It’s official. Economists call this Economic Nightmare

the Trump Recession. Now It ended in April, but that


means the economy hasn’t fully recovered yet in fact

it Just Means it’s “Growing” Again, Not Fully Fixed Or

healed. COUGH the “Unemployment Rate” is way too

high at 13.3% these Hard days. And while we’re still

dealing with COVID death tolls daily, the virus is now

under total control. As we have sadly lost 112,979 to

this horror. And Right now, the entire American voter

has Trump So far Under Water, he is Drowning in his

own Slimy Filth. And Every VOTER Should Take these

(For All Republicans)

numbers As if He is “Up”. Vote, Vote, Vote. Blow Him

out of the race; make this a Historic defeat. And then

we can continue reforming this great nation to reflect

the best in all of us not the immoral racist hate of few

NOTE: Bonnie Pointer of the Pointer Sister Passes Away At 69
She Was An “Amazing Legend” Who Filled The World With Joy

Have a “safe” day!


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