No More Indictments…

March 22nd, 2019

In what can only be Called horrible to

the country & “Institutions” of Justice

(It was)

Mueller Is Done. It Just ‘Depends’ On

What/Who He Handed His Other Main

findings to. If it’s the Southern Courts

or District, then it’s still Not Over. If it

isn’t. Then that’s the End of our entire

country ever Claiming ANY moral high

ground here on Out. What an Odd Day

Have a weekend!


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It’s March Sadness Time!

March 21st, 2019

(Little tiny Orange hands moving very
quickly side to side and havin’ thumbs
touch with his index finger pointed up)

Hey who do you have in your Brackets

(Boo Hoo)

for being arrested Next?!? I got Don Jr

followed by “Kid Kushner”. I also got a

hunch on The Southern District of NYC

Court winnin’ it all. Most of Vegas Says

It’s A “Lock”. Pun Intended. As Orange

asshole loses the Last of His Tiny Mind

showing he’s clearly terrified of what is

coming ahead…..other more Observant

& stoic historical figures noticed this as


well. John Brennan called Him Out and

it Burns So Badly, there’s No Aloe for it

NOTE: Robert “Handy Job’s” Kraft, ‘Filed’ A Motion
In Court (Does Hand Job Motion) To Not Have Any
Footage, Of His Fucking CRIME Released. Meaning
That’s The Only “Release” He Thinks Would be Bad
Ahem, That Fucking ‘Thing’ is Getting Released NO
matter what’s “ruled”; please see all of the internet
NOTE II: Trump “Terrorist” Pleads GUILTY and he’s
Now in tears pretending his Intent Wasn’t terrorism
Only The BEST People. The Posterboy for Trumpism

Have a day!


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While the country Swirls the crapper as

Orange Nazi Fat Pants, probably Insults


babies & kittens Next…the rest of us are

dealing with and Living in reality. And in

my next of the woods, Chicago, we have

a big Mayoral Race Happening right Now

Tonight on Channel 7 local, at 6pm, just

tune in. Toni is Going Low, which means

she knows She’s Down Representing the

Old Establishment. And now it’s Anti-Gay

slur fliers show Up against Lightfoot. Oh

boy, she’s winnin’ this. Better finish very

(Say Whut?!?!)

strong. The person who states their case,

Policies they “Desire” to Enact & HOW to

accomplish Them (Are Possible) will WIN

NOTE: Congress Has “Gotten” to Former Trump Boot
Licking Liar, Hope Hicks. And so, She Say’s, She Will
Cooperate With Them. Let’s See how Long that Lasts

Have a day!


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Republican Cry Baby & Guy who Doesn’t

understand “What” Twitter Is Devin “I’m


Not Smart” Nunes Just Sued Twitter. Ha

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! What, A Maroon!

He’s suing Over A “Parody Account” & he

is Claiming, incorrectly he is being biased

Against “Conservatives”. Um, Orange Ass

is Spewing White Supremacist Shit, Daily

as are Tons of Your immoral Assholes, So

that won’t fly. It Will Get Thrown out Fast

Speaking of “Thrown out Fast” the hate &

Shame Of Orange Fuckstick Is Increasing

(Immoral Asshole)

at A most Rapid Rate. He insulted McCain

AGAIN…..and is being “hammered” by all

of Twitter. He better find a safe space fast

NOTE: Robert, “I Fuck Hookers” Kraft Gets An Insane
Offer From Florida Prosecutors Of, “Admit You Are So
Guilty & We’ll Drop The Charges”. WTF?!?!?! NO WAY
Jeeeeeezus. This Is lunacy. There are two Systems of
Law. One For The Rich & One for the Rest Of Us Shits
THIS Is Disgustingly Evil. Do the Crime, doe the Time
Tomorrow: Deutshe Bank loaned Trump Billions After
He LIED About Wealth. That Is Called Fraud. Ooooops

Have a day!


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In what can only be Called the “Holy shit

that’s Obvious As All Fuck” category, it is

(<-Mr. Racist)

clear Trump Tweets, Echos And loves All

His White Supremacists. Never Before, in

Our Countries “History”, Has It Been This

overt, Hateful & inciting. We’ve had other

racist Presidents, But Nothing This Vile, &

evil. NONE, in The Last 200 Years. And, it

is pretty “Obvious” to Everyone Watching

That Orange Shit-stain Is Panicking Badly

as His Tweets Go Crazier & Crazier, into a

lunatic Bubble, of Hate/Lies, & His Talking

(<-No Shit)

heads are Now Trying to “Spin” Reality &

Flopping Like Drunk Caught Fish on Deck

The ‘Southern District Court’, Of NYC Will

be the “End of him”. Mueller set it up this

way having Cohen “tried” there. Nowhere

to run. And, what happened again today?!

“ANOTHER SHOOTING”. We do not Know

what yet “Motivated” this Attack, But it is

Clear This 37 year Old Turkish Man Had a

terrible history with the Law (he did other

(3 Killed)

shootings). And now New Zealand already

wants 2 BAN Assault Weapons, After ONE

shooting. My Stomach Hurts. I Just Puked

They grasped in one horror what we must

do after 100’s of 1,000’s. This is disgustin’

NOTE: And In What Can Only Be Called The WWF Shit
Show “Turn”, Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile Is Now
Going For The $ Over Sanity. She Was ALWAYS A Shill
A Whore, For The ‘Highest Bidder’. Now They Get Their
“Token” Again. She’s very “cozy” with Hannity, Tucker,
& Dana Perino. She’s going to play the “voice of reason”
Game Pulling for Beto Who Will Allow The Same Fuckin’
Economic Policies, As Trump. She Will Be Used To Bash
Berine Sanders & his progressive policies……It’s a game
And All It Did Was Piss Off Their Overtly Racist Viewers

Have a day!


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Christchurch, In ‘New Zealand’, Suffered

the worst terrorist attack in their history


49 are dead never to return. Another 48

were Injured. He sited Trump, Used The

exact same Words as him & called him a

“A symbol of renewed white Identity and

common purpose”. This Must End, And it

has No Place In Our Society. And, Trump

goes on To KEEP STOKING It Afterwards

claiming “NO Threat, it is a Small Group”

Our Hearts Have no More Pieces To Give

From Being Broken. This Horrific, Insane

(We all do)

white supremacist Terrorist act hurts us

most. Take your “Thoughts and prayers”

or your “No One Could Have Saw this at

all coming” or “Hey don’t blame guns or

Trump For This” Or “It, Is Mental Illness”


Is Unacceptable. The Entire World, Must

collectively push back on those who help

(We Know)

promote, stoke, Encourage, aid, Support

or Actively “engage” in it. NO MORE. This

hate ideology IS the cause of 92% of all

Domestic Terrorism In The United States

In 2018, it was 100%. ANY Extremism is

wrong/evil. Far Right-Wing racists will all

be called out & face severe consequences

Social Media MUST be Overhauled, or We

will see This Evil Happening more & more

And THEY’ll be directly responsible as well

NOTE: International Climate Strike Today Was A Large
Group Of Hero’s Calling Out a Serious Problem we Face

Have a St. Patrick’s Day Weekend!


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Lying Toddler was just slapped on his Tiny

hateful “Pussy Grubbing” Hands by Our US


Senate 59-41. They are just 8 Republicans

shy of “over-riding” his Veto. My guess, he

will freak out on the 12 who Flipped and it

will cause Others in Races they will lose or

have to serve him again in Office to Flip as

well. He’s painted in a big, Fat, Corner. He

isn’t Intelligent & the Harder he pushes for

An ‘Unconstitutional’ Fake Emergency, The

worse it Gets For Him. Fine, by, Me. NONE

of this ends well for him or our Country. It

(Racist Nazi)

is yet another Example of him Inciting the

others in our Country, to “Commit” Acts of

violence Against People. This Shit, Will Not

stand. He “Lumped” Military, AND Police In

with the “Bikers for Trump”. Ooooooooops!

NOTE: House Passes Bill To Ensure Release Of The
Mueller Findings. Senate then Blocks It. Vote every
REPUBLICAN Out of Office YESTERDAY, For this shit

Have a day!


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Manafort did NOT get another 10 years in

his sentencing Today. Proving Once Again

(<-Lying Lawyers)

there are two Justice systems. One for you,

and one for the Wealthy. Only 3.5 years of

jail for The Countries Most Treasonous vile

criminal (7.5 Total, Disgusting). Was about

to Lose My Mind, When Right After her Big

sentencing statement “New Charges” were

brought Up By The Manhattan DA. He Now

faces up to 25 MORE “Years” for The Three

Charges. Ooooooops. He Deserves the Rest

of Life in ‘Prison’ For What He Did. He MUST

(Bye asshole!)

be made an example; period. Oh & speakin

of “Examples”, in the Brexit vote they have

Now Taken The “No Deal” Off The Table for

Good. WHOOOOO HOOOO! Sanity, has now

been restored. They will Vote Tomorrow to

“Extend” article 50. Does Not Matter if that

passes or doesn’t. All it means is an end to

a bunch of moron Lunatics who Know Fuck

all of how Policy, Economics, Trade & Facts

work. It, is, Dead. No More Lying Con-Men

(Nope, done!)

A Hateful Racist Dog’ll howl When Exposed

& FOX’s Lil Shit Cucker Tarlson, Is Howling

hard. And now, right on que, comes his big

“I’m Innocent”. He’ll be fired but not cause

of his HATE, Oh No. It’s Just Bad For FOX’s

Ad Revenue. And, ‘THAT’ Will Cost Him The

job. Oh and he’s really just a big bag of shit

Have a day!


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Another big vote Defeated a “Leave with a deal

in Place” Brexit Vote. Which ‘Means’, We’re now

(Brexit Voters)

down to just 2 Options. One’s reasonable, the

other is Akin to Putting A Pistol in your mouth

claiming you’re tryin’ to “blow your nose”. It’s

somethin’ to see. Option 1, vote to extend this

to fully Understand the legal, Economic, social,

infrastructure, & Future impact of leaving with

“no Deal” in place. The Other, is Jumping from

an airplane with no Parachute as the ground is

rapidly Approaching. Tomorrow, “No Deal” will

likely die, setting up Thursdays “Article 50 Two

(Yes, we know)

year Extension, Extension” Vote. Which “Means”

Brexit is dead. If That Passes, “Sanity” will have

been restored. For However Long that lasts. Oh,

speaking of lying Assholes Abusing Power While

outright lying to others….we got two big famous

mom’s in Deep Shit for This “College Admissions

Scam”. Felicity Huffman, & Lori Loughlin (A Full

House actor) using cheatin & bribery to get their

asshole Rich Kids into ‘Schools’. Doh! Throw The


book at them so hard, it Ruins all of their plastic

surgery. And as the World Burns, Orange Idiot’s

still tryin his clown show where he doesn’t know

how “Airplanes” work. Sit Down, & wait until jail

NOTE: If You Want To Listen To Last Nights WGN Show 
With Patti Vasquez, Please Enjoy. Tune In Every NIGHT!

Have a day!


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As the Orange Shit-stain on the “Wall of

Life” Continues His Immolation, we Now


find out he Was “Signing Bibles” just the

other day. Yes, you read that right. WTF

You know on any moral scale I’m looking

for the guy who’s hatefully Racist & “raw

dogged” a Porn Star cheating on his wife

WHILE She Was Pregnant, as MY “moral”

compass. Pretty sure the “sins” in the 10

Commandments are at 3 for him now all

in One Event. Not even including, “Lying”

at such a rate where he claimed he never

(Fucking idiot)

called Tim Cook, “Tim Apple” Because it

was saving time. He called it ‘Fake news’


I’ll be On WGN Radio tonight at midnight

with Patti Vasquez Talking about This big

Benefit in Aurora on Sat, the 16th. Go To

my “Shows” tab, come on out & have fun

NOTE: Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Want To “Impeach Trump”
Any Guesses WHY?! $, $, $ & Power. See, She, And All
Her Corporate Dems Can Raise $ Off Him, & Think He’s
“Good For Business”. Ergo, He’s the Devil we Know and
Can Deal With Him. “Progressives” will Be Very PISSED
She’s Dead Wrong Here, And It Will Cost All of America
NOTE II: Fucker Tarlson Sayin’ Horribly Racist Shit was
Caught Saying Horrible Shit About Woman Now. Ooops

Have a day!


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