Welcome to COVID day whatever the

fuck It Is; Causing Endless Horror For


us All. We Will Survive; But not With

out great loss. We grieve daily for all

the lives lost. We will now be startin’

The “Trial Portion”, Of Impeachment

This Is Going to Get Worse with each

Passing Day for Republicans. If, they

stay Attached to Orange Anus, they’ll

all go down as racist fascist terrorists

Supporting, The Jan 6th Insurrection

If they don’t; lose Maga Q & They die

(We Know!)

off with EITHER choice. See, they all

created This Entire Mess When They

All Lined UP, Directly Behind Orange

Fucker. That was The End. The Door

closed. So no more daylight between

any “voting Republican” Today & Him

Today 45 Senate R’s Voted To Throw

out The entire Impeachment. Yes, ya

read That, Right. They Are All Gonna

(Bye Bye!)

pay for This. History is watching and

It Will COST Them Everything. Good!

NOTE: Capitol Terrorists are Still Facing The
Consequences. And, Many Of Them are Still
seated, IN CONGRESS. Every time ANY R Is
On Record Questioning The Election; Call em
‘exactly’ what they are: Domestic, Terrorists!
NOTE II: Biden Cracks Joke At This Reporter
After VERY Proper Tough Call With Putin. Ha

Have A “Safe” Day!


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While we are still squarely in the middle

of A Horrific Pandemic; Vaccines Are All

(& Pfizor work!)

being Distributed as Rapidly As possible

We will have some Dark/Hard days, but

the light at the end of that terror tunnel

is clearly visible; we will get there. Even

in Downtown Chicago, we’re now at Tier

1 which’s great news. But Who got BAD

News Was Mr. Shoe Polish Head Rudy G

He Got, His ‘immoral’ Lying inciting ASS

sued by Dominion for $1.3 Billion; ha ha

He Fucked around & found out and news

(Jail Toy!)

flash; tons of Republican’s/media liars &

Orange Ass/Sittin’ Congress folks will be

next. They Are Savin;, FOX/OAN for last

The Entire R Party, in Congress, Is OVER

They’ve sided With the Fascist Terrorists

who stormed the Capitol. See, Unity only

comes when consequences do for an evil

Hate. Anyone who tries to forget it/brush

it away; supports it. And it would happen

again. No not ever Again. Any R who’s on

(It MUST!)

Orange Anus’s ‘Side’, Supports Terrorism

No Escaping that now with Impeachment

already in the Senate Today. They are all

fucked now each day it gets worse for em

Biden’s getting his Confirmations through

NOTE: Orange Felon, #48273638 Did More “Criming” by
“Trying” to get Barr/Rosen/DOJ To Overturn the Election
Results. They Said “No! There’s no election fraud, It’s so
baseless & we’ll all resign if you try”. Shouldn’t save Barr

Have A “Safe” Day!


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Boner-Town & Hank You…

January 22nd, 2021

On Day 3 Biden/Staff, are All Working

tirelessly to combat COVID, All While


Dealing With, “Our Economic Turmoil”

& over 100 Others issues we’re facing

We have actual leaders who care, and

are Capable of “Policies”, solving Real

World Problems, Acting With Morality

And, in the ‘Funny part’ of today (You

gotta find Where you can These Days)

Chuck Schumer, Went to Boner-Town

by saying “Erection” instead of saying


“Insurrection”. Meh, they Are both as

hard As a Rock and Involve Lil’ pricks

Hank Aaron was a baseball player. He

was A Civic Leader. A cultural hero. A

father. A wonderful human being In a

bigoted world; Simply Legend forever

(t)Hanks for everything, rest in power

(Hank & Jim)

NOTE: Impeachment Articles Will Be Delivered On
Monday Ready For Trial. “Republican’s” Can Either
Continue To Kill Their Careers OR “Barely” Survive

Have A “Safe” Weekend!


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The 46th POTUS Of the United States Hit

the ground Running getting right to work

(Mittens Meme!)

yesterday. He signed 15 Executive orders

&, 2 Executive Actions Right At The Start

We Found out, Well, Really Already Knew

that The Orange Anus Administration Did

NOTHING About Creating a Roll Out plan

For COVID “Vaccine Distribution”. In Fact,

Biden Called It “Nonexistent” Saying that

they will Have to Build It all from Scratch

There Is, A “Mask Mandate” Now, Across

(Mask Up)

the Country for Federal Property. And so

in the senate that’s controlled by the D’s

Mitch “Lil Bitch” McDouche, is ‘Playing’ A

deadly Game here Trying to “Block” their

Power Sharing Agreement if They do Not

keep The Filibuster. WTF?!?! That Won’t

work. In fact, D’s WON the Senate so go

Fuck Yourself Turtle. Ain’t gonna Happen

And if they pivot to “obstruction” again it

(Not Again!)

Ends Them. The COUNTRY Is Moving On

with Or Without these terrorists. And, let

us Make No Mistake; The House R’s Who

lead “tours” Of the Terrorists are a Direct

‘Threat’ To Democracy. Pelosi Will Get To

bottom Of this. Facts; Are All that Matter

NOTE: Turns Out, Really Hateful Racist Republicans
really Hated when Biden called Out Racists, making
them…racists. See, if you’re not White Supremacist
HE IS NOT TALKING TO YOU. But If you’re so Upset
about It simply bein called out; he IS talking to you

Have A “Safe” Day!


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A new day Is here. We will work together

to become a more perfect Union. Even In

(Mr President)

This Horrific Pandemic. We, Honor Those

who have Needlessly Died. And We Fight

for Those still At Risk. Today Will forever

be a day where we got actual functioning

Democracy back. What will we Do with it

is solely up to US. And I have great hope

Yet, “Hope” Alone Is not enough. For you

see; this is NOT a Political Issue. It never

really Was. It Is A MORAL One. This Isn’t

partisan to state “We have serious issues

(Madam VP)

We “Must Address”, In COVID, Economic

ruin, jobs, racist terrorism, our climate &

much More. IF Republican’s want to help

in those Problems With Solutions, that Is

Great. IF they don’t seekin’ only the hate

which Brought them Upon Us In the First

place; fuck off”. We JUST don’t have any

time For it. That isn’t Politics; It is Trying

To Kill Democracy/This Nation. And That,

(No Escaping It)

Will NOT Stand. The ‘Dire’ Consequences

for Some Republican’s who stoked, aided,

created & supported this hate from those

4 Years of Hell, will Have To Pay A Heavy

price. Some Will Lose jobs, others Family,

& others still, Freedom Itself. For you see,

it is a precious Gift to be Cherished, loved

& grown. Not, Fomented, Stoked or made

to be the 14 tenants of Fascism Itself. We

have a new Day today. Those who did this

will be brought to ‘Justice’. But even most

(New Voice!)

Important: celebrate, love it Tonight! For

tomorrow, We Begin the Tireless Work in

rebuilding This Country; Brick, By BRICK

(out of honor for today, no additional shit)

Have A “Happy Safe” Day!


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COVID Memorial & Q-razy…

January 19th, 2021

Today we solemnly reflect on exactly

what COVID has Taken from Us, and


the entire world. It’s severe; it’s very

grave. And yet, light shines thru and

we rise, from our knee, with pride to

fight. To Work tirelessly together, to

defeat this Virus. It will Work, and it

means we will Overcome this. A new

day is HERE, Tomorrow. So no more

Hate, Division or Destruction. But, a

United States Can Begin Again. Sure,

that “Hate” is Still There. But It’s not


a renewable energy source. In fact it

Has “Broken”, The ‘Entire’ Republican

Party. “Mitch McConnell”, Finally Just

decided he’d had Enough. Because it

directly EFFECTED ‘Him’; Other Than

that; Wouldn’t have Done Shit. They

are done as a national party. For you

See; the Orange Ass/Q-razy sect has

split from the Mitch Wing. This splits

their Vote/They Hold no Power. Look


at Georgia Happening Everywhere &

It really “Gets Way Worse” For them

Demographically. Now, We will have

3 flavors of Dems: Light R, Centerist,

& Progressives. Sadly we need about

4-5 party’s. Britain has 8. Tomorrow

is A “Brand New Day”. So, buckle Up!

NOTE: SAG/AFTRA, Will “Remove” The Terrorist
Orange Fucker From Our Union. Good; he gone
Happy 75th Birthday to Dolly Parton. Much love

Have A “Safe” Day!


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We Hit 408,237 Deaths today. We must

ALL take A Moment to Truly just let that

(<-Did Nothing)

sink in. We will See light soon & we will

get thru this. But, these Days are Hard

Speaking of “hard”…lots of Republicans

Lives In Congress/All Over are Going to

get “Very Criminally hard”. Turns out a

group of Republican’s IN Congress, Did

the unthinkable. They gave tours to the

Criminal fascist Terrorists. Jeeeeeeeeez

they’re Fucking dumb. When you “Tour”

(Ya Fucked!)

the Capitol you fill out a request with an

ID/Register/Name/Etc. When Names Of

the terrorists Show they toured with the

Congressional Republicans 2 Scout they

not Only get Booted from Congress they

will face Criminal charges. As serious as

it Gets. When the Terrorists Call Out R’s

Cruz & Hawley BY NAME! They, Are, All

legally super fucked and truly deserve it

Today we Celebrate the life of Dr Martin

(Not long ago)

Luther King. Dr King showed the power

Of Peaceful Protest, Justice, & VOTING!

That “vote” just ended their Racist hate

holding office. Now, Get the REST OUT!

NOTE: Bill Barr, Tries To Separate Himself From The
Illegal Actions Of Trump. He Called Orange Assholes
Claims of Voter Fraud “Bullshit!” & Lawyers “Clowns”
In The End, It Won’t Work. He is Still Legally Fucked
NOTE II: Seems Dominion “Sues” My Pillow Douche
For His Hateful Lies. The Cease & Desist Legally Kills
Him. And, they’ll be Going After FOX/OAN/Newsmax

Have A “Safe” Day!


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Consequences & The Future…

January 15th, 2021

All the racist fascist domestic terrorists

Who Violently Broke in The Capitol last

(Book Him!)

Wednesday; Will Be Brought to Justice

Make no mistake about that; and make

No Mistake, Every single Republican In

Congress, Who AIDED This Terrorism’ll

pay Dearly for it with such Severe legal

consequences. The Future of our entire

country seems Dark Now but it will get

A LOT Brighter, On January 20th. That

will be the start of policies, humanity &

light We Sorely Need. Our Country Will

(Time 2 Work!)

heal, ONLY After these fascist terrorists

face Consequences for their vile actions

NOTE: COVID Has Taken 401,000 Lives During
This ‘Horrible Pandemic’. We, Must all Do Better

Have A “Safe” Weekend!


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With The Pandemic Raging, & Taking

397,000 lives, vaccines are here and

(Another Pandemic)

helping. It’s NEVER, Fast Enough or

keeping Beds low & 1st line workers

safe. We Will Get thru this, together

Speaking Of “together” the DNC has

A Brand New Chair : Jamie Harrison

Whoooooo hooooooo! What A Great

choice. He will Bring Truth, Honesty

& Careful Work Ethic to turn Out All

the Great Voters Of This Nation. Big


things Ahead for Democratic leaders

And with only 6 Days left for that fat

fascist terrorist; it’s 6 Too many 4 a

rational citizens who know what he’s

capable of…like not paying Rudy G’s

fees. He Fucked Around & Found out

NOTE: Orange Asshole Staffers, Are Getting
Snubbed by Employers and for good reason
It Says You Have No Morals, Character Or a
Functioning Brain to Support Such Hate/lies

Have A “Safe” Day!


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We Are STILL, in The Middle of Pandemic

which Has Taken 393,169 lives in the US

(No More!)

We will Finally contain It but this horror

has Taken it’s Toll. And now the Orange

Anus Will be The ‘only’ President to ever

be on “Mount Impeach-more” For Being

the ONLY President In American History

to be impeached TWICE. 10 other r’s all

voted FOR it as well. Still not enough for

my Liking. There is, No Republican Party

anymore. None. History has it’s Eyes On

them. Few are Saving their lives, souls &

(Mt. Douchemore)

careers. Most Are Siding With Seditious,

racist, fascist terrorism. It isn’t “Politics”

It is People who Actively are all working

AGAINST This Country, Constitution and

society as a whole. They have taken the

side of Hate/Terrorism. Remove ’em All

Our Country Demands Leaders Actually

follow their Oath, defend this Country &

SERVE US. Not Racist Fascist Terrorism

History’s clear on this subject. These R’s


who Support/Serve him, Are Done Here

They will be Eviscerated & Deserve it all

NOTE: Democratic Law Maker Correctly Goes After
“Republican Leaders” Who Support Terrorism/Hate
NOTE II: House Calls On Pence to invoke The 25th

Have A “Safe” Day!


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