Yes, you read that Correctly. On Friday, Congress

will legally ensure they see the entire unredacted

(Tick tock!)

Mueller Report. No amount of Running, Hiding or

cheating will Stop this. Tomorrow Could be A Big

“Preview”, Or Just A Partisan Pile Of Barr Bullshit

intentionally trying to Redact Damning Facts and

evidence. Even with Barr putting his Fatass finger

on the Scale…this looks to be a VERY Bad Day for

for “Orange Assclown”. His Club Of Crooks are all

already “Pre-loading” PR lies To Try And ‘Combat’

it as it is Being “Released” so THAT is very Telling

Who Needs a “Counter report” if You Did Nothing

(You, liar!)

wrong?!?! The Answer, no one. Oooooooooooops

This has Nothing to do with Partisan Politics. This

is a LEGAL issue, Period. BS Will not be Tolerated

Have a day!


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The entire Republican today, or what’s left

of these immoral lying partisan Sociopaths

(We Know)

is only about “Hate”. Most of the Far Right

Wing “Propaganda”, is Now Echoing White

Supremacist “lies” about Notre Dame’s fire

They are intentionally lying Saying it was a

likely a “Muslim” Act. NO, the “Cause” of it

was an “Accident” According to Local Paris

leaders. You knows It’s so Disgustingly vile

that even Shep Smith has to “cut off” all of

these soulless Racist lying fucks for spewin’


such hate. They Offer no Policies, no Hope,

no Solutions, And NOTHING The American

people Want. Yet, Roy “Molester” Moore Is

Running AGAIN. Hey Alabama, You’re Why

we can’t have nice things. This election will

come Down To “POLICIES” Period. It’s real

solutions to REAL “Problems”. As Racist ass

Trump keeps attacking Ilhan Omar, it is so

having The “EXACT Opposite Effect” Of His

intended hate. Time is Running Out on This

(No Shit!)

Orange Douche. He is very panicked about

the Mueller Report being Released. Oooops

NOTE: Bernie Sanders Town Hall Earthquake That Shook The
Entire World. His “Policy Positions” are “WILDLY” Popular And
They Will Get More Popular Daily. Enough To Where Brett the
Pool Boy Baier got Audience Reactions That Leave All R’s who
Are Running, in Terrible Policy Position Trouble Oooooooooops

Have a day!


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Tax Day, Fire & Fucked…

April 15th, 2019

All over America is Tax Day Today & For

one President Pile Of Shit, his Taxes will

(<-Troll Booth)

legally be Released. If Anyone Holds em

up for Any reason, that Person(s) will be

jailed for Contempt of Congress and also

Obstruction legally speaking. Ooooooops

Ah Congress has a legal right to them &

nothing you say/do legally Changes That

core fact. Proceed, you all get Jailed Fast

Treat dire Legal consequences as a game

& see how that “plays out”. You maroons

And sadly the Notre Dame cathedral was

(Bad Fire)

on fire burning a large Section of it down

The sheer History of that structure is one

that is remarkable and this to can/will be

rebuilt. Together we are stronger & apart

weaker. Speaking of “weak ass stank shit”

Aunt Becky & Momossa Ass Toy, are now

‘pulling’ a Trump, In Pleading “Not guilty”

now. WTF?!?!? They are caught dead red

They will/must suffer even more now b/c

they CLEARLY don’t the understand legal


consequences for their “asshole” immoral

as ALL Fuck Actions. Throw away the Key

NOTE: Nipsey Hustle (A great artist & Good community
Leader/Man) Was Murdered. And…What FOX Did About
Him, Was Not Only Racist As All Fuck, It was disgusting
Rappers Are ALL Calling For Nazi Ingraham To Be Fired

Have a day!


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Julian Assange Has Been “Hacking” into Secure

systems since he was a teen. He did it to NASA

(Cat shit!)

in ’89, Nortel in 91 & more for the lol’s. Please

don’t Pretend He’s Anything more than a Prick

troll criminal Fuck Using Tech. And, he has no

higher Credo/calling then simply “deciding” to

release things Politically to Place his Finger on

The Scale/Effect Outcomes. Again, ‘this’ Never

Was A 1st Amendment issue. That’s a slippery

Slope “Fallacy”, That NO ‘Citizen’, Would EVER

allow. This is, & Always will be, Did you STEAL

or illegally obtain the stuff you Disseminated?!

(Suck it up!)

Oh & A former Obama White House Lawyer Is

INDICTED. BOOM!! Orange Anus, Is Suffering

badly From Some Cognitive Dissonance now a

days. His “witch hunt” wasn’t partisan. Ohhhh

& it also shows this shit is FAR from over folks

as more heads are rollin daily w/more to come

Legal panic will start settin in the next 2 weeks

NOTE: Hey Lorie Loughlin, nobody Gives 2 Fucks when you
Are Ready to accept Breaking the Fucking Law. Your lawyer
Should have Told You This. Jail Looms You Immoral shitbag

Have a weekend!


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Let’s get a few facts straight here before we

begin. Julian Assange, Is NOT A “Journalist”

(“Wait, wha?!?!”)

(even though an Obama administration did
decide NOT To “Prosecute” him Siting That
he Was “Too” Similar To Journalistic Places
even Though “Journalists” don’t HACK Into
others. This was a Failure On Obama’s Part
no Doubt in not “Grasping” how technology
has changed the landscape of ethical issues)

He is not a Hero. He Is not being “wronged”

here, nor being incorrectly punished. No, in

fact, he is a “Hacker” who with Others Help,

conspired 2 Steal shitloads of others private

server information/Government secrets. Ya

ever Heard of the Legal Phrase “Fruit of the

Forbidden Tree”?!?! Well, Guess What?!? It

really kinda applies here. It’s a legal term in

which You Uncover Wrong Doing (Or in this


case, ILLEGALLY Searching Out, The Wrong

doing) but had No Legal Right to discover it,

since that wasn’t what your warrant or their

search was for. Apply that to Illegal hacking

and BINGO, ya get Assange. Just Reverse It

from the 4th Amendment to illegally Taking

What is NOT YOURS. It Protects Citizens, It

protects governments & it should. Now do I

think We Should Know about This Shit?!?!?!

Fuck YES!! But, do it LEGALLY. The Road Of

(Do it right)

the “Principled Traveler” is rocky, hard, and

seemingly Impossible. Yet it’s not. And even

though the Burdens Feel too “great” to bear,

the Justice Is Irrefutable & True! Do it Right

or don’t do it at all. This isn’t The Wild West

where the “rules” are for the other guy; they

are for us ALL. Oh, Speaking Of “Half Assed”

it seems Mnuchin is Digging his legal Gravel

as I type. He thinks this is some big political

game. Nope it’s as deadly serious as they all


come. Don’t “Correctly” Provide Trump Tax

returns get hit with contempt & obstruction

of Congress Charges. This Means Prison For

for the bespectacled partisan lying fraudass

NOTE: Trump Forgets He “Loves Wikileaks” And Now
Can’t Remember, With, “Uhh, I Know Nothing’ About
Wikileaks. It’s not my Thing”. He just Set a Universal
Lying Record At 18 billion. What a Filthy sack of Crap
NOTE II: Son Of Deputy, Charged with Burning Down
Black churches. White supremacist MAGA kid for sure
And The dad Must’ve known About it. No Doubt at All

Have a day!


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US Treasury Pawn & 2nd rate Despicable 4

“Cartoon villain” Steve Mnuchin got His tiny


balls FED back to him. Republicans and all

Trump Team Traitors are playing with Fire

here. They are Treating VERY serious legal

issues as if they’re “political games”. Ahhh,

No. The IRS, Mnuchin, Barr, & Anyone Else

standing in the LEGAL way of congress will

face the fullest extent of the law. Also, idiot

in a Sparing Match With Maxine Waters Did

not go well at all. He thinks a gavel’s now a

(Get it?!?!)

“gravel”?!?! Ha ha ha ha. What a MAROON

Speaking of ‘Morons’, England’s Brexiteer’s

are finished. Their Movement is over and it

was the single biggest “scam” in UK history

ALL Those involved should be charged with

False Advertising/”Intentionally misleading”

campaigns & subject to the Penalties/Fines

Speaking of legal Consequences, Bill Barr’s

is DEEP ‘legal Shit’ Right Now. He Owes the

(<-Billy Barr)

Intelligence Committee a FULL Report W/O

redaction’s. If he doesn’t deliver it he’s ova

(Serious legal Obstruction/Contempt Stuff
And he knows ALL about this partisan shit)

NOTE: Israel Shits The Bed Badly, In Electing A Criminal
So Like US, SO, Like Us. And Will We Both, Move Toward
The Dictatorships they seek? Only time will tell, hope not

Have a day!


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So Bill Barr has A BIG Problem; and it’s ALL

self inflicted. The Congressional Intelligence

(What happen?!?!)

Committee is not “Asking” for the full report

By Mueller. They Are DEMANDING It and do

have EVERY Legal right to get it. If Bill Barr

decides to ignore Them & Redact it for them

he is now Held in Contempt & Risks Serious

legal consequences. Just ask the Former AG

Alberto Gonzales under W. Bush, Who LIED

About Firing 26 Judges Solely For “Partisan”

reasons, allowed “Torture” (illegal under the

(Remember me?)

Geneva Convention Laws) AND, Warrantless

NSA Spying to Congress. SO, he Resigned in

disgrace. Doubt Barr Would do the Same, so

He, Will Be “Legally” REMOVED, By Congress

for his “Illegal” actions here. Oh and speakin’

of “Illegal Actions”, the IRS, or even Mnuchin

Don’t Turn Over Trumps Tax Returns, You’ve

now just broken the law. Congress has every

legal right to them. In other words they ain’t

“Asking You”. They, are TELLING You. Ignore


it at your own legal demise $ man. It’s called

the “1924 Committee Access provision”. And

it is very clear. Fuck with it & it’s Obstruction

NOTE: Full House, To The Big House! It’s About, Fucking
TIME That Wealthy, Lying, Assholes Of Any Stripe Are All
Held Legally Accountable. These Assholes Are Disgusting
NOTE II: Israel, is Having Elections Right Now & Serious
One’s At That. Netanyahu, Is A Fucking Criminal & STILL
Up For Election? Please Israel, Do Not, Elect this Monster
Again. Gantz IS The ‘New Day’. Do Not, Sit This One OUT

Have a day!


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Trumps Temp Agency…

April 8th, 2019

In the highest turn over Rate In Modern

times by at Least 3 X’s the regular ratio

(We know)

two More Lackey’s Are GONE. One Is A

head of “Secret Service”. Well, he’s not

great keeping his firing A secret. Well it

is yet another in a Revolting door of the

“Only The Best People” for Orange fuck

stick. And DHS Director & Immoral Ass

clown Kirstjen Nielsen was Fired as well

after clashin with the Tan Thunder Fuck

It seems likely after she was questioned

on the Hill about this reality, then seein’

(<-Racist POS)

the immoral Evil of these Unlawful acts

she Pushed Back on him. So he & all of

His RACIST fucks had her canned. And

you can bet more lunacy will happening

daily as he gets far more unhinged. The

Mueller Report is Coming out, no one is

able to stop this fact. We don’t yet know

what is IN IT But you can bet it’s a lot if


they’re all goin’ to such illegal actions to

conceal it. This isn’t over by a Long shot

NOTE: Racist MAGA Nazi, Is Charged With The
Illegal Act of “Threatening” a Sitting Congress
Person With DEATH. He Should be Charged To
The “FULLEST EXTENT” Of The Law. Since Also
He OWNS Guns To Carry Out His Threat. WTF?
NOTE II: Judge overrules Assholes evil Asylum
Policy Dealing a Major Blow to Racist Nazi shits

Have a day!


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White Sox Opening Weekend!

April 5th, 2019

As Chicago Sued Jussie Smollett for wasting

Our ‘Valuable Time’/Resources, And Anthony

(Yes Indeed!)

Weiner gets labeled a “Level 1” Sex Offender

We have “Opening Day” on the South Side!!!

Let’s bring the boom, Fielding, pitching & fun

Sit back, “grab” a cocktail, and savor all of it!

NOTE: Democrats Sue Trump Over Boarder Wall Funding
And With His Track Record, Is Going To Certainly LOOSE!
It’s an Unconstitutional End Around Past Congress. NOPE
NOTE II: A “No Deal” Brexit, Will Never Happen Now and
An “Extension” was just Voted on & Passed by 1 basically
Killing off Brexit Once & For All As I Said Before. There Is
A Sense of Economic Sanity That The UK Finally Got Back

Have a weekend!


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Many on the Special Prosecutor team are

VERY PISSED Off At lackey Partisan Turd

(Yes indeed)

Bob “Lowered The” Barr. I Told You who

he was, why he was inserted & what this

shitty weak “plan” was. Well that blewup

in their facesfast. Now members of Robs

Team have Stated the Evidence for Both

collusion & Obstruction Was Compelling

They Are Overtly Angry with Barr For his

partisan lies/ignoring the Facts. Make no

mistake folks, this is a LEGAL matter not

a “Political Partisan one”. All this While a

(Can’t Read)

loud Orange Stained Child Spews Lunacy

at levels undreamt of. It thinks windmills

have a noise that causes cancer. WTF?!?

Well, his TD dance of innocence will cost

him dearly. We Will Know all of the facts

once the “entire” Mueller Report is given

over to Congress. We All Know That The

“hold up”, is a political one. but why?!?!

The Truth will Eventually Come out folks

NOTE: Joe Biden, Clearly Has Some “Creepy Touching”
Issues. They Should Correctly be Called out but do not
Mistake The Republican Right in the Same Boat. Oh no
See, doing that’s NOT the Same as Sexual Assault And
Don’t Let Partisan Trolls, Legally Tell You Any Different
NOTE II: Herman Cane O Shame, Is Back In The News
Orange Asshole, Is Now Floating His Corrupt, Lying Ass
Around for a Fed Seat (AKA Stooge 2 ruin an economy)
He Has No Formal Training In Economics, Only To Be A
Lap Dog For the Top 1%. He is “Dangerously” Ignorant,
Immoral, And, Was A ‘Serial Sexual Harassment Fucker’

Have a day!


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