Sondland “Ended” Them All…

November 20th, 2019

Trump, done. Pence, done. Pompeo, done

Rudy, done. Mulvaney, done. And Barr……

(Tiny Cells!)

likely DONE as Well With Ignoring ALL of

this, & The Whistleblower Complaint. This

was an epic take down of all who care vile

& corrupt. “Everyone Was In The Loop” is

so Damning, there’s no Recovery. There’ll

Be Articles Of Impeachment. FOX News Is

aware of these “facts”. And now the entire

Right Wing Hate Machine Will Lie & Simply

try to Reject Reality. It won’t work. Trump

has no sway here. Facts are facts and this

(Holy shit!)

big historic moment will be Etched in time

forever. And The Partisan Lies, Conspiracy

Propaganda, & ‘Stunts’ Of the Republicans

WILL NEVER Be “Forgotten”. They will ALL

lose their seats for abandoning our Voters,

their oath & the Constitution. Oooooooops

(I Will be traveling & be Out Until next week
on Monday, so until then enjoy this moment)

NOTE: Mike Pompeo Will Be Quitting To Run For The
US Senate. Ahem, flight risk, he might now be In Jail

Have a day!

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