Corona Clown & Drama Debate…

February 26th, 2020

While ‘King Orange Fuck Port-O-Potty’ Dung

Heap will struggle through lying lunacy that

(<-Idiot Patrol)

someone Is blame for his gutting of the CDC

so no one is at the wheel for the Coronavirus

They are fucking this up SO badly because It

requires organization, medicine & Science all

of Which They Collectively Suck in. And, Last

nights debate was clear; Bernie’s winnin and

it’s not even Close. Warren also did well, and

how do You Know?! They were ALL Attacking

him While ‘Jabbing’ Bloomberg, AKA Trumpy

Lite. Bernie is “Channeling” FDR. So the only

(We See It!)

response Republicans Will Ever Have With All

of his Wildly popular policies is to yell that he

is a “Socialist” or “Commie”. They’ve All been

doin’ the same shit for over 100 years. And it

is because aside from tax cuts for the top 1%

or Deregulation; they offer America NOTHING

NOTE: Another Day, Another Mass Shooting At The Coors
Miller Plant in Milwaukee. It Is Heartbreaking Evil. Enough

Have a day!

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