One more day before the Georgia

Senate VOTE!!! Warnock Remains


in the Lead Due to Massive Early

voting; again. Polls mean Nothin’

Only votes do. Turn out, Turn up

Votes for Our Democracy and for

Raphael Warnock! And Leave no

doubt how horribly unqualified a

lying Serial abortion activist who

HAS tons of Abortions is: a fraud

a liar, violent & severely mentally

ill. Tomorrow the good people of

Georgia Will Tell Herschel Walker

(We done yet?)

to take a long hike. And as all the

Republican’s left today are under

Dire Legal Consequences, FOX is

Also. Ha! Dominion is winning &

Getting Their “Discovery Day” In

Court. Ooooooops. Dirt will be so

aired in this. Oh and speaking of

“Comeuppance” the Niece of one

Chris Christie (You can’t Control

your family members) was taken

Of A Spirit Airlines Flight in Cuffs


after threatening then assaulting

6 Cops. She’s so gonna “Find out”

NOTE: Rudy G’s “Disbarment Hearing” Went Off
The Rails Pretty Fast. Ha ha HA ha ha ha. ZING!

Have A Day!

Republican’s are literally determined to

ruin Every Working Right on the planet

(Pay Attention!)

And, they, do not care; never will. The

cold “Fact” Here is all R’s Care about It

themselves/Power. They Even will hate

Corporations if it Comes To to Them or

business. The Senate R’s just decide to

filibuster The Railroad workers bill and

it’s Disgusting. But it STILL Passed, So

HA Ya Idiots! This Warnock Race Has a

serious Consequences Coming Out of It


The “Shillabuuster” Is set to go. It does

Nothing To Serve Voters, only Hate/Evil

Speaking Of Hate/Evil the racist Bucket

of Shit known as Kayne is still being the

racist Fascist Bucket of shit he Is, and it

is over For “it”. Gross. And the end is so

Coming fast for his Orange buddy who’s

spewing The Same, Vile Shit. The ‘Legal’


Jail Time is Gonna Be Historic & so well

worth the Wait. Oooooooooooooops. Ha

NOTE: A Very Nice Jobs Report Lifts Biden Economy Even
Stronger. This Proves his Cabinets Economic polices Work
As they Always Have in Democratic Presidencies. Ooooops

Have A Weekend!

Rail Deal, Erection & History…

November 30th, 2022

Joe Biden & his administration are all

tryin To avoid a Rail Strike. And, it is

(Got this!)

actually Working. Do You see What is

possible when people Work Together?

Many hands make Light work and the

key Is “Good Reasonable people”. The

best In All Of Us Is Rising & there Are

no limits to what we Can ALL Achieve

“This Erection is about the people” uh

Come again?!? Wait, no actually don’t

Walker Is Falling Fast in Georgia, only

if WE VOTE!!! Turn out Or The Senate


can’t pass historic legislation like they

did “yesterday”; with The Respect For

Marriage Act” protecting Gay Marriage

from The Reich Wing Scotus. Whooot!

RIP: Christine McVie has passed away at 79
She Was a Key Member of Fleetwood Mac &
A true musical Legend. What magic they did

Have A Day!

A Racist Nazi Dinner & Vote…

November 28th, 2022

Hope Your ‘Turkey Day’ Rocked &

you ate so Much, your pants Split

(We Know!)

There’s No more Republican Party

even left Today. In fact, all they’re

appealin to these days are racists,

Nazi’s, & Theocratic Anarchist Ass

Holes. You know they’re Domestic

Terrorists. Welp, TFG ‘Met’ With A

Pair of them In Kayne & Nick F So

no one was surprised. And, no R’s

Are Denouncing it Either, Which is

the tell tale Kiss of death for there

(Coming fast!)

racist, fascist Nazi party. Oooops

That’s Cause They all Condone it

& Know TFG/All His “Pals” are so

legally “going down”. There’s No

Escape, From The Consequences

Comin. And in Georgia The most

vital Election is Here for Warnock

Vote, Vote, VOTE! Walker’s really

down in The Polls But Polls mean

nothing. Vote, Turn out, Drive up

the Vote Tally so Loud The R’s All

(Bye Bye!)

start to see They’ll never hold any

power again With Hate. Booooom

NOTE: Maricopa County Has A Collection Of Jabbering Loud
Lunatics who are clearly Now on FBI Blotters As Next likely
Domestic Terrorists. And….”Racists in Cochise County”, Just
blew off their election results certification today causin dire
legal action against them. They are all Legally undone. Ha!

Have A Day!

In the evil violent racist shooting

of loving citizens…….a hero arose


An Army Vet & Decided To Go in

to “instinct mode” & Took Out A

“Murdering Shooter”. Bravo! We

have Hero’s all around us & they

don’t Wear Capes. A Single Best

line from all it? “The Drag queen

‘stomped on him’ with her heels”

The victims will Be Remembered

forever. Love always wins; it will

And GQP spreading Hate against


these communities will not stand

With most of the Republican’s all

in big legal trouble Lindsay “I got

me doin election crimes” Graham

had to Testify for TWO hours. Ha,

ha, ha, ha! Ooooops. He either so

rolled On TFG or Goes Down with

him. Fine by me either damn way

There is no Legal Escape & things

will get WAY worse for all of them

(Coming soon!)

They leaned Nothing and that will

cost Them Everything. Time is Up

NOTE: TFG’s Taxes are Coming & Boy are they gonna
have A) a LOT of Russian $ and B) serious tax evasion
NOTE II: Biden extends student loan forgiveness until
June 30th. This is Import Stuff. Now let’s fix the loans

Have A Day!

A mass Shooting Targeting LBGTQ

Night Club is yet another in a long


line of Domestic Terrorists attacks

Stoked, Supported & Aided by the

Homosexual Hate on the far Right

His grandfather’s just a magahate

Monster. Throw all The ‘Bastards’

under The Fucking Jail. They, and

ALL “Maga/Fake Christians”, Who

“spew hate” about These Minority

Groups are “Terrorists”. Plan, and

simple. By definition. Speaking of

(All they are)

Lying Hateful Terrorist Lovers we

see Herschel Walker looking to be

In legal trouble like his fat Pal. He

decided 2 slander Pastor Warnock

It just seems like the entire GQP’s

have no interest in Governance, &

lot’s of Interest in Illegal Criminal

Activities. They’re not so much of

A Political Party as they are Large

Domestic Terrorist Cell, To Cause


Chaos & Nothin’ more. That’s not

electable to Office; oooooooooops

NOTE: Russian “Money”, Directly From Putin/His Failed
Ex-KGB State is on notice. The World Knows All of This
And They are All “Busted” legally. It is gonna get worse

Have A Day!

Oh boy….DOJ AG Merrick Garland

just Sprung The Trap he carefully

(He’s done)

laid out. If TFG decided 2 play at

“Running for President”, to Avoid

his ‘Indictment Charges’, Merrick

was Ready with the Perfect Move

& appointed special Prosecutor in

Jack Smith to Review charges for

TFG Crimes On Jan 6th, all of His

classified Documents & More. It’s

legally over. He’s busted dead red

Happy Friday!! Things Will Get So


bad Daily for Him/All R’s who still

support him. They are all Goin so

down, SO fast. Ooooooooooooops

NOTE: History Fubar For R-Youngkin Causes Large
Issues For Teachers Who like Facts. Oooooooooops

Have A Weekend!

Revenge Agenda, NFC & History…

November 17th, 2022

Republican’s will take the House by the

Tiniest Margin, In United State History

(Learned nada!)

They are At 218 +- 3. Hardly a Realistic

governable total. They’ve so many large

“rifts”, “sects” & “crazies” to stay united

That’s the problem with maga, they will

gladly burn it all down; And the very 1st

thing they Want to do? Investigate Joe’s

Son. Bravo, Ya Learned NOTHING from

these elections. Voters want solutions &

Policies That Help ‘Them’, not “Revenge”

And Republican’s/ GQP/ Maga Got none

Republican’s will Take The House by the

‘Tiniest Margin’, In United State History


That’s all folks, Party’s over. Each cycle

24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34 will get worse &

worse. They will be done in The Next 3

Fuck, they Won’t even debate anymore

And Kari Lake won’t “concede”. And No

one fucking cares (NFC). She can ‘take’

Her Anti-American Bullshit Hate & Fuck

off. No, one, cares; she’s Gonna Lose &

deserves “Everything coming”. And in a

bold Move today, Nancy Pelosi Stepped

(Like a boss!)

down From leadership. She will still Aid

D’s but believes new, Fresh blood is key

NOTE: TFG, His Kids & The Trump Organization Are
ALL legally fucked. CFO Allen Weisselberg cries and
admits Fat Shit, Jr & Eric ALL were “in” on tax fraud
He’s takin’ the Bullets now for immunity but he said
it went thru (Trump, Jr, Eric, etc). Oooooooooooops

Have A Day!

GQP Collapse & Walker Weakens…

November 16th, 2022

There is, No More National Republican

Party in politics anymore. Nope, that’s


LONG gone. What is “standing” in ‘Its’

place right now’s a fractured factioned

Pile Of 4 Groups. And, it’s Unelectable

Nationally. Ya got: 1) ‘Maga Trumpers’

2) DeSantis ‘dudes’/Donors 3) Dewine

Hogan Moderates & 4) Old Cheney R’s

And none of them get along fighting at

every turn. Only one’s that Have a tiny

overlap (But not much) Are 1 & 2. BUT

when push comes to shove, most all of

“Maga” will stay home if they don’t get

Their “Orange Gwad”. They’re trapped,


Split, & Unelectable. Oooooooooooops

Well Well, If it Isn’t The Consequences

of Their own, Immoral, hateful actions

over the last 60 years. And the soon to

Be Orange Indicted Anus decided to go

& declare his run for 2024 which every

R just Said “Oh FUCK!” after these last

Mid-Terms. He’s, Gonna Burn Them All

to the Ground. And they deserve it ALL

And Herschel Walker, is Doing His Best

2 help. He can’t speak, form a sentence

& is now trying “Speed gibberish”. This

will get worse for him, but only if All of

(Actual Quote)

Georgia VOTES on December 6th. Let’s

go. Holding the Senate by 2 Votes is big

NOTE: Codifying ‘Same Sex Marriage Bill’ clears
1st procedural hurdle in senate. 37 Republicans
Voted AGAINST It. Can’t ‘Let Walker’ Make it 38

Have A Day!

Lake Sunk & Ukraine Victory…

November 15th, 2022

Katie Hobbs Is the next Governor

of Arizona. And Kari “Creepy Soft

(Bye Bye!)

vaseline Focus” Lake; is not. And

it Is the best thing for America in

Every Possible Way. The Entire R

Party Is ‘Dead’. Gone, done, over

Finished. Kaput. ‘Voters’ Have All

rejected them for Ending Roe, for

Their Hate/ Extremism, For Their

Election denial & not offering any

Policies Voters, Want. Even Hitler

(Thug did it!)

jr knows it. They’re Not a Viable

Party. And there’s 0 Escape from

TFG/DaSantis “stain” voters hate

(Gerrymandering FL isn’t Voters)

And, Ukraine is Not only Winning

the War against Russia, They are

Taking Back Their Own Land at a

Fast Rate. Putin’s Done. Their big

Illegal War Of Aggression, Has so


backfired. Democracy Is rising all

over the Globe. Yes, yes, yes, YES!

NOTE: Rockets Hit Poland Near The Ukraine
Boarder. Suspected to be Russian, but must
b confirmed. If so, Poland can pull NATO In

Have A Day!

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