While Democrats won a lot of

races (Boston, NYC, Ohio, NJ,

(New Faces!)

Etc) they did lose the race for

Governor In VA. Yet what did

yesterday tell Us? Well, the ol

guy is so toxic, R’s have to lie

& gin up fake racist hate (crt)

bullshit to just Squeak by. It’s

not a long term Winning path

And the other races imply the

US is becoming more rational

& Inclusive which is awesome


Ah So they Believe in ‘Voting’

again after a win? Such turds

And Absolutely horrible news

for those R’s who Fixed Their

Dumbass Wagon to “it”. Doh!

Cause all “those” batshitcrazy

idiots, Were “stood up” in TX

Thinking make believe is real

Can ruin Lives/Days. And it’ll

keep on ‘Happening’ to Them


Play stupid games win stupid

prizes…they got prizes galore

NOTE: Raiders Henry Ruggs III Was Drunk
& Drove 156mph into The “Back” Of a lady
who’s Rav4 burst into flames killin’ her and
her Dog. It’s called vehicular manslaughter

Have A “Safe” Day!

25 Responses to “Yongkin Wins & Qrazy Stood Up…”

  1. John Bolger

    Republican’s: The voting was rigged!

    (They win 3 out of 10 races)

    Republican’s: Only in the races we lost!

    Fuck off!

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