War Powers & Brexit News…

January 9th, 2020

While House ‘Speaker’ Nancy “Baltimore Balls”

Pelosi used her press conference this morning

(Bring it!)

to point out facts, laws they Seek to Enact, &

Addressed All ‘things’ About Mitch McConnell/

Impeachment/Sending Articles Over. She was

strong, Factual & damnin’ to Trump/Mitch/R’s

And what was just passed in the house today?

Why that’d be the Iran war powers act by 224

to 194. 8 Dems Opposed & 3 Republicans YEA

And, When Orange Anus Thinks Savings Plans

are called 409’s(I use mine 2 clean my fridge)

And Across the Old pond, ‘Brexit’ took another

(We Know)

step closer to “Happening” with a Vote passing

their House. Now, it’s on to Lords and if passes

on to Royal Accent. If they do a ‘poor deal’ or a

‘No Deal’ Brexit, the pound will crater, jobs will

be utterly Unstable & Their ‘Economy’ will be in

chaos. So Watch Closely & Monitor Your Money

if its Over There. With each step the pound will

weaken to undreamt levels. It’s all Self inflicted

NOTE: Canada’s Justin Trudeau Claims His Intelligence Agencies
Confirmed Evidence that The Ukrainian Jet was Shot Down Near
Tehran by Iranian Ground Missiles. If true, It still Needs to all be
Vetted by All Agencies, This Is Troubling that Will Require Blame
NOTE II: Republican AG Bill Barr, Is In DEEP, DEEP Trouble Now
NY’s Bar Association wrote a letter askin Congress to investigate
Him. Oooooooooooooops. He Has Abused the Power Of His Office

Have a day!


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