We’re Slowly, Succeeding against

This Pandemic. We are Doing This

(Knew It!)

together. And so what does King

Dipshit R -Texas Governor Gregy

Abbott do?! Drop the great mask

mandate that was Working early

You FIDOTS! Livin’ Up to his last

Name. Just Needs ‘Costello’ right

about now And that was Comedy

Fun. This, Is Just Plan Old Stupid

putting ‘Citizens’ lives At risk, for

(With Mayo!)

No rational reason. This Will just

Hurt Them. Vote these Monsters

outta office before they cause us

any more damage. Oh & speakin

of “damage control” It seems as

if Andrew Cuomo doesn’t ‘Get It’

He Did all of The Stupid Horrible

Things In Underreporting deaths

AND Now harassing women. Wtf

It’s Never the Mistakes; but it IS

(Cover eyes!)

always The Hubris in Denying IT

See, Being A lying Turd who just

commits ‘Bad Acts’ isn’t partisan

If someone Does It, “Call” It Out

NOTE: Today’s ‘What’s up with racists’
Includes A Nazi who Wanted to royally
Fuck Up Jewish/Black Properties. Ugly
Hate In NJ that Will Just Get Punished
Tomorrow: The UK Brexit Issues, How
They’re Dealing With COVID and More

Have A “Safe” Day!

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