Republican’s Can’t Govern. They’ve

shown us voters this year after year

(Can’t govern!)

They’re do nothing, pass nothing &

don’t Govern unless ‘causing’ Harm

to Others Or Tax Cuts. And now it’s

the usual “We can’t Govern, so let’s

threaten To Shut Down the ENTIRE


government” Game. It always kills

Them At The Polls; Every Time. Do

they learn? Fuck no! And Now their

old Man Scourge of the Senate Will

be stepping down in November. So

(Pure evil!)

Mitch McConnell’s No more! Whooo

hoooooooo. Good fucking riddance!

NOTE: The ‘Supreme Court’, Decides To Hear Trump immunity
Case On An Expedited Schedule. It Best have it done by May’ll
be my Best Legal guess. It is Cut & Dry law here with no issues
IF SCOTUS uses This shit to “delay” the trial all hell will “break”
loose On Them from Voters/American’s. And Whomever “Adds”
their Name to the Decent list might as well say they’re Traitors
RIP: Legendary Funny Man Richard Lewis Has ‘Passed Away’ At
the age of 76. Watch is older comedy specials & him on Curb if
you want to see a Master working in the Craft. No one Is Better

Have A Day!

Electoral Math & MI Votes…

February 27th, 2024

While Jack Smith “legally” Hammers

away At the Orange felon, one thing


Is Very clear: the R’s’GQP’ers Don’t

Have The Votes. In SC The ‘Fat Ass’

Won 59.8% of The vote. It “Means”

He/ Fat Felon Can’t Lose More Than

1-3% of The Vote He Had in 20′ So


he/they are so mathematically F’ed

He stands to Lose 15-40% this time

‘Tonight’ Michigan votes & Make No

Mistakes. ‘VOTERS’ Will Decide This

Presidential Election. ‘Fat Felon’ Will

(Too late!)

lose By A Much “larger Margin” this

time Around. It is Inescapable Math

NOTE: Trial in Georgia over Fanni Willis “Overseeing” The case
has a rather big day. The witness Bradley appears to have just
“Gossiped/Speculated” about Fanni and Wade. That much, was
clear today in Court; the defense has no witness now. Screwed

Have A Day!

Embryo Insanity & The Traitors…

February 23rd, 2024

Well, every voter In America was

Fairly Warned. People / All Active

(No shit!)

People In Politics told them what

R’s / GQP was Going to do About

Roe, Gay Marriage and now even

Embryos. So the Alabama Court

& R’s Have Now tried to say That

Embryo’s Are like Living Children

(Voters’ll show em)

NO, they ‘re fucking not. You can

Freeze an Embryo, can’t Do That

to a Living baby. Vote ALL of the

‘Monsters’ Who Support This Out!

NOTE: Republican’s Star Tool box was rearrested after still
“criming”. Ha ha ha. They’re just traitors, all of Em at This
point. They ‘Side’ With Orange Man/Putin & Russian Assets

Have A Weekend!

Well well well, if it isn’t the consequences

of Republican’s Hateful Lying Actions now


Biting Their “Traitorous” back Side. Zing!

Their “fake FBI Informant” has just been

Indicted For LYING! Jeeeeeeeez all these

Putin/Trump Loving ‘Traitors’ Must Pay A

hefty $ for This Shit. It’s not Just ‘Politics’


It’s fucking Criminal! And, While Fat Ass

“Orange Felon” & NiKKKi Haley “Duke” It

out for Who wants to ‘Lose’ In November,

Biden’s Administration Just Forgave $1.2

Billion in student loan debt. Whoaaaaaaa!

(“Got this!”)

Talk about ‘promises made promises Kept’

That’s shit you can literally Take to a bank

NOTE: If Rapist Criminal Felon Doesn’t Pay up & Fast, it Will be
Collection time for AG James. Oooooooops. He’s sooooo fucked

Have A Day!

Guilty & Fined $354.9 Million…

February 20th, 2024

Happy Presidents Day, To All Of You

Silly heads! Hope that ya enjoyed a


deserved Day Off. Thankfully A Fat

Orange Felon won’t get A legal day

off the Resta his life. He was found

GUILTY of a Sham Company doing

Scam Inflated Business & must pay


$354.9 Million in Fines. Oooooops

Not Only will this destroy him and

his Ability to scam/ruin others it’ll

also Crush his ability to financially

Defend himself/Campaign. Ha ha!


He / Republican’s, Deserve EVERY

inch of this for Being Traitors here

NOTE: Fakie Air at Sucker Con, Debuts With Golden Scammer High
Tops For $399 a pair. Jeeeeeeez, he’s Already legally fucked so why
NOT play games at selling shoes Since he has no $ & Will be jailed?
He was Booooed & Heckled Badly. He was also ranked as the worst
President in American History just Cause He is & Earned all of This!

Have A Day!

“Have A Seat!” & The $ Pit…

February 15th, 2024

A NYC Judge Told Orange Anus’s

lawyer To “Stop Interrupting Me!”


& “Have a seat!”. The trial will go

forward no matter fat idiots legal

farts lies don’t hold water; it’s so

fun Watching justice have it Days

There’s no legal escape & Fat ass


knows it. He also knows That the

Only Thing he Really Wants Is To

Take ALL the GOP’s $ for his Shit

legal Troubles, leaving the Entire

Party Unable To Pay For All Other

(Outta $!)

candidates to Run For office. Shit

He/Lara Will Cripple Them. Good!

NOTE: Fani Willis Testifies Oddly About a Personal Relationship That
legally has nothing to do With the Prosecution of Orange the asshole

Have A Day!

There is No Republican Party any

longer. It’s Been relegated to Hot


garbage performative crap mixed

with an orange cult Giving voters

nothin’ at all. At least Smoke and

Mirrors; HAVE Smoke And Mirrors

The Maga moron caucus has now

Impeached DHS Head, Mayorkas


1 Single Vote. It’s Goin Nowhere

in the Senate & lunacy To Mask a

Gross ‘inability’, To Pass Anything

Make No Mistakes, Voters all See

them clearly & HATE all the GQP

Right now. In NYC Where the D’s

(It Matters!)

flipped a Seat, Voters said the R’s

“Tanking” The Boarder Deal did it!

NOTE: ANOTHER MASS SHOOTING……..At Chiefs Super Bowl Parade
killing 1 & Injuring 10-15 as of now. We as a society Must Address it
or else rule the globe in murdered kids & Citizens. Doing nada Sucks

Have A Day!

Special Election & Voter Wrath…

February 13th, 2024

Tonight New York Votes to Replace

George “The ‘Super’ Fraud” Santos


It’s a Heavily R District so it will so

Likely Be Mazi Pilip or Tom Suozzi

Both Are Basically D’s As Mazi Is a

Registered ‘Democrat’. No “Matter”

who wins, Johnson Loses, which is

(We Know!)

a big WIN for America as A Whole!

And…As Voters All Begin This Long

slog thru Getting ready to Vote for

President Again this fall, they’re all

aware Who’s Policies are good, and

(Yes it does!)

who’s (cough) Orange dick are bad

Voter Are Gonna Hurt Orange Felon

NOTE: More Horrible Legal News For The Fat Felon Fraud ‘Hits’
hard where most all legal experts see what is coming and fast!

Have A Day!

Church Shooting & The Collapse…

February 12th, 2024

Another Day, Another Shooting

But this time It was at Osteen’s


Mega Church. He claimed “god

Will Guide Us Through!”. Ahem,

no he Won’t. See Faith doesn’t

Stop Gun Violence/These Mass

Shootings. Action And Rational

Policies. These Monsters, Don’t


care. And Voters know it, so it’s

time To Dump Do Nothings and

Them All Utterly Collapse Under

their own hateful weight. Ha ha

They offer No Policies Voters All

“want” these days so it is only a


Matter of Time Before Each big

Election Cycle Wipe them Away

NOTE: Michigan R/GQP’er just lost his job, committees & Career Because
of his Racist Posts. Ha Ha. When they tell you who they are, Believe them

Have A Day!

Lousy Fuck-Hur & Pathetic…

February 9th, 2024

A partisan Maga hatchet job was

Enacted By A Mr. Hur Who Found


nothing illegal In what Biden did

And in a historically Nonpartisan

institution like the DOJ, he Did a

Big horrible Dig for no real Legal

Reason. He claimed Biden didn’t

“Remember” When his son Beau

Died. GTFOOH, You Vile Ghouls!!


It Tells Me R’s/GQP’Ers All Know

Orange Felon’s going down hard

will end up in jail; they’re scared

NOTE: Senator Foghorn Douchehorn Kennedy Got a nice Dose of
his own stupid Partisan Dumbfuckery when said that he was a D!

Have A Weekend!

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