As Orange Fascist tried to stoke racist

hate AGAIN in Kenosha, Wisconsin…it


was clear, he was there to lie & lie big

A store owner didn’t want to be in the

photo-op siting it’s too “political” and

doesn’t “represent” him. So, he found

an OLD owner to play him. WTF?!?!?

That is some Terribly Evil shit. And it

is on Brand For That Moron. His post

convention “Bounce” is like his entire

life…empty & gone. Boom! Yes, that’s

a Nice Mic Drop. What he/and all the

(No shit)

Republicans Are Doing Is to trying to

spread as much fear n hate as is ever

possible. It is not ‘Working’. We need

solutions, Answers & Specific policies

to get COVID Under Control And Our

Economy Back. And, They Have None

NOTE: Chicago Car Man Advertising Staple Bob
Rohrman has Passed Away at 87. His funny silly
Commercials Were Known, To Every Chicagoian

Have a “safe” day!


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2 Responses to “Photo-Flop, Polling Drop & Stop…”

  1. jojo

    WHat a factless vomitous piece of shit you are

  2. jojo

    What a factless vomitous piece of shit you are!

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