In what can only be described as “Idiot old Fart Asshole”

surreal, Orange anus couldn’t even walk down the West

(Derp, Derp!)

Point grad ramp “Correctly”. In fact, he looked like a fat

scared toddler about to “jump” into water when he can’t

even Swim. His response was even Dumber. Wow, what

a total shit show this moron is. And as he tries to spread

his hate, the rest of the Actual World Is getting stronger,

more Inclusive & Favors Equal Protection Under The law

The SCOTUS Ruled “Justly” today. And the 3 out of time

asshole in Alito, Kavannaugh & Thomas, Are Just Old Fat

white guys (yes, black people can act like old white guys)

(We Know)

The world is ‘Changing’ and it Bothers Old, racist, Pricks

The comin’ years will cause them A LOT of sleeplessness

Have a “safe” day!


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