Science Likes Biden & More Hate…

September 15th, 2020

As I type this, we have reached 200,000

Dead People in Our Country from COVID


Think about That. At Least 1/2, or More

could have been prevented. WTF?!! And

Trump/Republicans All Did Nothin’. The

world Is literally Burning around us and

Our Social/Economic Suffering Is Awful

society doesn’t like Trump. Hell most of

humanity doesn’t. In Fact, Science itself

has landed On The side Joe Biden. Welp

(1st time ever)

that Is pretty damn “Obvious”. The only

shit tRump/Republicans want to Spread

is Hate. Well it’s not working. In fact, it

is Blowing up In their Faces. Remember,

Vote like our lives depend on it. They do

NOTE: Jake Tapper, ‘Finally Does’, What Media
Should have done Since Day 1. If People come
On a Show to Spew Propaganda, Hate and Lies
They Only Want To ‘Distract’. Deny Them That!

Have a “safe” day!


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