Big Blue Bombshell & Fucked…

November 6th, 2019

Kentucky’s Governors Office turned BLUE, &

Virginia’s entire state Congress turned BLUE

(Get 2 work)

Philly to Delaware PA all turned BLUE. They

meaning Republicans/Trump Are All Fucked

The entire country has turned. Not back but

instead ‘Forward’. This’s all about our entire

country “movin’ past” Trump/Hate. This will

be just the start of endin the entire gop hate

machine. They’re not A ‘political party’ at all

anymore. They Are Actively Working Against

their Voters/Constituents. They “only” Serve

(Voting Wins!)

Trump/donors/Themselves. And no one else

This is A DEFINING Day. Citizens Are Rising

up to Elect Leaders who’ll actually Represent

US. Republicans have nothing left. No policy,

no appeal to citizens needs, nothing. They’re

just the party of taxcuts for the top 1%, hate,

and distraction. Nothing more; their days are

numbered. With each election all of the great

citizens of this Country, will Take back Power

of Offices, by Using The Ballot Box. We, have

(No Shit)

the #’ers & power. And now, Republicans will

either keep on “Blindly” Defending a criminal

in Trump (Please do) or turn pretending they

never did any of these horrific things. In both

cases, THEY Become ‘Extinct’. More Damning

testimony daily will have them all reelin’ back

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, tick, tock. Times Is up!

NOTE: Bevin Did Not Concede Yet. There Is No Way
Other Than Cheating To Make Up 5,000 votes. None
He Will Lose After Everything Is Recounted (And The
Odds say he Loses more votes). Kentucky moves on
NOTE II: MIKE PENCE Directly Implicated In ‘All’ this
In Ukraine. Ooooooooooooooooooooops. He’s Fucked

Have a day!

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