It’s 4/20 so get yo Weed Money!

Time to Light up and Lighten Up


I kid, I joke, enjoy it if youre of

age/Legal. Don’t, if You are Not

Oh Speaking of Fucking Morons

Turd Nugent, who screamed its

“A Scam”, “The CDC, Liars. The

FBI, liars…….you can’t trust any

of The Gumberment (Unless Of

course Orange Fart Was runnin’

It; Into The Ground)”. Then, “it”

asked “So why weren’t we shut

Down Durin’ COVID 1-18 then?”

Ahem, because like racist Idiots


different “Strains” Cause VERY

different Problems. Like, death

Well ‘Racist Idiot Boy’ “Fucked

around & Found Out”. He HAS

COVID-19 now & ‘Thought’ he

was “Going to die”. Darwinism

says he already should’ve, and

who knows, it’s Never too Late

for Idiot Boy. And Our Shooter

At The FedEx Place in IN, Was

now get this, checking out alot

of RACIST Sites online. Geeee

And, Cops Found This, in 2020

(Spot on!)

When They Took One Shotgun

From, His, Home. The FBI Shit

the bed on this One very Hard

And, How, Was he Able to Buy

2 assault rifles? This must end

NOTE: Republican: Chuck “I Don’t Do Any
Facts Math” Grassley thinks there are one
Hundred Million Jobs In Atlanta. GO Away
You old Maga Creep. Your Times is up ace
NOTE II: Derek Chauvin’s GUILTY, on ALL
Three Counts! Now, Work starts!! We Will
Have the Full Coverage of This, Tomorrow

Have A “Safe” Day!

5 Responses to “4/20, Turd Gets COVID, Killer Racist…”

  1. John Bolger

    Turd Nugent is Darwinism 101!

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  3. John Bolger

    Chauvin Guilty!

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