The fat Orange Criminal Traitor

did NOT Testify because he’s a

(PAB Liar!)

Criminal coward who Is Guilty

AF. Not Only Did Orange Prick

puss out, they offered no Real

Defense. All that bs puffery all

his Fake Promises He’d Testify

He’s just a Big Fat Lazy Traitor

felon coward who’s goin’ down

Like Everything & everyone he


Touched. Rudy Got Severed at

his Birthday! Ha ha ha oooops

And Finally, A Chilling Nazi vid

was put up by Trump callin for

Another Reich. Jeeeeezus fuck

they’re not hiding Exactly who

They Are, At all. They Want To

(We know!)

Kill Democracy And replace it

with a Dictatorship. No, Vote!

NOTE: The “President Of Iran” Is DEAD. He Died In a Tragic Helicopter
crash. Raisi was a hardline Reich winger in maga fashion. Here’s all us
hoping for a more mild leader in this void as economic strife continues
NOTE II: Republican’s/Maga/Trump Are Coming after our birth control
This will “Ensure” A Vast Majority of Women Voters Won’t Vote for Him

Have A Day!

To say the trial of NYC vs Orange

Criminal Traitor Asshole, is Going

(Nap it up idiot!)

VERY Bad For Trump / Their Side

would be an epic understatement

They Have NO Defense & No way

to refute the checks, payments &

‘Paper Trail’, Showing That Trump

Did It ALL. Cohen Is Done & Was

not Legally Touched As far as the

Payments/ Timelines/ Legal Facts

The Prosecution Rests. And Then,

(They can’t)

the Defense Called Scam lawyer &

Rudy G’s Buddy Robert Costello to

the Stand. He started Gasping, he

‘Rolled His Eyes’ & ‘Starred’ Down

Judge Merchan; the Judge was not

Having It & Said “Clear The Court”

So, there Is no Legal Defense here

& The “People” Trump Is ‘Parading’

(<-Felon pals)

out to defend him are other Felons

The “Republican Party”, Is Finished

NOTE: Judge Alito, flying a “Stop The Steal” maga Flag, clearly
Demonstrates He (Thomas/Brett K) aren’t Capable of Honoring
their Oaths To Deliver Justice Fairly. They’re so clearly not only
compromised, they are Undermining our Legal system. Traitors

Have A Day!

While there is no Actual Legal

“Defense” For Fat Felon, They

(The turds!)

decided to “Performative play

acting bad theater politics”. It

failed badly. And if They keep

violating Trumps gag order or

threaten the court/jury/judge

That is Obstruction Of Justice


The last days of cross Went as

bad As Blanche has Been This

entire trial. See just Attacking

Cohen Doesn’t Change all the

facts, Evidence, signed checks

or documented crimes and no

(“Member me?”)

Amount Of ‘Games’, Antics Or

stunts will Change Legal Facts

NOTE: The ‘Sitting’ Republican Congress Frauds Have Told
& legally demonstrated that they are Traitors. Remove em
They’re also Playing a Dangerous legal game they will lose

Have A Day!

The primary’s have shown us

Some ‘VERY’ Important Math


It shows Biden’s clearly over

Performing With ‘his’ Voters

And, Fat Loser Felon, Is NOT

In Fact, He’s Lost 20-30% of

His Base who’ve had Enough

Nikki Haley voters aren’t the

Issue; HE Is. And Ignoring it

leaves an election day where


they’re all so mathematically

F’ed, He will Lose By 10-15+

Points. And Now, The Biden

camp Just Blindsided all The

Maga campaign turds with a

Surprise Debate schedule To

Call Trumps Bluff. He/Fat ass

Accepted, but my Bet is he’ll


Back Out With a lie Because

he’ll get Exposed; he’s done!

NOTE: Trump got his Republican pals to violate his Gag Order
thinking he was Clever Skirting around it. Well, Tommy “Idiot”
Boy Tuberville just Told A Reporter what they were Told to do
He was be found 2 have attacked Cohen; in breach of the gag

Have A Day!

When you did ALL The Crimes

you’re Accused of, There is no


actual legal defense to employ

Here. And, Cohen Brought All

the Legal Receipts. There’s no

Escape. Cohen laid bare all Of

The Facts. Cohen Paid Daniels

Got ‘Paid back’ By Trump & All

the checks were Signed by an

(Time’s up!)

Orange Anus. That, IS All She

wrote Kids. And, While the fat

“Fascist Traitor Criminal”, Was

losing Badly inside, lots of R’s

were outside violatin’ the Gag

order For Trump Attackin’ the

‘Judges Daughter’, Cohen And


more. R’s Left Today who Are

‘Supporting Him’ Are Traitors

NOTE: As The R’s Left Now Stand With Criminal Traitor All
the other R’s who helped “it” Before are facing legal hell &
it’s ALL earned. Rudy got fired, lost his legal license & has
been Indicted in AZ. Only the BEST people all Going Down

Have A Day!

Michael Cohen has not only legally

sunk The Orange Felon. He Has lit

(“I’m telling!”)

a fire under all voters who see who

he is. A wanna Be felon Fascist ass

And, it’s not pretty. This is going 2

get worse For Orange Criminal But

fast. W/O Him Taking the Stand, &

He WON’T, this Trial is All But Ova!


And, while the Normal Horse race

media plays with polls, polls don’t

Vote, People Do & Math isn’t On a

Fat Felons side. Can’t shore up all

R’s (See Haley + voters) & All The

Woman Hate The Fat fuck 58% to

(That’s YEAR!)

36%. Landlines are the best judge

Of Voters Habits? Ha Ha Ha Ha ha!
(see the last 5 Election cycles now)

NOTE: And, in “Show Us Who The Traitors Are”. We Had 3
other R’s hoping to flush their careers at record speed ha!

Have A Day!

Indiana held their Primary On

Wed & Warning signs are now


Going off for The Orange felon

Haley ‘Got’ 22% of Votes Way

AFTER She “Already” Dropped

out Of The Race. Traitors Base

is Fractured Badly AND all the

Suburban women aren’t havin’

His “Roe Hate” Either. And, In

other Big News, Maga Judge &


Fraud From the Bench Cannon

Has “Delayed” The Documents

case Indefinitely. WTF?!?!? Oh

she’s Going Down hard for this

Not right “now” As Judges who

do scheduling isn’t a Cause For

‘removal’. But, once her insane

Rulings Happen, Smith / DOJ’ll


Pounce. They Will Appeal It To

The 11th Circuit, & She’s Gone

NOTE: Maga fraud Kristi Noem is Getting Dragged On ALL The
media outlets; Even FOX. Oooooops. Her failed career Is over
NOTE II: Stormy Weather Sinks Defense & The legal Problems
for Orange Traitor are JUST beginning. Consequences are here
NOTE III: Steve “Sloppy Racist Criminal” Bannon Has “Appeal”
Rejected. He will serve 4 months in jail, durin the election; ha
(And Michael Cohen Testifies on Monday. Oh Boy They’re F’ed)

Have A Day!

There is nothing left of the Republican

Party today. And, There is Nothing left


of An ‘Orange Criminal Asshole’ either

Hope Hicks Put Yet Anther Nail IN His

legal coffin last week with her Honest

Testimony linking all these illegal Acts

Directly To Fat Man. Make no mistake

Here, Hicks Isn’t “Noble” Or Any Hero

for Doing this. She was Forced to and

“Felt Bad about It”. Felt bad about her

(<-Trump lacky!)

telling The Truth About A Fat Criminal

Racist Traitor? And today, the Rest Of

assholes Crimes Came Crashing Down

in Stormy Daniels Testifying. Ooooops

she puts him Doing What he said That

he Never Did AND Kills his Defense in

hearing He ‘Didn’t try’ To Hide it From

Melania. And, The Judge Just ‘Warned’

(Coming soon!)

Fat Man, the next time he violates the

Gag Order; He’s Going Directly To Jail

NOTE: It has now come to light, Judge Cannon was bribed with Lavish
trips, Just like Alito & Thomas. This is Literally Criminal. Time To Bring
this to the direct attention of the 11th Circuit along with her other Acts

Have A Day!

The Fat Felon “Tried” To Hold His

usual hate rally’s; it went so bad

(Dain Bramage)

He couldn’t Talk/even Form any

complete sentences. He tripped

up lil’ words Like Infrastructure,

rebedoaahhhh the GOP instead

of the ‘GDP’, Masterlock & more

FOX even cut away. And in trial

he’s Still falling asleep & getting

Legally ‘Busted up’ by Davidson

(Yes indeed!)

(The Lawyer for Daniels) Where

he mocks Trump for bein’ broke

This, All While, ‘President Biden’

just addressed The nation about

the Campus violence With valid,

honest remarks. One IS the real

President, one Is a Criminal Ass

Hole who “Pretended” to Be the

(Let’s Roll!)

President, Killing The Economy

along With 1 Mil+ From COVID

NOTE: Katie Hobbs REPEALS Draconian Abortion Law from
1864 Which Restores freedom to Woman. Elections Matter,
VOTING Matters. Vote Blue to enshrine your rights & Lives!

Have A Day!

The Old Orange Man is Undone

& has just Been found guilty of

(Busted Bitch!)

Contempt of Court on 9 counts

Oh & it doesn’t stop there, fuck

no. IF, well I should say ‘When’

he “Violates” it again, The next

stop is JAIL. Yes, you read that

correctly. He’s SO Going To jail

The protests Across The Nation

Are A Right, Found In Our First

(In dorms!)

Amendment. What Is Not, is a

violent or insurgent implanted

Protest. That’s Illegal. It’s Also

Terrorism. This Will Not Stand

And, In Congress, ‘Specifically’

The House, All R’s in Chaos, &

Disarry. Soon, The Idiot Group

(We know!)

AKA ‘FreeDumb Morons’ll’ Try

another Speaker removal, ha!

NOTE: Draconian Abortion Law, in Florida Now Goes In
to effect today. Voters will have their Say. Looook out!
NOTE II: Judges in Louisiana now decides to Throw out
A Republican Racist, Voter Supression Map. Goooooood

Have A Day!

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