Rex Tillerson Stated Clearly That Donny Dump

was “outmaneuvered” by Putin in a critical big

(“Hooked em”)

meeting. Naturally, the Orange Babbling Anus

then attacked Rex for just tellin’ the truth that

we ALL clearly see. Speaking of Beating Down

the loud child, Nancy Pelosi is pulling a nice lil

Rorschach from Watchmen. Trump Thinks she

is Trapped with him, when he’s really Trapped

With HER. She is giving Him & All His Criminal

crew a daily beatdown. And it’s gonna get way


worse legally Speaking. Chump & Company are

in DIRE “Legal Straights”, Right Now. Tick, tock

Have a day!


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Ahhh, No. This Fraud, Does More “Cover Ups”

than a coked up father playing peekaboo with

(We Know)

their baby. And, Things will be Getting Worse

In what can only be Called A “Hail Mary” by a

sock armed Toddler, Orange Idiot tried his all

but best “No Cover Up” Bit in a failed attempt

to ignore the mountin’ legal, financial & Overt

political impeachment Trouble Hammerin him

It’s not workin’. Legal issues have no emotion

in them. In their Outcomes, yes. In their basic

(“Distraction” fail)

Decision Making, No. No Politics. No Spin. NO

games. That Means, Trump Can’t do Anything

in this Arena. NOTHIN’. He’s so Massively out

of his depth here; and it’s showin’. Imagine in

everything he’s doing it’s making it worse and

that is something amazing To See. The rank &

file Democratic Party seems to Want to launch


more Than an inquiry. They see Impeachment

This is Happening, right now, and in Real Time

NOTE: Judge Rules AGAINST Trump’s Request To ‘Halt’
Releasing His Banking Records. He’s Now 0-2 & climbin’
Lower Into The Dark Hole. This Shit, Lands Him In JAIL

Have a day!


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What Trump, & His Republican Sycophants

are Doing Is Clear. Tell Article I of OUR US


Constitution, Along With ‘House Democrats’

to “Fuck off!”. And up to now, they are ALL

letting Him. If you Tell a Child “If you do X,

you will face Y as the Consequences”. Then

you BEST Follow Through, or it is Less than

meaningless. It ‘Emboldens’ the Child. Welp

This is Where were At Today Folks. McGahn

didn’t Show ‘Up Today’, at Trumps Demand

If Democrats just scold, make statements &

(No Show)

write “Letters”, this will get worse. And it is

already at historically unprecedented levels

never Seen before. Your “move” Democrats

NOTE: R-Ben Carson A Paid “Actor” Doesn’t Know Basic
Shit About His Own Job. Well No Shit!?!? He’s a big Shill

Have a day!


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A “Tale of Two Cities” Unfolds Before Our Eyes

In one, you See Light, Someone trying to hold


other citizens up & Embrace the best values in

all of us. And in DC we see a fat lying immoral

racist Crook Trying run out the clock before he

is thrown in jail. Lori Lightfoot was just Sworn

in as Chicago’s next Mayor. She offers hope, a

solid hand Against Corruption, big ideas and a

LOT of fight to make this city even better than

it is today. A vision for the Future of education,

Fair Taxes, Communities Protected/Thriving, &

(Bring it!)

much More. And, In DC Right Now, We Have A

Fat lying immoral Fraud/Conman runnin out of

time; a court ruled against him stoppin’ a valid

congressional Subpoena as I told you b4 would

happen. Legal Rulings Must have No Bias, they

are decisions based on law/our constitution. In

this Episode Of, Man Baby White House Edition

Episode 13-Dumb Fuck learns What Article One

of the US Constitution has to legally say on this


Ooooooooooooooooooooooops. It’s Almost Over

There are brighter days over the next horizon &

the work will be Hard. But, it is well worth doing

NOTE: REPUBLICAN “Comes Out” in Favor Of Impeachment
Yes, You Read That Right. This Is The Beginning Of The End
for Trump/Republicans Left Defending him Oooooooooooops
NOTE II: Deutsche Bank Employees, “Flagged” a “Series” of
suspicious Transactions Involving Trump/Kushner for Money
Laundering With The Russians. This is the “Final Piece” folks

Have a day!


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Do you hear that? It’s coming down the tracks

Lady Justice Is Full Steam Ahead and about to


run over The most corrupt criminals in ‘Merica

Turns out Flynn has recorded Conversations in

a “Voice mail”. Ooooops; and There were both

people From ‘Trumps Campaign’ & Republicans

in Congress Who Reached Out with clear Overt

Witness Tampering. Who is it? Nunes, Graham,

Cotton?!?! It’s someone, It’s Bad & this is surly

bad news For These Immoral Shits. And as ALL

of this lunacy Still Continues, we do see a Light

(Bout time!)

of “Progress” Equality Act, To “Protect” LBGTQ

citizens from Discrimination. We are, Changing

Have a weekend!


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Was What lying Partisan Fraud AG William Barr

mockingly ‘Asked’ Nancy Pelosi about his Overt

(Laugh it up)

Contempt Of Congress Charge. Her Response Is

as cool as they come. She said that the Sargent

at arms was there should an arrest be necessary

Ohhhhhhh & it Should have ALREADY Happened

Mnuchin should Already be Arrested. Rettig Also

should be arrested. Every day Democrats wait &

allow all this Utter lawlessness….the fabric of our

entire democracy hangs in the balance. This shit

isn’t A Game. They are Similar To Ron Burgundy

after he told San Diego to fuck itself. Then he got

(w/o the charm)

fired. It Didn’t Really “Hit” Him, Until The Effects

of his actions suddenly became Obvious. Oooops

NOTE: Absolute “MONSTER” “Shoved” An Older Man Out Of
A Bus. He Died From The Injuries. She Is Correctly Charged
With MURDER!! What A Scum, Utterly Soulless Immoral Ass
NOTE II: Ted Cruz usual Lunacy now includes space pirates

Have a day!


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With Georgia trying in enact Illegal, Unconstitutional

lunatic “Antiabortion” laws, Alabama all just shouted

(Barbaric liars)

“Hold my beers!!!”. Forget This will be Overturned by

the courts at every major level. Forget they want any

one raped or a Victim of Incest to CARRY that fucked

up spawn of hell to term, they want People to go to a

JAIL For it. For YEARS!!! They Want People Who Do a

lawful act to go to “Jail”, but REFUSE to have a group

of Nut Job Racist Red-Necks with Guns to never see a

jail cell. Nothing like Hypocrisy over lunacy for the far

right these days. They are 0-27, losin’ Daily & wonder

(No shit!)

why the world Isn’t Bending to their Insane Views. Um

call It a bad case of “Reality”. It seems to goin’ around

NOTE: Listen, To WGN Radio Podcast. Patti Vasquez, Was A
Blast, And You Can Thank Me Later. Bring it my Cool people
NOTE II: The Democrats Nadler, Neal & Pascrell jr are Utter
COWARDS In Not Declaring Inherent Contempt Of Congress
ARRESTING Mnuchin, Kline, Barr & more. You utter Cowards

Have a day!


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The Orange Slime KFC Bucket just shit

The Bed On His Lunatic “Tariffs”. All Of

(What a douche)

the DOW/Market today told him He’s a

dumb son of a bitch. Tariffs are paid by

The “Consumer”. ALWAYS. The Country

that gets hit, Moves the Price Up to the

amount of the Tariff. Jeeeeeez he’s just

a dumb fucking moron…….who lost well

Over $1 Billion Dollars. Art Of The Heel!

NOTE: I Am on WGN Tonight After Midnight With
Chicago’s Own Patti Vasquez To “Talk” White Sox
So, Tune In, And ‘Turn It Up’ As Our Sox Heat Up
NOTE II: Mueller Won’t Testify Just Yet. They are
Still “Setting Up The Date”, When, He Will Testify

Have a day!


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Mitchy ” Turtle” McConnell Was On FOX’s PR

Propaganda Tonight with Hannity lying to all

(<-Vote It Out!)

the world. He said about the Don jr subpoena

“Well the good news, Burr has Already indicated
that the committee will find no Collusion. I think
it’s going to have a Happy Ending…it’s just a blip”

Ahhh ya can’t have an independent committee

deciding BEFORE A Person “Subpoenaed” even

COMES before the Committee. That’d be a nice

trick. They are Panicked and they all Should be

Oh and for a Fun Friday, Enjoy This little Cretin

Ben Shapiro, Ending His “Never Was” career as

he was Also a Should’ve “Never Been”. He’s not

(He’s done!)

only wrong at Every Turn, he offered No Actual

Substantive Response. Just Fallacy’s, Attacking

the Reporter, Who is Right Wing, that he Fucks

Up Labeling As “Left Wing”. Oooooooooooooops

NOTE: ‘Barbaric’ Georgian UnConstitutional Abortion Law
Will Not Only Be “Overruled”, It’s Illegal Induction Is Now
A Point, To Now END This Type of overt Religious Fascism

Have a weekend!


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Ohhhhhhhhhhh, how things are falling Apart

in Trumps Criminal world. Don Jr is soooooo


fucked. When “Another” Republican is Doing

the diggin, it’s not partisan bullshit. It is just

criminal Actions. Trump is panicking. And he

should be; still don’t trust Burr. I will need to

See his objectivity (IF he Has it). Orange Ass

Clown is now Fighting A 15 front War & losin’

EVERY, SINGLE, ONE, Of Them. Barr, Is also

very fucked. And He Thinks it’s “hilarious” by

“joking” about it. He is Playing with Fire. The


House Can Site him in Inherent Contempt Of

Congress, Thereby JAILING his Corrupt Lying

ass. He who laughs last……laughs the loudest

Have a day!


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