Things are Heating Up in Both The US House

and the Senate. And all of It Is Bad News for


Orange Bigot Idiot. The Trial Is Happening &

it Will Be A “MASSIVE Problem” For all of the

Republicans Up For Re-Election. They are All

in the Deep, deep, deep Shit Right now. And,

if they “ignore” the legal Severity of this trial,

voters will Correctly End their Careers. Right

now, it’s getting WAY worse, with Lev Parnas

& Igor Pics Out Daily, With Republicans All In

them. A New ‘TROVE’ of documents are here

And news flash, this isn’t good for bad people

(1 of many)

The Walls are “closing”, their time is running

out. When you are A Criminal, it catches you

IF Republicans “fix it” without facts, they will

lose. IF they Vote against Him, they Will lose.

THEY deserve Everything that is Coming now

NOTE: Corey Booker Out Of Democratic Race After
Yesterday. Hard Worker, Cares About Every Citizen
And Best Always Serve Voters. THAT, is The Future

Have a day!


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