Derek Chauvin GUILTY On all 3

counts! Well no Shit. This is the


1st trial in US History where we

were ALL the witnesses. Simply

put, you just can’t “Defend” the

indefensible. And this, was just

that. While nice, this is just the

beginning For Reform. The real

Work Starts NOW. And so, The

Entire “Republican Party”…And

“Right Wing ‘Hate’ Media” Melt

down Fast. They’re Collectively

bonkers. Because it ‘seems’, If

racists get basic consequences

(We Know)

THEY Feel Angry. Why, Would

happen?!?!? Oh Because their

entire base are Hateful racists

like all the Racists facin’ basic

consequences 4 Criminal Acts

And speakin of Consequences

Stacy Abrams just put her big

foot so far up R Kennedys fat

ass, he can’t talk anymore. It

turns out when he asks dumb

ass questions, she gives VERY

specific Answers bout Exactly

(“Push me!”)

How the GA Voting laws Are

racist. And, moron R-Jordan

got his big verbal beatdown

By Val Demings. Hells Yesss

NOTE: R-Lisa Murkowski “Breaks Ranks”
to support Vanita Gupta to Associate AG
The Ice Has Thawed On Some. Now, the
real legislative work begins. Lets bring it

Have A “Safe” Day!

5 Responses to “GUILTY, Kennedy Kicked & Gym Ass…”

  1. John Bolger

    GUILTY AF. Now reform all police!

  2. John Bolger

    And Val Demings, like a BOSS!

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