Another day, ANOTHER mass shooting

4 People were Murdered in Orange, CA

(No More!)

One of the Victims was A 9 year old boy

Jeeeessssssuuuussss tap dancing Christ

ENOUGH. We Have Had Enough Of This

horror. The entire country wants better

UBC’s, mental health, no AR-15 assault

weapons & just Close All the Gun Show

Loopholes. It’s All, Wildly Popular. That

means R’s, Won’t do any of It. So be it

Then Do it, Without Them. Their ‘Entire’

Party is Dead. It’s A Cautionary Tale Of

(<-She Helped)

Racist Hate & Never Enacting ‘Policies’

That HELP/Serve Their Voters. In Fact,

they are all Openly against Democracy

itself. They side with the Terrorists on

Jan 6th still, get it yet? Voters sure do

& Are DONE with Them. But One good

thing goin on: Baseball baby! Crack O

the bat, gloveplays, hustle, fun, teams

on a tear. It’s so ‘On like a light switch’


kids. Sit back & enjoy Grown men who

Are Hitting their Own balls. Zing. Woot

NOTE: Republican Kristi Noem ‘Clearly’ Doesn’t Even
know what “infrastructure” is & proves it 2 the world
While Another GA Republican Points out all the illegal
Parts of The New Anti-Voting Rights Bill. Oooooooops

Have A “Safe” Day!

2 Responses to “Shooting, DOA & Opening Day…”

  1. John Bolger

    Gotta stop the mass shootings!

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