The warrant Is Released by

Orange Anus because he Is,


legally speaking, a criminal

moron. And evil, Hateful &

vile one. But Stupid AF. Do

Not Confuse that With Him

being A “Villainous Pile” Of

scum. Both Can be True, &

are. Legally, He/All The R’s


who Helped/Crime w/him

are Not Only Going to Jail

For ‘Treason’, & Espionage

they have Aligned Directly

WITH Him, Never Ever To

decoupled from his crimes

The Charges are Very Dire

(It is)

& Carry ’10 Years’ per Doc

Uh he going under the jail

NOTE: Former ‘National Security Advisor’ John
the stash Bolton who has a terrible past we all
Dislike, Undresses Maga Eric Bolling…….Perfect
Monday: A Landmark Climate, Health Care Bill
passes big Biden agenda win and America wins

Have A Weekend!

Turns out the call is coming

from inside the house at the


Former Idiots home. And It

couldn’t Happen to a bigger

Bucket Of ‘Treasonous Slop’

FBI Knew Exactly Where To

go & what to get. Ooooops

Republican’s Are all ‘Ticked’

off He/they Got caught and

You Know It is Almost Over

When FOX Noise ‘Turns’ on

(Alex Jones Mouth)

you with Basic Reality. This

is the beginnin of their End

And, DOJ AG Merrick “Balls”

Garland Isn’t Having It any

more. He came out today &

called fatass’s bluff; he has

asked for the Warrant to be

released. And those who’re

Attacking the FBI for Doing

Their Jobs; is ‘Dangerously’


close to an “Obstruction of

Justice” Charge or Treason

NOTE: Beto Comes Out Swinging with strong
Snap of man who laughed about kids getting
murdered With Assault Weapons. This was a
Big Campaign Moment that Can propel a Win
Just fightin’ for basic human decency will win

Have A Day!

The 5th, The Lies, The End…

August 10th, 2022

TFG is going from bad to thrown

UNDER the Jail. In fact, he Is So


legally Undone he just Plead The

5th Non-Stop in a Civil Case and

that means he’s Dead red for the

Jury Later on. After The “Search”

he was undone; it only get worse

Legally From Here. And what Are

all his cult/R’s screaming?!? Welp

Lunacy Lies Like: The FBI, Totally


Planted the “evidence” that was

Already there. Ahem, Have That

Orange Fuck, “Produce” The FBI

Warrant. He, Won’t, Cause It All

clearly Shows, he’s Fucked. And

all of His suckers know It too so

it’s Almost All Over. The End For

Him/Them, is ‘Near’. And, There

is no escape from All these facts


And Howl/yell as they Surely all

will, It has no legal effect. Done!

NOTE: The Death Threats To Democrats Are getting
Worse, & Those Responsible Must ‘Held Accountable’

Have A Day!

The FBI executed a Search Warrant

At Mar-A-Lardo Yesterday. Ooooops


And Republican’s Who ‘Crime’ With

TFG are Losing It Hard. Welp, they

should be cause They Are All going

down with “It”. Mark my words the

FBI was Looking For VERY Specific

stuff that Is “Much More” than just

The ‘Archive Docs’. Likely, “Selling”

Stuff to Foreign Enemies & Jan 6th

Type Stuff. Merrick/The FBI/Courts

wouldn’t do This Just for That. This

is BIG. This Wasn’t a ‘raid’ is was a


search. And nothing they try to say

or Deflect will Change the Fact that

a Court signed off on this & they all

Knew: “Exactly ‘WHAT’ it Was” That

they Were Lookin’ for. They went in

to his safe. Somebody rolled over &

it’s ALL Over. Jail Looms For him, &

MANY Other R’s. There’s No Escape

They will Howl, shout, lie, try every

“Whataboutism” in the book, cause

they Are ALL Tied Directly to All His


“Criming”. Hit 100 Birds, With One

Rodger Stone. And, this gets worse

NOTE: Republican Scott Perry Has Phone Seized At
Airport by FBI. Ohhh They know it ALL. This is Just
The beginning folks, buckle the fuck up. It’s all over

Have A Day!

The Conservative Cult Klan Rally

known as CPAC was just as hate


filled as usual. But this year they

went “Even more” Nazi Over the

top with Orban/Bayer/and even

Posobiec. They’re all unabashed

Hateful racist Fascists who have

Said the Vile, Racist Shit on this

Planet. Not A Political Party Any

more. Just “Domestic Terrorists”

And Don’t look Now But Biden’s

(“Listen, Jack!”)

Actually Passed over 4 key acts

Including A green Budget. Yeah

baby! Well Congress Finally did

Pass it. No Thanks To Dingus &

Doofus (Manchin,  And Sinema)

Lastly “Felon” Paul Manafort, Is

On the Hook for telling us what

We ALREADY knew. He Fed the

Russians “Dirt/Polling”, To help

get TFG elected. We already All

(<-Scum, filth)

knew it. What a Treasonous pile

of subhuman crap; he must pay

NOTE: Maga clothing Company Has to Pay huge
Fine For Ripping out Made In China Tags & then
replacing Them With Made In USA. Ha Ha ha ha
Such Loathsome, Immoral, Frauds. All Of Them!
RIP: Olivia Newton John at 73. A singer, actor &
legend. A bright light In a dark world; a sad day

Have A Day!

$50 Million & C-Crack…

August 5th, 2022

Jones is done. So is all the idiots

who Helped/Followed/Supported


him every step of the way. There

Is no “Legal escape”. These were

just TWO Families Here who cost

him $50 million. Imagine All The

other ‘Suits’ Going That Will END

his immoral racist fat ass. Ooops

And As The World Crashes Down

On Maga, CPAC ‘Tries’ Even Way

Harder to End Themselves, Only

Way Quicker. Jeeez, Fascist Hate


is Losing (Always Has) at such a

rate. Keep On Going, Just Faster

NOTE: Dick Cheney, “Darth Vader” Decides TFG
Is Toxic. Let that Really sink in here folks. Ooof

Have A Weekend!

Alex Jones is Legally Fucked

In fact, he’s so screwed that

(You’re F’ed!)

his own lawyer accidentally

‘Handed’ A Prosecutor over

2+ years of texts; Oooops

Holy Bombshell Batman, it

means there’s Not only the

shit That incriminates Alex

In those for Perjury/Worse

but stuff about Jan 6th and

the Committee Already has

contact with the Lawyers 2

Get it ALL. Buckle the F Up

And, This Past Tuesday, All

‘Voters’, in Kansas Told the

(Oh Snap!)

Entire GQP “Hands Off My

Vagina!“. This, is a Deeply

Red State & The ‘Measure’

to make “Abortions Illegal”

failed by almost 20 Points!

Imagine All the States and

Voters who are About 2 let

the Entire world hear their

voice in their Votes. This’ll

be an Electoral booth-bath

For Republican’s. And they

Deserve Every Second of it

(Earned it!)

They’re All Gonna Find out

Only If we show Up & Vote

NOTE: 4 Crooked Cops Arrested Over the
Murder & Coverup Of Breonna Taylor and
The Entire World says: ABOUT TIME! And
It Was Done By Garland’s DOJ. Giddy Up!

Have A Day!

Biden/US “Intelligence / Operational”

agencies just killed Al-Qaeda’s #one


leader Ayman al-Zawahiri; goooood

Results. And by my count That Is 2

on his Watch Under Obama As well

So That’s 2-0 with TFG Hosting the

Saudi Terrorists ,Who “killed” That

Reporter Khashoggi. And, It clearly

shows leaving Afghanistan Was the

correct Move. More Results, Fewer

Dead American Fighters. Booooom

(“I got this”)

AND while R’s try to kill off Vets in

DC, Pelosi decides to Go to Taiwan

to Speak With our Democratic pals

in an Effort to keep bonds stronger

Even Republican’s Agree She Must

Oooooooops. Finally Primary Night

again in 5 states. Watch the maga

Rise, Then November Watch Them


All FALL. This ‘ONLY Happens’, IF

We All Vote, in “Record Numbers”

RIP: Basketball Player, Civil Rights Icon, Legend
Bill Russell has passed away. NEVER, ever to be
forgotten; he was/will be a hero for all of history
NOTE: Jon Stewart ‘Explains To’ R’s “Maybe they
to be somewhere Else where their power doesn’t
Effect Peoples Lives so Directly. Daaaaaaaaaamn

Have A Day!

Every Vet in all of America

knows Exactly WHO did It


And most importantly also

WHY. ‘Petty Politics’ While

Vets are Literally dyin’ as I

type this. Disgustingly vile

shit folks. This isn’t even a

Political issue. It is a Basic

humanity for those who’ve

served Us All. But that did

NOT ‘Stop’ Republicans, in


playing A revenge game in

the Name of Hate/Cruelty

While All Our Hero’s die. I

am hopeful voters of every

stripe will punish them for

this Hate; it’s the lowest a

Party, Has Ever “Gone” In

Modern Times. And, As far

as Punishment for Jan 6th


87 months (7 years for the

vile losers). More To Come!

NOTE: Al-Qaeda Leader Killed By Drone Strike
Good! Now about the Ya’ll Qaeda & Vanilla ISIS
We have here in ‘Merica. Do them next, right?!

Have A Day!

Republican’s once again find a

Brand New, Evil Low To Hit By


voting NO against medical aid

for War Vets. Get this straight;

They do, not, Care, about, our

Military Men/Woman. They are

only Interested in the wars for

Profit. “End” Of Story. R’s Just

Voted Against it, then They all

celebrated with ‘Fist bumps’. I

can think of no Act more cruel

(Vote em out!)

and needless but they hold no

Morality/Soul/Love. Only Hate

And while D’s Are up big in all

their races except Stacy in ga

“now” is the time to fight even

Harder. Register, Mobilize, and

Realize Victory. Democracy SO

depends On it. Leave no doubt

NOTE: Golfers get properly heckled for Chosing
The “Murderous Saudi’s Money” Over the PGA’s
You have the right to play. People also have the
Right to call you an Immoral asshole for doin’ it

Have A Weekend!

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