There is only 50 Days left until the Orange

Asshole Is removed From office once & for

(Go Away!)

all. The Polls Are Hardening. And It is not

looking Good, for DickHead Donny. But it

all matters not, if everyone doesn’t simply

mobilize & VOTE! We have a pandemic, it

is Approaching 200,000 Dead. And, While

we daily struggle with that, fat racist Idiot

holds “Death Rallies”, To Kill More, Of His

“Followers”. Welp, Fine By Me. Give Them

the Old “Herman Cain Treatment”. It also

means A LOT less votes. Ooops. Speaking

of dumber than a box of hair, one Bore-us


Johnson is now bitching about……himself

He wants to “change” (he wants out) the

Brexit Deal. Why is That?! Well, it royally

sucks Cripplin their Country, so he’s just

trying to Wriggle Out of His own Problem

by Blaming, Now get this. The EU. Ha ha!

NOTE: tRump Doesn’t Believe In Science/Facts Or
Reality. And Wants a “4 Hour Debate”, With Biden
If It’s Hosted By Joe Rogan. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, No

Have a “safe” day!


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