We have lost 360,500 good people in

this country. And, Republicans Do not


fucking CARE. We will get through It

Only With Following the CDC rules &

Guidelines. There Is “No” Republican

Party Anymore. NONE. And The King

of “Criming” just Committed Election

Fraud/a Felony on a long phone Call

with GA SOS, Brad Raffensperger Ha!

Ooooooops. Forget everythin’ the fat

Orange Criminal Said was false/A Lie

and Brad Recorded It to Highlight his

(Rent Joke)

criming. And Fat Fascist racist fucker

aside, now a smaller group of hateful

Republican traitors simply Want their

Political Careers to End With A Wildly

Criminal “Stunt”. Their…..”Objections”

will be overruled. BUT they Will have

gone on record as Unfit to even serve

in Congress, by Ignoring Law/The US

‘Constitution’. Severe “Consequences”

NOTE: Nazi Racist “Proud Boys” Get Pushed Back
& Arrested By Police. They’re Domestic Terrorists
Now they Are saying “Fuck Police”. Ummmm, OK
VOTE TOMORROW: Tuesday, January 5th, for GA
Turnout, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, and run The Senate

Have A “Safe” Day!


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