More “Criming” In The Open…

February 19th, 2020

Rumps Entire Epitaph, Will read “There Goes A Real

Sack Of Crap”. Thank you Simpsons; you’ve done it

(“Sack of crap!”)

again! Orange Anus is Criming SO much, there will

not be enough jail cells to hold Everyone “Doing” it

WITH Him/Helping him. He Just ‘Admitted’ that He

got his other Russian asset Republican Dana Rusky

Rohrabacher To Dangle A Trump “Pardon” For Him

if he LIED about Russia Hacking The DNC. Yes, you

read That Correctly. WTF!?!? THIS is lunacy People

And, It MUST Stop Now. It Will. And, A former U.S.

Solicitor General was “clear”: “The Law Is Going to


come After HIM!”. Yes, Yes it Will. And It Ends him

The crimes are mounting; the problems just startin

RIP: MASH Actor Kellye Nakahara Is Dead At 72. She Was Such
A Great Ensemble Member, Of An Amazing Show. So Much Love

Have a day!

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