As Consequences keep on collecting the Trump

Criminals, The Latest Is Duncan Hunter. And It

(<-Criminal POS)

couldn’t happen To A BIGGER Immoral Fucker

While Trump /Pompeo/FOX News Want A War

with Iran, our base was just attacked. A failed

attempt to distract from his Impeachment trial

Not only is not working whatsoever, the voters

are Turning on Him Badly. Especially All of the

independents/women. While Mitch Turtle Tries

“Partisan BS”/23 Republican Senators Are in A

fight for their Political lives that they are losing

(Oh No!)

And While Our Country deals with Such lunacy,

Puerto Rico’s now Dealing With Harsh Crippling

Earthquakes & Australia Is Reeling From Brush

Fires that Were out of Control. Keep them all in

your thoughts. The world is literally on fire now

Time to put on your asbestos pants cool people

NOTE: Nikki Haley Is Doing Her Best, “I Can Out Douche Any
Thing Trump Does” Impression, And Was Correctly Slammed

Have a day!

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