The Last Gasp…

May 14th, 2021

How Wonderful a world which we

live in; and it’s in danger it really


depends on Us. When I say US

it matters. If some want HATE

over humanity; there is no line

here. It is untenable & will end

in Their Demise. Good Wins, &

evil Keeps on “trying”. It is not

a “Winning” Proposition, & This

loses In The End. The Problem?


Some People will Never Learn

It’s so Sad but their time’s up

NOTE: Matt Gaetz Buddy, Pleads Guilty On
Monday Setting off Matt’s looming Jail time
NOTE II:  MTG “Harassing” AOC, After She
was elected emerges fuck around n findout
It will not be tolerated sargent at arms now

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

These are unprecedented times in

‘Merica, Folks. Yes Political Party’s

(We Know)

have Fallen Before, but Not Quite

like this, where they Died by their

own Hands. See, Half of All of the

R’s say Orange Thing didn’t stoke

The Terrorist Insurrection On Jan

6th. They all know he did; but it’s

the Other Half that Knows he did

There Is no gettin away from that

Splits their party, splits their vote

There is no “Party” Anymore, It’s

not a “War”. It’s all Orange Mans

Thing, While Others leave/All run

away to Independents or another

(A Dead One)

New “3rd” Party. The GQP Chose

lies, violence, racist shit & denyin

reality. It Ends so badly for them

And they deserve everything that

is Coming. Speaking of “Terrorist

Un-American Piles Of Crap”, The

Terrorists Playing ‘Federal Crime’

Games in AZ With “legal” ballots

Think “Bamboo” Might Be In The

Ballots, Because, Get this, China

WTF?!?! They’re Playing A dumb

legally Dangerous game. It going

to Blow Up in Their Stupid Faces


Speaking of Blowing up, morons

(YES REPUBLICANS) are now at

point where they’re hording now

get this; “Bags Of Gas”. Yes you

read that right ha ha ha ha what

A Pile, Of Darwin Award Winners

NOTE: You Can’t Just Attack Co-Workers At
The office. That’s like “not a thing”. But one
Loud Q-Fart Republican Greene, Confronted
& verbally harangued AOC w hatelies. She’ll
be punished For it, again. It’s not allowed in
The ‘House of Reps’. She “broke”, the ‘rules’
and AOC handled It like well just like a boss

Have A “Safe” Day!

Vaccines are working, we are All

getting better, with each Passing

(Fair Enough!)

Day. THAT, Is Such A “Massive”

accomplishment in and of Itself

We Will get there Brick by brick

And while We will push forward

into A Better World The “Entire”

Republican Party, Has Officially

killed Itself. It’s Over. They Got

rid Of Liz Cheney, Which Splits

Their entire Party, Because She

is a powerful Conservative who

Is NOW, Along, With HER Base

enemies. It’s Now The “Q wing”

(“We Fucked”)

Vs The “W Bush/Cheney Wing”

And, it not Only Splits the Vote

they Have gone the Way of the

Whigs. And, there Is No return

Ya Can’t Put this Bullet Back In

the Gun, Or toothpaste Back in

the Tube. One Half Of GOP left

Standing, Believes in Voting, &

reality, the other GQP does not

This GQP stands firmly Against

Democracy itself, & With those

(Bye Bye!)

violent terrorist insurrectionists

Politically & Legally this Doesn’t

end well for any of them; ooops

NOTE: A New Postal Service Governor Has
passed the Senate Ronald Stroman will be
Confirm Tonight at 5:45pm. Louis DeJoy is
GONE! And, Charges Should All Be Coming

Have A” Safe” Day!

The Entire Republican Party

left standin’ today does not

(Bye Bye)

want to govern. In fact, they

don’t Want to Do “Anything”

but Tax Cuts, Stop voting, &

attack everyone including in

their “Party”. The latest silly

Attack, Is ‘Against’ Dr. Fauci

by ‘Libertarian Lunatic’ Rand

Paul. So, ‘Squirrel Hair Head’

‘Attacks’ Fauci with Outright

Lies And Conspiracy Bullshit

Dr. Oscar The Fauc, Busts it

up so quickly. Like this Gem:

(Rand Slap!)

“You are entirely, entirely and
completely incorrect…dip-shit”

I added in “Dip-shit” for a lil

fun. Paul & others just made

up out of “Whole Cloth” that

NIH ‘Did’: “Gain of Function”

tests. They did NOT, and no

matter how many X’s they’d

lie about It. It’s just not true

Yet, What’s true Republicans

want to DENY voting for the

Vast ‘Majority’ Of Americans

Who are minority/democrats

And these laws Will never be

upheld in Court yet R’s don’t


care, Pain’s The Goal. It, is

WAY Past Time, to End this

Filibuster, solely in place to

deny, All Americans exactly

what they Voted for. BUZZ!

Nope, that Shit is Over now

NOTE: Judge Denies NRA’s ‘Sham’
Bankruptcy Case Siting A Ploy For
Them to avoid Being Dissolved. In
Other words, “Not”, In Good Faith
That’s like Getting caught Abusing
Charitable funds, so you burn it all

Have A “Safe” Day!

It’s Another day in Merica, so we

Have “ANOTHER” Mass Shooting


I’m so shocked (fakes “outrage”)

We’ve done nothin’ but flood the

entire Country With Weapons Of

War, With no Rational valid Real

regulations. We Tried nothing, &

We’re all out of Ideas. Get rid of

the DAMN filibuster & pass Sane

Gun Reform, Now! President Joe

& Kamala Harris now got a 71%

approval Rating for handling the

COVID Pandemic. Having Actual

adults in Charges Makes A Mega

(<-Lying Prick)

difference. And While things are

gettin better, it’s now the entire

Republican/FOX Noise is Gettin’

Worse. They Want to Go ALL IN

On the Anti-Vaxxer stance so it

is goin to end badly for all of em

Bob “I Cheat Then ‘Cry’ About It

When Busted” Baffart Had A big

doped up horse win Taken away

Because the Horse failed A Drug

test after the race with his horse

Showing “Betamethasone” In its

(<-BB’s BS)

System. He is Also “Suspended”

From “Churchill Downs”. BOOM!

Then he went on FOX & Bullshit

to “whine” about cancel culture

What he means is “makin’ all us

ass criminals face consequences

for OUR Crimes is Unfair”. BUZZ

Nope, just the effects of cheatin’

NOTE: David Litt Went Onto Newsmax &
Literally “Litt” them Up Like A big Pinball
machine. Called out their lies & was great

Have A “Safe” Day!

It turns out, when partisan clowns

“Pretend” to be Journalists, things

(No BS Zone!)

always Go Sideways. In Fact, the

Frauds “Make Up” Stuff instead of

doing actual reporting. Well, I am

here To Tell You, Intelligent Press

Sec Jen Psaki is Not having it Any

more. In Fact, She ‘Busted’ newsy

Barbie with her ‘Some people’ lies

Mic Drop. And while we Deal with

a Failed Republican Party, Always

pretending To “Work” While doing

nothing But Obstruct; Other Folks


in their “Base” are Hitting all The

courts at alarming rates. And it’s

legally decimating them. Good it

couldn’t Happen to a Dumber set

Of Terrorists/Insurrectionists. Ha

Next Week: Britian’s ‘Tory Troubles’ In Full
view. Harder right means way farther apart

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

While The Republican Party Left

Standin today Implodes and the


Governor, In Florida, R – Ronny

DeSantis holds a Fascist signing

Propaganda Rally For Fox News

the rest Of the World Moves On

He “Signed” into Law A new Jim

Crow Voting Suppression Bill to

cripple Voters in The State. And,

he didn’t allow ANY press inside

but FOX. Yes, fascism 101 & it’s

who they are. This’s yet Another

(<-Fascist Fraud)

example Of their distain for ALL

Rights In This Nation. And Now,

it Gets “Worse” For All Of Em in

every possible way; from all the

Jan 6th Terrorists, to Billy Barr,

to Rudy, to Luntz, to The Entire

rotted Republican Carcass endin

with The Seditionists In AZ Who

are playing Deadly & dangerous

games with democracy. The Doj

(<-Cyber Ninjas)

& Government Are Not messing

around Here. Not only violating

Federal Law, But Civil Rights, &

‘Voter Intimidation’ Laws. These

“Clods” are Committing sedition

& Will Pay Dearly For it. Oooops

NOTE: Out Of Touch Wealthy Fraud Douche
Caitlyn Jenner, Is Running For CA Governor
Because Her Jet-Owning Jet Hanger Friends
Don’t Like ‘the homeless’. Ah yes, attacking
The Poorest of us All. Just go the fuck away!

Have A “Safe” Day!

Happy Cinco De Drinko!! So

it’s Time to Get your tequila


on mi Amigos! Just so Love

this day. I’m A huge Mezcal

Nut. And the Best Cocktails

let That Smokey Flavor Out

The next 3-4 Years in these

United States, Will Feel like

Mardis Gras Everyday After

This Pandemic ,Ends. Oh, &

Speaking Of ‘Things’ ending

(Lawyer Up!)

R-Jim Jordans in Dire legal

trouble, so’s Billy Barr and

So is About Half their Party

from their constant criming

It Appears as if being a real

soulless Criminal bag o shit

has Serious Legal problems

In Fact, the Legal Problems

for the R’s Playing ‘Treason’


“Games” in AZ are just now

beginning and It gets worse

NOTE: “It” Is still Fully, Totally Banned
From The Face Books & Turtle Man Shit
tries his obstruct everything plan From
Back In 2010 BUZZ! Nope Voters see It

Have A “Safe” Cinco!

Right now, We’re On pace to have

70% of Adults Fully vaccinated by


July, 4th. BOOM! About Time We

Had “Adults” In Charge. “Anyone”

who is Anti-Vaccine or Anti-mask

can kindly all go fuck themselves

This isn’t A game It’s life & death

And If they don’t want to do it so

be It. They don’t get to do all the

Other shit Responsible & Rational

People Get to Do Like: Now Go to

Concerts, Big Events, Maskless In


Doors, Etc. So With Responsibility

comes privileges. You don’t like It

go cry the World A River. No One

cares. Speaking of No One Caring

the entire Republican Party that’s

left is goin’ Down the tubes Hard,

it’s like A turd whistling down the

drain at light speed. AZ Fraudster

and Congressman Andy Biggs has

found Himself in deep Shit. So he


was one of the many organizers 4

the Jan 6th Terrorist Acts. In fact,

he was “One” of The MAIN people

who Helped plan it. Ooooooooops

Their legal Problems are just now

starting. It ends them all. GOOOD

NOTE: Barr Almost Going Behind Them At
this rate. He Lied about the Mueller report
We Already Knew This But a Federal Judge
Wanted His DOJ Suppression lies Released

Have A “Safe” Day!

Vaccines are working, more are

Being ‘Injected’ Into arms every

(Best Shot!)

day. Yes! Have my Moderna 1st

shot already, and for those who

don’t believe In Em/Won’t take

Them; Fine, By Me. “Darwinism”

at it’s finest. Just Think, Fidiots

won’t get a vaccine 2 save their

lives but WILL Succumb to Peer

pressure to see Taylor Swift?!?!

And In Other ‘News’, The Gates

split! ZING! You saw what I did

(Wrong Gaetz!)

there. It’s rather Sad but happy

in this life is what matters most

Who gets all the $? Well, seems

Republicans Are Goin’ from bad

to WAY Worse these days. Only

they seem Like the last one’s to

figure It Out. Their Party is Ova

It’s fractured, delusional & very

insane For Over Half of it. Their

infighting is so bad, their Fringe


is now the entire Party. And, so

Alan Derp-O-Witz ‘Sinks’ Into A

legal Ocean along Side them all

NOTE: Chicago Man Gets “Shot” in Front of
Girlfriends House, Looking for Parking?!?!?!
WTF?!? This Gun Violence Lunacy must end

Have A “Safe” Day!

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