Over the weekend, even the UFC crowd wasn’t

having Mango Mussolini for one Second. Ohhh


it was Even Better in THIS Environment. Holy

shit…it was glorious again. And as the WH’s in

it’s, “Obstruction” Mode In Telling People Who

were subpoenaed to Defy the Legal Document

Ha ha ha! Yeah, That’ll go over Great. Ya gave

some Bang up Advice. And as More Testimony

both gets Collected AND released to the public

another ‘Big legal’ Ruling Against Trumpy Hits

him hard. He must release his taxes. Ooooops

(Bye bye!)

AND There Are BIG Elections All over the USA

Tomorrow. Remember To VOTE Like Your Life

depends on it. Because it fucking does. And in

Virginia, the Stakes Couldn’t be Higher. VOTE!

NOTE: Another White Supremacist Bombing Was Stopped
By The FBI BEFORE they Could KILL Citizens. And he Was
A MAGA Trumper (fake shock). Yes, we all know that folks
Thank you to the amazin folks at the FBI. Hero’s, all of em
NOTE II: The Chicago Bears Shit the Bed SO Hard they all
Broke The Bed. They Are Getting Worse Each Week People

Have a day!

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