As the walls are Crumbling all around Republicans,

Trump, Rudy, Pence, Barr, Mulvaney, Pompeo and


more….Devin Nunes is now in DIRE legal Jeopardy

They have Extensive Phone Records showing us all

that both HE & Rudy were in constant contact with

Lev Parnas about the Biden Dirt. They’re, All going

down. Every single one of them. A Damning report

detailing the Impeachment findings up to date just

landed loudly. And so Now, the ‘Entire’ Republican

Non-Defense is the Costanza “Just remember….it’s

(Oh shit!)

not a lie; If you believe it” Bullshit. This is Going to

get historically insanely worse, Where Republicans

are ending their Careers live on TV with fallacies, a

‘slew’ Of Russian Propaganda, Or FOX Conspiracies

unfit for a grade school playground. Democrats will

walk down every lie/fallacy with facts and correctly

state these Republicans are all violating their Oaths

(Yes, it is)

Of Office. This’ll Cost Jobs, Lives, Freedom & much

more. The R’s Here are Done. Tick, tock, tick, tock

NOTE: Kamala Harris Has Ended Her Democratic Presidential
Race. And Yet Mike “Alf Landon 2.0” stays In the race. What
A Sad Day. Really Liked her and I hope she continues service
NOTE II: Mitt Romney Clearly States any ‘Conspiracy Bullshit’
In the Senate, will not Fly. Russia “Attacked Us”, not Ukraine

Have a day!


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