A total Of 586,199 Americans

have lost their lives To COVID

(Sadly, yes)

Yes, the vaccines are working

But never fast Enough. There

is hope. Like A Shitty Boss or

love life, it’s finally all getting

Under Control. And, ‘What’ is

Not? Well, Republicans Doing

Their “Racisting In Public” For

all To See. Ugh. Rick Asshole-

Scrotum Said this Racist Shit:

“We birthed a Nation, from nothing. I
mean, there was nothin’ here. I mean
yes we have Native Americans…….but
candidly (Of their Culture) In America”

Um, Yes. The Genocide had a

(<-Prick Decorum)

LOT to do with that & it’s still

horribly Wrong. Jeez, they’re

not Even Hiding their overt &

hateful racism anymore. That

shit if Full On Now. In fact, It

stands to Reason the one key

plank left for the R’s is racism

The other’s terrorism/treason

GOP lawmakers got An “F” in

a new report card from; other

GOP’ers. Over 100 got “F’s” &

(Most all R’s)

only 14 R’s In All Of Congress

got an A. They are officially A

Lost Cause Party At this Point

NOTE: Turns Out Lots Of Racists Are All
into Public Racisting. It cost this one its
“Job”. Good. Sunlight for ALL of em now

Have A “Safe” Day!

2 Responses to ““Racisting” In Public & Gimme An “F”…”

  1. John Bolger

    The Republican “F-” Crew!

  2. John Bolger

    Let’s give em an F-, shall we?!?!

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