Trump Sunk, Shooting Again…

November 14th, 2019

1st off, I’m very sorry for not postin’ the last

two days. No Excuses just Hard 2 type when

(“So, lies?!”)

you are Puking/Shitting Non-stop. Meh, the

flu, is the flu. But one Thing Making me feel

MUCH better is watchin’ Trump/Republicans

sink into the An icy abyss. Their entire “big”

defense now is: “We Simply Will Just Attack

the Messenger fallacy, Use conspiracy/lies &

try to “Create” Any Distraction to Avoid ever

addressing The Actual Substance of Charges”

A 2nd U.S. official Has Corroborated Taylor’s

(Under fast)

testimony. Trump denies ever taking the call

Ooooooooooops. It’s all Over. The rest is just

watching the Absolute Lunacy/Spectacle of A

guilty man & His Entire Party, End Their lives

Ask FOX’s Judge Napolitano If it Is Over Now

As this is happening, yet another shooting, &

no ONE SINGLE Bill Passed, Or Any Action At

all Taken To “PREVENT” Them. Unacceptable!

NOTE: Bevin Concedes, Democrats Control The Governor
Ship Of Kentucky. Things, They are Changing quickly now
NOTE II: Rodger Stone Trial, Is Now, In The Hands of The
Jury. Things Look Bleak For Our ‘White Nationalist’ Frauds
(Stephen Miller Is now Legally Involved & An open Racist)

Have a day!

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