Kraft Prostitution Bust & Evil…

February 22nd, 2019

Talk about cheesy…I kid, I joke, I’m

an idiot. Turns Out, Robert Kraft Got

(“The cops!”)

Busted for soliciting sex at a massage

Parlor…….which just made my “Cliche

Meter” Explode into “Pieces”, all over

And All While Orange Fuck-sicle, Said

NOTHING About his big MAGA Murder

racist guy. Our Country is at A Rather

serious “Precipice”. This is Not normal

Have a weekend!


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NC New Election & Cohen My Way…

February 21st, 2019

After OVERT Republican Absentee Ballot

Voter Fraud (which is Extremely rare) it

(Fuck off!)

is Now, Going Hold A Brand New Election

The 9th districts Mark Harris Broke Down

knowing he had A LOT to do with the shit

Well cry me a River ya assholes. They all

STOLE an election from the People & that

is pure evil. Oh, speakin’ of pure criminal

assholes?!? Michael Cohen, Orange taints

“fixer” will be testifyin’ next week. He will

“pull the Curtain back” on Chumps crimes


Ahhhhhh, no Curtain Pulling Needed, that

shit’s Sitting In A Monstrous Bay Window,

for everyone 2 see. Can’t just hide what’s

clearly In Plain Sight. Buckle Up “Citizens”

NOTE: Teen, Who Joined ISIS Wants To Come Back In
To The UK Asking For “More Mercy”?! Ahem, That’s So
Like A Kid Who Joins a Band Of Roving Rapists, Hoping
When It’s All Over, Folks, Can Forgive. No. You Made a
Horrific Decision. Now, Enjoy Those Bad Consequences
It’s NOT youthful indescretions, you became a terrorist
NOTE II: Chicago Police Superintendent, Eddie Johnson
Just Did The Entire City Proud. His Words Echo so True

Have a day!


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Fucker Tarlson & Mueller….

February 20th, 2019

A guy goes on a FOX Show to tell the

Truth, Does, & is Called awful names

(We know)

This sounds like a joke setup, doesn’t

it?!?!?!? Well, It Isn’t. Dutch Historian

Rutger Bregman ‘Exposed’ Fucker Boy

for his Ethno-Nationalist Racist Views

If You Watch FOX Noise, I’m So Sorry

It Is Not Just Watching Bad Billionaire

Propaganda……’s watching “Opinion”

VS “Fact”. Keep the “news” to just the

facts. It’s why cable news is dying and

Internet News, Is Surging. When folks

(Like that!)

are Not PAID By The Billionaires to Air

their Propaganda. You’ll Get the Truth

Independent Media. Do Not Trust ANY

place that is paid PAC $ from any side

as they have an agenda. See the truth

doesn’t “pick” sides; it simply just is &

that’s a great thing! Some folks are all

Talking About A Mueller Report. Don’t

be ‘Distracted’. There are still 4 Sitting

sealed Indictment Just Waiting. This is

(It is!)

not about a “report”. They have a nice

Grand Jury, all Convicting People, as I

type. No “Report” is gonna “get” these

fuckers. Only Indictments Do. Get it?!?

NOTE: Rod Rosenstein Will Be Stepping Down, In
His Roll As Deputy AG In March. By Choice?!?!?!?!
NOTE II: FBI stopped a White Nationalist terrorist
Plot By a “Former” Coast Guard Lieutenant. Throw
The Book at Him! No Place for Domestic Terrorists

Have a day!


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As the Orange Asshole prepares for the rest

of his short life in jail……….like his buddy Paul

(Bye Bye)

Manafort Is Going to “DIE” There. Yes, you

read that correctly. As all kings horses & all

the kings felons are getting charged at light

speed, Flynn Is Now In Even Hotter & More

Treasonous water. Trying to get the Saudi’s

Nuclear Power Reactors Oooooooooooooops

And, as The World Burns, Trumps Lil’ Villain

Rodger Stone is now busted, again! He now

decided to post a picture of the Judge who’s

(Pure Evil)

hearing his case………..with cross hairs near

her head. He Deleted it Right after, but that

means nothing. The intent was clearly there

He hires only the “best” people, am I right?!

NOTE: And Back To Our Regularly Scheduled MAGA Bullshit
Racism. A Woman Told A Man To….”Get The Fuck Out Of MY
Country”. Ah yes she was correctly asked to leave by others
Then she tried the ol’ “I’m not racist, I just say racist things”
NOTE II: The White Sox Do NOT Land Manny Machado. He’s
Now A Padre. Oh Well, Frees Up More Money For The Others

Have a day!


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Smollet Fraud & McCabe Heroics…

February 18th, 2019

Happy 44 Out Of 45 Presidents Day People!

Remember my post about Jussie Smollet on


January 29th? Yeah, well, turns out he lied

about the ENTIRE Fucking thing. He Staged

the Entire Hate Crime. YES you read it right

I quote Ving Rhames from One Pulp Fiction:

“You’ve lost All Your Chicago Privileges” Pal

And this Disgusting Little Shit, Wasted Cops

Time (Detectives Valuable Time) That Could

have been used To Find Other ACTUAL Evil

criminals who are at large. He’s in very deep


trouble legally now as well. Speakin of deep

legal trouble McCabe’s 60 minutes interview

spells JAIL TIME for The Orange Anus Paste

He handed Mueller everything Trump said &

did. Including Recordings. It is Fait accompli

NOTE: Republican Voter Fraud In North Carolina With
Written in Absentee Ballots Directly effecting outcome

Have a day!


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The Orange Slug Had The Mother Of All Melt

Downs today with Reporters. And as he was


turning into A Big Bullshit Puddle, he Said a

real Honest Thing: “I didn’t Need to Do this”

Accidental Honesty From The Lying Machine

And boy Did His “Stroke Victim” Word Salad

hit an alltime low. This legally ends them all

since he just publicly “lied” about his reason

Also, big NEWS. As you can tell, we are now

acceptin’ Donations. Whooooooo hoooooooo

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“Ad free” media (You will never see ads here

because of this, nor am I beholden to any of

the ‘Political Partisan Propaganda’) So Please,

know you guys are fucking Heros. Thank you

NOTE: Mike “Old Stiff Partisany Prick” Pence, Has His
Words Come Back, To Dust The Snow, Off His Stupid
Head. He Warned, About Presidents, Going Around, A
Sitting Congress. Hmmmmm Guess that Only Applies
to Democratic Leaders. Such a lyin’ asshole hypocrite
NOTE II: An Active shooter in Aurora Illinois was just
confirmed dead. This Just Happened Moments Ago At
The Henry Pratt Company  (Prairie & Highland Ave) &
Victims/Dead Have Not Been Told, As Of Yet. Horrific!
Much Love, That Is MY Home City. I “Grew Up” There
(At 6:19pm- The ‘List’ Now: 5 Dead, & Gunman Dead)

Have a weekend!


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Happy Valentines Day to You All! All I Got was

a box of shit. Is that bad?!?!?! And to top it all

(Putin me on!)

off the fat Orange Fuck-sicle, who couldn’t get

his stupid Moron “wall” from An ALL Far Right

Republican “Lead” Congress in 2 Years, calling

for a National Emergency To “STEAL” Funding

Rump /Republicans, Will Rue That day Forever

This is not Only Illegal, but Congress Can Now

“Over ride it”. If Republicans Stick With him, it

is the end of their careers. Voters will boot em

ALL in 2020/2022. Hey ‘Idiots’, Please Proceed


The Only National Emergency We’ve Had, Has

been Since January of 2017. This, like all SHIT

Drumpf, Will Blow Up in his fat lying idiot Face

NOTE: Judge “Throws” The BOOK At Paul Manafort, About
Lying With Payments, Meetings, & Other Associates Ooops
NOTE II: It Is The 1 Year Anniversary Of The Parkland Evil
Massacre. ‘NOTHING’ Has Been Done for Rational Gun UBC
Control. This Is Not Only Unacceptable, But It Is all Lunacy

Have a day!


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Democrats “Give Away’s”…

February 13th, 2019

As Orange Anus decides to Play around with

his Golf “Stimulator” during Executive Time,


the rest of citizens wants nothin’ at all given

to The ‘Fat Lying Yelling Sociopathic Toddler’

When you Negotiate with immoral lyin prick

frauds they STILL get somethin’ they always

wanted. Attention. Democrats offered Rump

$1.375 Billion for “barrier funding” in the bi-

partisan deal. How about 0? 0’s a nice round

number. The reason they’re all doing it, is to

keep Government Open. But this is a terrible

(We Know)

precedent to Set. When ever the lil’ Tan Man

wants Congress to do something, he will just

shut it Down Again. Besides, the Lying Fraud

wants to “go around” Congress to “build” his

stupid as all fuck wall. It will not work legally

& his Cheerleaders at FOX/Reich wingers are

all mad. Guess it’s now just the Shart Of The

Heel. All this, as Mueller has 4 more looming

indictments just sitting there waiting. Time’s

(Watchin’ you)

up and there is Nowhere to run to now idiots

NOTE: The White Sox Are Getting Into Full Gear, In Spring
Training. As Are ALL The Teams. Look Out Baseball Is Right
Around The Corner People. Think Spring, And Be Awesome!
NOTE II: Republican West Virginia Lawmaker, Eric “Asshole
Fat Man” Porterfield said the LBGT Community was the kkk
And A Terrorist Group. SO, IN, His ‘MAGA’ Hat, He Hates At
A Level Disgustingly the same as All Trumper Racists/Bigots

Have a day!

Camera Man Attacked…

February 12th, 2019

As we are trying to Avert a 2ND Government

Shutdown, “Solely” created by REPUBLICANS

(Hope so!)

And, ONLY for a Wall All of American Doesn’t

want/need, That is like Holding A Gun to The

head of Someone else and when ya get what

you want, un-cocking the hammer. No that’s

not what a Representative Democracy “looks”

like. That’s what overt bullying Looks Exactly

like. Boooooooooo. Speaking of boooooooing

others it seems a man from the MAGA crowd

“attacked a camera man” from the Bbc at an

“Event” held by Rump. He Was Stoking HATE


against the media. This is so vastly dangerous

And This lunacy, must Stop Right now or we’ll

cross a line there’s no Coming Back from guys

It Will lead to Violence unseen in modern ages

NOTE: The El Paso Fire Department Called Out The Liar &
Grief About Crowds, Lies And Outright Utter Bullshit #’ers

Have a day!

What’s that, you didn’t Watch the Grammy’s last

night Like 89% Of America?!?!? People Are More

(We Know)

interested in How Jeff Bezo’s Got “White Mailed”

with Dick Pics. Seems A Pecker tried to give him

the Ol Shaft. He was Trying to ‘White Male’ Jeffy

Actually At Lil Peckers Request it was One Dylan

Howard Of AMI Who Sent the “Extortion” E-mail

Never thought I’d say it, but Bezo’s fessing up &

Coming Out Quickly TOOK All The Power From A

group Of “Blackmailing” Assholes. And As We All

know, Pecker Has A ‘Stiffy’ For 1 Orange Douche


Nozzle, Named T-Rump. Oh, Speaking Of, Other

Distractions, The Black Face State Of Virginia, is

still dealing With a Governor Who Is Batshitnuts

He refuses To Step Down, trying the Trump Way

of Plugging His Ears “La La La, I Can’t Hear You!”

His latest “Interview” didn’t go so Well. And why

is happening? Well, because his Lt Governor and

the guy “Beneath” Him, are ALL in just as bad of

(Oh Shit)

trouble. What’s In Virginia’s Water? Bigotry And

“Let’s Get Accused Of Rape” toxins?!?!?!?! WTF?

NOTE: A Democrat Amy Klobuchar Is Running For POTUS
And Clearly, She’s Not Taking Any Shit From Orange ASS
Also Elizabeth Warren Is Now In The Race As Well. COOL
Then Again, Democrats Might Not Be, Facing Rump, After
Mueller Gets Done With Him / Don Jr / Kushner / OTHERS

Have a day!

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