David Koch, the “Immoral Partisan” corrupt

Republican fuckbag donor is dead at the age

(<-Villain Scum)

of 79. The Damage he caused to our politics,

government, economy, environment, voters,

citizens, Workers & This Country Will be Felt

For The Next 50 Years. You Are Never Really

“glad” when people die……unless they’re like

Thanos Super Villains in real life. Then, Well

they can’t hurt anymore people so thats just

a good thing then. Maybe Charles can go too

Speaking of older immoral Criminal Assholes

(We Know)

as Orange “Fuck-Knuckle” Crashes the DOW

& our stock market over his Tweets to China,

(About, 623 Points) He “Hereby Ordered All”

Companies in America to “stop trading” with

China. WTF?!?! Maybe “Someone” should go

grab Gramps. So, he thinks Our Constitution

Allows For Communist Dictator’s?!?!?! No, it

does not. And, ALL his Cheap lousy shit hats,


shirts, ties & crap are…..made In China. That

guy could fuck up a 1 Car Funeral. And, he Is

NOTE: The Notorious RBG Underwent A Procedure Today
To Remove Cancer from Her Pancreas….She’s doing Fine
NOTE II: Tennessee, Is For “RACISTS”! Weeee. Yes, you
Read That “Correctly”. Their State Legislature Refused to
pass a resolution against neo-Nazi’s & White Supremacist
Racists. Wait WHAT?!? We have terrorists in Government

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We Do Not Have A President…

August 21st, 2019

America isn’t just A Rudderless Ship Steering

towards all the rocks to be obliterated, It is a


place where the top 1%/K Street donor class

are ruining us into Said ‘Rocks’ (A soon to be

in the next 1-2.5 years Dead Economy) while

a fat Sociopathic Racist Child ‘Plays’ dumbass

dick Dress up, By Pretending To Be President

He Demanded to “Buy” Greenland & when he

was Refused It By Denmark’s PM Frederiksen

he lost his “Tiny” mind. He Called an Ally and

close Pal Of The USA “Nasty”. He Cancelled A

(What a fraud)

planned Trip there. He also called Himself, &

now get this; “Jesus”. Holy idiot Batshitcrazy

This, Is, ALL Distraction. It Always Was, And

It’s not Working Anymore. Our Country is All

‘Turning’ On Orange Fucksicle in the polls, in

mass unpopularity and now attacking Jewish

voters; he is done. I am callin’ this right now

He’s desperate, he’s almost over. Now VOTE!

NOTE: Trumps Administration, Now Ignores The Law
And Does In fact create Concentration Camps by Just
Holding Them Indefinitely. And the Law says You can
Only hold them For 20 Days. This is Immoral & these
Fucking Monsters, Will ALL Pay, For This Evil. WTF?!?!
NOTE II: Truckers ‘Complaining’, They Got Fucked By
Trump. Wait A Sec; Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. You Suckers, All
Deserve What Is Happening. You Idiots Were Warned!

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Another week & another “prevention” of a racist

MAGA Loving Mass Shooter. This, Is Some Good

(We Know)

news we all need. Hint: Violent Nazi’s Will “Not”

be Tolerated In this Country. And how bad is It

for Republican Nazi’s?!?!? Well, the Entire world

won’t tolerate them…& for Steve King, an empty

room Spoke VOLUMES. The Fact We are Here is

disgustin’. These heavily Armed racist Nazi’s are

the #1 Domestic terrorist threat in the US today

Hate ruins the Country. It kills our society and it

(So Long Asshole!)

is intentional. It’s not working. These young vile

nothings Are Dropping Like Flies. Only with real

Vigilance, We Can Stop these Immoral Monsters

The racists in office, who are Cops & who are In

any Positions of Power, MUST be Thrown out on

their racist Asses Yesterday. Just like The Killing

Cop who murdered Eric Gardener was just fired

FIVE YEARS LATER; all law enforcement agencies

(Justice 2 Late)

are in Serious need of cleaning out all the racists

& bad cops. Our Country Deserves better leaders

NOTE: US Prison Chief Was Fired Over The Death Of Jeffery
Epstein. Ahhh Yes The Old “Quick, We Are The ‘Reason’ This
Shit Happened, Find Someone to Throw Under The bus now”

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Yet another day In American & another

Mass Shooting. This “time”, Cops Were

(Fucked up)

shot at by another criminal shooter and

they were loaded for bear. 6 police were

shot and 9 were Wounded by this act of

hate. Mayor Jim Kenny said it’s A damn

“Miracle” more weren’t Killed/Wounded

He also clearly stated Officers shouldn’t

be “Shot At” for Hours & “We Need help

with Gun Control To Keep Weapons like

this Out Of Criminals Hands”. Well Said

Jim & glad These Brave Police Were not

(Trumpers today)

killed. Speaking of things that shouldn’t

“be”; Orange Assfucker Decided to Ping

his Racist Hate yet AGAIN by demandin

Israel “Ban” Omar & Tlaib. And, so, they

were. This isn’t only Wrong to ban these

sitting Congress members for having it’s

against US Government Policy ‘Allowing’

Equal treatment & freedom of travel”. It

is legally wrong & really really racist shit

NOTE: A White Supremacist Republican Drops Out
Of Race for Being a MAGA Racist White Republican
Maybe They Will ALL Start Dropping out Then Now

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Today, the stock market plunged. And it

has to do with a Couple different Factors


World Markets sagging, this Hong Kong

protest/Democracy rising issue, Europe,

& Trump Playing Trade War Tariffs That

are “Easy” to win…but he can’t seem to

do it. He is good a spewin’ lies and hate

It will bounce back, Because these are a

“bond yield” issues. It’s just hedge fund

Traders, & Brokers ‘Moving’ Their Money

(We Know)

But it does signal a “Recession” looming

In more than 36 cases, Orange Assholes

NAME was directly Invoked In ‘Criminal’

court cases for Hate crimes. That means

his name directly; these don’t include all

the racist hatecrimes done by the people

Who “LOVE” Trump As Well. Think About

that for a moment. Then weep. Then you

(Next Shooter?!?)

should rise, to “Fight” this Hate once and

for all at the ballot box. No more, it’s ova

NOTE: The White Sox WON Big Today In A Wild
Crazy Game With The Likely World Series Astros
NOTE II: Racist Republican Steve King Thinks (I
Know he doesn’t) rape & incest help populations

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Trumps latest “Mouth piece” of xenophobic hate

& Moron, Who Helped Turn Virginia Blue, Kenny

(<-“I’m a prick”)

“I’m an immoral pile of scum” Cuccinelli decided

to spew some more Hate. He tried to change the

actual Poem By Emma Lazarus On the Statue Of

Liberty to “Who can Stand on their Own two feet

& not become a public charge”; said the guy who


unacceptable “Bigoted” immoral Fucking Asshole

No one wants Immigrants Coming In On Welfare

ever. But refugee’s, with literally NOTHING might

(We Know)

be in trouble. But, he, & these immoral monsters

all think “Well fuck em!”. These are the echoes of

racist, Fascist hate. Nothing is more disturbing in

Our Lifetimes. Nothing. Well, Except Maybe All of

The Protests In Hong Kong Right Now. Protestors

are “Sending An Important Message” at the Hong

Kong Airport. We Stand For “Freedom”. And their

big answer?!?!? Nope, we Sent Riot Police to start


making You Feel our “Fascism”. This is Bad Folks

NOTE: Trump Caves On Tariffs With China Because “Trade Wars”
Are Complex & Require extraordinary Intellect & Economic Savvy
Which “Racist Lying Asshole”, Doesn’t Have. This, is for the 2020
Election So The Economy Isn’t In The Toilet Just ‘Yet’. Disgusting

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Epstein Is Found Dead…

August 12th, 2019

It what can only be called “Water is Wet” the

most “important criminal” to Implicate all the

(Teacher, dropout?)

most powerful high profile people is…..dead

He was found Dead in his jail cell AFTER he

tried to Supposedly Kill himself. There are a

LOT of Questions & no answers for this bold

lunacy. And Who is in Charge of lying About

those Answers?!?! You guess it William Barr

YES, you read that correctly. The Guy who’s

Basically Running The DOJ As If it’s Trumps

personal Law Firm, Will Be looking Into This

Wait, Didn’t He “Recuse” Himself From That

(<-Criminal Fraud)

case?!? Nope. He’s A Partisan, lying Fraud &

will be Decimated by this history as they ALL

will be. Don’t Speculate Right Now. Let all of

the Facts Come In. That said this is shady as

ALL fuck lookin’ at the Cold facts of this stuff

A Guy, who Can bring down EVERY side, and

that’s Fine By Me,……….Already “Tried” to kill

himself ends up “dead”. He may have died by

(?’s Galore!)

suicide (possible). The facts will tell the truth

And, everything else is just “noise” until then

NOTE: Rational “Gun Control” Is Overwhelmingly Agreed To
But 90% Plus Citizens. Right Now The ONLY thing Stopping
It Is “Mitch McConnell”/Republicans. We Will Get UBC’s And
Red Flag Laws But not an “Assault Weapons Ban”. It Should

Have a day!


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The “Lowest” It Gets…

August 9th, 2019

When a small girl’s Crying, Because her parents

Were “Taken” By ICE, while WORKING AT THEIR


fucking JOB. We Are In The End Game Now And

it Is The WORST of Us. This Must End, & it Must

end NOW. The children were JUST FUCKING left

there by ICE Agents. It is Immoral, It’s Criminal

& those who ‘Committed’ these Acts of Inhuman

Terror & Suffering will stand before Justice quite

soon. While the Racist Orange Monster Commits

more acts of insufferable shame, my Tear Ducts

are dry. They’ve turned into Sheer Anger & Rage


at this Point. All of These Immoral Nazi’s Must be

politically beaten into extinction Normandy beach

Style. They’ve no place in society/the world. None

Impeachment Proceedings Will Begin. We’re Here

NOTE: Crue Tommy Lee, Just Won The Award For Otherworldy
Satire In Mocking Racist MAGA Trumpers With Trigger Trolling
NOTE II: State Department only “suspends” white supremacist
WTF?!? How About FIRES Him & Watches Him For Acts of hate

Have a weekend!


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Much like In An NFL Game, If It’s 3 & 10, You’re

gonna pass. Well the Grieving Victims of El Paso

(Leave us be)

are Telling Trump/Plastic Toy to just leave us all

alone. Unless he’s goin to condemn all the racist

shit he said accepting responsibility & supporting

actual “Sensible” gun reform. They Don’t want it

around anymore. The Orange Fucking Asshole Is

just unable to stop. Mark my Words, this is a big

moment In History. The Massive Majority of this

entire Country is Turnin against Trump now over

this violent Racist Hate he spews/Promotes daily


Sure his racists love him; but that’s not remotely

a majority of the Great country. It’s 21% or less,

he’s goin to realize this at the ballot box. Oooops

Leave no Doubt. This Historic Moment Where He

has shit on these victims again, is Etched in time

He also visited Dayton take Smiling Pics with the

people SHOT & Almost KILLED. And Both of the

Democratic leaders Described the Visit Just as It

happened. Causing Baby Fuck and His lying Shit


Stain Dan Scavino WH ‘Social Media Propaganda’

fraud To Claim They Lied. Ahem, no, they stated

reality. Just what Occurred. Such Disgusting shit

NOTE: Boycott Fitness Equinox & SoulCycle Since Their
‘Immoral Asshole’ CEO Is Throwing a Fund Raiser For A
Fat, Lying, Racist Orange FUCKER. Hit Em In the Wallet
NOTE II: 13 Year old Suffers skull fracture Over asshole
Attacking him over wearin’ a hat during national Anthem

Have a day!


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In the 2nd Amendment, it Says “Well Regulated”

Militia. Not, “Hey, have as many fucking guns as

(We Know)

ya like. In fact have 20 a piece & buy em online”

This country will see Sensible Gun Reform in the

next 2 years. It’s comin’ since 93%+ people ALL

agree with the basics. It’s just the gun lobby and

insane Republicans Blocking it Now. Then “VOTE”

them ALL Out. And So, How Bad are “Things” for

Republicans Now? Most of Them are Hiding from

Media/News Right Now. And Those Going on Are

taking the Gun & Blowing off their own foot while


lying at a Record pace. With now 4 GOP’ers in TX

Not running for re-election; they’re royally fucked

That’s “ONLY” if Citizens VOTE at Record Numbers

NOTE: Moscow Mitch’s “White Youth Movement” Hit a rather
LARGE Snag While “Posing” With A Cutout of AOC “Choking”
Her, & Mockingly “Groping” Her. That, would be Against The
Law. With the political shootings we’ve had this isn’t a Game
NOTE II: Republican, Only One to Date, Speaks Out Against
the Overt White Supremacy in The Republican Party. And so,
His RACIST Friends Want Him Out of The Klan. Ooooooooops
RIP: Poet, historian, author, legend, icon, hero Toni Morrison

Have a day!


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