GUILTY & Guiltier…

November 15th, 2019

Sure, it Sounds like A bad Buddy Cop film. But

it’s not. Rodger Stone was just found Guilty on

(Laughin now?)

7 Counts of lying to Congress. Ooooooooooops

The ‘New Evidence’ kills Trump/R’s. But that is

not all. A new Hero just stood up today against

this lawless lunacy. She Was Buttoned Up, she

was clear, concise, wellspoken & icecold steady

steel. She tore the place Apart with basic facts

And That, ‘Destroyed’ Republican’s. Their Party

is not in Danger…….it is wholly DEAD. After the

pathetic Non-Substantive gibberish where they

(“Da fuck?”)

IGNORED the substance instead playin’ games

with A “Decorated Impartial Civic leader”, they

all went out for the cameras 2 LIE again, wow!

Disgusting. Their party is over. And to top it all

off, Trump Did Real-Time Witness Intimidation

This isn’t about Party, it’s about crimes. And so

the Failed Party FOR Criminals is Republican’t’s

Have A Weekend!

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