Senate Trial Tuesday & 70%…

January 15th, 2020

The House Articles Have Been Formally Delivered

The Select team of 7 has Been Assembled. Today


is a Historic day in our Democracy. There will Be

a “Trial”. They will be sworn in tomorrow at 2pm

by Chief Justice Roberts. If, ANY Senator ignores

their “Oath” they take & Sign by withholding any

evidence/witnesses, this will be a sham. And it’ll

end their Careers/will be removed by voters, the

Chamber Themselves or The Sargent At Arms. It

is a Serious As it Gets. Mitch “I will work Directly

With The ‘White House’, In Lock-Step” McConnell

struck a different tone today. 70% of voters want


“Witnesses”, “Testimony” & “All Documents”, and

that # is growing fast. If they try to dismiss it out

right 1st, that’d be the end of Republicans control

of the Senate. Voters would remove them all. And

the best Idea that team of 7 & Pelosi should say 2

Trump “Oh PLEASE don’t Testify!!! We Don’t want

that!”. He’d take That Bait Faster than any fat fish

NOTE: Lev Parnas & Igor; Have Now “Put” Republicans, All In
Danger Of ‘Serious Legal Charges’ Coming Now. Very Serious
Nunes is in DEEP Legal trouble; Barr as well. Pence is fucked
This Is Getting Worse Each Day Legally for them all. It’s Over

Have a day!

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