Hope your Turkey Day was “Gobble-Static”!

I was doing “shots” of Gravy. Was that bad?


The White House will not participate In the

Impeachment Due Process. And, the Entire

world Already knew they Wouldn’t. They’ve

only OBSTRUCTED the Entire Time. And so,

why have they?!? Well, after all the facts’ve

been openly explained from witnesses there

is NO DEFENSE. Just Lie, Use Their Russian

Propaganda & Try “Partisan Conspiracy BS”

The house Intelligence Committee did want

(No D!)

their Participation. The fact that not even a

lawyer will “show up” on Trump behalf tells

you Even THEY know they’re fucked. And it

will Cost Them Everything. Republicans are

now trapped in A Political guillotine of their

own Making, And it couldn’t have happened

to bigger immoral frauds. See, if the Senate

doesn’t Impeach/Violates The Rules, They’ll


lose their Seats. And if they Vote ‘Yes’ due to

the Overwhelming Facts/Evidence, They Lose

their Seat. They Are literally Trapped in Their

own Morton’s Fork Fallacy…it’s delicious Irony

NOTE: More Trump Tariffs Cripple American Farmers
And His “Easy To Win” War Is KILLING Them All Fast
NOTE II: Republican Duncan Hunter pleads guilty he
Is an Immoral Fucking Criminal Asshole Enjoy Prison!

Have a day!

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