As COVID has killed over 195,147 citizens

& Republicans/Trump does Nothing, There


is More Lunacy Happening over the Pond

Boris Johnson’s now trying to “undo” the

horrors of Brexit with little luck. And now

idiot head Wants to “Break” international

law. Da fuck?!?! Good luck Britian, you’re

gonna Need it. We got our own idiot here

in America, & Have 55 Days Until Orange

Asshole is Launched Out of OUR House &

directly into Jail. In A new Tape of Trump


admits He KNEW COVID was deadly and

Wanted To “Downplay it”. Ahem, NO, He

LIED & just let People fucking Die. Livid!

The entire Country Isn’t havin it either &

his polls are Lower than a bottomless pit

NOTE: Police Quit Over Racist Hate And It’s About
TIME. Hero’s. This Murdering Racist Hate Will NOT
STAND. This Is 2020. We Will Not Tolerate it again
NOTE II: Republican Tom Tillis Staffer tells Cancer
Survivor to “Figure It Out” How to Get Chemo help

Have a “safe” day!


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