As the World Is Still Reeling over A death total that

that stands at 108,010 today from a evil pandemic

(<-Get Out!)

which has thankfully ceded and Flattened a Curve

We witnessed the Best & Worst of the struggle for

racial Equality, Under The law. The very “peaceful”

protesters WILL Get Change. Then, a Smaller tiny

faction, “Within” That ‘Peaceful Movement’ Turned

very Ugly. They don’t want Change Or they are so

hurt & broken they looted because they thought It

was the only way. No it’s not, it never was. We will

get Effective Law Enforcement Policies That are for


EVERYONE. It all Starts With training and it Ends

With Proper legal Consequences For Any of these

Racist/Unjust ‘Actions’ Against Minorities/Citizens

We see Hope. We will “rise” to meet this moment

NOTE: Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Has Dealt With One Historic
Problem after another since taking office about one year
Ago. Very proud to have cast my Vote for her. She’s just
Showing the entire “World” Who We Elected. Very Proud

Have a “safe” day!


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