Trump asked R’s to Stop Paying

attention. And, went to the FAR


left of D’s in 2003 which makes

It VERY Communist Funny. The

idea is To Let Putin rule here, &

it’s disgusting. And, the GQP’er

House Speaker little man about

2 be gone tried to kiss the ring

& it Will End Him/Them. Voters


hate Them & Stats Say they just

will. Ooooooooops. Deserve it all

NOTE: Orange Man Can’t Escape His Abortion Hate &
there’s Nowhere to go from here except voters wrath!

Have A Weekend!

Well well, the self proclaimed

Billionaire Appears to be One

(Broke ass!)

Broke Ass Mother F’er. And It

is clearly seen by AG James &

The NY Courts. And Now That

is Clear That he/Hankey Can’t

Post The Bond, Orange Idiots

assets might just all be seized

Oooooooops. This fat Criminal


Jackass Filed his Bogus Bond

On April Fools Day. Turns out

The only Fool is Orange Felon

Speaking of ‘fools’ there’s no

Republican Party any more &

68% of all voters don’t want

the Hate/Making Abortions a


crime that they’re selling. The

fact is their Shitty Party’s over

NOTE: Biden Administration will close the “Gun Show” Loop
Hole, which is just a step In the Right Direction. About time
NOTE II: OJ Simpson killed by Cancer; cancer tries 2 outrun
Cops In a “White Ford Bronco”. What A Despicable Murderer
The World will not Miss Him. The Shit he put Those kids thru

Have A Day!

Nothing will Stop the Orange

Fascist Traitor From Avoiding

(“See u Monday!”)

His trial, Which means Legal

Fines/Prison/Jail Looms. This

Gets Worse For Him/R’s/GQP

With Every Passing Day. And,

they could’ve avoided all of it

Instead of goin’ after Mod I’s

or increase their base they’re

pulling shit in AZ where they


‘install’ a Draconian abortion

‘Law’ From 1864. I, Shit, ya,

NOT! Voters are gonna reign

political hellfire on R’s, & the

Worst Part?! The Maga Judge

Cannon, Just Undid Her Own

order not Knowing the law &

then tried to Blame Smith. It

(We know!)

Shows She Knows Nothing &

Ends Her Time On The Bench

NOTE: Turns Out Kari Lake is Sunk in AZ. She In Fact
openly supported the 1864 law. Ya can’t unring a Bell
And, there s no escape. Voters are so gonna torch her
NOTE II: Alan ‘The Fraud’ Weisselberg Gets Another 5
months in prison for Lying on the stand. For everyone
who Touches Orange Anus, FA & FO. Always ends bad

Have A Day!

Another day, another Ruling that

sends an Orange traitor one step


closer to Guilty/jail. So All of his

delay Tactics have dried Up, and

trials are moving ahead with the

Facts Finding Him Guilty As Fuck

Justice has been FAR too slow in

this Case for This Traitor. But It’s

(Yes he is!)

here Starting on Monday, then it

gets a new trial startin with each

new week. There’s no republican

Party anymore. This is the Just a

“Parable” of The Frog & Scorpion

in Real Time. House R’s in Chaos

(Face, eaten!)

losing Power, Can’t Govern & It’s

all over but the cryin’. They done

NOTE: ‘Arizona Supreme Court’ Upholds an Abortion Law
From 1864. JFC! That’s The End Of Republican’s In Power
Voters are about To Show these Fascist fucks Their Anger

Have A Day!

Happy Solar Eclipse Monday To

all who Celebrate. The “Orange


Anus” Just Posted an unhinged

sweaty slurrin video, where he

takes Credit 4 “Roe” AND Says

He Wants To Take More of Your

Rights away. Ha! Ohhhhhh boy

Did These Criminal Traitors Not

(Evil shits!)

learn A THING From the Last 5

election Cycles. Not only are all

Voters gonna ‘Remind’ him/em

“many” are of His own base. It

Gets Worse W/Each Trial, Each

Conviction And With Each Legal

(Bye bye fuck!)

Consequence that Is “About” to

befall Him. There’s No Escaping

it. And he/they do deserve it All

NOTE: GQP’s Next target? Take the Voting rights of the
Elderly In Nursing Homes. Wisconsin GQP Senate Idiot
Running for office thinks if Old People Live in a Nursing
home they only have 5-6 months to live they can’t vote
Yes they can & will be voting against these fascist fucks

Have A Day!

The fly by night Unsolvent Bond

the Mr Hanky posted for Orange


Anus has been in doubt. And it’s

now under Legal review with the

fact Hanky doesn’t Actually have

The ‘Amount Demanded’ By The

Courts. Oooops. And, NYC & The

East Coast was Hit with a Quake

today. OMG! Hope All are Safe &

(“Oh NO!”)

no injuries. And Jeff Clark Along

With ‘Tons’ of other Maga Felons

are legally all goin’ down. Ha ha!

NOTE: BOOMING “Jobs Report” Of 303,000 New Jobs in March
vs a 214,000 projection. Our Economy Is humming & it’s great
for all American’s. Face it, voters all Feel they are doing better!

Have A Day!

Judge Cannon In The Classified

Documents case is in some bad


legal trouble of Her own makin’

Turns Out, The 11th Circuit has

already legally admonished her

badly Over Irrational Rulings &

Jack Smith is ready to drop the

legal hammer on her if she still


keeps doin’ her unlawful things

Oh, Aside From Polls Which Are

looking worse for Orange Anus

(Polls Don’t vote, people do) so

are other R’s not only attacking

Him in Rove/Most All Other R’s


And the ‘Voters’ who Hated His

R’s direct hand(s) in endin’ Roe

NOTE: Religious Whacko’s Don’t Know How To “Calendar”
Maga thinks Easter & international Trans Day of Visibility
Both landin’ on the same day was created BY someone &
Not just How Calendars Work. And, These Abject Morons
thinking Biden ‘Did It’ when He’s Catholic is even dumber
NOTE II: A maga GQP domestic Terrorist rammed his car
Into an FBI Office. He is a “Raging Trumper Lunatic”. Jail

Have A Day!

Another day, another new legal

problem for Orange Felon. And

(“Zip it!”)

it gets Worse for “it” With Each

Passing Day. The New “Stricter”

gagorder/idiot already violated

includes All Those Who work In

the Court, The judges Daughter

And you Can Be sure the traitor


will Violate the New One Within

Seconds. And, His Flopping fail

Events are just fascist nazifests

filled with lies, hate & racist BS

Voters not Buying it anymore &

the Tides Turning Hard. I quote


‘Remember The Titans’: “Run it

up Herman……..leave no doubt!”

NOTE: Judge Cannon, Orange Traitors installed “pet” is In Dire
“Legal Trouble” As Jack Smith / DOJ Calls Her Irrational Illegal
rulings “Fundamentally flawed”. 1st off, Cannon clearly doesn’t
know What the 1917 Espionage Act is & She is Now Asking for
jury Instructions from Both sides before a trial date’s set. WTF

Have A Day!

Well, Orange Criminal Put Up

the MASSIVELY lowered cash


he was demanded to $175mill

Well, I Should say another big

con-man “named” Don Hanky

Mr. Hanky, A Literal Tiny Piece

Of Shit from South Park. OMG

you Truly Can’t Make This shit

(Ha, sucker!)

up. Poo Man gives out 0 credit

Surety Bonds Subprime Loans

Ooooooops. And, while all this

is sending ‘it’ into its legal hell,

Biden is gettin a Voter bounce

Cause He/ This Administration

(“Let’s roll!”)

actually care about Democracy

& Can Accomplish good Things

RIP: Comedic Improv/Movie Legend, Joe Flaherty Has Passed
away at the age of 82. An original SCTV Comedian his work’s
world known. His influence on ALL us Comedians is legendary
NOTE: 7 World Central Kitchen Charity workers killed In Gaza
due to Bibi’s/Israel’s airstrikes. If Israeli strikes keep killing all
Humanitarian efforts, they’re in violation of international laws

Have A Day!

As what’s left of the Republican

Party Continues Its Decent into

(Bye bye!)

Traitor madness, the rest of the

world & Voters clearly see them

No one Wants what these racist

Hateful Criminal Traitors Are All

Selling. In Fact, Abortion Rights

(Woman to GQP!)

will be ON the ballot in FL, and

in Many Other States. Ooooops

Aside From ‘The Orange Traitor’

in dire legal Hell, so is over half

Of The Entire GQP. They refuse


to stop “criming”. It Has Already

violated the gag order so it’s jail

NOTE: Everythin Orange Felon touches dies & His Failed
Racist Hate app Truth Social just tanked like we told you
all LONG ago that It would. Utter failure; Circle the drain

Have A Day!

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