What happened yesterday in our nations

capitol Wasn’t An “Accident”. It Wasn’t a

(No shit!)

“Protest”. It Wasn’t a “Rebellion”, “brave

act” Or “Revolution”. No, it Was simply a

Domestic Terrorist Act by definition. See

“A Person/Group who uses Unlawful violence
And Intimidation, Especially Against Civilians,
in the pursuit of their political aims and goals”

Make NO MISTAKE, Who Called For This,

who stoked/helped this & who is directly

responsible for It. Orange Anus, & Every

sitting Republican who Spewed this hate

See, there’s no Way to get the Terrorism

“off you”. It Is laid directly at your fuckin

(Sedition Hawley)

seditious feet. And all the Anti-American

criminals Who Violently Stormed Our US

Congress, ‘destroyed offices’, Stole stuff,

Planted Bombs & Illegally destroyed The

chambers of Congress. They Will ALL be

brought to justice. And aside from being

Fascists, Racist, & Violent; they Are Also

DUMB. Cameras /Video Caught Them All

& MOST Were Streaming their crimes so

they Are All Fucked. And, NONE Of Their

(And followers)

hate & Crimes stopped the Peoples work

Of Us, “Confirming” Joe Biden/VP Harris

as the 46th president & vice president of

our Country. No thanks to Hawley, Cruz,

‘Tuberville’, Rick Scott, Kennedy & Cindy

Hyde-Smith, Marshall, Lummis & House

Who All Voted to block AZ/PA. They Are

Anti-Democratic Seditious Fascists, Who

should be removed from Office. They all

Voted ‘Against’ Their Oath / this Country

(We Know)

We Must Enact, The 25th Amendment &

do it now! Congress seems 2 agree. We

can’t allow him 1 more “Day” of Fascism

And this All Ends, With Him Dying in Jail

NOTE: PA State Lawmaker, R- Doug Mastriano Was One
Of The Terrorists. He Should Be Removed, And Arrested
A Trumper, Helped Organize it, Bus People In and There
NOTE II: Biden Selects Merrick Garland for AG. Awwww
Shit!!! Karmic Justice Will Ensure The “LAW” Is Followed
No Partisan Hate, Criminal Lunacy, Or Lies. Just the Law

Have A “Safe” Rational Day!


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