While The Shock of Biden Dropping

out of the Race is still waring off, it

(Surprised ya!)

seems clear this was so preplanned

long Ago. As An Independent, they,

The D’s Pleasantly Surprised Me. It

goes to show, a little thought and a

little Careful Planning, shit all goes

very Well. We are Watching History

& Also, Watching Panic Set In From

(“Wha happened?!?”)

Maga world as they’ve had all their

Convention Bounce Stolen, No one

speaks of The Shooting anymore &

Now, ‘They Prepared’ An Entire Fall

Campaign Against a guy who is not

even Running. Now Fat felon is the

Old Incoherent “Thing” They Hated


R’s/Maga Were Caught Off Guard, &

are reeling. This’ll Get worse for em

NOTE: Sonya Massey Murdered By A Cop Who “Killed Her” in
cold blood. The Body Cam footage from the OTHER cop cause
killer Cop had HIS turned off. It’s both horrifying & disgusting
Throw this Racist, Evil, Murdering Prick under the Fucking Jail
RIP: Bob Newhart comedy legend has died at 94; what a man

Have A Day!

The media & D Elite all wanted

Biden out of the race. And now

(Been a ride!)

he Has Officially “Dropped Out”

And While That was NOT At all

how he Deserved to be treated,

“HE” Had the Last Word in The

form of A letter to All American

People/Voters. He Did ‘This’ For

the country because The stakes

(You got this!)

are so high this election. We all

understand Democracy itself Is

on the ballot. And, he endorsed

His VP Kamala Harris. ‘Cue’ The

maga racist shit that can’t hurt

Her. And, aside From A Historic

Pick, They just Raised a Record

(Only way!)

Breaking $81 Million In just 24

Hours! R’s In Panic, D’s are not

NOTE: While Judge Cannon awaits much more than an 11th
Circuit Ruling which ends her career, Jack Smith & his team
are Busy Prepping for The Jan 6th Mini-Trial & This is Gonna
destroy racist Fat felon. They have all the receipts and facts

Have A Day!

How many felons does it take to

screw In A Lightbulb? It Doesn’t


Matter, Most Of Them Are Busy

speakin’ at the RNC Convention

They aren’t law & order they’re

simply Criminal assholes who a

jury found Guilty. It Is no rogue

system they’re all just criminals


Stop breaking the Law. Speakin’

Of ‘That’, Judge “Loose” Cannon

is so Royally F’ed as Jack Smith

has already “filed” with the 11th

& they Got it. This means it will

be Processed Faster than before


Look for this is move very quick

And Cannon will be going Down

NOTE: Actual Rational Journalism was used in dealing with serial
criminal fraud liars like Kari Lake. She was demolished by facts &
her fraud record. Masterclass in how To Deal With these monsters

Have A Day!

The “RNC Convention” Is goin’ over

about as well as a lead balloon; ha!


Not Only Are ‘Maga & Many’ Other

R’s all pissed at the pick: all of the

racists(most of the party) hate he

has An Indianian Wife & Family. It

‘Pisses off’ Hard maga & Groypers

The Entire “Thing” Is A Real “Who

(Nap Time!)

The F Are You?!?!” of “Who’s Who”

The “Orange Insurrectionist” even

“fell asleep”, as did the rest of the

Nation. Face it, We Only Have one

National Political Party Capable of

Enacting Sane Policies Or Achieve

(Vote Blue!)

Actual ‘progress’, in Congress. We

Deserve At Least “2 More” Parties

NOTE: Shooter’s Father & Mother Were BOTH in ‘The Trump’ 2016
Campaign Target data list. OMG! They’re all true believers, so just
what was The Motive here? Well, Alex Jones hate Spew offered up
what “COULD” be the intent. The facts And truth will all come out
NOTE II: D-Senator Bob MenendezĀ is found Guilty On ALL Counts
Good because he DID IT. You Violate the law, take bribes….it’s jail

Have A Day!

Well, well Judge “In Magas Pocket”

Cannon has now “stepped all in it”


She just dismissed the illegal docs

case all Based on “Nothing legally

valid”. There IS in fact a legal and

Constitutional Right, For A DOJ To

“Appoint, ‘A Special’ Consul”. And,

NO Amount, Of “Trying” Thomas’s

Invalid Theory’ll Sway The Courts


In fact, The 11th Circuit, is about

2 collect both her job & her head

FO & FO lady. Jack has All of The

Legal Receipts of Your Illegal and

Unethical “Acts” From The Bench

And The Orange Thing Picked his

VP: JD “I Am A Walking DNC Ad”

There are ‘Tons of Clips’ where he

bashes Trump. Ha Ha ha ha ha ha

NOTE: The Shooter was a Registered Republican, With Trumps Signs
in his Lawn. His father/He are Hard Right Libertarians. The truth Will
see The Sunlight. Wait for ALL of the facts to come in. And, they will!

Have a day!

Well well, it turns out that voters

Really ‘Love’ their Rights. In Fact,


“Voting By Mail”, is All Upheld In

Wisconsin, Utah, & Alabama. Ha!

This is a Legal deathblow against

Maga “Voter Suppression Tactics”

that’s Great news. And for all the

Insane Democratic hang Ringing

About Biden, the Media Is Really

‘Losing Touch’ with Journalism &


opting for Substance free “Optics

only” Opinions vs Facts. And, it’s

so Bad they can’t Address that In

Orange ‘Babbling Idiot’. It’s Gross

NOTE: Republican “Traitors” Tried To “Hold” Merrick Garland in
“Inherent Contempt”. That, like “all Things” They Touch, Failed
RIP: Shelly Duvall Has Passed Away at the age of 75 & she was
a true shinning start. Both as an actor & a human being. Loved

Have A Day!

We now have an official Investigation

into the crimes of Clarance Thomas &

(<-Corrupt Crook)

you can bet Sam Alito’s next; ooooops

The Facts Are Already Clear that Snow

‘Ball’ Thomas, Already Committed The

“Crimes” Of Federal Ethics Violations &

‘Tax Law Fraud’. And….’Things’ Will Get

way worse as even more Crimes come

to light. And They surely Will. You See,

(<-Crook Two!)

they’re all admitted criminals serving

their crime lord master. It’s disgustin

And in other criminal judge news, an

Alaskan Maga Federal Judge has just

“resigned” for Violating every Known

Ethics law on the books, had sex with

A ‘Former’ Law Clerk & Lying To All Of

(“You’re fired!”)

his Colleagues about it. Geeee what a

vile Festering Pile Of Criminal asshole

NOTE: A Maga Mega Church Fraud Pastor not only Sexually Assaulted a 12
yearold girl. They tried the insane non-defense of “She assaulted me it’s all
HER fault”. It will be met with the Fullest extent of the law & consequences
this criminal scumbag deserves; the lawyer should also be disbarred as well

Have A Day!

The media in the states plays ad revenue

games with the Presidential Race, Others


All over the world are treating it with the

correct serious Grave concern it requires

Turns Out, Nazi Fascists Are Not So Very

Popular With Voters these Days. Ah, who

knew?!(Makes Stupid Face). The UK Just

Told Maga/Fascists/Putin To Go Fuck Off

so Did France in An Upset of LePen Who

Openly Stated Her “Views” Are Those Of


‘Orange Traitor’ & Putin. UK ‘Historically’

Rejected Tory Nazi’s, For Labor & France

rejects It 4 the Center/middle left. Let’s

see If America Can Grab Sanity & Follow

Suit Here. Our Current Media Doesn’t at

all Appear to Want That in favor of Their

Horse Race hot Garbage for Ad Rev. And

our Voters in the nation don’t care about

(<-Voters wrath!)

That Lunacy. Only Protecting Democracy

Voters’ll Have our Say & Make it our Day

NOTE: Republican’s/Maga/Q Idiots All Try To Pretend They Didn’t Strip
away Abortion Rights in Roe “Pretending” to soften their stance. Ha Ha
NO. Voters all see them for exactly who they are; fascist nazi dictators

Have A Day!

Well well, turns out Fat Felon was

always Hanging Out with a Rapist

(Vile Criminals)

of 14 Year Old Girls. My My, How

so very “Christian” of him. We all

Know He’s a Felon Traitor Fascist

Racist sociopath. And so, in other

terrifyin news a maga Spokesass

directly States He’s A Traitor who

wants a Violent Free Coup if only

the D’s Will Comply. WTF?!?!? He

(<-A-hole Traitor!)

actually said it Out loud for all To

hear. Their Project 2025 is real &

must be Defeated: We must Vote

NOTE: Justice Barrett states Orange Anus isn’t protected against the
Charges For The Fake Electors Scheme. Well, that AND Jan 6th either

Have A 4th!

We Fought A Revolutionary War to

“Rid” ourselves of Kings above the

(Traitors flank)

Law. And, Almost On Our Nations

Birthday, the Traitors on The High

‘Supreme Court’ Just Made a King

again. WTF?!?! So now Presidents

have “immunity” When Doing any

“Official Acts”?!?! Well, I guess we

Have Biden As A King For A While


so look out. This is A dark day in a

‘Weary World’. These Traitors Must

be Removed & or the court should

Be Expanded. And, In today’s nice

“Find Out” we See a jailed BannonĀ 

who will Serve 4 Months (With yet

Trial Looming) & Rudy G. Vampire

Hair Dye Being “Disbarred” by the

NYC bar. They’re all Criminal Shits

NOTE: The NY DA Will Delay Orange Felon’s Sentencing By Two Weeks
upon Idiots lawyers request as they attempt to delay the inevitable jail
time. Paying Off a Porn Star Isn’t an “official act”. What a Stupid Game
NOTE II: “History”, is very Clear on The Subject, the traitor R’s in office
today are no different than the Confederate Traitors During & after The
Civil War. Guess what, we removed all of them as well. See how it goes

Have A Day!

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