Chao Down & Tax Subpoena…

September 16th, 2019

While Mitchy “Turtle Prick” McConnell Does

his evil impression of a sociopath unable to

(We Know)

even do the most rational of things his wife

is in Rather DEEP SHIT. Elaine Chao is now

the target of Improperly helpin’ her families

company. Which, Would be illegal. And This

seems to be ‘illegal’ in her Using the DOT to

aid her family’s company which is called the

Foremost Group (As in, She Will “Foremost”

put their needs ahead of Citizens). Ooooops

Speaking of people in serious “trouble” now

we Got Orange Anus Spewing His Nonsense

(“Say What?!?!”)

daily to a shrinkin base & his taxes are now

ALL Going to come to light. NYC’s 8 district

court Subpoenaed 8 Years Worth of returns

Oooooooooops. And they, will surely get em

NOTE: On Saturday, I Went Out Collecting Signatures
For Patti Vasquez To Be On The State Of Illinois ballet
For The March 2020 State House Election. Go Donate
RIP: Cars Front Man Ric Ocasek Was oh oh It’s magic
For His Entire Career. His Entire ‘Family’ Will Miss Him

Have a day!


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“Death Threat” Against Beto…

September 13th, 2019

While the entire GOP is melting faster than

the ice caps; they seems to be dialin’ up all


of the hate, lies and Propaganda to 1 billion

Forget they aired an “Ad” (which just is not

an ad as it overtly lies) where AOC’s picture

is lit on Fire, then Falsely Claim her Policies

are actually those of a Khmer Rouge regime

in Cambodia. No, not Remotely, but this tell

is rather large. They Certainly Do NOT want

to debate “actual policies” that are far more

popular than theirs. That’s why you get this

lunacy. To AVOID That Discussion. Ah, Nope


And As This Hate Continues, so did a death

threat, to Beto O’Rourke, from a Sitting TX

state Representative. Republican……Briscoe

Cain (They ALL, Sound Like ‘Movie Villains’)

Beto stated our country doesn’t need AR-15

guns on the streets. The ass said “my AR15

is ready for you”. Twitter Deleted the Tweet

Ahem, how about The FBI Visit This Lunatic

asshole. And he Should NOT have an AR-15

RIP: Singer Eddie Money Has Passed Away At 70
Due To ‘Esophageal Cancer’. He Once Met, Count
Basie. His Music Will ‘Live On’. One of the Greats
His Family Will Miss Him…..And So Will This world
NOTE II: Felicity Huffman sentenced 2 14 days In
Prison for College Admissions scandal. That’s all?!

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NC Republicans “used” 9/11 as a “prop” to pass

A “Budget Veto” Without Democrats There. This


isn’t “Gamesmanship” or “politics”; this is a big

Sign They Believe in 4+ Years They Will NEVER

Hold Power Again. This is Immoral, it is Wrong,

& it goes against the beliefs of our country. The

day will just Come when They will Answer to all

of these crimes against our Citizens. It is comin’

rather fast. The entire country’s sick of this and

all of our voices’ll be “heard Loudly” in 2020/22/

24/26/28/30/32/34 and So Far Beyond. Oooops

Have a day!


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We remember 9/11 a solemn day to “reflect”

While Orange Racist ASSHOLE does His Best

evil racist disgusting villain from history and

(We Know)

films; the rest of the actual world recoils in a

fit of Anger, Sadness & Firm Commitment to

end this Hateful shit. In Denying all the good

people of the Bahama’s the Ability To “Enter”

our country, after their entire homes were all

wiped out, We Died. This is so UnAmerican &

it’s not only immoral. It’s pure evil. And, as it

is happening, a fat racist Prick wants to “Ban”

e-cigarettes after 6 die. While we lose around

(Bye Bye)

39,000 per year dying from GUNS, meh fuck

that Noise, let’s help Big Tobacco Companies

who Are getting firm Competition from these

e-cigarettes. Disgusting as this ‘Lunacy’ is all

the rage here in the States, Scotland just did

the World A “Solid”, In Labeling Boris/And All

the Brexiteer’s actions in shutting down their

governin’ body of Parliament, “Illegal”. Oops

Times up, the World Is Done with all this shit

NOTE: The Democratic Party, Lost Their NC Special
Election By just under 2 Points. That’s Terrible And
It Stings’; BUT, Trump/Romney Won That ‘Area’ By
Over 12 Points. That is a 10 point Drop. Ooooooops

Have a day!


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Bolton left After Idiot Pile Tried His, “Hey,

let’s all meet with Taliban in Camp David”

(Bye Bye!)

As the Orange Toddler Screams “Oh no, I

FIRED him”, the ‘Reality’ is, Bolton Simply

stepped down. He gone; and as you know

from me; I’m no fan of Bolton at all so it’s

something that I’m glad about, but makes

Trump Still looks Massively Insane. See, a

broken Clock is still correct twice a day by

no action of It’s own. And as He Implodes,

With ‘Democratic Congress Members’ Now

Beginning An ‘Impeachment Probe’, All Of

(Ha ha ha!)

his Polls are so far underwater, they need

a big ass scuba tank to live. Ooooooooops

This only matters if ya VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

NOTE: NC Special Election, Leans Slightly Towards
Democrat Dan McCready. None Of This Matters, If
You Do, Not, VOTE! This could be A Tiny Sign here

Have a day!


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The entire world is done with Orange Asshole

Including Democrats in Congress. They Have

(Here we go!)

formally begun an impeachment Probe and it

is very Damning In it’s Structure. This Allows

lawmakers to Review all sensitive Grand Jury

materials. WOW! BOOM! That Is Going To be

some seriously Damning shit upcoming. Well,

we are here. Aside from all of this Happening,

the MAIN Goal Is Remove Asshole from office

by ELECTION, Making His “Defeat” Soundly In

the history books. Only happens If you vote &

get others too. After all Orange Fuckwit wants

(Ya Think?)

to “meet” with the Taliban at Camp David. Yes

you read it Correctly. He wanted to ‘meet’ with

fucking Terrorists. WTF?!?!?!?! Lunacy Left the

building LONG ago. And now, He Decided That,

he will NOT meet with them. Things are not at

all looking Good for Him Now Heading Into ’20

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooops; About Time

NOTE: In That “So Nobody Is Shocked At All” By This
News. The Palin’s Are Getting a Divorce. Guess Todd
Has Had Enough, Of Mama Bear “You Betcha” Barbie
U wonder how it even lasted 31years in the 1st place

Have a day!


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So the “No Deal” Brexit Is over. Done. Dead

It Cleared The House Of Lords And so now it

(Well Done!)

becomes law. Let’s recap what boris has left:

No ‘No Deal Brexit’, no Lil’ snap election, no

old May Deal (It won’t pass Parliament) and

no New Deal With under 2 months Left here

BJ will be the Shortest Serving PM in British

history. Just a Punchline answer to a trivia ?

And as The Amazing people Britain End Mini

Trump much Faster then We’re doing with a

Real Trump; Gerrymandering Took a “Legal”

(It’s ending)

hit In N. Carolina. About Time. The entire R

Party today is on “Notice”. The Federal level

didn’t stop it, But the States sure as shit Are

NOTE: The Bears D, Is REAL. Their O Sucks Harder
Than a shop vac set In Reverse. Nagy is in Trouble
If He ‘Wins’ 9 or Less, He Was A “1 Season Wonder”

Have a weekend!


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While the rest of the Bahama’s recovers from

the Sheer devastation from Dorian….now the

(Sheer horror)

Carolina’s are Getting it Today/tonight we all

want each and every person/citizen to all just

please be safe as it moves up the eastcoast &

seek Help if Needed. Together We Are Always

better. Donate time, blood, $ to the red cross

Oh & while in america the “orange asshole” is

almost out of office & in jail maybe we should

take a page from the tories in Britain. They’re

actually “PRINCIPLED PEOPLE”. When, the Lil’

Brother Of BJ Quits, Something Wonderful Is

(Bye bye Bro!)

happening & bravo! Hero’s Are Happening SO

fast now. And the No Deal Brexit Law is slated

to PASS the House of Lords into law tomorrow

Bye Bye BJ. ‘Shortest’ PM In All British History

NOTE: MORE ‘Republicans’ Running Away From Office
In Order To Avoid the “Ass Kicking”, about To Happen
The GOP Is DOA And Done. They Earned Their Ending
NOTE II: The Perfect Patti Vasquez, Is Running For
Political Office In Illinois. She Is the Best Policy Person
Around and Worthy of Your Vote And financial support

Have a day & Bear Down!


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Doctored Dumbass & BJ Blew It…

September 4th, 2019

While we have a Few on the far right like

Princess McCain’s Insane stoking of “evil”

(No shit!)

violence over sensible gun reform, we’ve

the usual Orange Assclown Playing at an

insane ‘Asylum Patient’ With Shit in their

fat hand Yelling “It’s chocolate!”. The fat

idiot tried to Use a Sharpie to “Alter” the

Weather Service ‘map’ of Dorian. Yes, ya

read that correctly. WTF?!?!? This fuckin’

pile of Dumbassery Isn’t worth tolerating


anymore. This is Illegal Shit Here people

Speaking Of ‘Toddler Assholes’ Unable to

grasp reality BJ lost his 1st four votes in

Parliament. Including one Stopping A No

Deal Brexit. Sure The House of Lords will

try to “stall”, but this is damnin’ shit and

it’s Telling That BJ has ‘Utterly’ Imploded

NOTE: Another TX-Republican, Is Quitting Causing
The Entire GOP to basically be Doing the Same. Ha
NOTE II: The NFL Starts Tomorrow! This Marks The
100 Year’s Since starting. Bears vs Packers Bring it

Have a day!


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As a “Category 5” bears down on the East Coast

and Our Orange Lying Fuckabout, Doesn’t Know

(Fat Ego Maniac Ass)

where Dorian is even going………claiming it was

going to “Hit” Alabama. Ah no that’d Be on the

other side/Gulf side. And… all of this is now

happening, “ANOTHER SHOOTING”, Took Place

over the weekend killin’ a group of innocent US

citizens by a Lunatic Prick With An AR-15. And,

he was a 31yo whiteguy. The Only reasons this

is even possible’s because the entire republican

Party’s OWNED by the NRA. They Gave the gop


over $54 Million in 2016 & $30 Million Just For

Trump 2 get elected. Until each & every one of

These IMMORAL Monsters Are Voted Out, They

will continue to take blood money. Vote em out

Speaking of “Vote Them Out”, over the pond in

Britain, BJ just got bitch slapped very hard. He

& his tiny, shrinking….peni…….Brexit Rebels Got

(Bye Bye!)

beat down Hard By Parliament. ‘No Brexit’ was

never going to ‘Happen’. BJ doesn’t know math

NOTE: Don’t ‘Mess’ With Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot
R-Turd Cruz, Learned This The Hard Way. Ooooooops
NOTE II: Wal-Mart, Scaling back Guns & Ammo Sales
The entire Sane, Rational World all Says “About Time!”

Have a day!


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