Coronavirus CDC & Pushback…

February 25th, 2020

This is a virus, it has spread around the world

It’s Something the CDC SHOULD take So Very


seriously. Right now, They Are NOT. And It’s

Due To Trump, GUTTING Them. The Markets

were Turned Upside Down AGAIN today Over

This lunacy. Congressional leaders From Both

sides Are BLASTING Trumpers hard here and

it’s VERY Warranted. And The Hearing With a

head of the DHS didn’t know anything. And It

got WORSE. He Didn’t know ‘Death rates’, for

the common Flu, ‘Claiming’ It Was Only at 2%

It’s not; it’s only .1% or 20X’s LOWER than It


These utter morons are failin’ us at every level

And, A Special Happy Birthday, To One George

Harrison. He Was Such A ‘Musical Wonder Man’

NOTE: Hidden Figures Legend, Kathrine Johnson Passes
Away at age 101; In Her “Prime”. If ya got the joke you
are a Mega Nerd. She Was A “Brilliant NASA Super Math

Have a day!

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