This is the Hardest post I have ever had to write

The Valid Peaceful Protests Over The evil Murder


of George Floyd At the Overt hands of an utterly

inhumane Un-fit Cop were Interrupted by Some

Criminal Violent Looting Anarchist Terrorists. In

no way does that affect or change the subject of

the Dire need of Racially sound law Enforcement

reform. Burnin’ down Cop cars, lootin & Breakin

widows doesn’t solve this problem. As my entire

Neighborhood Burned Saturday, As I Pleaded, in

vain with the Violent Anarchists that Organizing,


Voting, holding these racist factions in power all

ACCOUNTABLE is The Key. They Didn’t care. In

fact, this was All Coordinated terrorism all as a

racist, Immoral, Evil fat coward HIDES in his lil

house. He Stokes This Hate. Do, not, let, Him or

any racist win. WE will win And out of all of this

so many HERO’S have All Risen. George Floyd’s

brother Terrance, Killer Mike, Mayors, the Cops,

Community Leaders, Organizers, Etc. Do Not let


them Highjack the new Policing Policy that does

need to b Enacted here. We have hope, justice’s

coming & it’s Coming FAST. We can only do this

together. Chicago & this country will recover, we

will become stronger; trump’s hate will not stand

NOTE: The Minnesapolis Autopsy Was Partisan Trash Lies
the ACTUAL objective autopsy confirms death by homicide
This Isn’t Up For Debate. He Was Murdered By THE COPS
And anything else would be an Abject Lie. The frauds who
put together the doctored autopsy should also be Charged

Have a “safe” day!


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We do Not Have An Acting President of the United

States. We have a fat racist lying hatefully inciting

(<-Racist Fuck)

in callin’ for the Death of protestors asshole. That

will be corrected on November 3rd. The racist shit

lunacy must End Now.  Racism is not a Difference

of opinion. It’s unacceptable evil. And with hurt &

effected citizens protesting, the law Is not doing a

good job of Serving & Protecting. In fact, they are

now Illegally Arresting Reporters to Stop The Sun

light Exposing Their Violent Hate. This Nation, Will

heal, ONLY When the Bleeding Stops. Until Then it


will be priority #1 to END IT. It all starts with one

fat Orange Shit and every GOP’er who helped him

The Cop Is In Custody but what about the 3 other

assholes who were there as Well?!?! Arrest em all!

All as we mourn 104,284 lives lost cause of Trump

NOTE: Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot Said “Fuck You” To
Trumps Racist Hate Tweet Calling For Violence. Bravo this
Is Yet Another Step To Getting His Hateful Racist Ass OUT

Have A “Safe” Weekend!


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A Pennsylvania Democrat, Just Gave immoral Lying

asshole Republicans a verbal beat down never ever


heard Before. Republicans In Pennsylvania Tried to

“hide” their contracted Cases Of COVID From other

Democratic leaders. That is Illegal. And all of these

evil Fuckers must Pay. Orange Asshole posted a sic

video That Claimed “The Only good Democrat, Is A

dead Democrat”. These people are fucking sick and

it’s not legal either. You can’t legally go around and

threaten violence against people. That, is terrorism

As we horrifically lost 103,254 lives these monsters


want to take more. This is evil and it’s unacceptable

And Voters see this, Reject It & will Vote for the D’s

NOTE: Phase 3 In Chicago Will Begin Wednesday June 3rd Due
to Us Achieving our Goals. And can’t say the Rest Of The States

Have a “safe” day!


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Today’s Cool Space X launch was Scrubbed as

we lose 101,895 good people to this Evil Virus


we are Reminded of One Thing; Rump let this

ALL happen. Not just being the Highest death

total but the most cases & terrible testing per

citizen Ratio. And What is His/Republicans big

solution? Rage Tweet On Twuntter & Nothing

Our great nation Has a Black Eye, Busted ribs

& A Shattered leg ALL because of HIM. And It

is having A “Massive” Effect on Every Average

American Living Thru his lunacy. His Poll #ers

Are PLUMMETING At Light Speed. This, Is Not


a political Issue. This is a Medical/Science one

And in Him Ignoring Everything, the only Real

solution’s to Vote his Incompetent Fat ass Out

November 3rd can’t ‘come’ Fast enough for us

Have a “safe” day!


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100,000 Dead & Murder…

May 26th, 2020

We have lost over 100,000 citizens to this horror

Trump / Republicans Do NOT “Remotely” Fucking

(<-For those dead)

care At All. My problems with the Democrats Are

all well documented here. THEY are not the issue

or the problem here. It’s Trump/Republicans and

everyone around them Enabling this Evil. And so

the Entire Civilized World ‘Wants’ Orange Asshole

off of Twitter for ‘spreading racist hate lies’. As a

now real actual Hateful murder’s happenin In our

streets by Immoral, Fired, Violent Cops. This Will

NOT stand in America. We need A Justice System

(Comin for you)

Overhaul YESTERDAY. And “Fired”?!? How About

“charged with murder”? This is unacceptable shit

NOTE: Speaking Of Racist Shit From Another “Karen” We
Get this Asshole Threatening for the Cops To Kill another
Black Man In America For ‘Filming Her’ Breaking The Law

Have a “safe” day!


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As We Approach…

May 23rd, 2020

The terrifying, “grim”, historically horrific milestone

of 100,000 deaths due to this Dangerous Virus, we

(We Know)

currently Have NO Leadership From Trump/all his

lacky’s. In fact, he/they don’t care. While the rest

of Twitter wants to make Joe Biden’s gaffe with a

rapper Charlamagne Tha God an issue. It is really

just distraction. The “Socioeconomic” point Is that

“IF You Vote Republican As A Minority You’re Now

voting against YOUR OWN Best INTERESTS”. That


was the point. It was very poorly said. Then again,

his Pocketbook Point was Pretty Spot On. Ooooops

NOTE: Firefighters Battle a 4-Arlam Blaze at Pier 45 on the
Historic Fisherman’s Wharf. We, Will All Find Out The Cause

Have A “Safe” Weekend!


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The Orange Anus Yells, Lies, Abuses, lies again, Cries,

whines, lies again, then runs. It’s the same behavioral

(<-Lie Factory)

pattern of Sociopathic Children. And now, he’s trying

to Claim States Can’t Do “Mail In Voting”. Ahem, Yes

they sure Can. And Orange Sludge Fat Baby Can’t Do

a fucking THING about it. NADA. It’s up to the states

& both parties state it’s safe, fair & honest; so he can

bitch all he Likes. It’s just another “distraction” in an

attempt to Hide his Failures of A Presidency in letting

100’s Of Thousands of American Citizens DIE. He Did

NOTHING to Protect, Help, Care or ‘Understand’ what

Is Occurring. NOTHING. It’s Gotten SO Bad, Michigan

(We Know)

will not allow him back after he did NOT wear a mask

for safety while touring the Ford Plant which requires

MASKS for all people. The AG said, “Don’t Ever come

back here ASSHOLE!”. Things Will get ‘Worse’ for him

NOTE: Blathering Idiot Can’t Even Speak Anymore Without
royally fucking It up at Historic Levels. The satire of it here

Have A “Safe” Day!


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94,994 Dead & Phase 3…

May 20th, 2020

While the lying Orange Anus plays games, the rest

of the “World Dies”. He, Republicans in power and

(We Know)

all right wing Conservatives do, NOT, CARE. They

simply Don’t Anymore. In Fact, Maybe they Never

Really Did. Only Republican Left Is Mitt Romney &

that’s about it. As Trump¬†immolates daily, the rest

of the country is trying “Phased” Opening in order

to do This Correctly. Here In Illinois that All Starts

on May 29th. Best to every state out there doin’ it

Mike Pompeo’s in HOT WATER For Telling Rump to

“Fire” the IG Who was Independently & Objectively


investigating him for wrong doing. This is goin to

blow up in ALL their Faces. Barr is real criminal in

all of this & the walls are Closin’ in fast on him. If

he gets squeezed; Trump/Pompeo Will Be thrown

under that speeding Bus fast. Oooooooooooooops

When Mitt Romney Is leading the charge look out

NOTE: Biden Leads Trump By 11 Points & Growing In A
New National Poll. That Will Grow by The Day Right now

Have a “safe” day!


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Things have gotten so bad, now FOX has turned

against Trump. Well, More Like They Decided to

(No Shit!)

accept reality vs a fatloud racist child who won’t

No matter, Reality believes in him. And while he

Is “Playing” with Citizens Lives, he Couldn’t care

less About minority communities. Yeah you read

that right. And shit has gotten so bad that Nancy

Pelosi is now name Calling Saying that Rumpy is

“Morbidly Obese”. Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Burn!

Newsflash, he’s Not. He lied, again. And his Idiot

(Little Kid)

response to her silly slam comment was just base

projection 101. He’s In A lot of Trouble Folks, & it

will get Worse with Each Passing day. Just book it

NOTE: The BEST Cost-Co Employee, You Will ‘Ever’ Meet
In Action. The entire World Applauds him for Being Sane
RIP: Marc Maron’s Love was A Creative Super Star & She
Passed Away Suddenly. This Is Sad, And ‘Horribly Wrong’
Please Remember the name Lynn Shelton. She is Legend

Have a “safe” day!


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At We Reach a New Grim Milestone That No one

wishes ever happened at 91,751 lives lost, a fat

(<-Lying asshole)

loud lying racist asshole is still spewing all his

idiotic Bullshit. 36 Million People Are Out of a

job. And Trumps response? So What?!?! Fuck

off! He is a fraud, a liar, a nothing child who’s

unworthy to run a lemonade stand let alone a

fucking country. And in his latest Effort to Kill

our country; he fired another watchdog about

to Hammer him & Claimed he’s been Taking a

lot of hydroxychloroquine for the last 2 weeks

What a Lunatic Jackass. The World will Forget

(<-Lying asshole)

he Ever Existed, Come November. So, Here is

hoping we Never do to Repeat Such ignorance

NOTE: Jackass Moron Dumbfuck, Thought COVID 19
Was A Hoax, Then He Contracted It. It Is Darwinism

Have A “Safe” Day!


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