While the rest of the World is

dealing with the Aftermath of

(Photo Op BS)

Hurricane Ian, DoucheSantis

Is Playing “Political Dress Up”

Its all optics with 0 substance

And his goofy ass white boots

are Just The Tip of Lies/Scam

He does Not give a shit about

them. None of Them. It’s sick

(Ha ha!)

We are Also Seeing The Total

collapse/implosion of GQP’rs

From Walker, To Vance, And

To Many Many More. See….A

problem is Vote Splitting and

being SO far Right Wing hate

there’s nowhere to “tact back

from”. If they go center to get

(We Know)

More Voters, the Base Leaves

‘Electoral Math’, Dooms Them

NOTE: Maga Candidates Collapsing at Rapid Rate
With Lies, ‘Insane Conspiracies’ & Horrible Acting
RIP: Country Singing/writing legend Loretta Lynn

Have A Day!

Beto Mopped The Stage With

Clownish Abbott Who Offered

(Abbott lost)

nothing of “Policy Substance”

aside from Tax cuts, make all

Abortions Illegal, Ruin A Grid

Again (Won’t Work) And Run

Away From ‘Gun Violence’, or

Outright Ignore It. There is a

reason he didn’t want People

to attend the debate because


he KNOWS they Hate him in

TX. Speakin’ of things are so

getting worse for You, Pillow

Lunatic Is Dire Legal Trouble

Supreme Court, Turned Him

down flat and now more bad

legally Problems Loom Large

He’s Gonna lose ALL his $, &

(Bye bye!)

will Likely do Jail Time cause

he can’t stop “criming” ooops

NOTE: TFG’s Death Threat To Mitch So Comes
Fast along with Racist comment about his wife

Have A Day!

Ginni Deposed & Cannon Fired…

September 29th, 2022

Ginni “I supported The Insurrection”

Thomas, who’s husband is Supreme


Court Judge Thomas Just Meet with

The Jan 6th Committee For 4 Hours

Ohhhh boy, they likely got her Dead

red Caught. See when her lies don’t

match Up with Others Sworn Direct

testimony, She fucked. Ooooooooof

is She in A world of Hurt coming up

And her Creepy Grin walking Into a

(THERE it is!)

hearing was Even More Odd. It was

like The Movie Smile. Culty, Creepy

AF Weird. See, She Still Thinks The

Election Was “Stolen”, Exactly Like

ALL The ‘Insurrectionists’. Ooooops

And, Judge Cannon Just ‘Disagreed’

with Her Own ruling makin’ A huge

Show down with the Special master

likely. Courts are for law, not stupid


Politics. She’s Gonna be in big deep

shit over this partisan fuckery. Idiot

NOTE: R-Ron Johnson Was “Doing” some “Criming” For The
White House but thinks it wasn’t a “big deal”. Ahem, it so is

Have A Day!

Ian Slams FLA & Putin Undone…

September 28th, 2022

Ian made Landfall early Afternoon

as A Category 4. Stay Safe all FLA

(Sandy Crushed)

This is serious stuff. If you stayed

then Stay ‘inside’. This is Causing

such Damage already & so Ronny

DeathSantis suddenly ‘Loves’ The

Federal Government  (FEMA) Just

after bashin’ it nonstop. This is all


about Helping all Florida Citizens

get thru this pain/together we will

And in other news Putin’s undone

The good citizens of Russia aren’t

having His Lies /War /Crimes Any

more. They will have no Economy

come this winter. And lil man did

(“I’z fucked”)

ALL this Himself & ‘By’ His Hands

So, No Escape for this tiny Tyrant

NOTE: Herschel Walker ‘Admits’ His Domestic Violence
With A Smile where he Almost Murdered his wife. WTF

Have A Day!

Ian Hits & Run Paxton Run…

September 27th, 2022

The Jan 6th Hearing this wed has

been postponed due to Hurricane

(Stay Safe!)

Ian. While Frustrating This Is the

Correct Decision. Focus on Those

of Us in need First Out of Respect

Everyone In Florida, Please Be so

Safe, this will Hit the Lower West

side Coast with such force. Either

Leave Now, or Prepare To Hunker

(Like, now!)

Just know the Nation is watching

& Ready to Help you. We want as

“Minimum Damage”, As ‘Possible’

The Texas AG Paxton literally ran

from The law. A Processor/Server

delivering a ‘Subpoena’ on a court

hearing. His Wife stalled him and

then after an hour or So, just took

(“I crime!”)

off in Their Car. WTF? They’re all

Fucking Criminals. Every 1 Of em

NOTE: Virginia ‘High School Students’ Send Big
Message to Youngkin with Walk Out over Trans
Student Civil Rights. Make no mistake, they will
win. Civil Rights bein denied isn’t policy its hate
Tom: Sick Fascism in Italy how it impacts us all
Her Logo was literally Mussolini’s/R’s in America

Have A Day!

Jan 6th Hearing & Inside Job…

September 26th, 2022

As Hurricane Ian bears down on

The State Of Florida We all wish

(Ah Memories)

their citizen Well. Hunker in the

Bunker, Be Safe. There’s A New

Political Hurricane just About to

Blow TFG/ Republicans All Away

Another Jan 6th ‘hearing’ll’ take

place this Wednesday night and

shit’s Getting real. One call from

INSIDE the White House Was to

(Toilet Whine)

One of the Terrorists phones. Oh

Boy oh boy. And there will be So

much MORE Damning stuff that

Directly Links TFG /His “Minions”

to the Terrorists. There’s Just no

escape Here. It’s, both Legally &

Politically. There’s No Undoing it

either. Nothing will stop the pain


coming To ALL R’s Who Support

TFG/Terrorists. They all go away

NOTE: Italy Elects Another Fascist As PM, Again
They clearly don’t Learn. They will and very fast

Have A Day!

Cannon Misfire & Fat Meltdown…

September 22nd, 2022

The 11th Circuit ruled Against judge

Cannon’s “Wild overreach”. The FBI


& DOJ CAN Continue Their Work On

reviewing All Of The Classified Docs

This Was legally sound & will not be

touched. Ohhhhh boy he’s so fucked

And the TFG went on a big PR Stunt

With Hannity That Backfired in such

massive ways where he just couldn’t

form A Complete Sentence. He Is so


detached from All Reality, he Really

just admitted he ‘did the crime’. So

there’s no recovery here. In fact we

can Say with 100% “legal certainty”

there is no escape from a conviction

and Serious Prison. This fat bastard

took National top Secret documents

& has Done Fuck All knows with em

This is So Very DIRE For Our Nation

(They all are)

And heads, are Going, to Roll. A LOT

of them In fact. So Down they all go

NOTE: Alex Jones is going thru exactly what Fatass
is About to go thru, Only differently. But, Jones will
keep pushing & be held in Contempt. It’s So coming

Have A Day!

Trumps Sued For $250 Million…

September 21st, 2022

Down, down, down They All go

which jails they land? We don’t


yet know! NY Just ‘Sued’ all the

criminals for fraud, false assets,

inflated ‘Net’ Worth & False Tax

Returns. Oooooops. They is No

legal Defense for this, since ass

plead the 5th which means that

is legally sayin’ “Yes, I did it all!”

Oooooof. And, all The Punk Kids

(Now w/Crimes!)

who openly helped with crimin’

are All named. It’s Orange Ass,

the Organization & turd kids. It

‘Boggles’ a mind they’d all ever

think they’d get Away with it?!?

Entitled, Criminals are just like

their vile, racist Fascist Corrupt

(Yes he will!)

criminal father. Throw them all

UNDER the jail. It’s about time!

NOTE: Putin, Begins To ‘Collapse’ In Front Of The
Entire World. And he deserves everything coming
The Noble Good People of Russia Don’t deserve it
& are Going to “show” Lil Guy how he losses it all

Have A Day!

Joe Biden everyone’s lovable

energetic but flawed Gramps

(We Know)

is saying COVID’s over. And

it’s Not. At least for Those in

Red States who Refuse to all

accept Vax Science. What he

is saying is “We’ve mitigated

this down to X so if Y people

don’t Want to Get Vaxed, uh

they on Their own”. That’s A

Fair Position. And, Who Is In

A World of Legal Hell, is TFG

Over ‘its’ Special Master Lies

(Coming Soon!)

Request. They Got Him, and

now They Refuse to listen to

Him. They, are, ‘SO’, Legally

fucked; & there is no Escape

Speaking of f’ed, so’s Ronny

DoucheSantis, in FLA for His

“Illegal Stunt”. Charges, Are

coming fast. And finally, the

‘Lunacy’ of Herschel Walker

saying, “I’m Not That smart”

& “(Warnock) Will ‘Probably’

(“I’m an idiot”)

Embarrass Me!”. Then Don’t

RUN for Senate you asshole

NOTE: Fake Trump Elector is ‘busted’ for illegal
Voter machine tampering will face felony prison
More of them’ll Legally go down for their crimes

Have A Day!

Cannon Fodder & Polling Pain…

September 16th, 2022

Judge Cannon is playing a very

dangerous Game here messing


around With The DOJ for TFG

And Make No ‘Mistake’ IF Any

one texted/reached out 2 her

About Her ‘decisions’ Ya’ll See

charges will be Comin’. Let us

Not Assume. Only IF. And, We

see….Republican’s “Dark Ages”


“Policy Positions”, “Plunging” in

all the Polls. Their Goose Is so

cooked. And they deserve it all

Have A Weekend!

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