We Are STILL, in The Middle of Pandemic

which Has Taken 393,169 lives in the US

(No More!)

We will Finally contain It but this horror

has Taken it’s Toll. And now the Orange

Anus Will be The ‘only’ President to ever

be on “Mount Impeach-more” For Being

the ONLY President In American History

to be impeached TWICE. 10 other r’s all

voted FOR it as well. Still not enough for

my Liking. There is, No Republican Party

anymore. None. History has it’s Eyes On

them. Few are Saving their lives, souls &

(Mt. Douchemore)

careers. Most Are Siding With Seditious,

racist, fascist terrorism. It isn’t “Politics”

It is People who Actively are all working

AGAINST This Country, Constitution and

society as a whole. They have taken the

side of Hate/Terrorism. Remove ’em All

Our Country Demands Leaders Actually

follow their Oath, defend this Country &

SERVE US. Not Racist Fascist Terrorism

History’s clear on this subject. These R’s


who Support/Serve him, Are Done Here

They will be Eviscerated & Deserve it all

NOTE: Democratic Law Maker Correctly Goes After
“Republican Leaders” Who Support Terrorism/Hate
NOTE II: House Calls On Pence to invoke The 25th

Have A “Safe” Day!


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