Bolton Bolts, OK Bloomberg…

November 7th, 2019

Not Michael Bolton, ohhhhhhhhh no

But, Mustache Maniac & Known War

(Stash Song)

Criminal John Bolton. He Said, “Ohh

yeah to your subpoena, ah no thanks

Forget you can’t do that. And you can

not now “Sue Them”. The law doesn’t

work that Way. But they will All learn

this the HARD way. While Bolton is a

big noshow VP Mike Pence’s Aid was

‘Testifying’ today. It was bad. See, she

confirmed The Call Was “Not Normal”

(We Done)

at all. Ooooooops. And as all of this Is

now happening; Trump VS Barr is the

their new criminally legal problem. ha

THEY deserve everything coming here

NOTE: Pence, Best Get A Lawyer. Mulvaney, Best
Get A Lawyer. Pompeo, ‘Best’ Get A Lawyer. Barr,
Best Get A Better Lawyer than the DOJ Right Now
And also, Even Kelleyanne CONway, Get a Lawyer

Have a day!

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