Character To ‘Admit’ A big

mistake, & it Was. Aside From it

Powell Was a True leader & man

of High Moral character. And so

What Did a Moron At FOX Noise

do?!?! Tried to Make Something

That’s Not Political, it is Medical,

Political. Ugh. No. While He Did

die Of COVID, he had a severely


“compromised” immune system

He Had a Form of Blood Cancer

Called Myeloma. Jeeeeeeeeeeez

And while Orange Anus is being

deposed; “it” Tried To Block the

decision to Release all the Jan 6

documents 2 the committee ha!

Well, legally speaking it’s not its

call. Rejected and Clearly states

‘Its’ guilty as all Fuck, that’s the

end of Him, ‘Mark My Words’ All

(Bye Bye!)

of you. He slipped thru so many

times. Welp……Times Up Chump

NOTE: Michael J. Fox Raises 1 Billion To
Fight Parkinson’s Cure. Bravo Good sir &
He/those who Fight are real Hero’s to All

Have A “Safe” Day!

Well well we’ve now reached the

portion, Of Our Political Program

(Wise words)

where Maga/Q is being told Not

to vote again. Nothin like a shit

losing SO badly in Demographic

“Voting totals”, shutting the old

Monopoly board yelling, “It was

all Rigged, taking my board and

going home!”. That “Fat Orange

turd” Which we don’t Name has

thrown in The Towel. Turns out,

he Might just Want to Not Drop


the soap Very soon. Legally he

Is So Fucked. He’s Just Dumber

“Jordan Belfart”, (Wolf OF Wall

Street prick) With Longer Jail X

But, What He is doing is setting

up An Overthrow by Force. Shit,

he already Did it Once! There is

no Republican Party left……Only

an Anti-Democracy Fascist hate

terrorist Shell. That Doesn’t sell


And The Jan 6th Commission Is

about to drop the hammer hard

NOTE: Fraternal Order Of Police ‘President’ Who
Was a HUGE Covidiot; Dies. There is no cure for
Limitless Ignorance. They will keep on dyin daily

Have A “Safe” Day!

Gov Race & Enforcement Time…

October 13th, 2021

The Governors race sounds like

some bad Drunken stunt with a

(Wrong Race)

bunch Of Grown Men Riding on

tricycles. But VA has a big race

for Gov Happening, So You Pay

attention In Every Way. This is

election About People who Just

Support Jan 6th/Maga & Those

who Do Not. We had 4 years of

that hell. Say no, register, vote

It’s That Simple. And, The R In

(“Pick me!”)

This Race Youngkin, Is already

in Bed With Far right wing nut

Who said The ’20 Election was

stolen Amanda Chase; so they

knock out the Independents in

this Race Then. Polls favor the

D Now. Doesn’t Matter if U Do

Not VOTE. Speaking of Jan 6th

consequences are Coming Fast


Ignore The Subpoenas; get jail

‘Pretty, Simple Shit’ Here Folks

NOTE: Racist Peddling, Failed Far Right Wing
“ProLife” conman can’t identify a human fetus
Schooled An Ignorant Non-Thinking fraud. Ha

Have A “Safe” Day!

Suckering Rubes & Sox Done…

October 12th, 2021

The entire ecosystem over at

Fox Noise, is “Do As I lie, not


as We Actually Do”. They’re

in the “Entertainment for all

morons” mode thinking it is

funny/Cute. They’re all anti-

Vax, While strictly Following

vaccination rules in their Tv

station. Whatever they’re all

Spewing; they’re actually all

doing ‘The Exact opposite’ &

The Only ‘Acception’ is All of


Racist Hate. That, Is Where

both Sides align. The rest is

them Pissing In your eyes &

takin’ from an Empty Wallet

And this Fall, All Of Chicago

tried to fall in love with The

Chicago White Sox. But, we

decided not to play baseball

‘Horrible’ ‘Pitching’, Horrible

bats, Bad Situational hitting

(It burns!)

We Need to learn how to All

play baseball. Til then, done

NOTE: NFL Coach Jon Gruden, Has ‘Quit’ As
The Raiders Coach after racist, Homophobic
& mysogynistic emails surface; gud bye ass

Have A Day!

Subpoenas are Out the door

& anyone not abiding by em


is Next to be Arrested. Ya’ll

better get ready for lil silver

‘bracelets’ Republicans. You

are ALL so Disco fucked it’s

shocking. Violate The law &

face the Criminal charges it

is “Pretty Simple Shit” Here


See when you Commit acts

Of Criminal Horror, there is

No Escaping Them. In Fact,

for the Entire Complicit pile

Of Republican’s, With Each

passin day it will get worse

& Worse. And they deserve

(Bye Bye!)

it all. Every fuckin inch of it

They tried to kill our Nation

NOTE: Fat Broke. The Orange “Thing”, Is Legally
Fucked, Sputtering Out & as we all knew, BROKE
NOTE II: Let’s go White Sox! We gotta win today

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

BS Bluffs & Gametime Baby!

October 7th, 2021

The Entire, ‘Republican Party’

is only one thing: bullshit lies


They hold no policies that the

voters “want”, no solutions to

any real world problems, and

stand firm against democracy

itself. So then it’s just bullshit

time. With the Debt Ceiling it

is Simple: they’re all standing

over Piles of Their own $ and

(No shit!)

threatening to ‘burn it all’. Ok

Go Ahead, Ya Idiots! BS Bluff

Speaking Of Big deals, today’s

the start of the Chicago White

Sox postseason Playoff Run &

the City just Couldn’t be more

exited. Time to Show Up, And

turn it up a “few notches”. We

(1 city, 1 goal!)

are ready to rock. Let’s get em

Step one, starts today. Yesssss

NOTE: Racist Republican, CA Sheriff Chad
(Of course he’s named that) Bianco is Also
An Oath Keeper. Ahhhh yes, Those Armed
terrorist Milita’s who Helped Jan 6th, fired

Have A “Safe” Day!

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