BS Bluffs & Gametime Baby!

October 7th, 2021

The Entire, ‘Republican Party’

is only one thing: bullshit lies


They hold no policies that the

voters “want”, no solutions to

any real world problems, and

stand firm against democracy

itself. So then it’s just bullshit

time. With the Debt Ceiling it

is Simple: they’re all standing

over Piles of Their own $ and

(No shit!)

threatening to ‘burn it all’. Ok

Go Ahead, Ya Idiots! BS Bluff

Speaking Of Big deals, today’s

the start of the Chicago White

Sox postseason Playoff Run &

the City just Couldn’t be more

exited. Time to Show Up, And

turn it up a “few notches”. We

(1 city, 1 goal!)

are ready to rock. Let’s get em

Step one, starts today. Yesssss

NOTE: Racist Republican, CA Sheriff Chad
(Of course he’s named that) Bianco is Also
An Oath Keeper. Ahhhh yes, Those Armed
terrorist Milita’s who Helped Jan 6th, fired

Have A “Safe” Day!

9 Responses to “BS Bluffs & Gametime Baby!”

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