It Seems The Republican Party

doesn’t “stand” for anything at


all. In fact, they’re not Pro-life,

they seek chaos/hate and have

no solutions to societies issues

They all voted “no” to get baby

formula In The hands of Moms

with Baby’s Because “We want

Biden, To Fail/ Chaos”. Jeeeeez

“Talking” About Non-governing

turds. Their Entire ‘Party’ Is So

(No shit!)

Rapidly “collapsing”/imploding

With, PA’s Mastriano “Winning”

The Primary, They Even Know

it’s all over. Un-Electable shits

is What’s On the GQP ticket in

this Mid-Term. And, while It is

a Total Shit Show For R’s, they

ALL ‘Screaming’ At Biden, Not

to forgive Student loans. Well

he’s gonna do it, so they’re all

(Do it correctly!)

fucked by their own hate hands

once again. Oooooooooooooops

NOTE: Elon Musk Is Now Accused of Overt Sexual
Harassment/Sexual Assault. Ooooooooooooooops

Have A Day!

Polls will be closing in 5 states

And we Will See Maga’s fall, &


some limping On into a rough

General Election That Will End

them. It’s Like winning to lose

Which is the entire hateful ass

Maga Rolled up In One phrase

Their ‘Numbers’, are Shrinking,

their Hate Isn’t Electable, and


they’ve earned everythin bout

To Unfold. Every, damn, INCH

Seems The Hateful racists Are

always the Last to Know when

‘Crowds’ of Humanity Turn on

a GQPer got “boooed” hard at

Graduation. Oh, did I mention

it’s the same town as Matthew

(File Footage!)

Shepard Was Murdered in?!?!

Oooooooooooops. Sooo Dumb

NOTE: Here, WE, GO. The DOJ, Is Now “Officially”
requestin transcripts from the Jan 6th Committee
This means they’ve been doin legal work all along

Have A Day!

We are in Troubling Times no

doubt these days. In fact, we

(<-Racist Hate)

Got a “Mass Shooter” who is

perfectly ‘Repeats’ What Fox

& What’s Left Of The GQP In

all it’s racist hate do…and so

he murdered 10 people. This

shit, Will Not stand. ENOUGH

Legally Speaking, FOX & ALL

The Republican’s Who ‘Stoke’

This ‘Domestic Terrorism’ are

Undone. Democracy Itself Is

(Uh, no)

under Attack. What, Will You

do?!?!? Nothing violent, ever

besides Registering others to

vote, press elected leaders 2

‘Stop this Madness’ & Voting

OUT These Terrorists. We all

can do nothing. Merrick G, a

tired, deeply hurt world cries

out for basic Justice. Will we

see It? Yes. Yes, we will. And

(Let’s go!)

It will be Swift, Fierce & Fair

A reckoning is Upon us folks

NOTE: We, Do Not Have A Supreme Court In
the United States; we got A terrorist political
Action committee doin’ the bidding of the top
1% Republican’s in America. This Is Madness

Have A Day!

Louis “I want to profit from my job”

Dejoy is now DeGone. Gooooooood


About Damn time. Biden got his big

pick of Dan Tangherlini & Derek Kan

to fill his role. Bye bye ya Jack-Hole

Speaking of goodbyes, it’s now time

to say bye in a Nice way 2 Jen Psaki

Former ‘WH Press Secretary’. She’ll

Be SO Missed. Grace, Smarts And a

kind way about Her to Tell the truth

Big shoes to fill no doubt but Karine

Jean-Pierre Will be “Up” to The Task

(Good advice!)

The Truth Will always Stand Taller in

everyway from hate/lies; always has

RIP: Actor Fred Ward Has Passed away at 79
He was a Brilliant Actor & Watch all his stuff!

Have A Weekend!

The Jan 6th Committee is doing

their thing. And right now, their

(“I’m f’ed!”)

“thing” is piecing every single lil

shred of Evidence Together so a

Complete Picture Can Be Shown

to The Entire World. And one of

those pieces is boot licker Kevin

“I ‘Talk’, Outta Two Sides, Of My

Mouth” McCarthy. He Is A Large

target. This June is gonna be so

very Bad For Republicans. They

best Buckle up. Speaking of this

limitless Hate, Voters Are About

to Show Gqp’ers What Whiplash

(Bye bye!)

backlash Looks like At the Polls

this Mid-Term. They, are, Toast

NOTE: Putin Just “Pushed” Findland Into NATO
Ha! He Will keep on Losing at every turn cause
he’s an Unstable Lying Fascist fraud getting his
Little Ass kicked by reality. Oooooooooooooops

Have A Day!

Every, Single, “Republican”, In

Congress just voted against all


woman Today. Oooooooooops

This’ll Echo In History Forever

And, There Is NO Escape from

this hideous vote. Every single

Dem ad should state it, repeat

It, then say It Again. All these

monsters, Have Openly shown

Us Exactly Who They are. And

Joe Manchin Is With Them On

This Forever. Vote Him Out, in

(No Shit!)

fact Vote Every single Shitheel

who voted against woman, out

They’re trapped in a moat, can

not Swim & Gators are circling

And as Putin Keep Failing, The

pressure Internally From other

Russian’s, Will “increase” With

Each, Passing Day. Which Tells

us Zelensky Is not only a Hero

He Is the Right Person, at The


right Time To Defend the Very

core of Democracy. Yeeeeeees

NOTE: Republican ‘Boot Licker’ Lindsay Graham, sure
Changed His Tune Trying to Manipulate Voters seeing
TFG was pure evil then he flipped back again. Gutless

Have A Safe Day!

What If I told you, yet another

Republican Is Resigning From

(<-Mr Creep!)

Congress For ‘Sexual Criminal’

Behavior?!?! R-Tom Reed, Is A

the ‘kind of creep’ we’ve come

to “Commonly See” in Today’s

Republican Party or what’s left

of it. Not much just racist hate,

Fascism, Domestics Terrorism,

(Called It!)

& Pro – Putin, Lunacy. Nowhere

to Go From there. And the late,

Great George Carlin “Called” it

years ago. He Knew Exactly all

the Evil they were. They’re Not

“Pro-Life”, Republicans Are Just

Anti-Woman, ‘Period’. BINGO!!!


This Is “Going Blow Up” In their

fascist hateful little faces; good

NOTE: “Propaganda Bullshit Gibberish” OAN, Finally
Says there was “No Widespread Voter Fraud” in the
2020 election for a Defamation suit they lost. Ha ha

Have A Day!

Well, it Turns Out Kavanaugh is

personally being protested as a

(We told ya!)

punishment For His/Other Shit

“Insane” out of Touch Barbaric

‘Views’ On Abortion. And Turns

Out, it Was His Neighbors who

set Up The Protest. Ooooooops

Well well, The Justices Sure do

love Their “privacy”; for others

(“Privacy, for ME!”)

Not So Much. Keep, It Peaceful,

non-violent, as always. But this

is Very Covered under our First

Amendment. This, Is, going, to

get way Worse. They can’t ever

insulate themselves from a just

society that see Injustice in the

Actions. Speaking Of: “I SO F’d


up”, Lil Putin got His Big Super

Yacht Seized by Italy. Ooooops

NOTE: Republican, Fraud ‘Big Lie Prick’, & Former AG
Ken Paxon Is Being sued by the State Bar association
Well goooood, couldn’t happen to a bigger pile of shit

Have A Day!

What If I told You, a Republican

rightfully Accused Of murdering


his Wife, who’s In jail, “won” his

Primary? WTF?! And the Reason

Is NO Democrats even “ran”. He

Ran, Unopposed. Local Elections

ALL matter. Get ‘Involved’…..Run

for these Offices at every level &


most important VOTE. We must

Vote like our Lives Depend on It

Because they Do. 3 Justices ALL

Lied During Their “confirmation”

Hearings, Under Oath. This, Can

Not Stand. Nope. And, Speaking

of Illegal shit, Dr Oz is a security


threat for “Turkish voting”. Well

no shit Sherlock; criminal pricks

RIP: Comedian, Actor, Funny-Man, Mike Hagerty
has passed away at 67. It’s Such a very sad day
He Was “Slated” to be In Our PBS comedy Series
NOTE: This is, Without a doubt the most Insaneo
political ad I’ve ever seen; & that really say a lot
Running for office? She’s legit Certifiably bonkers

Have A Weekend!

The video of Cawthorn fucking

his Cousin Face is disgusting &


that’s not the ‘Real Issue’ here

It’s The Blatant Hypocrisy with

his hateful views of the LBGTQ

community, making all of their

lives Hell, while He Is also Gay

What a vile, disgustin’ immoral

Bucket of Nazi shit. The GQP’ll

turn on Him Fast, he’s finished

This was never about what two

adults do in the privacy of their

(All they are!)

home. It’s about hypocrisy hate

And this Little Nazi hate fucker

deserves everything coming his

way. And now, after The Whole

Roe ‘Unrest’; so Do Republicans

Every, single, One Of Them For

all This Fascist Anti-Democratic

lunacy. Voters are about to End

a LOT of these monsters careers


And to That I say, it is bout time

A codifying law Must get Passed

NOTE: “Lunatic Q Republican” Won His Primary And
now becomes Unelectable in the General. This is so
gonna happen in races all over the nation gooooood
NOTE II: New WH Press Secretary Will take over for
Jen Psaki. Karine Jean-Pierre will Step In on May 14

Have A Day!

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