Suckering Rubes & Sox Done…

October 12th, 2021

The entire ecosystem over at

Fox Noise, is “Do As I lie, not


as We Actually Do”. They’re

in the “Entertainment for all

morons” mode thinking it is

funny/Cute. They’re all anti-

Vax, While strictly Following

vaccination rules in their Tv

station. Whatever they’re all

Spewing; they’re actually all

doing ‘The Exact opposite’ &

The Only ‘Acception’ is All of


Racist Hate. That, Is Where

both Sides align. The rest is

them Pissing In your eyes &

takin’ from an Empty Wallet

And this Fall, All Of Chicago

tried to fall in love with The

Chicago White Sox. But, we

decided not to play baseball

‘Horrible’ ‘Pitching’, Horrible

bats, Bad Situational hitting

(It burns!)

We Need to learn how to All

play baseball. Til then, done

NOTE: NFL Coach Jon Gruden, Has ‘Quit’ As
The Raiders Coach after racist, Homophobic
& mysogynistic emails surface; gud bye ass

Have A Day!

2 Responses to “Suckering Rubes & Sox Done…”

  1. John Bolger

    If ya don’t “learn” your hand will burn. Get it?

  2. John Bolger

    Holy tits batman!

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