Monster Must Pay & Finding Out…

September 17th, 2021

The FBI has not only dropped the

ball in prosecuting Sexual Abuser


Larry Nassar. They All popped it,

deflated it, Folded it Up, put it in

a drawer then said “No such ball

ever Existed”. No, That Will NOT

stand. Brave gymnasts all came

forward to Call Out His abuse, &

point Out The FBI Trying To Just

sweep It under the rug. Nope, it

(Ya done son!)

is not “Gonna Happen”. He Will

pay the legal price 4 these acts

Speaking of fuckin’ around and

finding Out. Reich Wing troll, &

banned For Life turd Laura L, is

Now SO Positive That COVID is

a hoax, she went & got it. How

wonderful. ‘Morons’ Deserve To

(It’s winning!)

have dire Consequences for All

Of their Dumbassness. Suck IT

NOTE: FDA, Unanimously Votes For A Pfizer Booster
Shoot For Those 65+. Let Science, & Viral facts lead
the way. This is great news, now go get your booster

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

Stone Cold Busted & PROPaganda…

September 16th, 2021

The evil “criminal villain” Rodger

“Busted” Stone has been served

(<-It’s empty!)

It Happened on a “shitty” radio

show called “Real Talk” on 93.3

Of Course It DID! What A Turd

And, it is All About The Jan 6th

Terrorist Attack. He, Like all of

them, are “Going Down” Faster

than a LIL’ fat drunk Kid on ice

skates. Their days R Gonna be

spent in Court Room & jails for

all the crimes they’ve done and

deserve it all. Speaking of shits

(Fat man?!?)

who Deserve What’s Coming &

Fast. A “Lunatic” Propagandist 

“Posing” As ‘Media’ Shouted at

A War veteran tried 2 save the

last Refugees from Afghan and

Then, When he Points Out This

isn’t A ‘Partisan issue’, the Ass

Makes it one, Cuts his mic and

screams at him. Every vet best

learn  the shitty name of Grant

Stinchfield. Where do they Get


their Names: Assholes R Us?!?

What An absolute insane Prick

NOTE: Lucid Motors Might Just Be The New
“It” Electric Car. Time will tell, but big start

Have A “Safe” Day!

Silver Whining & Nicki Mirage…

September 15th, 2021

Gavin Newsome easily fended off

a “Recall” Like a Hand Does To A

(Told ya, thanks!)

tiny pest fly and the entire damn

Republican Party Blew Well Over

$270 Million On This Stunt. AND

they didn’t just lose, they got so

hammered due 2 all The Horrific

Anti-Vaxx, “ignoring Reality” shit

Aside from that, one special guy,

Who I Toughted A LOT, Has Now

jumped The Shark. Oddly….that


phrase has also jumped itself but

I digress. Nate is An ‘idiot’. He is

not ‘Objective’. Just one Partisan

Turd “Playing Around”. Shit, His

‘Statisticians’ he Hires are better

then Him. He got 2021 right and

Nothing Since. Speaking Of Over

rated Idiots. “Something” Called

Nicki Minaj. And she knows less

(Idiot Nicki!)

then nothing. Her viral expertise

is “Urban Legends” with Bullshit

Listenin to morons gets ya killed

NOTE: The Racist Rally Set For Saturday Will Be
A Failure Shit-show They already Know it will Be

Have A “Safe” Day!

It Seems, General Miley Cryforus

was SO scared about Orange shit

(“I got this”)

startin a “nuclear war”. Yes you

read That correctly. And it really

surprises no one. The entire shit

played out In real time after Jan

6th. And, ‘Thank Balls’ Miley Did

it; the entire world was on edge

The Fat Fuck Tried a Damn Coup

(Is all they got)

The Phase “I Can’t Recall” Is On

full blast like no Other day. Just

Remember To VOTE. See Voting

Matters, IN, EVERY, Election. IF

you don’t; assholes, racists and

fascist morons will simply all do

unspeakable Things to This nice


country. All it takes for evil shits

to win Is ‘Apathy’. Not today pal

RIP: ‘Comedian’, Norm McDonald. He “Passed”
away after battlin cancer. What a talent & man
NOTE: Yet Another ‘Far Right Wing Radio Turd’
Has DIED Due to ‘Hateful’ Ignorance, After He
spent A Lifetime “spreading” hateful Ignorance

Have A “Safe” Day!

Scrotal Recall & Rudy Ruined…

September 13th, 2021

There’s an ignorant Recall Election in

California “tomorrow”. Remember to

(“Easy now!”)

VOTE! Every vote Counts. And Right

now, Gavin Newsome, is “Poised” To

“Beat Off” All challengers, by double

digits. BOOM! It Only Matters If you

vote. This of this As A Scrotal ReCall

where it takes “Big Balls” to think ya

can “Win” On “Anti-Vaxx Conspiracy

Bullshit”! ‘Again’, There is, ‘No More’

Republican “Party”. It is, The Fascist

Racists, Who hate Democracy Meets

(<-Like this!)

The ‘Severely Mentally insane’ Who

are All Detached from reality. Uhhh

not A Good Mix There. Speaking Of

“Not Good”, ‘Old’ “Rudy”….Is Pretty

“Screwyded”. Is that A Word? Well

it is now. Igor Fruman, AKA Rudy’s

Buddy did a “plea deal” not to help

with any other Dirt on Rudy but it’s

the Caper’s his prison time, Shows

it was criminal/wildly illegal. Which

(Nutso Brand!)

spells doom for the head of it, Rudy

So, No Escape Now Creepy old man

NOTE: Chicago Anti-Vaxxer who pushed Insane
Wrong Horse Drug, Dies. Not, A single, fucking
Tear. She Deserves it all. Fucked around, found
out. Deny Gravity, jump, then SPLAT. Ooooops

Have A “Safe” Day!

The GQP Death Cult…

September 10th, 2021

The CDC finds that Unvaccinated

morons Are 11 Times More Likely

(Free Hats!)

to contract & DIE from COVID so

in “Today’s” “Water is Wet” News

Aside from them literally dyin’ at

historic Rates; they Are all killin’

themselves To ‘Own the Libs’. Ha

Nothin’ dumber than ignoring all

Medical Science, in Favor of Pure

insane bullshit. There is no more

Republican Party. It is Now ‘Sane’

American’s Vs Batshitcrazy idiots

NOTE: Chris “I Shut Down Beaches For Selfish
Reasons” Christie Dealt out Some Harsh reality
For What’s left of “Republicans”. Will it matter?
No they’re way 2 far gone to ever Care/change

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

DOJ Legally Slaps TexASS…

September 9th, 2021

Our united states Department Of

Justice has sued TexAss for their


illegal Abortion Law. Oh You Can

bet that Texass’s about to legally

get their lunched handed to them

Texas is Going to lose badly. And

it Couldn’t Happen To Bigger Set

of Hateful assholes on this planet

They are Immoral Pricks trapped


in The Stone Age and the rest of

the World Has “Passed” them by

In fact, the “Courts” are Goin to

legally obliterate them. And, this

couldn’t happen to Larger Group

of Soulless Fuckers. They fucked

around ‘Legally Speaking’ & Now


comes of The “Finding out” part

There is no Recovery From This

NOTE: It seems Republican’s really love Slavery
Traitors & Criminals Like Robert E Lee. Ooooops

Have A “Safe” Day!

Debt Schmet & Anti-Vaxx Dopes…

September 8th, 2021

It wouldn’t be a day in Merica with

Out Republican’s Doing Something

(“That’s US”)

SO Ignorantly Hateful. Not once In

the Orange Fucks Term Did people

balk At Raising The Debt Ceiling, &

those Drunken Shits Blew Through

7 Trillion In Debt. Their Party Was

the exact “Opposite” of their Fiscal

Conservative ‘Bullshit’. Their “Main”

Goal seems to be: “Kill Democracy”

(R’s suck hard)

That’s not gonna happen & they’re

losing voters every day because Of

it. GOOD! Oh Speakin’ of limitless

dumbfucks; Anti-Vaxxers are Just

getting worse By The Day, In Fact,

aside from them Getting violent &

more Hateful; they’re likely Going

to DIE From COVID; then so be it


The World has run out Of fucks to

give 4 these Immoral Selfish Shits

NOTE: Death-Santis Loses Court Case & This
Is Really Only the beginning for these morons
It Will Get legally worse 4 them with each day

Have A “Safe” Day!

Laborless Day & DOJ V Texas…

September 7th, 2021

Hope you had the best Laborless

Day In A “While”. As COVID Still


rages In FLA, TX SD and places

where People Are Fucking idiots

the Rest of World, is Acting very

Responsible So we can All Move

on with Our Lives at some Point

See the country was built by the

‘Labor Movement’. Well, That IS

AFTER free Labor Called slavery

which Is, Illegal & Immoral. But

some (COUGH) in The South all

think Is Was ‘Awesome’. And so

in other news; TexASS wants to


end all Abortions & Uses Illegal

laws to Chip Away At it. Well, it

now Seems The DOJ is pushing

back……….HARD. It will now be

protecting Any Women seeking

A Legal Abortion From this Law

Ooooooops. And not for Nuthin

But The SCOTUS Will ‘soon’ be

legally Forced To Overturn this

insane illegal Texas Law due to

“settled” Case Law (Griswald V

Conn., McFall V. Shimp, & Roe)


It Seems the Entire Republican

Party, What is Left, Is In “their”

“Finding Out” ‘Phase’, After ALL

“fuckin around”. Consequences

RIP: To an amazing Actor Michael K Williams
& Even Better Human Being at The age of 54
NOTE: The Fall of The White Supremacists Is
Happening, AGAIN. And, Much, Much Faster!

Have A “Safe” Day!

Stupid Horse Drugs & More…

September 2nd, 2021

What If I Told You COVID Was

growing in Southern States all


due to “limitless ignorance”?!?

And what If I told you that the

Ignorance Is just beginning?!?

We have the actual brain dead

morons takin horse dewormer

meds called Ivermectin that is

causing Vomiting, Nausea And

even Vision loss in come cases

(Find out!)

WTF?!?! During a historic Big

pandemic, now Fucking idiots

are Taking something making

Them Even MORE sick & ER’s

are being overrun in OK, well

no surprise There. Darwinism

is batting .1000 & these idiots

will Surely feel the Wrath of it


All. GOOD. ‘Fuck Around’ And

find out; they’re in the finding

out phase of the program now

NOTE: More Domestic Terrorists Are Being
Brought To Justice Every Single Day & Now
is the right time For all Their Consequences

Have A “Safe” Day & A Great Labor Day!

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