Trump/Republicans Are Fucked …

November 19th, 2019

After yet another day of earth shaking

testimony from people Directly on the


CALL, Trumpy/ Pence/ Pompeo/ Rudy/

Mulvaney are ALL in The “Deepest” of

troubles. Vindman, Was the Strongest

witness of the lot(and they were all so

devastating). He “understood” the call

was “demand”. Ooooooooooo that has

got Some Stank On It. And so Jennifer

Williams was also a witness today, she

was equally up to the task. And all the


Republicans Could Do, “SMEAR” Them

or try. It didn’t Work. In fact attacking

them Only made things Worse. In fact:

“It’s Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, please”

This Was, After A disgustingly ILLEGAL

stunt To Again Out the Whistle-Blower

The core defense is Ad Hominem, then

smear, then conspiracy lies for the end

Not only is That insane, it is now Doing

(We fucked)

the exact opposite of it’s Intention, and

to that I say, “Please keep Digging your

graves”. Well, it saves all of us the time

NOTE: ANOTHER Racist Hate Murder Spree Was
Thwarted. She was 16, Holy shit, this must END

Have a day!

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