Hope you Enjoyed your day off yesterday my

good People! Me, had To Work On A New Big

(Like a Boss!)

project coming up. And as the world burns it

becomes “clearer” by the day Trump & crew

are all Going Down. It starts with Rudy. He’ll

be arrested in the Coming Days. And he said

he Would By Telling Congress, to Shove their

subpoena up their asses. He also doesn’t see

any need For A Lawyer. Great Call Rudy! You

totally Got This After ‘Taking’ $500,000 from

those two Fuck Sticks that were just arrested

(Eat it!)

for Doing Exactly that. The Best people, only

the best. And as he’s only the Next Crime jail

time guy; the Others are loomin’. We got the

illegal “Criminal Activities”, From Pence, Barr,

Mulvaney, Pompeo & Sondland. They, Are All

directly “involved” with The Ukraine Criminal

activity. Period. ALL OF THEM. And, in Trying

to Hide it/ignore Subpoenas, it ends them as

well. With people testifying daily pointing out

(Bye, Bye!)

That John Bolton, the absolute WORST Prick,

is legally Railin’ AGAINST Trump, shit hasn’t

just gone sideways; it’s the sfx of cells lockin

Tonight Is another Democratic ‘Debate’. This

time, it’s interpersonal! Let’s See the policies!

NOTE: The Entire Republican Party, That’s Left Standing
Today Is “Criminally Corrupt”, Partisan Liars, & Have No
Sense Of Shame/Hypocrisy. The GOP Chair, Who Is THE
NIECE Of Mitt Romney Cries About Nepotism. Fuck You!
NOTE II: Today, Republicans Are All Running Away from
Reporters when asked BASIC questions about Their Own
exact words about impeachment. Oh boy it’s all ova now

Have a day!


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Testimony, Taxes & Tick Tock…

October 11th, 2019

Former Ambassador to The Ukraine, who was

terminated Without Cause for the 2 guys who

(Came to drop bombs)

are currently indicted in jail spokeout against

Trump, those crooks & his cabinet. Oooooops

The Polls are getting Worse for Trumpy every

singleday. It’s now up to 52% favor removin’

him From office By ‘Impeachment’. And those

numbers will Skyrocket daily. As he Implodes,

the courts are now ALL rulin’ against him. Oh

boy. Taxes, gotta turn em Over to the House

now. Can’t Deny Green Cards now either. And


he can’t use military funds for his Wall. Ha ha

Things will “get worse” every second, of every

Day For Him, Pence, Barr, Mulvaney, Pompeo,

and Rudy. Nowhere to Run now and jail looms

NOTE: Shep Smith Is Out At FOX. He Left Due To Unethical
Issues at the Network less factual w/o him if that’s Possible

Have a weekend!


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In what can only be called the beginning

of the End for Trump & His Cabinet, Two


were ARRESTED Today At Dulles, while

trying to “flee” the country. So now get

this; They BOTH Worked With/For Rudy

Giuliani, Pence, Trump, & Don Jr, About


dirt on The Biden’s. Ohhhhhhhhhhh boy

They are all, going, DOWN now. And the

FBI Just couldn’t have been more Pissed

OFF they are At this Treasonous Lawless

(FBI Pissed!)

shit on Every level. You got the House in

full legal Impeachment inquiry mode, an

FBI Making Arrests, An FEC Swinging at

partisan R’s & an SDNY will just move to

pounce/unseal. Indictments will be flyin’

out at a recordpace now along with more

House Subpoenas and next up are Pence,

Barr, Mulvaney, Pompeo & Mr Sondland

They’re ALL going to jail. And there is no

shot at Escape. They have openly tried to


criminally effect all our counties national

elections. And orange idiots best defense

is “Oh I don’t know them!”. The pictures,

the Clear Connections, The $ & whatever

the FBI has on a Wire, will end his Entire

Presidency and his freedom. Jail, jail, jail

NOTE: Orange Idiot Lashes Out At FOX News Poll
That says 51% want Impeachment and its rapidly
Climbing. Oh Boy, He’s Not Gonna Like the Future
NOTE II: Reporters CORRECTLY Actually Do Their
Jobs. Just demanding legal answers always works

Have a day!


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In what can only be called Hateful pay back

in leaving a massive ally to slaughter in the

(“Kill em”)

Kurds; Today is a DARK day for freedom &

an even worse day for our Military promise

to other countries. Don the Con had simply

told Allies to FUCK OFF. That is bad for our

allies All Over The Globe. It Tells them that

we do not keep our word. And that is really

damning. And now As We Have this Hidden

‘Whistle Blower’, More Are Coming Forward

daily. Impeachment getting very popular in

every Way, Rex Tillerson Seems to have the

(“By the balls”)

goods On Trump as well Now. Oooooooops

This is SERIOUS. He has evidence of Rump

demanding Rex Tell the DOJ to drop all the

charges, Against A Giuliani An Iranian-Turk

Gold trader client. Oh boy. There will be so

many MORE Crimes Per Day. In The Next 2

weeks, every second of everyday will be So

criminally ‘Damaging’ For Trump And All R’s

Enjoy this harvest of criminal hate ya sowed

Have a day!


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Sondland was a No show. And now the WH just

sent Out a Letter To Pelosi/Shiff/Cummings and

(He Gone!)

it simply yells at them “We are obstructing now”

Yes, ya read the correctly. The entire reason for

the Impeachment Inquiry which he already said

he Did, His/WH/DOJ’s Big “Plan”, Is to Obstruct

Justice. That’s like a criminal about to be caught

deciding “While waitin to be charged, I’m gonna

go Commit MORE crimes!”. A Bold move and by

“Bold”, I Mean “Fucking Moronic”. If, The House

‘Issues’ Subpoena’s; And, The WH/DOJ/DOD All

(We’re Here)

ignore or don’t Comply the correct legal move is

to now get the Sargent At Arms and Arrest them

until they Comply with A lawful order. These are

serious Charges. The “Usual” Trump stuff will be

met With SERIOUS Legal Consequences. Oooops

NOTE: The Kangaroo Clowns Are The Republican F Team
And This Was Historically Embarrassing. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
NOTE II: Republican Southern belle battered wife Lindsay
Graham Wants Rudy G To Testify Under Oath. The Turn?
We don’t know Yet. It’d Make sense after Syria. We’ll See

Have a day!


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As Orange Idiot Implodes before his Inevitable

Impeachment; things Are Getting Worse every


single day. He just Told our Allies the Kurds to

fuck off & die. Literally. He is handing over em

to Turkey’s violent dictator Erdogan to just Die

This is Immoral, it’s insane, it has pissed of R’s

and Solely AIDS Putin/Russia. Republicans are

now breaking with him. On Just this?!?! Ohhhh

I see. The “Non-stop Crimes” were OK, but this

is now Too Far?! Republicans Must Now Choose

It’s either they accept his Crimes, his instability

(Bye Bye)

& push back saving a sliver of their party…….or

attach themselves to him sinking into the abyss

Not much hope for them now. Nowhere To Hide

And more WH Subpoena’s Hit. Meaning, if They

ignore Them, Sargent At Arms, “ARREST THEM”

NOTE: Courts Demand Trumps Taxes. This Is A BIG Loss
For Trump. And Even The Stay Ruled On Later In The day
Won’t Save Him Now. It’s Just Allowing An Appeal. Ooops

Have a day!


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Impeachment Polls are Rising, at light speed

And Republicans, except Sasse/Rob Johnson

(American Voter!)

are All HIDING from All these Criminal, legal,

realities for Trump causing his Impeachment

Why?!?! Well, Because like a guy in a life raft

walkin Around with metal spikes, he’s fucked

Texts between leaders in the White house all

clearly State Squid GoPro. Wait, sorry that Is

Quid Pro Quo. They Confirm his crime that is

already A Crime to Just “Ask”. This Tit for Tat

shit Is Extra. And Rump Decided to Go on TV


again Today, About His Ukraine Call/More to

say “I have a right to do that!”. No, ya don’t

fuckstick. And Now, as all The Kings Men get

measured for their “Overdue Corrupt Nooses”

Pence, Pompeo & Barr will be the Next to fall

And The WH’s ONLY Strategy? “Stall” Any Of

documents The House Asks for. Ah, that’d be

Obstruction adding another Charge. Ooooops

NOTE: CIA Head Lawyer Made A “Criminal Referral” To
Now Get This; The DOJ. Barr & others ‘Decided’ Not to
Open One. Ohhhhhh boy. This means Barr get jail time
NOTE: Jussie Smollett Judge Allows Conflict Of Interest
Attorney Remain On The Special Prosecutor Case. WTF?

Have a weekend!


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While Orange Anus Commits More Acts Of

Impeachment crimes in “real time” on the

(“I’m criming here!”)

lawn of the White House; he’s Hoping that

he can just “normalize” his criminal illegal

acts. Nope. Not gonna work. His “Criming”

is now Public spectacle, which is speeding

up his exit way ‘faster’ than was Expected

And Trump/Republicans/GOP ‘Donors’ are

not remotely PREPARED for These Events

by their non-responses/denial of objective

Criminal/Legal Facts. While ‘Today’ Volker

(Yes it is!)

spills the beans on the hill, VP Mike Pence

is now on the hot seat for helping Trumpy

With The Ukraine Crime. Oooooooooooops

He’s Trying to say “Oh, right. The crimes I

was helping with…well I didn’t really even

know I was “criming” at all”. Ignorance of

the Law Doesn’t ever Excuse any Criminal

from the consequences of breaking it. And

lastly, with his impeachment fait accompli

Republicans/Politicians are all Doing Their

best to IGNORE these Damning Facts, but

(We Know)

it’s Not “working”. The Press, Just Has to

PRESSING Trump to answer this question

“What did you want President Zelensky to

do with regard to Joe & Hunter Biden?!??”

He Didn’t Answer. And He ‘STILL’ has Not

answered this. Hammer him on this Daily!

NOTE: Rudy G Has Been Talking ‘With’ Paul Manafort A
LOT. Geeeeeeee, Felons Of A Feather all Crime together

Have a day!


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While Breaking News of Bernie Sanders going

to the ER for chest pains breaks (not to worry


he is OK) we have the Arkham Asylum Of the

Criminally Inept legally Ensurin’ they’re all so

going to jail & worse. Now Mike “what call?!?”

Pompeo just Admitted he was ON the fucking

Call. Oh Boy! And, While Every Republican Is

finding out The Orange Titanic is Sinking Way

faster than a Hole Ridden Raft Filled with lead

he’s did 2 press conferences, that Derailed so

badly, it looked like a child tryin’ to deny they

didn’t Eat the Cake, with frosting all over their

(We Know)

faces, Cake Covered Fingers, loudly chewin’ it

The President of Finland, Was Left Looking At

him As If He Wanted to “Eject” from the room

His nicknames, Games, Gas Lighting, lies, and

usual Trump Babbling bs make him look more

GUILTY against Dire Legal Criminal facts. Well

mostly because HE IS. And, all His Distraction

“Games” actually now really speedup dire legal

Consequences against these “overtly” damning

facts. The People Directly Involved In This Call

will Need to legally recuse themselves from the


proceedings….or now be LEGALLY Charged for

abetting/Obstructing these exact Same Crimes

At no point in the rich history both good & bad

of our country….has anything remotely like this

ever happened; all while Putty Putin’s mocking

His/Rumps Election Meddling in “Our Elections”

NOTE: Guilty Verdict in the Amber Guyer Murder Trial, And
Now Sentencing begins. YES! The start of a New day dawns
Did Not See that coming. Oh & It Turns out, she’s racist AF
NOTE II: Trumps “Financial Criminal Charges” Are Now Just
Starting To Get Worse. Yes, If that’s even Possible It is now
Going To Legally Get Worse, For Him With ‘criminal charges’

Have a day!


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Guilty, More Crimes/Subpoenas…

September 30th, 2019

It’s Getting So ‘Bad’ For Trump/Republicans,

they have people Quitting daily, getting sent

(We Know)

to jail, going On National TV makin’ lunatic

lying partisan frauds of themselves…and at

same time Trump himself is now committin’

even MORE CRIMES. Yes ya read That right

He Just tried to “Press” the Australian Head

to “Help Barr” With discreditin’ The Mueller

Inquiry origins. Psssssst, YOU are the origin

See, if You REALLY Wanted to Find that out,

(Oh shit!)

you could just READ what was discovered &

it’s ALL about YOU. This Is now more Crime

Impeachment just went UP another 6 points

The groups leading that Poll? Republicans &

Independents. Oooooops. Now, come all the

Subpoena’s hitting Rudy, Pompeo (Who was

now sited as being ON the Ukraine call) with

(“Crime to meet ya!”)

MORE coming daily. They, are, All, So fucked

Barr, along with Trumpy, Are 1st To go down

NOTE: Some At FOX Have Turned On The Republican
Propaganda PR lies of the partisan hacks defendin him

Have a day!


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