Orange Bag Of Shit claimed “I don’t know him”

(Meaning Lev Parnas). Well, turns out not only

(We Know)

DOES he know him. He Appears all the time in

pics, Discussions and well lookie here, he Even

worked For Donny’s father Fred! Ooooooooops

It will be getting worse Daily for them All. And,

in the best of all burns here comes the fat loud

idiot Robert Hyde. He is involved in surveilling

U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. Oooooops

Then on que, blamed Adam Schiff for his crime

And while all this is Burning down the house, it

(Tick Tock)

was Just Announced Trump Picked all His Legal

Team for the Impeachment Trial. Well, this is a

Rag Tag group of Pedophiles, Disgraced Sexual

Assault Enablers & Extortionists to ‘defend’ him

This is like throwing in the Towel. It’ll Be A Hoot

NOTE: Happy Birthday Betty White, The Most Talented And
Honestly Funny Person Around. And To Muhammad Ali And
Michelle Obama. Quite A LOT Of Love, & Talent In the Crew
NOTE II: And, ANOTHER Trumper In JAIL! Republican Chris
Collins Will Do A 26 Month Sentence All For Securities Fraud

Have a weekend!


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Today, the US Senate took an “Oath” administered

by Chief Supreme Court justice John Roberts To All

(“I swear…a lot!”)

Be Faithful “Impartial” Jurors. Should Republicans

play “Partisan Games” In this Trial & try to hide or

even obstruct Witnesses/Evidence, this will end so

badly for them ALL. This is now a “legal” issue, it’s

not As “Political” any longer. This is About Country

not “Party” anymore. Should anyone forget that, it

will be a Heavy Price to pay from Roberts, sargent

at arms, the rest of the senate themselves n voters

This is about our entire country. If breakin’ the law


doesn’t matter, we’re Due for a shit ton of Anarchy,

No Constitutional Law, Or Governmental Oversight

And as this is all happenin’ the GAO, a government

non-partisan Accountability Office just Ruled trump

“Broke The Law” & “Obstructed Congress”. BOOOM!

(BTW-Justice Roberts Was Visibly Nervous with His
hand shaking. This Dire Moment is Not Lost on him)

NOTE: Senator Martha McSally Calls Reporter “Liberal Hack”
This Is because she’s scared For Her Job. She Should Be And
She used it as a fund raising stunt because She’s way behind
NOTE II: FBI Agents “visited” Rudy G & Trump Buddy Robert
Hyde. Guess Mr. Jekyll Wasn’t available. They’re all Criminals

Have a day!


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Senate Trial Tuesday & 70%…

January 15th, 2020

The House Articles Have Been Formally Delivered

The Select team of 7 has Been Assembled. Today


is a Historic day in our Democracy. There will Be

a “Trial”. They will be sworn in tomorrow at 2pm

by Chief Justice Roberts. If, ANY Senator ignores

their “Oath” they take & Sign by withholding any

evidence/witnesses, this will be a sham. And it’ll

end their Careers/will be removed by voters, the

Chamber Themselves or The Sargent At Arms. It

is a Serious As it Gets. Mitch “I will work Directly

With The ‘White House’, In Lock-Step” McConnell

struck a different tone today. 70% of voters want


“Witnesses”, “Testimony” & “All Documents”, and

that # is growing fast. If they try to dismiss it out

right 1st, that’d be the end of Republicans control

of the Senate. Voters would remove them all. And

the best Idea that team of 7 & Pelosi should say 2

Trump “Oh PLEASE don’t Testify!!! We Don’t want

that!”. He’d take That Bait Faster than any fat fish

NOTE: Lev Parnas & Igor; Have Now “Put” Republicans, All In
Danger Of ‘Serious Legal Charges’ Coming Now. Very Serious
Nunes is in DEEP Legal trouble; Barr as well. Pence is fucked
This Is Getting Worse Each Day Legally for them all. It’s Over

Have a day!


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Things are Heating Up in Both The US House

and the Senate. And all of It Is Bad News for


Orange Bigot Idiot. The Trial Is Happening &

it Will Be A “MASSIVE Problem” For all of the

Republicans Up For Re-Election. They are All

in the Deep, deep, deep Shit Right now. And,

if they “ignore” the legal Severity of this trial,

voters will Correctly End their Careers. Right

now, it’s getting WAY worse, with Lev Parnas

& Igor Pics Out Daily, With Republicans All In

them. A New ‘TROVE’ of documents are here

And news flash, this isn’t good for bad people

(1 of many)

The Walls are “closing”, their time is running

out. When you are A Criminal, it catches you

IF Republicans “fix it” without facts, they will

lose. IF they Vote against Him, they Will lose.

THEY deserve Everything that is Coming now

NOTE: Corey Booker Out Of Democratic Race After
Yesterday. Hard Worker, Cares About Every Citizen
And Best Always Serve Voters. THAT, is The Future

Have a day!


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Your Shitty Racist Uncle…

January 13th, 2020

Is the President of the United States. Let that

Really Sink In. The Orange Anus, Decided His

(We Know)

Shitter storm In Smearing Dems as terrorists,

pictures of dead body’s, Misspelling Insults &

basically Realizing witnesses are coming Now

Oooooooooooooops. There Are 23 of Them up

For, Re-Election. You Have Esper/Pompeo All

won’t state any “imminent” Iran attack threat

Which means Even the State Department was

unaware of ANY threat, Ooooooops. Holy Shit

they just lie, then lie again, then lie about the


lies. This is already “Horrific”; it will get worse

by the day as they keep lyin’/obstructing folks

but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Let

us hope it’s not a train barrelin’ down on us all

NOTE: Russians Hacked Ukraine Gas Company Burisma. Oh
Yes, They Never Stopped Hacking/Meddling. This, is Serious
And Congress/Clandestine Agencies must Act Swiftly on This
NOTE II: Astro’s GM, Manager Fired After Cheating. They all
Should have Been Punished Even Harsher. The Integrity of a
Game Is At Stake. They “WON” a Championship By Cheating

Have a day!


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You’ve all heard the phrase “You can’t swing a dead

cat in here, Without Hitting Two People you know…”


1st, who The Fuck is Swinging Dead animal Carass’s

around? And 2nd is this a “Thing” I just never did or

heard About?!?! Don’t Know, buuuutttttttt it’s pretty

damn weird. In any Case just say “I know a shitload

of people” & put this dumb phrase to bed…or Bury it

NOTE: Rush Drummer & One Of THE Best Drummers, In Music
History, Neil Peart has Died At The Age Of 67 of “Brain Cancer”
Can’t scream this enough. I HATE CANCER so much. It has just
Taken so many of my Family/Friends. He was a fucking Legend
NOTE II: Secretary of Defense, Admits he Lied About Their Iran
drone killing. There was NO Imminent threat they have offered
None. The SCIFF Congressmen ALL said they were told Nothing

Have a weekend!


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War Powers & Brexit News…

January 9th, 2020

While House ‘Speaker’ Nancy “Baltimore Balls”

Pelosi used her press conference this morning

(Bring it!)

to point out facts, laws they Seek to Enact, &

Addressed All ‘things’ About Mitch McConnell/

Impeachment/Sending Articles Over. She was

strong, Factual & damnin’ to Trump/Mitch/R’s

And what was just passed in the house today?

Why that’d be the Iran war powers act by 224

to 194. 8 Dems Opposed & 3 Republicans YEA

And, When Orange Anus Thinks Savings Plans

are called 409’s(I use mine 2 clean my fridge)

And Across the Old pond, ‘Brexit’ took another

(We Know)

step closer to “Happening” with a Vote passing

their House. Now, it’s on to Lords and if passes

on to Royal Accent. If they do a ‘poor deal’ or a

‘No Deal’ Brexit, the pound will crater, jobs will

be utterly Unstable & Their ‘Economy’ will be in

chaos. So Watch Closely & Monitor Your Money

if its Over There. With each step the pound will

weaken to undreamt levels. It’s all Self inflicted

NOTE: Canada’s Justin Trudeau Claims His Intelligence Agencies
Confirmed Evidence that The Ukrainian Jet was Shot Down Near
Tehran by Iranian Ground Missiles. If true, It still Needs to all be
Vetted by All Agencies, This Is Troubling that Will Require Blame
NOTE II: Republican AG Bill Barr, Is In DEEP, DEEP Trouble Now
NY’s Bar Association wrote a letter askin Congress to investigate
Him. Oooooooooooooops. He Has Abused the Power Of His Office

Have a day!


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As the World burns around us, we have an Orange

slice of douche making matters worse daily. And it


is not even close Anymore. In a fat, long, rambling

incoherent stream of gibberish; he strung together

a pile of lies, Threats, then Obama bashin’. This is

simply An Insanely Incompetent Child Flinging shit

against the wall Yelling “It’s a masterpiece!”. No It

is Not & it Makes Our Entire Country Weaker Every

second he Speaks/Acts. And right now, it’s dividing

REPUBLICANS. Yes, you Read the correctly. This is

significant. The Iran “assassination briefing” did not

go “well” at all. In fact, 2 of the senate Republicans


were SO PISSED off after that they went out to tv

reporters RAILIN’ Against Trump/Them. Is this All

just for “show”, then the usual “Trump Ass Kissing”

starts all up again?!?! We shall see but this fight in

their party between the “Hawks” & the “doves” will

not endwell. This is law, the constitution & the war

powers of our Country. This is NOT a fucking game

NOTE: The Royals “Step Back” From Their Senior British Royal
Family Duties In surprise Move. They are Far more progressive

Have a day!


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As Consequences keep on collecting the Trump

Criminals, The Latest Is Duncan Hunter. And It

(<-Criminal POS)

couldn’t happen To A BIGGER Immoral Fucker

While Trump /Pompeo/FOX News Want A War

with Iran, our base was just attacked. A failed

attempt to distract from his Impeachment trial

Not only is not working whatsoever, the voters

are Turning on Him Badly. Especially All of the

independents/women. While Mitch Turtle Tries

“Partisan BS”/23 Republican Senators Are in A

fight for their Political lives that they are losing

(Oh No!)

And While Our Country deals with Such lunacy,

Puerto Rico’s now Dealing With Harsh Crippling

Earthquakes & Australia Is Reeling From Brush

Fires that Were out of Control. Keep them all in

your thoughts. The world is literally on fire now

Time to put on your asbestos pants cool people

NOTE: Nikki Haley Is Doing Her Best, “I Can Out Douche Any
Thing Trump Does” Impression, And Was Correctly Slammed

Have a day!


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And now, we are in the most dangerous part

of Orange Idiot’s “Attempt” to change reality

(We Know)

about his big impending Impeachment Trial

It didn’t work. And the Stakes could Not be

higher. Trump/ Pompeo/ DOD/ Pentagon All

green lit The ‘Assassination’ Of Gen Qassem

Soleimani. He was a “bad man”. And so was

Saddam. The problem here it escalates war

And With Our History of Iraq, Afghanistan &

Syria lunacy….Wars there are an endless pit

of All our Greatest soldiers/American bodies

endlessly Piled Up for Nothing. All While our

(We Know)

Finances Start To Bottom Out & Deficits rise

Trump is Cheney/Rummy/Wolfowitz/W Bush

with this rash murder/now repeating History

Oh, it’s illegal to starts war without congress

NOTE: Remember Lev Parnas, Rudy G’s Buddy?!?!
Well, He’s Coughing Up ‘More Criminal Actions’ By
Rudy/Trump/Pence/Pompeo. Oooooooooooooopsy!
NOTE II: Moron Bigoted Congressman, Posts Photo
shopped Obama image fail, busted for it & then lies

Have a weekend!


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