C-HACK Idiocracy & DOW Death…

February 28th, 2020

While the World Is Burning Down to the

fuckin’ ground, Republicans & Trumpers

(<-Lying POS)

are playin’ dress up partisan politics with

absolutely No policies. Plenty a hate, lies,

conspiracy & Outright Inflammatory Shit

causing a sitting Congressmen to state in

simple Terms “I’d Beat the Fuck Out of Jr.

if he Said That In Front of Me”. And, lying

that Democrats are Wishing For deaths is

wrong, Disgusting & Intolerable. And Now

The ‘DOW’, Keeps On Dropping, Making It

(Beat ur ass)

the worst DOW Since 2008. And All of it

is Due to An Utter Mismanaged lack of a

clear rational response to A deadly Virus

NOTE: 38%, Of ‘Americans’ Are Fucking Utter Morons
and are the Movie Idiocracy. Corona Beer isn’t a virus

Have a weekend!

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