Your Shitty Racist Uncle…

January 13th, 2020

Is the President of the United States. Let that

Really Sink In. The Orange Anus, Decided His

(We Know)

Shitter storm In Smearing Dems as terrorists,

pictures of dead body’s, Misspelling Insults &

basically Realizing witnesses are coming Now

Oooooooooooooops. There Are 23 of Them up

For, Re-Election. You Have Esper/Pompeo All

won’t state any “imminent” Iran attack threat

Which means Even the State Department was

unaware of ANY threat, Ooooooops. Holy Shit

they just lie, then lie again, then lie about the


lies. This is already “Horrific”; it will get worse

by the day as they keep lyin’/obstructing folks

but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Let

us hope it’s not a train barrelin’ down on us all

NOTE: Russians Hacked Ukraine Gas Company Burisma. Oh
Yes, They Never Stopped Hacking/Meddling. This, is Serious
And Congress/Clandestine Agencies must Act Swiftly on This
NOTE II: Astro’s GM, Manager Fired After Cheating. They all
Should have Been Punished Even Harsher. The Integrity of a
Game Is At Stake. They “WON” a Championship By Cheating

Have a day!


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