Still in the middle of historic pandemic

in which A political party’s really doing


NOTHING To Stop It. We’ve lost 384K

People In The Non-United States. This

would normally be the most Egregious

ever. But IT has to Wait In line Behind

An Overt Fascist Terrorist Coup By the

Republican Party In America. Yes, You

read That Correctly. There are “sitting”

Republicans in the US Congress and in

state capitols who not only support the

terrorist Insurrection: they helped with

(Over & Done)

It!!!!! McCarthy, Mooney, Cruz, Brooks,

Boebert, Hawley, Sessions, GosarBiggs,

Tuberville, And, TX AG Paxon. Not, Just

them; but countless State capitol R’s in

every area who Supported It. So, Every

single One of Them should be Removed

From Office NOW. Simply Use The 14th

Amendment, For Congress. No ‘Chance’

we can “Unite” When The Terrorists are

STILL In The Fucking Building Just In A

(They Did This!)

nice SUIT. No, no, no, Never Ever NO!

1st we Charge You, then you Face the

dire consequences for actions/terrorist

seditious hate against our Nation. See,

then & ONLY THEN, Will That Begin To

happen. While still holding the Fucking

lit Match You Used to Help Burn Down

the ENTIRE Forest There’s No “Uh hey

it’s time to Heal!”. Fuuuuuuuuuuck NO

Right now, “More” terrorist Events are

(We Know)

Being Planned Across America for Jan

17th-20th. They will be stopped. Fuck

around & find out. Tick tock, times up

NOTE: NO FLY LIST Is Increasing By The Day In
Large part Thanks to brave Flight Worker Unions
Who Are helping Build Those “Lists” of Terrorists
NOTE II: Turns Out, Fascist Terrorism Is Bad For
Business. Cumulus Media orders right wing Hate
Radio Hosts To “Stop pushing Elections lies” or if
they Do, They Will Be Removed. So Long fuckers

Have A “Safe” Day!


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