Hey great friends across the pond. Your messy haired

jabbering Jackass Trump Jr now has COVID19. And it

(<-“I’m Infected”)

doesn’t Shock you at all Now, does it?!?! The UK Is so

very Fucked, and My Heart Breaks for you guys. Then

Again, You Were ALL ‘Warned’ About Him/Tories With

their failures & yet you still Elected them in a Fucking

landslide. Not ALL of ya & for those of you that didn’t

this is a horror I wish Upon no one. Ours is bad today

but you’re will be Similar to ours so prepare. And also

the House finally Passed the Relief Bill today, with no

thanks to R-Masse who was doing his best Alex Jones


impression. Fucking Morons. Stay Safe, Stay inside &

find your Happiness with family, Friends & Face-Time

NOTE: Today Would Have Been Opening Day. In Lieu Of This Magical
Day, play The Show, watch old games or fun Baseball Movies tonight

Have A “Safe” Weekend!


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We have Just Overtook China for the most COVID19 cases

No credible Media Outlet is “Covering” Trumps Propaganda


Rally’s anymore which is just the beginning in dealing with

this crisis. This is a crisis & make no mistake about it here

That’s just a start. As the rest of the country deals with the

stark reality of this pandemic; we know it gets bad but this

will end. Only together, with Adults and Everyone Banning

TOGETHER to Understand and Combat the severity of this

Political Games/Propaganda Won’t Address the Virus. This

simply will, Not, STAND. The Abject Failure of Trump & all

those Around him have made This ‘Horror’ WAY FUCKING

WORSE. We have insane lying immoral fuckers going on tv

(We Know)

& social media DAILY to “spread” lies. This will never stand

Yet with ALL of this, know there is Hope. Always Hope, and

when the Amazing Citizens of this country are tested, we all

always past the test. We’ll do, inspite of trump not because

We were TWO months after “extensive testing” should have

occurred at EVERY level to contain this. That’s unforgivable

NOTE: Alex Jones LOST His Case. He Will, Lose Many Many Many
More. This Is BEFORE, He Even Faces the Jury. You Read That so
Right. He Is DONE. How He Every Got this Far, Is Past Disturbing
Happy Birthday: To Nancy Pelosi Turning 80. Be Strong dear lady

Have a “safe” day!


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As the “Adults” in the room begin to take charge Both

at the local and State Level; we finally have some BIG


movement in Congressional Senate Relief. We Are at

a “Deal” That Will Inject $ Into MAIN STREET finally!

This Stimulus Package Is mostly all for workers/folks

out of work To “Deal” with this real Ground level pain

Yes, there are Specific things for Wall Street, actually

for the Airline Industry who’s getting Killed right now

Orange Ignoramus Tried Spewing, That “Things” Will

be going to ‘Normal’ by “Easter”. No they won’t. This

will be at least the End Of April, then coming out of it

IF We Started Testing & CDC Quarantine Measures It

(Enabling Criminals)

Would’ve Been Around A “Month” of Shelter In Place

Instead, We Will have Around TWO Months of it. We

could’ve Cut it in Half by reacting when we HAD time

But we didn’t have leadership, we had A “loud, racist

child” Screaming Political Games when this is Clearly

a MEDICAL issue. It’s gotten SO bad, Media’s cutting

away From Trumps “Overtly Insane Propaganda Lies”

You’re Witnessing An Utter Lunatic detached from all

reality. Guess what, ya can’t Bully or out lie a “Virus”

NOTE: Right Wing Republican “Politicians”, Are Asking For Older
People To Accept “Killing Themselves” For The Economy. WTF?!
They Aren’t A Political Party Anymore. They A Fascist Theocracy

Have a day!


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As the cases Mount & Hospitals are overrun from the

horrific Pandemic; We Have NO rational LEADERSHIP

(We Know)

to guide us through the pain. He replaced Faucci with

Bootlicker Barr. This, Should NOT Be Political, In ANY

way. But Trump is incapable Of ‘That’. This is SOLELY

about Rational Leadership, Facts, & what, if anything

more are We “EXACTLY doing MEDICALLY”. So, At No

point in Today’s “Dear Leader Propaganda” there was

nothing Whatsoever to this “Update”. The Economy is

in utter “freefall” at this moment. Senate Republicans

are trying to appease wall street in a $ grab while ALL

(No Shit!)

telling Us Citizens To “Go fuck yourself”. When, D-Joe

Manchin Is the voice of reason; You have officially just

Witnessed the Collapse, of the Republican Lead Senate

These “Immoral Sociopath” FUCKERS Will NEVER Care

about You. While Democrats have their issues if R’s all

wanted this passed they had the votes; it was flatout a

Give Away to Corporations/WallStreet, not “Main”. And

the Democrats are ‘demanding’ it. We Should All Agree

NOTE: Arizona Man DIES After, “Trying” Trumps UN-TESTED
Idea Of Chloroquine. This Is FAR Past Lunacy. He’s Just Unfit

Have a day!


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While Republicans are committing fraud With

Insider Trading, Tax Day Has Been Moved To

(“Holy fuck”)

July 15th & the world is bein “shut down” we

have one unhinged Immoral Sociopathic baby

“Pretending” to be in Charge during this crisis

He insanely lashed out at a Reporter for askin’

the Most Basic Of “Softball” Questions leaders

ALL knock out A the park. Instead, he whiffed

threw his Bat into the crowd killing 3 babies &

shit himself. These are Tryin’ Times, no Doubt

And Having Actual rational leaders with Steely


focus, Compassion, facts & Reality to guide us

was all Citizens ask. We will never have it now

NOTE: UK, You Guys Are In The MOST Trouble Right
Now Having Boris/Tories In Charge Who Are Doing A
Lots a nothin; stay safe be vigilant & calmly prepared

Have an isolated weekend!


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While two members of Congress test Positive to

COVID19 virus, the rest are using racism & hate


to Divide Us. It’s COVID19, not ‘China Virus’ or

the ignorant KungFlu. And we now have one of

the Republicans Burr, sounding The Alarm only

to his DONORS Three Weeks ago. He knew ALL

of it, but ‘only’ told Wealthy Donors to “protect”

Trump. This is immoral, it’s Evil, it’s Wrong and

it’s grounds for Removal From Office. And as all

of This Containable, Preventable, lunacy Occurs

And while ALL of this happenin’ we have Spring

Breakers Acting like Darwin Award winners and

(We Know)

a Rudderless President “Blaming” everyone and

everything ACCEPT his own Fat, Failed Ignorant

self. He Blamed the media for HIS failures. This

must stop. The press best stand up to this fraud

NOTE: To Brighten Your Day, Here Are Very Cool People
All Singing “Imagine” By John Lennon. It’s a Great thing

Have a day!


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Biden Wins, TRump Lost…

March 18th, 2020

Joe Biden will be the Democratic Nominee. But We

barely Heard “ANYTHING” About It. Because it’s All

(We see)

about Death Virus. And As 9 Republicans all VOTE

against helpin’ American citizens as the rest of the

world see their Hate. Vote them All out. And we do

need An ACTUAL “President”. Soon. Now, As Idiots

approval Rating Will Continue To Plummet, He Will

do Dumber, More Insane Shit that will Cripple us &

there will be No Recovery From Him. THAT alone is

an effect that sour voters on him. That aside we all

(<-The World)

NEED to Work Through this and We will as Citizens

Better together. Worse apart. Brick by brick we will

Have a day!


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Pappy St. Hatricks Day! Today in Chicago we still held

elections, we did so with a heavy heart, observing ALL

(No Shit)

the COVID19 Protection rules and rose to the occasion

If you were in the 19th District hopefully you voted for

Patti Vasquez (Patti On St. Patty’s day). She will do so

well for the citizens of Illinois. No matter where you’re

at today, how you’re feelin’ or what troubles our world

has right Now…take A Breath. We will ALL get through

This Together. DESPITE One, Rudderless Orange Anus

Who Has Made A “Terrible Pandemic”; 10 Billion times

worse. It’s not just the Lies, insanity, Hate & total lack

of any actual leadership that’s “Caused” it. Wait, no, it

(Evil Virus’s)

actually IS. All Of That And More. He said Anyone can

get a test. BUZZ. Nope lie. He said “Nobody Saw this

coming”. BUZZ. Everyone did. He said “I have always

know this is a real…this is a Pandemic”. BUZZ. No, ya

fucking didn’t. Citizens Are Coming Together while he

is still Being an Asshole. Meh, he’s not long for his job

NOTE: Mitch “Lying Partisan Fraud Fucker” McConnell, Was
Crying About His Opponents Ads correctly Pointing Out ALL
His Failures. Amy McGrath is Going To Win. Mark My Words
The fraud can’t Pass a Bill to Help his voters. Vote him OUT

Have a Green Day!


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The entire economy’s so fucked, the DOW crashed

3,000 points. The 2nd ‘largest drop’ in our History

(We Know)

And Rump Thinks he has a 10 out of 10 ratin with

his “Handling” Of this “Pandemic”. He also tried to

claim “Nobody knew how Bad this Was”. That’d be

a Big Lie. EVERYONE Knew About China Way Back

in December. And Again, in January. Shit, He Was

even talkin about it On January 22nd LYING about

it. And Now, We Must All Work Together to “Social

Distance” ourselves to stop the spread. All of these

fucking ‘Morons’ In Clearwater Florida Were At The


Beach Swimming In A Disease Petri dish. WTF!?!?!

We will all ‘Get’ through this but right now we have

the WORST non-leaders on the fucking planet right

now. Citizens are Better about this than our leaders

NOTE: Chicago, Even With The Virus, VOTES TOMORROW!
“VOTE” Patti, On St. Patty’s. Patti Vasquez. In District 19
NOTE II: Boris Johnson is “Killing” The UK, With His Failed
COVID19 response. Think Trump just as bad Ooooooooops

Have a day!


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Everythin’ is Cancelled. Including our country at this

point in time with Orange Assclown burning it to the


fucking ground. Tan Penis Face took to TV last night

to Show The Entire WORLD He knows FAR less than

nothing about This Pandemic. He Also said “Oh fuck,

I got a penmark on me” rather than ‘get’ the worlds


Sociopathic CHILD in Charge, when we need leaders

We WILL Get through This. We WILL Solve all of the

problems Of this Virus Together. But that takes work

It takes Intellect. It Takes Science. It Takes Medicine.


It takes EXPERTS. So every Arm Chair fuckhole who

is spewing Nonsense. SIT DOWN & shut the Fuck up

As Markets Topple, They WILL Stabilize. The Bigger

problem is when we Have an Unhinged lunatic that’s

ruining Them Daily. Saying NOTHING is Better than

lying and Now “Tanking” Our Entire Economy. STFU

How many of you had Sarah Palin on your card?!?!?!

(OUR turn!)

These are the Worst of Days For ALL OF HUMANITY

Until you think Trump hung with an infected moron

Have a day!


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