William Barr and His Illegally Immorally Run DOJ

all just Placed on “Notice”. Do Not underestimate

(Bye bye)

the sheer raw legal horror of what’s about to now

befall ALL of those who Cower under Barr’s lies &

partisan Hate will fall. This was the most scathing

indictment of A Sitting AG in my lifetime. And It’ll

cost them all plenty. Jail will loom, this isn’t some

game here. Lives are at stake and speaking of the

“Shit, That Shoulda Happened, Way Back In 1880”

group. NASCAR Will ‘Ban’ The Confederate Flag in

a show of Tone deaf emotion. While it’s good, that

is like a person who helped burn Black lives to the

(We Know)

ground Saying “Welp, now You Can Build a Brand

new house, at your expense. You’re welcome”. Ah

no. It’s something that should have been done So

many years earlier for Obvious reasons. It’s ONLY

done now to Avoid problems to keep $. It’s not at

all courage. It is Realizing they were Bad/wrong &

trying to do Damage control. America isn’t Having

it anymore. This injustice And Hate Will not Stand


AND, it Should be Noted that Dale Earnhardt and

Jr BOTH were intelligent to oppose that Hate Flag

NOTE: As I Posted Here, The Killer Cop KNEW Floyd Before
Hand, AND They Had Words/Butted Heads. Of Course!!!!!!!

Have a “safe” day!


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