Trump Sunk, Shooting Again…

November 14th, 2019

1st off, I’m very sorry for not postin’ the last

two days. No Excuses just Hard 2 type when

(“So, lies?!”)

you are Puking/Shitting Non-stop. Meh, the

flu, is the flu. But one Thing Making me feel

MUCH better is watchin’ Trump/Republicans

sink into the An icy abyss. Their entire “big”

defense now is: “We Simply Will Just Attack

the Messenger fallacy, Use conspiracy/lies &

try to “Create” Any Distraction to Avoid ever

addressing The Actual Substance of Charges”

A 2nd U.S. official Has Corroborated Taylor’s

(Under fast)

testimony. Trump denies ever taking the call

Ooooooooooops. It’s all Over. The rest is just

watching the Absolute Lunacy/Spectacle of A

guilty man & His Entire Party, End Their lives

Ask FOX’s Judge Napolitano If it Is Over Now

As this is happening, yet another shooting, &

no ONE SINGLE Bill Passed, Or Any Action At

all Taken To “PREVENT” Them. Unacceptable!

NOTE: Bevin Concedes, Democrats Control The Governor
Ship Of Kentucky. Things, They are Changing quickly now
NOTE II: Rodger Stone Trial, Is Now, In The Hands of The
Jury. Things Look Bleak For Our ‘White Nationalist’ Frauds
(Stephen Miller Is now Legally Involved & An open Racist)

Have a day!


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One Response to “Trump Sunk, Shooting Again…”

  1. bobo

    Look at this dumbass. Relies on fake news and parrots DNC talking points, some Mark Levin would do you good. AND FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!

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