Stone Sunk & “Bomberg”…

February 20th, 2020

Right Wing Hack Super Anti-Hero Rodger Stone

was sentenced today to 3 years & 4 months for

(Bye Bye)

his Roll in Stealing the 2016 election for Rump

If Rump “pardons him”; that’s just another big

legal Nail, in Orange Asshole’s Fat Coffin. With

things & people dropping Daily/gettin Arrested

don’t expect it to stop Anytime soon. Speaking

of Things Failing fast, Mikey Bomberg just died

on stage last night A Thousand Deaths by Cuts

He was Correctly Called Out for His NDA Sexist


shit, lies about Stop & Frisk & bein outta touch

Warren Schooled him so bad, he’s simply done

NOTE: Far Right Wing Racist Shooter kills 8. These are
Terrorist Acts, Period. Make No “MISTAKES’ About This
This Terrorism Must be “Stopped”. This Will Not STAND

Have a day!


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More “Criming” In The Open…

February 19th, 2020

Rumps Entire Epitaph, Will read “There Goes A Real

Sack Of Crap”. Thank you Simpsons; you’ve done it

(“Sack of crap!”)

again! Orange Anus is Criming SO much, there will

not be enough jail cells to hold Everyone “Doing” it

WITH Him/Helping him. He Just ‘Admitted’ that He

got his other Russian asset Republican Dana Rusky

Rohrabacher To Dangle A Trump “Pardon” For Him

if he LIED about Russia Hacking The DNC. Yes, you

read That Correctly. WTF!?!? THIS is lunacy People

And, It MUST Stop Now. It Will. And, A former U.S.

Solicitor General was “clear”: “The Law Is Going to


come After HIM!”. Yes, Yes it Will. And It Ends him

The crimes are mounting; the problems just startin

RIP: MASH Actor Kellye Nakahara Is Dead At 72. She Was Such
A Great Ensemble Member, Of An Amazing Show. So Much Love

Have a day!


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Blago Commuted & Barr Barred…

February 18th, 2020

In today’s Episode of “This World Is Burning

Right Down To The Ground” the Orange fuck

(Jail Bird!)

just Commuted ANOTHER Criminal “like” him

with illegal ‘Crimes’ And BAD hair. Gee, What

(And WGN’s own Justin Kaufmann covered it)

do a criminally shameless, greedy and deeply

corrupt Sociopath with Super weird hair have

in Common?!?! They Will BOTH Have Been in


jail Shortly. And that’s Not All; we see Barr is

Doing EXACTLY What “Trump” Has Just Done

as well. The “Entire” Republican Party Will Be

wiped off the face of this Country due 2 their

silence, inaction and ALLOWING this Criminal

shit to occur. It’s The WORST of us & has the

potential to END Our Country, as We Know It

(We Know)

THIS, Right Here is as SERIOUS as It all Gets

Let this occur & we will never ever come back

Have a day!


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SchmishSchmalatines Day!

February 14th, 2020

While the World Burns With Barr Almost behind

them, Rump now confirming he was criming In

(Wrong Candy?)

the Open With Rudy G & The DOJ Dropped The

case against McCabe. This is lunacy. We are all

living in a partisan, political hellscape unable to

break Free. Be Engaged, & vote 2 stop Insanity

We must not accept this. We will not accept this

And we all Move On from this Shit. After all, we,

the sane citizens have WAY more numbers here

NOTE: Bond Denied for 2 White Supremacists Fuckers
For Planing, To Kill, People. Charming Kids. Lock Them
Up & Throw The Key Away. These, Are BOTH Nothings

Have a weekend!


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William Barr is doing his best to End up Behind

Bars very soon. He will Join a LOT of other bad


Trumpers. Forget Rudy G’s In trouble. And also

forget what he did with Mueller, Stone & Is still

doing Using the DOJ as A Partisan Political tool

It’s illegal, It’s unconstitutional & will cost them

everything. John Kelly is now speaking out and

it’s WAY too late. These enablin’ Frauds are not

forgiven or let off the Hook for this shit. And as

ALL of This Is “happening” In real time, Orange

Asshole Just Committed “ANOTHER” Crime with

(2 Idiots)

a “Quid Pro Quo Threat” to NYC. What a moron

Things are Going down the Drain rather Quickly

NOTE: White Sox Hit Spring Training ‘Hard’, Ready To
Go And, Should Be Ready, To Begin. Our NEW Catcher
Yasmani Grandal Is Already Out With A ‘Strained’ Calf

Have a day!


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Jim Crying, Dis-Barred & Done…

February 12th, 2020

GOP Republican Trump Boot Lickkker, Jim

Jordan’s in DEEP legal Trouble folks. And I

(“Let’s get rapey”)

mean JAIL DEEP Trouble stuff. He Oversaw

& ALLOWED The Sexual Abuse, Of The OSU

wrestlin’ team. It got so “bad’ the former C

(that captain) stated Jim Called Him up and

was “crying” & “grovelin'” beggin’ him to go

against his “Own” Brother who was a Victim

What An Immoral, Criminal Lying ASSHOLE

Perfect for Trumps team. And as they all fall

down one by one; it ‘Appears’ as if Billy Barr

is the NEXT to go. He not only broke the law

(Bye Bye Billy!)

he swore to uphold; for partisan reasons; he

has been Doing It Non-Stop & is STILL doing

it. And Now, Congress is looking into Him for

his crimes. Remember what happened to one

Alberto Gonzales?! We do, he quit. This Time

Barr goes 2 jail to die there. Save some room

NOTE: Bernie Sanders WINS! And, Don’t Let ANY Of
The Media Outlets Tell You, It’s not a Big Deal. IT IS

Have a day!


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Larry David has not only “found” the PERFECT

way to skewer the MAGA crowd; he owns now

(“Fuck off!”)

publicly Destroyed their sick shit forever. Talk

about flipping the Script, he Crushed them All

with One Sketch & One Response. A Mic drop

And While their Days Circling the Drain are all

about to go Away Forever; the crook behind it

all in William Barr just legally Exposed his Fat

underbelly, AGAIN tryin’ to Shove his Fat Ass

finger on the “Scale” in the Rodger Stone trial

sentencing. Three Prosecutors just QUIT Over

(<-Criminal shit!)

it. And Judge Jackson is likely to Throw some

fire & Brimstone, At Barr/All His Specific DOJ

lackey’s for trying this “Insane Partisan Stunt”

And forget it’s also MASSIVELY Illegal as Well

NOTE: Jussie Smollett, Has Been Indicted! YES! This
Is just the 1st Step for Justice That Our Entire Damn
Country Needs to Heel From This Insane lawless Shit
I’ve so Covered this Sham, Since the Very Beginning
NOTE II: Georgia Judge Rules AGAINST state for It’s
handling of Voter Information. Meaning a Big Win for
Democracy; and not for those tryin’ to Suppress it all

Have a day!


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Vindman Fired, Blowback & More…

February 10th, 2020

As the Orange Anus Spews his Hate and the

world Recoils In Shame; the rest of us all go

(We Know)

about our days with a sense of purpose. And

as he keeps Breaking the law, and ruining all

things he Touches; People Are Pushing Back

very Hard Right Now. Chucky Schumer, Just

Requested, That ALL 74 ‘Inspector Generals’

look Into Whistle Blower Retaliation. Ooops!

And to top it All off, idiot Fat Pants Released

his proposed Budget of a $900 billion cut to

Medicaid, a $500 Billion Cut To Medicare and


$75 Billion To Social Security. Forget It Will

never ever never ever pass the House and it

will die a fast Death in a Democratically held

Body. Bernie Sanders now takes the top spot

NOTE: The Oscars, Were GREAT Last Night And It
Was a Fun Night from Brad Pitt, Steve Martin And
Chris Rock. And the Maya Rudolph and Wigg Stuff
Was, Comedy Joy. So very Nicely Done, Hollywood

Have a day!


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As Orange Anus Does His Tantrums, Hate,

and “revenge porn” against heros, it’s the

(No Shit!)

world that’s Pushing Back Very hard here

This will All Come Back To Bite Him in his

VERY Fat Ass. And Those Around him Will

all feel the direct legal Consequences. It’s

going To Cost Them Everything. And they

Deserve Everything Coming, At This Point


And to add to the problems he just fired 1

Gordon Sondland. Ooooooooooooooooops

Have a weekend!


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Seems like the entire world is now aware of

“The Rip”. Pelosi just ‘Ripped Rumps’ Entire


shitty Speech in Half. And That’s Because it

was filled will lies, bluster, bullshit and hate

The world’s not goin’ to be Good to Orange

Anus. And things will get worse for him but

he Will Get his Partisan Acquittal. History’ll

NOT Be ‘Kind’ To Those Republican Traitors

And, the one Independent Hero in Romney

emerges. You can bet he Will get beat up in

the short term, But so rewarded in the long

(Criminal Child)

And SO, The House Will Get Bolton to now

testify. Oooooooops. Things Will get Worse

Have a day!


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