While Republicans in Ohio ‘Try’

to out Crazy each other when

(<-The Lunatics!)

none of them win splittin’ their

voters; we have somethin way

more ‘Horrific’ Going on These

Days. Alito’s ‘Opinion’ was just

leaked On The SCOTUS for em

overturning Roe V. Wade. Wtf!

Make no mistake here, the gqp

Is Finished over this. This wild

overreach Has Undone them &

there’s no way to Ever recover

from It. They’re Boxed In & No

wayout. If these radical Insane

Political Actors, Just Dressed in

Robes DO overturn it; the bold

Back-lash anger From Voters’ll

(No Shit!)

ends the Republican party. Not

only these Mid-Terms, but also

for every future election Ooops

And if they Don’t, this Opinion

Already Has “Awoke” A Voting

Giant. Don’t Think, These Evil

“Immoral Fascists” will stop at

this. Next up, is Contraception,

‘Interracial Marriage’, & finally

Gay Marriage. We ALL Told ya

this was their Goal. Now these

‘Republicans’, Who ALL directly

Created this (electin All of the

Radical Justices) Will Pay such

a High Cost. Not just their jobs


but History will eviscerate each

of these deeply immoral cretins

NOTE: R-Collins, & “EVERY Republican” ‘Who’ Voted To
Confirm Gorsuch, Kavanaugh & Comey now own Every
Inch Of This. ‘WE TOLD YOU’ and You Assholes Did Not
Listen. Well, here we are. Society is going to push back

Have A Day!

30 Responses to “Roe, Roe, Roe Your Vote…”

  1. John Bolger

    What an evil day. We, must, focus & Register To Vote!

    Vote ALL Republican’s out!

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