T-Day, Kids Table & COVID…

November 27th, 2020

Hope ‘Everyone’ had a nice, Safe & happy

Turkey Day! These are Hard & historically

(We Know)

unprecedented times. Much love to All, It

Will Get Better With Each Day & Make No

mistake; this Suffering will hurt bad. And

we will RISE, together. And as “Orange A

Hole” plays Around Behind a tiny desk to

spew hate/lunacy; the rest of the country

is busy trying to Save Every life, fix a bad

Broken Economy/Force Congress, To Pass

a ‘Relief Bill’ Again. McConnell Is Blocking

(Lil Deck douche)

it ALL. Republicans are the “Sole” reason

We, Have NOTHING. Make Them All “Pay”

in the GA Run off Election. 271,000 have

Died Due to Republican Inaction. We Will

never Forget They All Did Nothing to Help

NOTE: The Wisconsin Recount, Has Now Given Another
132 Votes to…Biden. Bang up work fuckstick. Ha ha ha

Have A “Safe” Day!


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Traitors, COVID & The Collapse…

November 25th, 2020

While we have all the presidents Chumps

playing: “Dress Up PR Talking Head”, the

(Team Bonkers)

actual World Has Moved on. Biden is our

46th President. And, Rudy’s Crew Are all

in dire Legal Jeopardy with these ‘Stunts’

See, they Already Tried the Screw voting

Lies IN COURT & Were “Thrown out”. So,

now they Are playing around in the court

of Public opinion. The Problem with It?!?!

Well they can get Disbarred for it. Yes ya

read That “Correctly”. All, As we just Lost

268,000 Lives To COVID. We Will, “Sadly”

(Made Worse)

lose MANY More Over The Next 6 Weeks

Don’t Do Usual Turkey Day, Events. This

Would “KILL people” You ‘Claim’ To Love

This is a serious as it gets and as orange

Anus Just ‘Pardoned’ Traitor Felon Flynn

we are now Witnessing the total Collapse

of The Republican Party. The SOS Of GA

voted 4 Asshole. Then he Wondered why

he/his family were thrown under the bus

Ahem, that’s like sheep voting for a Wolf

(<-No MORE)

then asking out loud “why are they eatin

me?”. FOX will hemorrhage viewers to a

slew of abject Racist propaganda fantasy

outlets Peddling BS Like OAN / Newsmax

That rift, splits and keeps R Voters home

NOTE: And Now, The Legal Justice Bill Comes Due
Manafort Is “Going Down”, Again. And Watch With
Each passing day how ALL these criminals go down

Have A “Safe” Day!


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We have lost 265, 800 lives In this country

We Must Get this Under Control & We Must

(No More)

save As MANY lives As Possible. That is All

that matters most. And finally the GSA did

Her JOB, Beginning The Transition. Forget

her Letter is Kleenex, She’s Still in Trouble

In fact legal trouble is Haunting every one

In “Trumpland”. DeJoy, Barr, Graham, his

daughter & literally every damn republican

sitting in DC/this country today Who loved

/supported Everything He Did. There is NO

Escaping That “Stain”/ Record/History Now


Cause Objectively From A Political Science

perspective; it’s now GOP VS MAGA and it

ends them rather quickly. See now they’re

actively seekin to take down the Fox news

Republicans. Conservative ‘Billionaires’, All

used Media To MAKE This Monster and it’s

about to Tear them All Apart By “Splitting”

their Votes/Stay at Home With Anger And

Apathy. They Scored, A, Pyrrhic Victory In

(He Gone)

2016. That Killed Them but they Just don’t

SEE it quite yet; they sure will & deserve it

Everyone Around it’ll Suffer Non-stop For it

NOTE: Biden/Harris’s SOS Shares His Story Of America
And it’s Historically Worth Noting This Magic. Thank you

Have A “Safe” Day!


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MI, PA Certify & 1-35…

November 23rd, 2020

This Pandemic Has taken 263,500 lives

We see there Is Hope with 3+ Vaccines

(Wrong Vaccine)

And MI & PA just certified the election

results. One Person In Michigan Voted

“Abstain”. His Name, Is, Norm Shinkle

(Well Shit If all these Racist fucks have
goofy ass names like a failed fat Villain)

NEVER Forget, Who Did This, & Exactly

WHY they Did It. He Also Attacked the

Voting Clerk of ‘Wayne County’, Janice

Winfrey & she Wasn’t having it. And In

PA, they Will Certify tonight After their

Supreme Court Threw Out the last Suit

(“I Fired“)

by the tRump turds making them 1-35

In Republicans picking Orange Asshole

Over Democracy, It “Politically” Makes

them decimated. See, their followers’ll

split A Vote or stay Home out Of Anger

And now GSA Emily Murphy is In Deep

legal trouble Blowin’ off Congress. Jail!

NOTE: Biden Campaign “Selects” Janet Yellen For
Treasury secretary a VERY sound pick Nicely done
She was the Former Fed Chair the adults are here

Have A “Safe” Day!


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COVID runs rampant, it breaks our hearts

with every day & new Deaths of our fellow

(We Know)

citizens. 260,000 have Died to Far With A

lot more to sadly come. And as this horror

is Happening; Republicans are committing

criminal Acts, Treason And “Illegal Coups”

In Fact, MI Republicans, Illegally Went To

meet with tRump about overturning votes

& the will of the people. They can’t but its

wildly Criminal & They’ll Be in Jail. And so

any lawyers to ‘Played Games’ in Court by


all committing perjury will lose their legal

licenses. The only R’s so Far who have all

spoken up are Mitt/A Few Govs. That’s it

It Is ‘President Elect’ Joe Biden’s Birthday

today. And it’s Our Growing Gem Skylar’s

as well. Always Hold those we Love closer

NOTE: Today is “Trans Remembrance Day” so take
A Moment to “Think About” This Loving Community
It Was The ‘Deadliest Year Ever’. Support & Defend

Have A “Safe” Weekend!


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We are all dealing with the most deadly &

murderous pandemic in our Lifetimes and


it’s terrifying. And, Now we have Election

officials doing Election Fraud In The open

Forget they can’t legally do this nor have

any right too; it’s still voter fraud/treason

Make no mistake, tRump called Palmer &

interfered in his own election ooops more

jail time Coming for sure. The entire GOP

is against democracy & are ALL on record

now. They are all ‘Directly’ Doing Election

fraud tryin to overturn votes of the people

Doesn’t work that way. They can’t. And, if

(<-Shit Show)

you want to see how things are goin’ you

need look no Further than Rudy’s ‘Brown’

hair dripping shit show today. People will

get disbarred arrested & lives ended over

This Criminal Election Fraud, Shit. Clearly

his head was Filled with too much bullshit

NOTE: Tyson Factory Has Planet Managers, Betting
On How Many Employees, Would Catch COVID And
laughed as 1,000 CAUGHT it & 5 died. They will All
be prosecuted 2 the fullest extent of the law; angry

Have A “Safe” Day!


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Two Republicans In Michigan “Decided” They

wanted to deny black cities their votes…until


they got public pushback & didn’t. No savin’

them now. History will know the “names” of

William Hartman & Monica Palmer as Racist

and Fascist Anti-Democratic mother Fuckers

FOREVER. There Will be more Names Added

to That list Each Day That Passes. And We’ll

NEVER “forget”. There Will Be Republicans &

they will end their Careers over this. Fine do

IT! During a pandemic that is crippling us at


a rate Undreamt of; we have a Dictator with

no Intention of A Peaceful Transfer of power

ever Happening. We, Call that Illegal. And It

all ends in chains, he fired CISA Voting chief

Christopher Krebs for Running A Secure and

fair election. That was too much for the anus

The problem Here: Every ‘Single’ Republican

who Stood by Aiding it/stoking it/& agreeing

(Bye Bye!)

with it. There is no return. They are all active

enemies of Democracy and their Party’s dead

NOTE: tRump Legal Adviser & Soon To Be Disbarred
Person Jenna Ellis Called Him An “Idiot”, A “Bully” &
Called Him “UnAmerican” & That His Supporters Are
“Stupid” “Don’t Care about ‘facts’, or logic”. Yet, She
Draws $, & has Been Defending Him. This’ll Cost Her

Have A “Safe” Day!


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We have a pandemic raging out of control

While Orange Anus Is hiding and so is the


Entire Republican Party In DC. But Other

Republican’s: The Govs, Mayors, Election

Officials are ALL doing their jobs. So now

we Have R-Lindsey Graham “Committing”

Election Fraud Says one Republican Brad

Raffensperger the SOS of GA. In fact, his

statement that: “He was looking for us to

throw out Legal votes”. And while Lady G

denied it another aid was on the line and

Confirms Brad’s Account. Ooooooooooops

(“It’s Jail”)

He is goin’ down. They all are. It’s Illegal

Oh & speaking of “going down” now after

EVERY Single Frivolous Lawsuit is thrown

out Of Court With No Facts/Proof; the PA

Judges told Rudy to “shove” It; most will

not Survive This Shit & Will get Disbarred

NOTE: The tRump Wanted to Attack Iran Because
Well, He Wants To Burn The Entire Country To the
Ground…Since his Racist Fascist Ass Can’t Have IT

Have A “Safe” Day!


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The Pandemic, is Increasing. We are losing

between 1,000-1,500 people per day. This

(So Long!)

is horrific. And while we will have a brand

new President Elect On January 20th, this

Racist Fascist Administration Is Denying a

Peaceful Transition. Well, Emily Murphy Is

committin an illegal act. She’ll suffer for it

(See Page 12 Part H-Equity In Assistance)

And all, as this Weekend we Had 7,000 to

about 11,000 Overt loser racist Fascists In

DC to Spew Hate. And Boy are they Dumb

See, this clip (warning graphic) shows you

what “Fuck Around, & FIND out Ya Racists”

(Find Out!)

and, ‘Play stupid games, win stupid prizes’

both mean. Racist asshole starts A fight &

tries to kill A Man (head stomp), shoves a

groups of Women, then gets the ol’ fascist

nap. It’s the last Diabetic whalin’ of “Hate”

Most will likely will die from COVID, karma

We got work to do, ‘undoing’ their Fascism

NOTE: These Trumper ‘Morons’, do Not Even Know
What socialism is; nor do they connect with reality
NOTE II: South Dakota ER nurse shares the Horror
of ignorant people dying of COVID & not believin it

Have A “Safe” Day!


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The pandemic is increasing at the worst time

People Are both Contracting & dying at a rate

(Do Nothing)

Unseen. We must Get this Under control and

NOW! And Biden’s team, being hampered by

the Orange Anus Doing their Best to Actually

BLOCK a Transition, During A Pandemic and

with a “Failed” Economy. It Makes the blood

boil! While Secret Service Has gotten COVID

at rates untold due to this criminal. He did a

“PR Stunt” Today, For the 1st Time since He

LOST. No One Cares. Our entire Country has

moved On From Him/His Lunatic Followers &

(Bye Bye!)

it’s about FUCKING TIME. We did it, Breathe

His legal Problems are just beginning. Ha ha

NOTE: Over 24 High End Legal Experts From The DOJ
Push Back, Against Bill Barr’s Illegal Order. Oooooops

Have a “Safe” Weekend!


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